The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2012 on AMC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Merle, Crowley, Tim, and another Woodbury survivor, Neil Garguilio, walking through the forest in search of Michonne. They come upon the body of a walker that has been chopped up. Merle notices that the body parts of the walker have been used to spell a word. Garguilio notices that the arms and legs spell: "Go". He also notices that the torso of the walker has been placed with its back facing upwards so the message is: "Go Back." She is warning them not to search for her. Merle, Crowley, and Tim think that the message is funny, but Garguilio doesn't think that they should hunt for Michonne. Merle tells Garguilio not to be a coward. He notes that the Governor chose him for the job because he believed Garguilio was ready for service. Merle notes that if Garguilio keeps announcing that he's scared, he's gonna have to smash him across his face. Merle still can't pronounce Garguilio's last name, so he continues to call him Neil. Suddenly, the four hear noises out in the woods. Merle pulls his pistol and taunts Michonne, stating that she is at a disadvantage against the four of them. Suddenly, Michonne drops down from a tree. She beheads Crowley and then stabs Tim in the chest, killing them both. She runs off into the woods as Merle fires at her. Merle is able to hit her once in the upper leg. Michonne limps away as Merle gives chase, but he is unable to find her.


Back at the prison, Rick is imagining that he is talking on the phone to a woman. The woman is grateful to hear Rick's voice, noting that she didn't think anyone would ever pick up the phone. Rick wants to know where the woman is at, but the woman states that she is not allowed to say. Rick asks if they are in a safe place. The woman states that they are in a safe place because they are careful and that's why she can't say where they are located. Rick asks why their place is safer than others. The woman states that it's away from the walkers. Rick tells her that he has two children and a group that would help them. The woman states that she needs to talk with her group. Rick begs her to help them, insisting that his group needs help and they can help her group. The woman promises that she will call back. Rick pleads with her not to go, stating that they are dying at the prison. The woman hangs up the phone.


Rick returns to Cell Block C where everyone is eating breakfast. Rick asks everyone if they are alright. Everyone is find and Hershel asks Rick where he's been. Rick tells them that he cleaned up the boiler room, and killed anywhere between a dozen and two dozen walkers. Rick states that he needs to go back and finish the job. Glenn tells Rick that they can help him finish the job and take the bodies out of the boiler room. Rick states that he has to do it alone. Rick asks if everyone has a gun and a knife. Daryl states that everyone is armed, but they are low on ammunition. Glenn tells Rick that he and Maggie are going to make a run this afternoon, telling him that they found a phone book with some locations that they can check. Daryl tells Rick that they cleared out the generator room, and Axel is trying to fix the generators. Rick is glad that they are making progress and leaves. Hershel tries to get Rick to stay, but he leaves.


Merle arrives back at the group's previous spot to find Garguilio throwing up and sobbing over the deaths of Crowley and Tim. Merle tells him that they need to move, informing him that Michonne was shot. Garguilio is upset over what has happened and wants to go back. Merle states that they are close to the red zone, and walkers will be swarming their spot soon. Garguilio still can't move, and Merle kicks him to the ground. Merle tells him that he needs to rise to the occasion and he needs him. Garguilio states that he understands and gets up. Merle tells Garguilio that they don't let their people turn and asks him to help him. Merle stabs Tim's head and Garguilio stabs Crowley's severed head. The two continue to hunt for Michonne.


Back inside Woodbury, the Governor tells Andrea that she should mingle with the other survivors, insisting that they are good people. Andrea is still upset about the fights that she witnessed last night and isn't sure how to feel about everyone. The Governor knows that Andrea didn't like the fights. Andrea states that she's right, but she understands. The Governor asks Andrea how she is able to understand. Andrea tells him that she is not going to tell him how to run the town. The Governor states that Andrea stayed, so it is her town as well, and she has a say in what happens. Andrea tells him that she thinks it's an escape from the horrible world around them, but it's not the right kind of escape because there is already enough brutality in the world and the fights are brutal. Andrea states that she wants to be a part of the town, but she wants to contribute like everyone else. The Governor states that she could work in food distribution. Andrea states that she wants to work the wall because she's a good shot. The Governor asks if she can shoot a bow and arrow. Andrea believes that she can learn, and the Governor promises to set her up with someone that can teach her.


Back at the prison, Rick tries to get the phone to work again. Suddenly, it rings and Rick answers it. This time, a man is on the other line, and he asks Rick if he wants to come to their place to live. Rick states that he does. The man informs him that the place is safe, nobody has been bit, and nobody has died or turned crazy. Rick begs for them to allow their group to come there. The man notes that Rick and his people could be dangerous. The man asks Rick if he's ever killed anyone. Rick states that he killed people that threatened his group. The man asks how many people Rick has killed. Rick replies that he killed four people, recounting the deaths of Dave, Tony, and Tomas. He also admits that he killed Shane after he lost his way and threatened to kill him. The man asks Rick how he lost his wife. Rick is taken aback that the man would know about Lori, but the man states that he told them he had two children, but never mentioned a wife. Rick states that he doesn't want to talk about it. After he says that, the man hangs up the phone. Rick is angry and starts to scream and kick the table. He hangs up the phone and sits down.


In Woodbury, Andrea is sitting on the wall with a young girl named Haley. Haley states that they can teach Andrea how to use the bow tomorrow. Andrea asks Haley if she's a good shot. Haley states that her father made her practice with it, and she's pretty good. She shows Andrea her bow, noting that it's worth more than her car, and her father always wanted her to be in the Olympics. Haley admits that the bow is awesome and she killed her father for it. Andrea notes that Haley didn't kill him for the bow. Haley gets a solemn look on her face, and tells Andrea that she killed her brother and father as walkers. Andrea tells her that she killed her sister, Amy. Haley notes that it sucks to have to do it. Andrea confirms that she's right. Andrea and Haley notice a walker coming and Haley states that she can get it. She shoots two arrows at it, but she misses both times. Andrea tells her that she will get it and hops over the wall. Haley states that she can get it, noting that nobody is supposed to go over the wall. Andrea doesn't listen and kills the walker with her knife. Haley asks Andrea what she's doing. Andrea states that she did the job. Haley is angry and states that she could have done it. She tells Andrea that this isn't a game, and doesn't appreciate what Andrea did.


Rick is still down in the boiler room when Hershel hobbles into the room on his crutches. Rick lets Hershel join him, and he gives him a chair to sit down on. Hershel tells Rick that he can still feel his foot, and he's wiggling his toes. Hershel states that he's a ghost from the knee down. Rick apologizes that Hershel's leg is gone. Hershel tells Rick not to be sorry, noting that Rick saved his life. Hershel tells Rick that Lori told him how sorry she was for all that happened. Hershel states that Lori was going to tell Rick about that, but there wasn't time. Hershel tells Rick that he can take time to mourn, but reminds Rick about how great of a leader he has been through the winter. Hershel believes that, without Rick, more of them would be dead. Rick tells Hershel that the prison isn't safe enough. Hershel states he knows that, but they've run for too long. Rick tells Hershel about the phone call and the safe place that they had. Hershel picks up the phone, but he only hears static. Rick states that the people were thinking about bringing them into the new place. Hershel knows that Rick is not feeling well now, and tries to calm him down. Hershel asks Rick if they said where they were. Rick states that they didn't and asks Hershel not to tell anyone else. Hershel tells Rick that he'll sit here with him and wait for the call. Rick states that he doesn't want anyone else down here. Hershel agrees and leaves Rick to be alone for a while.  


Merle and Garguilio continue to hunt for Michonne. Michonne appears again and slashes Garguilio across the chest. The cut is not deep enough to kill him and he falls over. Merle is able to parry her blow with the blade on his prosthetic arm and the two fight and wrestle on the ground. Before they can continue, three walkers appear. Merle holds one at bay, and Michonne slashes another one in the stomach. It spills guts on her, causing her to vomit from the smell. Garguilio saves Merle from a walker, and Merle kills the other one, as Michonne kills the last one and flees again.


Daryl, Carl, and Oscar search down in the tombs for stray walkers. Daryl notices that a door is slowly being pushed open, but the body of a walker is holding it shut. Daryl thinks that there are one or two walkers behind it, but they are weak. He states they can get them later. Daryl sees that Carl is still upset about his mother. Daryl tells him that his mother died when he was younger because she would get drunk and smoke in bed. Daryl states that he was playing with his friends when an ambulance rode by. He didn't have a bike so he had to run to the house while his friends biked ahead of him. Daryl remembers coming around the corner and seeing that his house had caught on fire. Daryl states that his mother died because she smoked in bed and a cigarette lit her on fire and killed her. Daryl remembers seeing that, and many told him that it was better that way, but Daryl states that the scene made it feel like his mother had never existed. Carl tells Daryl that he had to shoot Lori and that was real. Carl tells Daryl he's sorry his mother died like that. Daryl tells Carl that he's sorry that Lori had to die and the two continue to walk down the tombs.


Andrea visits with the Governor later that day. The Governor has been told about Andrea going over the wall, and the Governor tells her that she knows they don't go over the wall unless it's absolutely necessary. Andrea insists that she just needed some practice. The Governor understands, but he tells Andrea that he's taking her off the wall. Andrea is disappointed, but doesn't argue. Andrea admits to the Governor that she liked the fights, but she didn't like the fact that she actually liked them. The Governor states that he knew that because Andrea stayed when she could have left. The Governor notes that Andrea stayed in Woodbury because she liked something inside the walls. Andrea thinks the Governor is referencing himself. The Governor hopes that he's growing on her.


Merle thanks Garguilio for saving his life and promises to get him a beer when they get back to Woodbury. Garguilio states that they should hurry and catch up with Michonne. Merle states that they are done looking for Michonne and they are going home. Garguilio states that they can't let Michonne get away after killing Crowley and Tim. Merle tells Garguilio that Michonne is injured and heading straight for the red zone. He believes that she's going to die even though she got away. Garguilio asks Merle what they're going to tell the Governor. Merle states that they are going to lie and tell him that they did kill her. Garguilio tells Merle that they are going to keep going. Merle states that Michonne is not worth risking their lives over now. Garguilio states that Merle told him the situation was serious and he isn't going to lie to the Governor. Merle tells Garguilio that he's right and applauds him for really coming through today. Merle is finally able to pronounce Garguilio's last name correctly. He promptly draws his gun and shoots Garguilio in the head. Merle is not going to let anyone get in the way of his lie.


In the woods, Merle continues to limp through the woods and comes upon some walkers. However, the walkers just walk right by her without acknowledging her. Because some of the guts from the walker she killed spilled onto her, she smells like a walker and the walkers won't attack her. Michonne realizes this quickly and starts to walk with the walkers.


The phone rings again and another woman is talking to Rick. The woman notes that Rick won't tell them how Lori died. Rick states that he lost his wife, but he will tell them everything if that's what it takes to get into the group. The woman states that she should talk about it, and calls him by his name. Rick is shocked by this, and asks her how she knew his name. The woman hangs up and Rick wonders who called him.


Michonne hides behind a building and limps towards a car. Suddenly, she hears a vehicle pull up and Glenn and Maggie get out. Glenn and Maggie stop at a store to check for formula. They share a kiss and Maggie notes that it's a beautiful day. Glenn breaks open the lock and opens the door to find birds flying out at them. They start to search the store for supplies and Maggie notices a toy duck laying on the floor. Maggie states that they should take it, noting that a kid growing up in a prison needs a few toys. The two laugh, but Michonne stays hidden, observing the two.


Back at Woodbury, Andrea and the Governor flirt with each other. Andrea states that the Governor seems like the kind of guy that waxed his car every week. The Governor remarks he wasn't proud of his car, house, or job. He states his dog was stupid enough to lose a fight with a tree. Andrea finds it hard to believe he has nothing he was proud of in his life before the zombie apocalypse. Andrea notes he built this whole town despite his past misgivings. The Governor notes he never said he wasn't proud of something, and tells her that he did have something. The Governor asks Andrea how long it's been since she had whiskey this good. Andrea states she can't remember. The Governor states that he likes to forget a lot. The Governor states that it's better to live in the now, talking to Andrea. Andrea is having a good time with the Governor, and the Governor even tells her to call him: "Phillip", his first name. The Governor tells Andrea that she doesn't have to be ashamed of liking the fights. The Governor states that everything they do is part of being alive and most people don't have the ability to see the whole picture and fight for it. The Governor states that that is the reason there are more walkers than people left. The Governor states that Andrea has that ability and that is why she made it. He states they should eat, drink, and be merry now, for they might die tomorrow. Andrea notes that she doesn't plan on it. The Governor notes that most people don't, it just happens. Andrea notes that other things can happen too, and the two start to kiss.


Glenn and Maggie have had a successful run and have find a lot of formula and supplies. Maggie notes that everything is quiet outside the prison, noting that she can always hear the walkers outside the fences no matter what. Suddenly, Merle appears and is holding a gun on them. He asks them where their good home is. Glenn and Maggie hold their guns on Merle, but they realize who Merle is. Maggie doesn't know Merle, and is a little more hostile in allowing him to come forward. Merle drops his gun and is amazed to see that Glenn is still alive. Glenn can't believe that Merle is alive. Merle asks Glenn if Daryl is still alive. Glenn confirms that Daryl is still alive. Merle tells Glenn that if he takes him back to the prison, he'll forgive everything that happened in Atlanta. Glenn notices the prosthetic arm, and Merle tells him that he fixed it up himself. Glenn tells Merle that he will go back and tell Daryl that he is here and Daryl can come meet him. Merle doesn't want that to happen, stating that it's a miracle they found each other now. Merle promises Glenn that he can trust him, but Merle still has a pistol in his back pocket that he's inching towards. Glenn remembers everything that happened in Atlanta, and tells Merle he'll need to trust them and wait here. Merle throws a coat at Daryl with his prosthetic and shoots at the car window with his other hand. Glenn ducks for cover, and he comes up to find Merle has Maggie around the throat with his blade. Merle tells Glenn to drop the gun, and Glenn listens. Merle tells Glenn that they are going for a drive. Glenn tells Merle that he's not taking him back to his camp, never revealing that the group is at a prison. Merle states that they are going somewhere else, and tells Glenn to get in the car. The three get into the vehicle, and start to drive towards Woodbury. Michonne has witnessed the whole scene and sees the basket of formula that Glenn and Maggie left behind.


Back at the prison, Oscar has found some slippers in one of the cell. Daryl asks Oscar what he needs the slippers for. Oscar states that he loves to relax at the end of the day with some slippers on. The three hear a walker, and all three of them fire shots to kill it. Oscar notes that it must have been on the cell at the end of the block. Daryl notices that there is a knife in the walker's throat, and he pulls it out. Daryl notes that the knife belonged to Carol. Daryl looks at it, pondering what happened.


The phone rings again, and Rick hesitates, but he decides to answer it. Rick asks the person on the other end how they know who he is. A woman answers and states that they know who he is. Rick doesn't see how this is possible. The woman tells him that he's been talking to his friends all day. The first three people he talked to were: Amy, Jim, and Jacqui. Rick realizes that the woman on the other end of the phone is Lori. Rick breaks down and starts to cry. Lori asks Rick what happened. Rick tells Lori that he loved her, but he couldn't put them back together. Rick states that he made a deal with himself that he would keep her alive and once they found a safe place he would fix them. Rick is upset that he couldn't keep everyone alive and put their family back together. Rick thought that there would be enough time, but there wasn't. Rick tells Lori that he loved her so much, and he should have said it more often. Lori tells Rick to listen to her. Lori tells Rick that he needs to take care of the others, and asks if he can take care of them. Rick starts to hear the static on the other end and realizes that he's been hearing voices that aren't really there. He puts the phone down on the handle.


Back at Woodbury, the Governor and Andrea have finished making love. The Governor tells Andrea he did lie to her about the job being over, noting his job is a 24/7 job. Andrea asks if she needs to hide. The Governor states that she doesn't need to. The Governor goes to the door and finds Merle standing there. Merle tells the Governor about Tim, Crowley, and Garguilio's deaths. Merle tells a lie about what happened and states that biters killed everyone, but he was able to kill Michonne. The Governor states that they need to create a story about a supply run gone wrong so nobody else knows the truth. The Governor asks Merle if he brought back Michonne's head and her sword. Merle states that he couldn't. He tells him that Crowley and Garguilio had them, but they were taken down. Merle tells the Governor that he does have something for him. Merle tells him about Glenn and Maggie, and how he knew Glenn back in Atlanta. Merle tells the Governor that they looked pretty good, and he believes they have some kind of great camp. The Governor asks Merle if Andrea would know them. Merle believes that Andrea does know them. Merle promises that he will find out where their camp is. The Governor goes back inside and Andrea asks if everything is fine. The Governor says yes.


Hershel, Beth, and Carl are preparing dinner and watching after the baby. Rick comes back and goes to see his infant daughter. Rick thinks she is beautiful and Hershel lets Rick hold her. Rick smiles at his new daughter and holds her close and kisses her head.


Down in the tombs, Daryl sees that the door is continuing to open and shut. Daryl is sitting alone, stabbing Carol's knife into the ground again and again in frustration. The door continues to open and shut, and it gets on Daryl's nerves. Daryl removes the walker body from the front of the door and opens the door to kill the walker on the other side. However, it's not a walker. It's a tired and dehydrated Carol. She survived the prison attack. Daryl is happy to see her and carries her back to C Block.


The rest of the group walks outside. Rick tells Carl that the baby looks just like him. He gives the baby to Carl and starts to walk down to the field. Rick notices something and he pulls his gun. He walks down to the fence and thinks he sees something different. It is revealed to be Michonne, and she's holding the basket of formula that Glenn and Maggie left behind. Rick stares out at Michonne, wondering who she is and what happened, ending the episode.