The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 11

I Ain't a Judas

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2013 on AMC

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  • jorge

    Das good
  • I Ain't a Judas

    I Ain't a Judas was a superbly entertaining episode of The Walking Dead. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character growth and plot development. It was intriguing to see the Governor start to raise his army. Andrea reconnects with old friends and later returns to Woodberry. I liked yhe character conflicts that were explored. I liked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Calm before the storm

    Andrea uses her lawyer skills to attempt a negotiation between two parties that only want to avenge their deads. Rick's group fighting as fiercely for Oscar and Axel as the Governor for his zombie daughter. Hershel questions Rick's motives to retaliate, while Carol all but questions Andrea's committment. Her proposed escape clause not easier for the lawyer than it would've been for the widow. For men may not always be black and white, yet murder is murder each and every time. Andrea and the Governor remains in status quo, much like Daryl and Carol regarding Merle.
  • i wish andrea stabbed the governor

    I think andrea should have stabbed the governor.
  • Dead me oooh

    that episode was slow
  • Episode 11

    Where I can watch episode 11?
  • Contrast

    Another quiet episode, a day in waiting. It was such a stark contrast having Andrea back with the group, really shows how far they've come since they left Hershall's ranch. It's an impossible position, the one she's been put in, though from our perspective an open-and-closed case. Based on the music alone, I knew she wouldn't be able to attack the Governor in his sleep, but I was really waiting for him to be awake, to know that she'd tried to betray him. The scene with Merle and Hershall was likely my favorite - they've both lost limbs to Rick, so it was a good comparison.
  • And dreams of death danced in her head...

    After conversations with fellow viewers, I believe I have a grasp on WHY exactly the Governor is aching so badly to annihilate Rick's group - weapons? Supplies? But then, wait, why was he so willing to send Tyreese's group on THEIR way WITH weapons and a car and whatever else he offered?? And man, oh man, don't even get me started on how crazy I am going with the fact that Tyreese was taken up by the wrong army. Damn it, Rick, you and your hallucinations ruining the moment, now you just lost soldiers for your own camp and cause, or so it seems. I'm still holding out hope that Tyreese will eventually grow to despise the Governor somehow and will avert his hastily and coercively pledged loyalty.

    Proud of Andrea for not believing his lies.

    Proud of Carol for deviating her own game plan. How devious of her! But necessary. And the fact that Andrea didn't freak out and bite her head off (not literally, for this is a zombie show I'm discussing) is a good sign. And the look Andrea gave them as she was leaving lends hope that she understands as much as she seemed to.

    I thought Rick could have gone a little easier on her. He needs her as an ally, not a foe, and I just didn't want him to alienate her.

    I thought was Rick was unfairly ganged up on by too many people who have either misunderstood him or incorrectly disagreed with him. The group discussing how crazy he'd gone, Carl for saying he needed a break, Andrea saying he's grown when Tyreese called him crazy, that was like, my worst case scenario being confirmed of what Tyreese's impression had been of him.

    And how on God's green Earth can the Governor ever justify attacking a group with a newborn baby in it, when just over a year or so ago, however long ago the zombie apocalypse occurred, he would've been their neighbor, a friend, conceivably? Alas, how the world has irrevocably changed.
  • Makes no sense

    I know this is late in the day. Catching up but.... The governors argument that the the Prison group are blood thirsty aggressors makes absolutely no sense, and should make no sense to Andrea too. He told Andrea that they took Meg and Glenn for no reason and held them captive, almost killing them. So why wouldn't she see that it's only the Governor who's the crazy blood thirsty aggressor? Poor plot.
  • I Ain't A Judas

    Another painfully slow-moving episode of The Walking Dead. It just lacks the action, and seeing the show try to have those pretentious endings with the singing, and everyone sitting around thinking somberly is just so embarrassing.

    Did anyone expect Andrea to kill The Governor either?
  • very slow

    pointless episode no progress to the main plot, getting tired to watch it...
  • Boring

    Nothing happened except more Andrea screen-time which is never good. Although I did enjoy the less-than-warm welcome she got at the prison when she was clearly expecting them to be happy to see her. it was goood to see her get rejected. I also hate her more now after reading Tim Surettes review cause he's right: she didn't even ask about T-dog or seem remotely bothered that he'd died. What a B**ch.

    God Bless you T-dog, God Bless
  • Diplomatic Filler

    Following last week's attack Rick and the others get back inside the prison but their outer gates are now overrun with walkers. They devise a game-plan that if the Governor wants war he'll have it. Merle is welcome with open arms, which is to be expected. What's not expected is Herschel defending Merle being there since he has "military I'm sorry Herschel but isn't Merle the man who kidnapped and possibly raped your daughter for all you know, and beat a man that you think of as your son near to death? That guy would be useful? I'm sorry but that crosses all levels of plausibility in my mind and he would be the last one to throw in behind Merle's banner. Their whole Bible thing was really forced too, giving the old "you quote the Bible then I can tell you which part it's from because I'm religious" trope. Milton is now a spy for the Governor and reports that Andrea is trying to use him to go to the prison and talk to her former group. The Governor allows him to help and the two go out into the woods and do the Michonne thing with them (cutting off their arms and jaw as a cloaking device) and run into Tyrese and pals. Milton agrees to take Tyrese and the others to Woodbury while Andrea goes to the prison. Merle trying to apologize to Michonne for trying to kill her was one of the more amusing moments of the episode saying how he was just taking orders. Michonne asking, "Just like the Gestapo" and Merle's agreement spoke volumes. The Governor orders a directive for all men and women ages 13 and up to start training under his henchie Martinez to build an army lest Rick's group attack again. Seeing even the fourteen year old asthmatic kid being mobilized to fight show much the Governor has to lose and needs to squash Rick and his group for his pride and masculinity. Andrea gets into the prison and searched coldly for weapons by Rick and asked what she's doing there. When she says that she doesn't want to see bloodshed over their two groups they tell her of the Governor's attack on them last week that she had been told had been because Rick had opened fire first. Michonne confronts Andrea about leaving her out in the world alone while she stayed in Woodbury and how as a friend she had abandoned her when Merle had tracked her down to kill her which made a lot of sense for her to finally speak about loyalties. Watching out for snipers is smart and I don't know if there are in fact any out there but when Rick was looking at the beginning of the episode it looked like someone keeping tabs on them visually in the woods just before he saw them with the binoculars. Andrea finally learns about Shane's death and his trying to kill Rick and Laurie and T-Dog's passing. Andrea takes a car of theirs and heads back to Woodbury without much resolution but Rick does tell her sympathetically to take care of her so there has to be some trace of trust/empathy that they hold towards her. She returns to Woodbury and much like Carol's advice sleeps with the Governor. But in the dark when she holds a knife over him she can't do it. This fake-out tactic was so obviously a decoy since we're nowhere near a season finale and how the Governor is supposed to be the ultimate baddie in the comics so he wouldn't just be ghosted in the dead of night by some bland secondary character. I personally don't care at all for Andrea and devoting a whole episode to think I would care about her "who should I be loyal to?" thing is simply boring and time wasting. This was an all filler episode because we just ended up back where we were before with nobody dead just Andrea visiting the prison on a field trip and going back and not killing the Governor. What we did see was Rick's sanity being called into question and Carl urging him to step down for a while which I think he should take him up on. Despite the seeming total lack of forward momentum of the episode seeing Tyrese join Woodbury held some believability to think of Rick as a total basket case for the gun waving stunt he pulled. Unlike the past few episodes we get a rather bland mix of aftershock from the attack last week with little in the way of action happening.
  • Boring Dead

    Dude, this episode sucked.
  • Fast forward

    Rick and the group make a tough choice, yeah right, this repetition of the same story lines for the hundreth time. Bad acting and stories. Nothing happens. For people concidering watching this show, to save you some time, watch it in 4x speed atleast you wont miss a thing.
  • Learn from the Past

    Take care, Walking Dead creators, episodes such as "I Ain't a Judas," and others this season, which do not advance the plot and frustrate viewers will cause fans to lose interest. Remember a little disappointment called "Carnivale?" Please tell me we are not stumbling toward another dreadful outcome like that ill-fated, unresolved series!!