The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2013 on AMC

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  • The bad guys

    The bad guys are coming and we have to be prepared, its always the same on this show. I mean they have repeated this a dozen times, and its always ending the same way. Its ridicilous.
  • Making Up

    This was a relatively large episode, regarding the things that happened. It was absolutely wonderful to see Darryl back, even if he brought Merle with him - it was going to happen, but it's always the timing that does it. And speaking of such, the Governor's attack was started off perfectly. It was a slow, bantery scene that quickly devolved into the firefight and walker attack. It was an exciting end to the episode and a grand opening to what's sure to come. Good episode.
  • Nice episode, but huge film error

    Between 25th and 26th minutes, you can see Daryl's tattoo on his back, in his right side and a few seconds after, he has it on his left side ... Simple but obvious mistake, that shoudn't happen' ...
  • crossing the line couple of times

    I am quite disappointed to be honest. In s02 of Homeland there were some similar scenes in which I just thought "seriously?" and now TWD has this problem repeatedly, which is really sad.

    Attention, spoilers following!


    I don't expect those people to be supercool and keep their nerves in a firefight, but the combination of the governor impersonating Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore . i'm invincible yay) and four to six people on one side shooting four to six people on the other side with military grade automatic weapons with scopes without any injuries is just plain ridiculous.

    The scene where the camera follows Ricks view through the scope and he aims like 1 meter next to the attacker and shoots a burst, then goes prone and then is the clip empty I laughed out loud.

    They all are fixed to doing headshots on zombies and repeatedly do so (Rick with his revolver) but noooo.

    And I will not even start talking about really mental decisions or thought processes - Andrea turning shrink (lol), Rick yeah sure, the Glenn-Maggy 'conflict' etc etc. Clumsy.

    edit: i literally stopped watching to put out this comment, and what happens next? Following the surprisingly clever attack with the RV full of walkers, the gov and his pals drive off? Instead of picking off the forced-to-act people inside? wtf?
  • Home - Walking Dead

    The Governor has become an entertaining character finally, despite the fact others feel he has always been there, but the show just does not have a lot of excitement going on right now.

    Rick's behavior and recent actions are just boring TV.
  • The Dixon brothers, walker hunters!

    A family hour that revolves around Merle and Daryl may not be 7th Heaven material, but its a family hour nonetheless. In Walking Dead style, the episode takes us to a comfortable spot where characters bond, rest and enjoy home, before it rips the spot right under Carol's nose in the form of gun fire. The Governor is back! Threatening eveything Michonne holds dear, he is testing their time response with an assault full of walkers.

    It's up to the man who was going to robb Carol's camp before season 1 was over, to protect them from a Governor that swears would destroy the prison before this show is over.
  • bit of a rubbish episode

    Crazy rick is an annoying story. Also dont get why glenn and maggie were fighting. They were mad at eachother because maggie WASN'T raped? eh?
  • Walking a fine line

    This is more of an overall review up to "home". First off, I really despise Andrea. Often I wished Amy had lived and Andrea didn't. She is the Queen of bad choices and holy-er than the rest of yahs. The people that looked out for her are the ones she rejects (though I admit Dale went overboard a bit). I just get more annoyed when she's wasting screen time. Seeing the fishtank of skulls should give her a clue regardless of the gov's sad excuse for having them. One would remind him of the current world if such reminders were needed. Not an aquarium. If she thought Dale was trying to control her - what about this dude? Anyway, I don't like her. The one who has grown on me so much is Daryl which is directly linked to how he has grown. I despised Merle - but I hope Daryl will have a positive influence on him and they can be reunited with the rest of the "family". Rick should understand why Daryl would have to make that choice. But then Rick is so messed up I think him and Andrea need to be stuck in a cell together OFFSCREEN. We get that he's been through a lot. So has everyone. Somehow he managed to stay alive and take control of the group and made some tough (and also stupid) decisions - yeah he's got stress - but ok writers let's move on now. We know he's hallucinating and such. Enough. So either go the total breakdown route or get over it. When your young son is a more effective leader you gotta think twice about the direction your life is going. It's painful to watch. Lots fo plotlines are drawn out so much they should be charged overdraft fees. The series has gotten better, but it seems like an ocean wave going up, then down, then up.. then... back down.

    I also want to know why can't they use walkie talkies picked up from a store to communicate.
  • Good evening, Gov'nuh, indeed

    I just don't understand the Governor's problem with Rick's group is (even before all the attacks, he was ready to exterminate them). Is it just because Merle's dissed them since the Governor picked up and took him under his wing? Yet it's all too apparent now that the Governor just used Merle and doesn't REALLY respect him. So what's his problem? Doesn't he want his group of 70+ survivors to flourish and prosper? He clearly thrives on the leadership, and it's looking as if Rick will gladly hand over his throne. I mean, here this man is, running studies on the walkers, inventing aluminum sleeves for the living to wear to survive a nibble or a scratch, and he has a great method of execution going on, not to mention the successful safe haven he's created. WHY does he have to be evil and have ulterior motives?! Especially when there's no apparent reason for these motives...

    And I've been impatient and frustrated with Andrea before, I think she's been in the wrong, held wrong opinions before, but there is a strength in her I do respect. Hope she's strong enough to withstand his manipulation (the governor's), and figure out soon that he's a lying, up-to-no-good weazel.

    Rick needs to get his act together because I'm getting impatient with his bender of delusion. They've ALL lost family members and have kept their sanity in tact. And I hope that they find Tyrese's posse and welcome them back. Rick was being selfish and hypocritical. Hello, it was like yesterday that you were begging Herschle for the same thing. It's as if the writers just copied and pasted your dialogue.

    Proud of Carl. For a second there, I thought he was becoming lost and angry, bitter, resentful, rebellious, and was gonna be doing STUPID stuff consequently, but he's stepped up to the plate.

    And yes. Glen needs to channel back in some rationality. But Maggie doesn't need to be so cold and distant to him either.

    Herschle, bad idea to leave, that's what my gut instincts are telling me. Stay put, and defend! Glen was right when he fought the group against leaving, crediting Herschle's bad leg, and the newborn baby.
  • A little tedious

    The Rick-is-going-crazy plot line is a little tedious, and the Glenn-is-very-angry plot line is just annoying. The rest of the episode was pretty enjoyable, but the Governor's "assault" was pretty pathetic compared to how he took out that army encampment a few episodes back.
  • never a dull moment

    Love the focus on Daryls history and the person that he is changing into. I think rick will come back from crazy land, he just has to work thru his demons from the deaths of Lori and Shane and the way things were between him and them when he lost them. Cant wait till next week!
  • I'm done with it

    Rick coming unglued and seeing visions of his dead wife. Glenn and Maggie with a scene out of a daytime soap opera. Uhgh. This show used to have some stones, but it's just a mess now. I'm done.
  • Home is where the heart is!

    Home was a phenomenal episode of The Walking Dead and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of significant character growth and development. The storylines explored the ramifications of previous episodes for all the characters which was awesome. There was a lot of tension between various characters. It was great to watch Daryl help a group of people he didn't even know as Meryl suggested otherwise. The Governor manipulated Andrea and others around him. The last few scenes were exceptional and surprising not to mention heart wrenching and they kept me on the edge of my seat. I liked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Loved it

    DAAAAAMN!!! As soon as the first shot fired on the prison I couldn't take my eyes of screen. Not even blinking was allowed! Loved that episode and I'm super uber anxious to see what will happen on the next episode
  • The Dixon Family Robinson

    This was a very marked improvement that kept the momentum of the series moving forward. I never expected the Governor to go this far at the end of the episode and not an attack on the prison because I admit I kind of believed him when he spoke about it with Andrea. The Woodbury scenes were yawn inspiring this week as Andrea is told the Gov that she should watch the throne while he gets his crap together. Gov tries to write all of his hidden secrets with his daughter's cure from Milton but never mentions the fishtank heads (weird). Andrea suspecting something is up by Gov not being there is plausible especially after world's worst liar Milton insists that Gov must "be on a Rick's wandering off into the wilderness was a good way to bring us into a furthering of last week after he so unceremoniously sent Tyrese and crew packing. He imagines Laurie is touching his face and leaves the gates wide open (oops!). Seeing Glenn as the gung-ho leader was refreshing to see that he knew how to handle himself and was competent in logistics and tactics but his hot head after what happened to Maggie only weaken his leading ability. Herschel is right that they need Rick, and it was a big step of Rick to admit to Herschel at the fence that he is seeing Laurie and Shane. Axel did the unspeakable secondary character thing in TV, you never discuss a prosperous future or give a detailed back-story of a relatively new secondary character without knowing that they'll be dead before the week's out. That being said his bullet to the head was thoroughly startling with the gang just looking out at poor nuthouse Rick and Herschel talking. Glenn hopefully managed to seal up the other side where Tyrese got into the prison before he managed to come back and saved the wise old Herschel too. The Dixon brothers detour only lasted for like half and episode which is a little lame seeing as this is their first excursion we see them onscreen alone. But the little detail about them having been planning on clearing out the camp in Season 1 of supplies was a big one as well as the details of their assumed abusive father. The Governor opening fire on the prison opens up Pandora's Box as far as I'm concerned. Blood had been shed and with the walkers not into the outer gates it looks like next week will have to feature a good lot of Merle, Daryl, and Rick cutting their way into the inner walls again (hopefully the back where Tyrese got in is still open now though) since that gunfire surely drew many more walkers to the prison. This seems to be a very smart way to snap Rick out of his neurosis making him need to stay alive and the whole Daryl saves him with bolt thing was pleasing (as well as the trunk of the car head cave in of the walker when he and Merle helped out that Latino family). It was good to see Daryl not mesh with Merle after having chosen him over the group he had traveled with. If Merle can grow up and tone down the racism by about 100% there may well be a home for him at the prison since he helped out. And seeing the team in action was the best part of the episode even starting to see a cool side of Michonne slicing her way to get to the escape car from the outer yard. The Gov putting Walkers inside their walls was an effective strategy since he only lost one soldier and can let the walkers do the rest now (presumably) but seeing his malice in action is thankfully not overdone in this instance (since a mustache twirl would be face-palm worthy). But overall, this episode sprang us back to attention in the end in what was mostly a meditative character driven episode that has us worried about the leadership of both Woodbury and the prison group.
  • The Gov has an eye for it

    Anyone notice in the previews for next week's episode, the governor has a patch on his right eye, then it shows him with his left eye stabbed out? I can only guess he's looking in a mirror, although it sure didn't look like it. I took screen caps of it, link wont show so here it is: tinyurl dot com/abpox9c