The Walking Dead

Season 1 Episode 1

Days Gone Bye

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2010 on AMC

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  • Its a terrific

    ItsA good setup for what was to be a long long long slow series.
  • cel mai tare film

    Este tare rau de tot
  • The Walking Dead

    I am really glad that I started watching the Walking Dead because this first episode was a brilliant start to the series The main character is Rick Grimes who is a sheriff and one minute he is on the job and when he wakes up from being shot the world as he knew it has gone and zombies are everywhere The episode just got better as we learned about what is actually going on and the end showed the zombie attack is worse that Rick could imagine.
  • helpppppppppppppp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why cant i watch it it wont play for me ????

  • Bandwagoneer

    Gripping from the get-go, but petered out around the middle and end of the episode. By the end, the only names I know are Dwane, Carl and Lori, none of which have considerable screentime. For a first episode, you typically want your audience to bond with your main character, and I had to look up Rick's name, which is a huge detriment for me. Overall, I enjoyed the episode, but right now, it's just another zombie bandwagoneer. It needs to start sticking out, fast, if I'm to keep watching it.
  • superr

  • Dead...

    I really felt bad for the horse. They could have needed him later on. They're gonna run out of gas sooner or later.

    But other than that, I really liked it!
  • 1x01 - Days Gone Bye

    This was a great start and definitely have sucked me in. A series based on a zombie apocalypse is a brilliant idea.
  • Days Gone Bye

    Generally, modern zombie stories feel unoriginal and cliched, but this one is superbly written and masterfully shot. "Days Gone Bye" packs a suspenseful punch, providing an array of twists and jumps that keep this zombie story full of ammunition to stand on its own.

    The Good:

    -Suspense runs rampant. The beginning of the episode sets the tone quickly and intensely.

    -Details about the characters illustrate who they are without the character saying something outright: Morgan shoots a zombie point-blank in the head with no problem when he is introduced; Morgan and Duane celebrate the bliss of taking a shower at the police station, presumably having not showered in a long time.

    -"You pull the trigger, you have to mean it."

    The Bad:

    -Rick's accent sounds very forced. Shane's accent begins by sounding forced, but as the episode continues, he seems to find a vocal stride. Hopefully, Rick's will catch up.
  • Different from what I seen

    I decided to take a look at this show, so I looked at this premier and I loved it. It just makes you really feel know one is out there, like a survival wasteland with zombies. This shows makes a good impression that even though the zombies are slow they can still be very deadly when in high quantity groups. Rick finally made it to Atlanta to find out the whole see as been infected, and worst yet his wife has moved on to his best friend lol, I can't wait to see next episode I already love the story and the thrill being at the edge of your seat.
  • 1x01

    at this momment, I have seen the first 4 episodes for the series and in my opinion, this is the worst of them, I can´t believe how unoroginal this episode was.

    In general this was not a boring chapter, in fact,it was entertaining but it didn´t have anything that made say "oh I didn´t expect that", I really hate the begining scene with that zombie girl, it was stupid and silly, definitively this was not a great start for me, but at least the next episodes are better in many aspects.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
  • I'm not a fan of Zombie or scary movies, but I am really enjoying this series so far. It realistically depicts how townspeople would react to this sudden devastation.

    I wouldn't have watched this series if my son hadn't made me watch most of the first episode with him, but I'm very glad I did. There's a strong story line and great characters in this series, and it avoids Zombie movie cliches. It has some of the survivalist elements of Jericho along with some of the family dynamics; although as of now, the number of survivors is much smaller than in Jericho. So far I've only seen it online, but we may become regular Sunday viewers while True Blood is on hiatus.

    Partial SPOILER:

    I didn't like how careless Rick was with the horse. The horse was a very valuable asset and as the only domestic animal we saw in the episode they should have made better use of it. Pets add a charm element that really humanizes the characters and makes us feel as if they're real people we know.
  • Excellent Start! Can't wait to see where this goes.

    First, let me say I am a fan of the Graphic Novels, and I'm pretty well versed in the Walking Dead. I Have to say, I loved the Premiere episode.

    Its a TV show, so you have to expect differences from the comic, and I pretty much enjoyed the minor changes. The Morgan Character was expanded in the TV show, and the actor who played Morgan, his performance out shined everyone else.

    I had a few issues with the Shane and Rick scene in the begininig. I think the scene was necessary, but it needed better writing as I didn't feel the connection between the two characters as what was intended by the writers.

    I also have an issue with the way Rick enters the Tank so quickly, as I wish they could have slowed it down a bit, perhaps use slow motion or tight shots of his eyes, before getting in the tank. If you blinked, you may have missed how it happened.

    Other than that, I thought this was an excellent start. Those two things were the only thing stopping me from giving it a 10 rating.
  • Everybody J U M P!!!

    There is no way to make a series about the living dead. Boy was I wrong. This first episode kicked the season off with a bang when the Sheriff got shot into a coma. He wakes up clueless about what has happened and starts walking outside. Where he is headed is beyond me. As he crosses over a grassy area, he comes across a person that was torn in half. As he gets a closer look she wakes up (so to speak) and starts dragging herself after him. He wasn't the only one that jumped back in surprise. I about wet my pants. He meets a father and son pair when they are about to kill him. He joins up with them for a little time and they explain what's going on since he's been asleep. He heads over to the cop shop to load up on guns, before heading to Atlanta to see if anyone survived.
  • Great start to a show i mean can you imagine getting shot then waking up to see everyone dead, or maybe not so much dead but The walking dead lol i cant wait to see what happens next episode.

    what a great episode, everything about the show is great so far... i mean it has everything you need for a good tv show guns, cops, survivors and best of all ZOMBIES its what we need, i mean i love all kinds of tv shows but this one stands out alot and is one of my favorites. hopefully they will carry on with the good episodes and not go down hill like all the rest of the shows they have made. i hope to write more good reviews in the future about this show and others just like it thanks for reading this hope it was helpful.
  • The New Zombie Show on the Block

    I was skeptical at first hearing about a zombie TV series but Frank Darabont and the fact that the books that they're based on are excellent quickly changed my mind. The story follows Rick Grimes, a Deputy Sheriff in Georgia who gets shot and put into a coma for over a month only to wake up to the zombie apocalypse. What ensues is straight out of your own nightmares as he wanders through the barren streets and encounters a father and son who tell him what had happened and he sets out to Atlanta to find his son and wife who he hopes are still alive. The show finds its strength not only in its tense atmosphere but from the thought of the characters coming through the silence of the moments when they're left alone which is something that AMC has hit hard in Breaking Bad as well. The pilot, directed and written by Darabont, holds nothing back as we are ushered into this barren reality that Rick must travel through. But from the looks of it this could be the fall program of the year.
  • Days Gone Bye

    Days Gone Bye was a perfect start to a new and unique series, The Walking Dead. I have never seen the comics so I am looking at the show from a perspective outside of that. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it touched on deep emotions and human nature. This episode was hauntingly realistic and made me think about how I would deal with a situation like that. The zombies are done right, or as right as zombies could be. The costume department and special effects artists have a lot to be proud of. The story about the main character was very interesting and engaging as well. This episode has me hooked and I can't wait to see more of The Walking Dead!!!!!
  • 101

    AMC has another huge hit on their hands. While their shows are usually not ratings grabbers just quality programs, this one is definitely both. The show is pretty much I Am Legend the series, but hey, I always thought that movie was underrated, so I am down for this.

    Andrew Lincoln's acting is a little bit stiff at times, and that is my main gripe with it. The kid's acting is terrible, downright terrible. Where is Walt from Lost when you need him?

    This show could get boring over time, but right now I was quite entertained by The Walking Dead pilot.
  • The coup de grace of everything zombie. If you are even remotely a fan or horror or zombies and are not watching this show then I have to question your awesomeness.

    My background: I have been looking forward to this series for quite a while. I heard about the comic a long time ago and really wanted to get hooked on it, but I will be the first one to admit that I am not big on reading for long periods of time. It puts me to sleep for some reason and I like to be awake and alert when being told a good story. I loved the whole idea of the story behind the comic though and couldn't wait for it's release in the form of a TV show.

    Scenery: The opening scene with the makeshift camp outside the abandoned and overgrown gas station... Wow... just WOW... this is exactly the kind of thing I would expect to run into in a scenario like this. After this scene was over you just know that you are instore for some hardcore holds no punches gut wrenching zombie survivalism.

    Being a long term fan of the zombie genre I can safely say these guys did an amazing job on the scenery and the zombie throngs themselves compared to other zombie films. Each scene contains little items of damage that draw you further into this world. An example... Rick attempts to leave his hospital room and it's blocked by a patient bed. Did a nurse put that bed there at the last minute to block Rick's door off before the hospital was evacuated? Lets push the bed out of the way and walk down the hallway. Wow look at that line of massive bullet holes in the wall. I bet the hallway was thick with zombies when the place finally got overran and the military barely had time to defend the hospital. DEAD INSIDE DON'T OPEN obviously a scene worthy of the many teasers preceeding the show. Follow that with a creepy stairwell scene where you can almost taste the death in the air along with Rick. Exit to a bright exterior where there are body bags everywhere and the entire world is flipped upside down. The military has clearly lost a large scale battle for this hospital so badly all their equipment is now damaged or abandoned in the "great panic". Clearly there was no time for these people.

    Make-up/Effects: I'd even be willing to say this has got my vote for best zombie makeup of all time. Sure there is the rare zombie that looks kinda dumb like the one with the black hair just before Rick gets to the tank scene... But some people look kinda dumb unzombified so I guess that's OK. Thankfully most zombies (like the half torso woman) are done so excellently it really draws you in to the story. Was this someone's mother? Someone's wife? You wonder how she lost the lower half of her torso during the great panic. I found myself getting so drawn in to trying to figure her out and consequently feeling bad for her situation (as Rick clearly did as well) that I lost track of time and before you know it we're on to the next scene.

    I'm at a point now where I just want to pause the show and give each zombie a good look to see what they did on them. The make-up artists clearly did their research into the actual physiological components involved with bite trauma and bullet wounds followed by weeks of decay. Very high gore factor when needed but not by any means "over the top". Perfect balance between showing you the raw horror of the zombie and leaving some things to your imagination.

    Acting: So far so good. I wouldn't say Emmy award winning performances just yet on anyone's part but bad acting will kill your project dead in the water right off the bat in my opinion. Not a shred of "bad" acting to be found here. Everyone does their job and fits their role quite well. The scripting is not ridiculous and everyone seems to have been written and are currently delivering solid lines. I find myself already getting to know Rick on a personal enough level to actually care whether or not he dies. Even enough to root for his escape from the throng of hungry zombies in Atlanta and thats really saying something because I usually like for the zombies to gain the advantage. It's no small feet to hook me on a character in the very first episode trust me.

    Don't "care" about anyone else yet. Well I should rephrase that since I now cannot wait to see Rick's wife and his partner end up as a zombie happy meal for obvious reasons... but every story needs a "hated" character to hook the one's that are into that sort of thing nowadays I suppose. I personally don't care for stories that cast the "semi-helpless woman entangled in a love triangle in the middle of the action" but I guess it puts reality TV show fan butts in the seats. Tolerable FOR NOW but they better die in glorious fashion or I'm goign to raise holy hell.

    Storyline: Luckily the strength of the story on the whole and the multiple story lines involves allow you to overlook the overplayed "love triangle" thing. Plus there's plenty of survival action to keep you on the edge of your seat while the story lines are unveiled. Not too much to be said about the story at this point but it's obviously going to be great if it has me this on edge about what is going to happen with Rick and this new group of survivors next.

    Problems: Nothing much to note. I had a problem with how Rick managed to survive laying in an abandoned hospital bed for 3 weeks (time it would take for flowers to look that bad and his beard to grow out that much). Sure the body can go that long without food no problem but without water... You can only go ten days tops and at the end of those ten days you would be completely delerious. Yeah ok he had an IV in and was in a coma FINE I'll give him another few days based on that but still... Just change the script a little and close up that plot hole. That being said it wasn't enough to really take away from the overall score of the show.

    Summary: Not just the best show on television right now it is the coup de grace of the zombie genre. A breath of fresh air to see people who clearly love zombies do them the justice they deserve on the screen. To make a long story short... It's about damn time!
  • A nearly perfect execution!

    If this show can keep up what it has started for itself with this first episode then it is going to find its way into the hearts of many zombie/survival lovers.
    The emotional aspect of this episode was fantastic, bringing together the fear of... well walking dead and the heart and struggle of survival.
    The start of the episode was a little slow and that was unfortunate, but the rest of the episode was fantastic.
    Attention to detail helps bring it together where it counts even though some parts could have used some touch ups. I was very glad to see firearms being properly handled in the show. The realistic side-effect of using a firearm in a closed space and even if it isn't completely realistic the blood feels really right as well as the recoil of the firearms.

    Overall I hope this is a sign of whats to come and they keep up the attention to detail especially when it comes to firearms and they keep the heart and humanity that is what makes this genre so gripping and more than just about blood, gore, and big bangs.
  • Move over vampires, there are new monsters in town!

    This show just has everything I love: zombies, drama, suspense, great characters portrayed with good acting & great production. The Walking Dead does not only have the potential to be a great show but also the potential to bring a whole new TV genre! When I first heard about a zombie TV show, I immediately became excited and thankfully this show met my expectations! Moreover, this show is a good start of a whole new TV genre. It has been such a long time since I've seen a decent Zombie movie. When I say decent, I mean a zombie movie with a REAL plot and not just 90 minutes of zombie killing action with nowhere to go. So watching this show is just so refreshing!

    Since other reviews said pretty much everything I wanted to say, I could not add anything more! I can't wait for the next episodes! Great job to the entire cast & crew of The Walking Dead!!
  • Wow just Wow

    ive never really been blown away by a tv show, in the same ways movies do, but thats changed.

    It had me hooked from start to finish, Very deep in places, The guy unable to shoot his zombie wife, Rick tracking down the half a zombie, gave the show another level.

    Not read the comics so i dont know what happens, but the show could easily go in so many directions, Not just the surviving the zombies, but the search for food, water etc.

    My only sadness was when i found it was 6 episodes, but hopefully the fanbase and reviews will push for more in future seasons.

    Not a show to watch while eating :)
  • Sweet!!!

    I have been reading the comics from issue #1, and I must say: the TV show is as good as the comics... and it means: GREAT FUN!!!
    The thing is, I know what is going to happen, and somehow it felt fresh and new. Superb job by everybody: writers, director, producer, actors and creators.

    The zombies look great, the atmosphire is just like the comics: dark, gloomy and tense and the main characters do a very credible job.

    If you are looking for a good story, great charaters, some action, some good old gore and Zombies all around the place... this show is for you.
  • The zombie apocalypse genre has been longing for a TV adaption, and it's pleasant to see its debut on the small screen to be this great.

    Ever since George Romero single handedly created an entire new movie genre, a lot of movies have tried to replicate what his two masterpieces Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead set forth. Rather than take a step forward, the genre since then has felt like it's been regressing. You either had a zombie movie that's almost as good as Romero's classics but not as good, or another Resident Evil zombie movie with mindless body chopping and plowing action and a laughable story. After watching the pilot episode to The Walking Dead, it's refreshing to see that it got the whole zombie apocalypse concept thing right. In fact, if it weren't for the slow beginning, I dare say that this pilot alone rivals Night and Dawn.

    That beginning was really the only thing stopping this pilot from being a masterpiece. Part of the whole intrigue of zombie movies is how the outbreak initially takes the world by storm. The remake of Dawn of the Dead is the best example of this; an entire disaster is unfolding in front of your eyes one incident after another giving you no time to think. A similar zombie show, the anime High School of the Dead, also does a spectacular job of this. The Walking Dead? Not so much. The whole "waking up in a hospital" thing is pretty similar to the way 28 Days Later opens up, except with none of the scary elements to it. Instead of a "Holy crap, what the hell is going on here!" feeling, it felt more like a "yeah, just another zombie apocalypse setting, you know the drill!"

    Once our protagonist, Rick Grimes, meets the first survivors of the show in Morgan and his son Duane, it takes off from there. We immediately see how much the outbreak has affected Morgan and Duane and it's nice to see how well developed these characters are so early on. Morgan has really proved himself to be a responsible father and leader, but his inability to kill off his wife really shows how much he isn't willing to let go of her. Seeing him break down in tears did a great job of invoking emotion and sympathy into his character. Really makes you wish we see more of him. There was another party that was introduced late into the episode that we haven't had the chance to get to know better, but the foreshadowing they provided proved really effective in the final ten minutes.

    When Rick Grimes enters the city, there was more effective foreshadowing that was being introduced, like when Rick sees the empty lanes going into the city while there are none going into it. The presence of tanks also suggested there was a major battle going on, though the odd absence of the zombies gave an omnious atmosphere...until he rounds a corner and sees a million of them all turn their heads to him at once! This scene was one of the scariest zombie scenes I've ever seen. In the back of your head you're thinking "he's going to survive because he has the protective aura of being the main character", but despite, that every second you were thinking to yourself, how the hell is Rick going to survive this?!

    Surrounded with all paths blocked off and hands already getting a grip on his clothes, the only way he could survive is if an army came in and saved his ass last minute. No, he didn't give up hope and crawled underneath a tank. The zombies follow him and with nothing but a 6 barrell revolver, it looked like for sure this was going to be his end! Unless an army saves him of course. No, no army shows up; instead he sees an open pathway into the hull of the tank and closes it immediately. The execution of that scene was one of the most legit horror scenes I've ever seen. Really had your heart pumping and praying that an angel would save him from doom.

    That final scene is the one thing that Romero's movies have always lacked; those thrills that show how much of a threat the zombies are. This pilot combines the psychological horror of Dawn of the Dead with an excellently executed thrill scenes all founded on excellent writing and acting. The pilot really set the bar high, so hopefully the rest of this season is able to capitalize on this excellent first episode and take a step forward, rather than regress and continually get worse.
  • Could this be the start of something new?

    In the 1990s, it was the medical drama, in the early to mid 2000s it was the crime drama and currently the spy genre (which started with Burn Notice and Alias) is up and coming, but could The Walking Dead start a new brand of "horror TV"? The pilot episode is intriguing, creepy and emotional; it immediately pulls you in. Other than the glaring similarity to 28 Days Later (with the waking up in a hospital), the show seems very fresh and quite frankly, something new. (At least for TV) I'll for sure be watching this show for a long time.
  • Zombies rules on TV

    Finally now Zombies have a T.V Show Great 9.8/10

    watching the episode of The Walking Dead the only word that went through my mind was "awesome!".

    We finally have a TV Show that's associated with the beloved Zombie franchise and what it does it does right.

    However this doesn't have CGI effects yet and should be kept that way, the make-up on the zombies are fantastic. and the environment of the Show is great, scary and awesome . The pilot introduces us to several main characters that actually make you want to learn more about them, with brilliant directing by Frank Darabont you will come across both dramatic and emotional scenes that seem appropriate for the time, this gives the show allot of realism and just works out great.

    If you like zombies or even a good drama that has allot of suspense then I highly recommend this show, I have never felt this way about a show since (Buffy the vampire slayer), so you know it's that good.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Masterful lead acting, empathic protagonist, engaging state of the art production, disturbing and intriguing twisted writing, scary creative direction, mind blowing oppressive ambiance

    Hungry ? There's nothing as efficient as a film of zombies to fill up your belly. Yummy ! We just can't get enough of these sleepy walkers, even after 28 Days Later and I Am Legend. However I really didn't know what to expect and was wondering if Frank Darabont, director and writer of the pilot, and his team would be able to disturb us positively.

    There're shows that try to introduce as many characters as possible in their pilots and there's The Walking Dead. Similarly to Danny Boyle's masterpiece this first installment covered the journey of a lonely and agonizing protagonist, Rick Grimes. Andrew Lincoln's performance was flawless and greatly contributed to make his character authentic. You should instantly care about his fate and watch his every steps. In fact we didn't have much choice considering the other characters had anecdotic roles. It's a good thing because for example I was driven to the show by Sarah Wayne Callies and as she was only featured for a few seconds I won't miss the upcoming episode. An other important element to consider is the immersion. Indeed I hadn't been so engaged by a production since 28 Days Later. From the first person visuals to the astonishing visual effects I just haven't one single complain to make. Pure perfection ! I never thought they would be able to transpose I Am Legend incredible cityscapes to a simple TV series.

    The story itself is edgy, scary and unpredictable. The twists weren't numerous but absolutely exquisite. The lasts were jaw breakers ! You have been warned. All along I couldn't help being frightened by what was happening to the protagonist. An other character portrayed by Lennie James made his creepy adventure even more fearful. He was also used to tell what happened as Rick's miraculous survival is unexplained. It's even more puzzling as we have no idea when the apocalypse began nor how. As a comparison Survivors (2008) was far less intriguing so I hope it's not an other government conspiracy ! Let's now dissect the ambiance silently. Indeed we don't want to draw the walkers attention. An identical process was applied and the pace was brilliantly spread. People interested by psychology and climax should feel right at hell. Some scenes were so calm that I could hear my breath. The background music wasn't intrusive and very rare. But the best part and the most mind blowing one is that most scenes occurred in bright day life. The only night one didn't last more than five minutes ! It's very smart if you compare the concept to I Am Legend. The seams of its digital effects ruined the creatures impact in my opinion. So we aren't ready to give up on the good old make-up craft ! Anyone for a zombification ?

    Still we could argue for a more original story and less stereotyped characters. But some of them definitely have potential and their connections could lead to very tensed moments. To sum things up all victorious ingredients were united for once. Even the visuals were able to convey the comics spirit it's based upon. Indeed some scenes were like frozen in time just to have a higher impact on the audience. From the crawling woman to the dark crows walking in the pages of that bestiary was fascinating !
  • Awesome pilot, and I must say, it's about time we get a zombie television show.

    The second I heard that "The Walking Dead" was being adapted to television, I was excited. I've always thought that zombies on television would give showrunners and writers a chance to let their characters slowly grow and to let it be more than just a place to show gore and violence. There's no reason why zombie shows can't have interesting characters and great writing as well, and unfortunately, the two best zombie movies of the last ten or fifteen years have been comedies (okay, 28 Days Later was awesome, I must say). Not a great sign for the genre overall though.

    However, The Walking Dead pays homage to the great zombie movies of the past by not trying to do anything original with it. Instead, it takes the best zombie movie tropes and adds something that we rarely see with zombie movies: great writing and great, complex and interesting characters. Usually, movies are between 80 and 140 minutes.. not a lot of time to establish characters in a zombie genre and include a nice amount of writing. With The Walking Dead, we get a six hour first season that is just one part of the story.

    The show follows Rick Grimes as he attempts to adjust to a world that has turned into a breeding ground for zombies. Of course, like most good zombie shows and movies, they don't actually USE the word zombies. Rick is a sherrif's deputy who was shot in the line of duty and was unconscious for an unspecified amount of time. When he wakes up, he finds the world destroyed and infected. He eventually meets up with Morgan Jones, a father who is trying to keep him and his son alive. From here, the episode splits into two different pieces: Morgan and his son try to work up the courage to put their infected wife out of her misery and Rick attempts to make his way to Atlanta, where he hears that people have been gathering.
    The show, as I mentioned before, follows many of the usual zombie cliches, but it never actually FEELS like a cliche. The writing is to the point but adds so much heart to each character. The scene near the end where Rick is killing the half-destroyed woman and Morgan tries to shoot his wife was heart-wrenching and something you never see in zombie movies. And Frank Darabont and the rest of his crew do an amazing job of creating a zombie world, better than shows with a bigger budget and bigger names.

    There are some supporting characters in the show as well, including Rick's wife and child, his partner, Shane, and a few other people that we don't necessarily learn about yet, but so far, besides Shane, it's hard to tell about them. So much of the focus is on Rick and Morgan that there's no time at all to learn about these other people. I hope the show doesn't make the mistake of ignoring them and forgetting to explain them, because it would truly detract. But I have immense hope. The show is quiet in some parts, loud and violent in others, and the contrast is beautiful. The final scene, where Rick goes into Atlanta, is as tense as any other show on TV right now, and the cliffhanger ending is perfect.

    The rest of the season looks like it should be a blast, and I have a feeling the show will definitely be coming back for another season. Let's hope Darabont, Kirkman and the rest of the crew can keep up the good work.
  • Epic graphic novel brought to life beautifully!

    After attending the 2010 Comicon panel, I was excited but skeptical. I appreciated everyone's enthuisiam but doubted they could truly invoke Kirkman's world. I also found the casting a bit iffy, Well I stand corrected! The only worthy word I can truly use is EPIC! This was masterful! I and my fellow watchers spent the show in completely silent awe. I'm pretty sure I even forgot to breathe. I have never been so impressed and satisifed with a script to screen adaptation. I cannot wait to see the next episode! Fantastic job on everything Walking Dead creative team! I can't wait to see what comes next!
  • i didnt think it would be anything out of the ordinary, i was wrong.

    i didnt think it would be anything out of the ordinary. before i watched this i thought its just another zombie thing but i was wrong. it starts off as a police man getting shot he is brought to the hospital and he goes to sleep but when he wakes up he doesnt see anyone else he walks outside and ends up seeing survivors he stays with a man and his son he doesnt know whats going on but he is told by the man and the police man is determined to find his family he belives that there still alive. this feels like more of a realistic zombie thing it was a good way to start off the series i think this will be a great series.
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