The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2013 on AMC

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  • The Dixon Family Robinson

    This was a very marked improvement that kept the momentum of the series moving forward. I never expected the Governor to go this far at the end of the episode and not an attack on the prison because I admit I kind of believed him when he spoke about it with Andrea. The Woodbury scenes were yawn inspiring this week as Andrea is told the Gov that she should watch the throne while he gets his crap together. Gov tries to write all of his hidden secrets with his daughter's cure from Milton but never mentions the fishtank heads (weird). Andrea suspecting something is up by Gov not being there is plausible especially after world's worst liar Milton insists that Gov must "be on a Rick's wandering off into the wilderness was a good way to bring us into a furthering of last week after he so unceremoniously sent Tyrese and crew packing. He imagines Laurie is touching his face and leaves the gates wide open (oops!). Seeing Glenn as the gung-ho leader was refreshing to see that he knew how to handle himself and was competent in logistics and tactics but his hot head after what happened to Maggie only weaken his leading ability. Herschel is right that they need Rick, and it was a big step of Rick to admit to Herschel at the fence that he is seeing Laurie and Shane. Axel did the unspeakable secondary character thing in TV, you never discuss a prosperous future or give a detailed back-story of a relatively new secondary character without knowing that they'll be dead before the week's out. That being said his bullet to the head was thoroughly startling with the gang just looking out at poor nuthouse Rick and Herschel talking. Glenn hopefully managed to seal up the other side where Tyrese got into the prison before he managed to come back and saved the wise old Herschel too. The Dixon brothers detour only lasted for like half and episode which is a little lame seeing as this is their first excursion we see them onscreen alone. But the little detail about them having been planning on clearing out the camp in Season 1 of supplies was a big one as well as the details of their assumed abusive father. The Governor opening fire on the prison opens up Pandora's Box as far as I'm concerned. Blood had been shed and with the walkers not into the outer gates it looks like next week will have to feature a good lot of Merle, Daryl, and Rick cutting their way into the inner walls again (hopefully the back where Tyrese got in is still open now though) since that gunfire surely drew many more walkers to the prison. This seems to be a very smart way to snap Rick out of his neurosis making him need to stay alive and the whole Daryl saves him with bolt thing was pleasing (as well as the trunk of the car head cave in of the walker when he and Merle helped out that Latino family). It was good to see Daryl not mesh with Merle after having chosen him over the group he had traveled with. If Merle can grow up and tone down the racism by about 100% there may well be a home for him at the prison since he helped out. And seeing the team in action was the best part of the episode even starting to see a cool side of Michonne slicing her way to get to the escape car from the outer yard. The Gov putting Walkers inside their walls was an effective strategy since he only lost one soldier and can let the walkers do the rest now (presumably) but seeing his malice in action is thankfully not overdone in this instance (since a mustache twirl would be face-palm worthy). But overall, this episode sprang us back to attention in the end in what was mostly a meditative character driven episode that has us worried about the leadership of both Woodbury and the prison group.
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