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3x07 When the Dead Come Knocking Discussion



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    OdumC wrote:
    Oh I find it unbelievable too, I was referring to an actual mountain man, someone who lives miles and miles off the beaten path and is pretty much self sufficient. and they can avoid needs like ammo by bow hunting, trapping etc.

    this guy was just supposed to be a hermit. And I'm pretty sure his call the cops thing was just a reaction not an actual threat. for the most part hermits just want to be left alone, they don't want to call more people into a situation.

    Like I said the unbelievable part was the woods were teeming with undead and he had to be close to Woodbury, they stopped the car a mile away and had hiked and fought for awhile so they were close.

    all in all the whole scene was unbelievable, I think it was just for effect of "Look how hard assed they've become"

    You see, now I am very disappointed....I thought you and I finally disagreed on something for the first time in my many years on these threads.

    Perhaps sometime next year we can disagree on something??!!??
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