The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2012 on AMC

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  • Landline Blues

    Rick's cliffhanger from last week involving the phone is followed up by a woman answering on the other end and saying that she is in a safe place but she can't tell him where. Rick begs the woman to tell him and she says that her leader will call back in an hour after he tells her that he has a son. Just outside Woodbury Merle and a few others are on the hunt for Michonne even though she was supposed to be allowed to leave of her own volition without being followed. Merle's group comes across a dismembered walker forming the message "Go back." Merle isn't willing to give up and calls Michonne out into the open knowing that she probably isn't far away. She isn't and from a surprise attack kills two of his hunting party. Merle shoots at her and she gets hit in the leg and pushed back into the woods. Merle and the last other member, Garchullio, get out of there after walkers come down upon them. Merle manages to find her again and walkers attack Michonne before she can get a good hit in on him and Garchullio isn't willing to give up the hunt even though Merle is sure that Michonne is wounded enough to be walker bait he shoots Garchullio in the head and continues after Michonne anyway. Rick visits with Herschel whom he tells about the phone line and when Herschel offers to sit with him Rick won't have any of it, the two still maintaining their bond from last season is a welcome addition to Rick's grief and him having another widower to talk to about group matters. Herschel especially being thankful to Rick for saving his life and not being, "you cut off my leg you ass" was good to see him grateful although he is now stuck from leaving the prison essentially. Rick gets a call back from the woman's group's leader and he asks about Rick and how many living he's killed. He brings up Shane and the other inmates he killed and when he refuses to talk about how he lost his wife the man on the other end hangs up. Michonne comes upon Maggie and Glen who are going out for a baby formula supply run but when they are about to drive off Merle holds approaches them and Glen recognizes him. Merle asks where Daryl is and when Glen can't shoot him Merle attacks and holds Maggie at gun point and forces Glen to drive the truck they came in on back to Woodbury. Michonne sees this but can't do anything about it. Andrea continues her dangerous affiliation for dark dangerous men when she begins having a relationship with the Governor. Their romance falls flat for me, I like the Governor just fine but Andrea doesn't seem to have an individual personality outside of her pattern of choices that the writers seem to always give her over to. Merle returns to Woodbury saying Michonne killed his whole group and that he will question Glen and Maggie until they say where they were at so that he can find his brother. This is the evidence that will give Merle the exact reason for the Governor to move to the prison to force Rick and pals to come to Woodbury to stay. Rick gets another call this time the voice is the woman again and the clicking in the background proves what many surely thought and that it was not real, it was Lori's voice on the other end speaking asking him why he wasn't ready to move on. Her saying that her and the others are safe is a reference to the afterlife or what Rick's mind projects as the afterlife or a place without having to worry about the matters of the dead or the living. With his grief arc done with and him embracing his newborn baby we can get back to things as they were with him as the leader. Michonne standing with the baby formula in the basket at the end of the episode was a great stepping point into next week's adventure. Felt kind of lazy to just have Merle and Michonne come upon Maggie and Glen seemingly out of nowhere, I mean what are the odds, especially when Merle was satisfied letting Michonne rot and he killed a guy so that he wouldn't have to follow and he ended up doing it anyway. I mean this seems kinda clunky and Merle, although more nuanced than before, is still a "bad guy" holding Maggie at gunpoint and killing Garchullio in cold blood. That being said, the emotions behind Rick's phone calls (although somewhat obviously not real) got him to where he needed to be in a much needed way. Hopefully the upcoming chapters can be a little more well constructed, but Daryl finding and giving us some resolution on Caryl and his rapport with Carl telling him about his own mom's death keep solidifying him as the bad ass fan favorite award for this show even more.