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S03E14 Prey

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    Don't get me wrong, I love this show, but had a real problem with this episode.


    So Andrea made it all the way to the prison only to be grabbed by Philip just before Rick sees her?


    1. This is such a soap opera type moment it doesn't belong in the show

    2. The Governor defeated all those zombies with the butt of his gun? Shyeah right... The guy normally brings an AK47 to a knife fight.

    3. Once he's done taking out about 40 zombies he then manages to catch up to Andrea and grab her like a ninja

    So he's got Andrea on the ground...what now?


    1. Andrea is going to struggle and screamas much as possible to get away

    2. Philip's truck is probably at least half a mile away

    3. Rick is watching over the area the whole time

    These things just irk me like mad.

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