The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 11

I Ain't a Judas

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2013 on AMC

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  • And dreams of death danced in her head...

    After conversations with fellow viewers, I believe I have a grasp on WHY exactly the Governor is aching so badly to annihilate Rick's group - weapons? Supplies? But then, wait, why was he so willing to send Tyreese's group on THEIR way WITH weapons and a car and whatever else he offered?? And man, oh man, don't even get me started on how crazy I am going with the fact that Tyreese was taken up by the wrong army. Damn it, Rick, you and your hallucinations ruining the moment, now you just lost soldiers for your own camp and cause, or so it seems. I'm still holding out hope that Tyreese will eventually grow to despise the Governor somehow and will avert his hastily and coercively pledged loyalty.

    Proud of Andrea for not believing his lies.

    Proud of Carol for deviating her own game plan. How devious of her! But necessary. And the fact that Andrea didn't freak out and bite her head off (not literally, for this is a zombie show I'm discussing) is a good sign. And the look Andrea gave them as she was leaving lends hope that she understands as much as she seemed to.

    I thought Rick could have gone a little easier on her. He needs her as an ally, not a foe, and I just didn't want him to alienate her.

    I thought was Rick was unfairly ganged up on by too many people who have either misunderstood him or incorrectly disagreed with him. The group discussing how crazy he'd gone, Carl for saying he needed a break, Andrea saying he's grown when Tyreese called him crazy, that was like, my worst case scenario being confirmed of what Tyreese's impression had been of him.

    And how on God's green Earth can the Governor ever justify attacking a group with a newborn baby in it, when just over a year or so ago, however long ago the zombie apocalypse occurred, he would've been their neighbor, a friend, conceivably? Alas, how the world has irrevocably changed.