The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2013 on AMC

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  • crossing the line couple of times

    I am quite disappointed to be honest. In s02 of Homeland there were some similar scenes in which I just thought "seriously?" and now TWD has this problem repeatedly, which is really sad.

    Attention, spoilers following!


    I don't expect those people to be supercool and keep their nerves in a firefight, but the combination of the governor impersonating Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore . i'm invincible yay) and four to six people on one side shooting four to six people on the other side with military grade automatic weapons with scopes without any injuries is just plain ridiculous.

    The scene where the camera follows Ricks view through the scope and he aims like 1 meter next to the attacker and shoots a burst, then goes prone and then is the clip empty I laughed out loud.

    They all are fixed to doing headshots on zombies and repeatedly do so (Rick with his revolver) but noooo.

    And I will not even start talking about really mental decisions or thought processes - Andrea turning shrink (lol), Rick yeah sure, the Glenn-Maggy 'conflict' etc etc. Clumsy.

    edit: i literally stopped watching to put out this comment, and what happens next? Following the surprisingly clever attack with the RV full of walkers, the gov and his pals drive off? Instead of picking off the forced-to-act people inside? wtf?
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