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Humans no more human than walkers

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    [1]Feb 18, 2014
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    Let's see: we got rid of one homicidal maniac (the Governor) only to now have another one(Lizzie). And if they follow the comics another genocidal maniac is coming soon. Carl murdered an unarmed kid & tried to kill Morgan. Rick left Hitchiker Guy to die & tried to do the same to Tyresse's group. Carol murdered Karen & her companion. Shane murdered a prisoner & tried to kill his partner Rick. The people of Woodbury revelled in bloody Roman arena-like "games" and murdered National Guardsmen. There are roaming band of thugs everywhere preying on other humans. The only people we have seen with any human empithy were Dale & Herschel and they are both dead. Like people have said "The Walking Dead" refers to the survivors not the walkers. The survivors are no better than the walkers IMO.

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