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The Walking Dead Roleplaying Game!!

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    Hi, I'm new on herebut I've been wanting to do this since I got into The Walking Dead. These are the rules/directions on how this game is going to work.

    You can either pick a character from the series or make your own. If you make your own you can have any kind of background and personality type. If you choose your character from the series then you have your personality choosen for you but along the way you can change your character. SInce this is a zombie game some of your characters will be killed off but you are more then welcome to come back and rejoin as another character if you feel like it. How characters will be eliminated will determine how well you play your choosen character and the one who plays theirs the best (which will be choosen by me every friday) will be given the choice to eliminate a character or give a character immunity which will save them the next week of elimination. And yes even I can be eliminatedbut I will still serve as theeliminator choosee and will probably be someone new also .

    I will make my own character and show you what's to be told about your characters.

    My characters going to be named Sarah Miccloud, is 1 years old with long red hair with blue eyes. I can be a leader when forced to or when no1 steps up but mostly likes to read or do chores to keep her mind off of what's happening. I have lost most of my family but am searching for my dad who lived in Alanta the zombies overran it. My love interest (yes you can have them) is Glenn and doesn't bound well with Maggie because of this. After beng separated from my family I stayed in a store where Glenn came on a run and found me. He saved me and brought me back to camp.

    This is where we'll start off with the camp. You can add some other characters into your background story but only to the extent to where it won't change their background. I'm really hoping this can go places lol especially to the end. We can also add our own twists like how it started if theres a cure for the living not to turn when they die. I hope you all will join we won't start until we gain some people and anyone can join in when ever you feel like as long as it flows with the story so far. Can't wait!

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