The Walking Dead

Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2013 on AMC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Rick bandaging his sprained hand. In A Block, Carol goes to see Lizzie through the viewing window before she leaves. Lizzie tells Carol that she's alright. Carol tells Lizzie that she's going on a run with Rick. Carol asks Lizzie if Daryl is dead. Carol states that Daryl just had to go a far distance to find the medicine. Carol states that her and Rick are going to look for more food since they had to throw out everything in D Block. Lizzie tells Carol that nobody has died yet, but she believes that people will die. Lizzie admits to Carol that she feels sad that people have to die, but she also is glad that they get to come back as a walker in a second life. Carol tells Lizzie that when the walkers come back, they are not people. Lizzie states that the walkers are something. Lizzie states that if she gets to live for several years, she'll still be herself, but she'll be different in many ways.


While Carol is talking with Lizzie, Rick walks by the crime scene and sees the bloody pillow. He imagines Carol stabbing Karen to kill her. Carol continues to talk with Lizzie about the walkers, but Lizzie states that she is sharing her view with Carol. Carol asks Lizzie what she should do if she finds herself in danger. Lizzie replies that she has to run as fast as she can. Carol tells her that that is exactly what she is supposed to do, and if she has to kill to protect herself or Mika, she needs to do it. Carol tells Lizzie that they are all going to survive. Carol also tells Lizzie to tuck her shirt behind her knife so it'll be easier to grab. Lizzie replies that she will, and calls Carol, "Mom", by mistake. Carol tells Lizzie not to call her mom. Lizzie states it was an accident. Carol understands, but tells her never to call her mother again. Lizzie tells Carol that she's afraid. Carol tells her that she needs to fight the fear and never give up. Carol states that one day, she'll change, and remarks that Lizzie is right about everyone changing. Outside, Rick stands against the fence and contemplates what he is going to do with Carol since she killed Karen and David.


Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob stop by a small stream to rest and find out where they are going. Tyreese is washing his bloodstained shirt. Bob tells Tyreese that it's time to go. Tyreese is frustrated that they lost an entire night going around the walker herd and losing the car. Tyreese worries that everyone is dead. Bob states that it helps to keep moving and forget about it. Tyreese retorts that it doesn't make him feel better at all.


Rick and Carol drive down the road to a nearby neighborhood. They are both silent. Carol breaks the silence by noting that Maggie wanted to come. Rick states that someone healthy had to stay back and watch over the prison. Carol remarks that Rick wanted someone he trusted to remain behind. Carol tells Rick that Karen and David would drown in their own blood and she killed them quickly to prevent them from suffering. She states that she burned the bodies because they needed to stop the virus from spreading. Carol insists that Karen and David were a threat, and she was trying to save lives and made a choice. Rick listens to everything she has to say, but doesn't have much to say in return.


Daryl picks up some jasper on the ground. Michonne jokes that it brings the color out in his eyes. Daryl states that Ms. Richards in A Block wanted him to find some if he had time. Daryl states that they can use it for her husband's grave marker. Michonne asks Daryl if he knows all of the survivors at the prison. Daryl remarks that if someone stays in one place for more than a couple of hours, they would be surprised at what they remember. Michonne knows the comment is in reference to her constantly leaving the prison to search for the Governor.


Rick and Carol arrive in a small neighborhood. They walk by a Subaru that states, "Pardon our Dust", on the side of the car. Rick notes that the windshield is clean, and the car couldn't have been here for more than a day or two. Carol asks Rick if they're looking for medications because he's not sure Daryl will return. Rick states that they are helping out until Daryl comes back, and is confident that they will return. Rick tells Carol to find first aid kits and medicine, and if they find food, they need to take it.


Daryl and the others arrive at a gas station. There is a sign where the price of the gas used to be with numbers upside down that spell: "Hell". Bob asks Daryl if he sees something. Daryl pulls the vines and plant overgrowth off of the wall and finds a van. However, the van needs a new battery. Daryl looks inside the gas station, and finds that there are walkers inside. The four start to clear a path through the vines to figure out how many walkers there are. Tyreese starts to angrily chop at the vines. Daryl tells him to go easy, but Tyreese continues to pull. However, he's pulling on a door that was tied shut with wire. He breaks it open, and three walkers come through. Daryl and Michonne quickly take out two of the walkers, but the third one has a hold of Tyreese and Tyreese won't let go of it. The group yells at Tyreese to let go of the walker. Tyreese pulls it through and it falls on top of him. Daryl pulls the walker off and Bob shoots it. Michonne asks Tyreese why he didn't let go of the walker. Tyreese doesn't have a response.


Rick and Carol enter a house. They begin to check the cupboards and medicine cabinets. They notice a walker on the second floor and Rick pulls Carol back as the walker falls down the stairs. Carol stabs the walker, and suddenly they hear a door open. Rick and Carol find that a young man and woman are inside the house. The two are actually quite friendly and offer Rick and Carol some fruit. The young man throws one to Rick to catch it, but Rick is still standing there with the gun and doesn't move to catch the fruit.


The two new survivors are introduced as Sam and Ana. Sam has an injured shoulder and Carol is treating it. Sam and Ana tell Rick and Carol that they were taking shelter inside the greenhouse and then the walkers attacked. Sam states that the walkers are killjoys, and he notes that he used to hate people before the zombie apocalypse. But now, he loves people. Sam states that the walkers broke in and he fell going through the backdoor on a piece of glass. Carol notes that Sam's shoulder is dislocated, but she can fix it. Carol sits Sam down on the table, and is able to pop his shoulder back into place. Carol tells him the shoulder will be sore for a few days. Rick asks the two if they came to the house after the greenhouse was attacked. Sam confirms that they did, and they hid in the bathroom after they found the walker in the pajamas. Rick asks how long they were there. Ana states that they were there for two days. Carol notes that they could have shot it. Ana states that they are terrible shots. Carol notes that they could have stabbed it in the head. Sam admits that they've never done that to a walker before. Sam states that he and Ana were separated from their group about a week ago and have been trying to play it safe. They note that Ana has to be careful because she has a bad leg. It is revealed that Ana and Sam were at a refugee center at the beginning and a fire broke out. She was trampled, and her leg was broken. However, it didn't heal right, and is now curved inwards making it hard for her to walk. Ana states that Sam saved her, and they found each other. Rick asks the two if they have another home. Sam states that they have been moving from place to place, and he admits that it's getting old. Rick and Carol look at each other, noting that Sam and Ana could be useful at the prison. Rick begins to ask them the three questions.


Back at the gas station, Daryl and Bob go inside to clear the place and look for a battery. They find the battery. Outside, Tyreese and Michonne clear the vines off of the van. Michonne tells Tyreese that he should have let the walker go. Tyreese is upset and asks Michonne when she became an expert. Michonne states that she just doesn't want to see Tyreese and asks him if he's trying to die. Michonne states that he has every right to be upset, but anger makes people stupid and that gets people killed. Tyreese asks Michonne if she's still angry about what the Governor did. Michonne remarks that if the Governor was standing before her, she would cut him in two. She states that's how it needs to be. However, she states that she is not angry any longer. Tyreese asks Michonne why she is still going out to look for him. Michonne admits to Tyreese that she honestly doesn't know.


Inside, Daryl and Bob find vomit on the floor and antifreeze. Daryl notes that the walkers inside killed themselves when they were human. Bob notes that it looks like they wanted to be together, but Daryl thinks of them as cowards. Bob states that everybody makes it, until they don't. Bob states that people are dominoes nowadays, but that doesn't mean they have to watch people fall. Inside, Bob and Daryl find another walker, Big Tony. Bob looks at the pictures in the show and finds that Walker Big Tony used to be the owner and was friends with the coworkers that they killed in the vines. Walker Big Tony is trapped underneath some rubble. Bob doesn't want to see Big Tony suffer and he stabs him in the head with an awl to end his suffering.


Rick and Carol continue to search the house. Sam asks them if they passed their test. Rick tells them about the prison, but tells them about the illness. Carol states that they've lost a lot of people, including children. Ana asks Carol if she lost any children from the sickness. Carol states that she hasn't, and thanks god for that. Rick is taken aback by that, remembering Sophia. Carol states that one of her adopted girls, Lizzie, has the flu, but she is confident Lizzie will make it. Sam and Ana state that they will help them and thank them for giving them a new home. Rick tells them to stay in the house and they will come back for them before dark. Carol notes that they could help them search the houses, and the job will get done faster. Sam and Ana agree to help. Ana notes that there might be more fruit at the greenhouse. Rick is hesitant about letting them help, noting Ana's leg and Sam's shoulder. However, they both insist on helping, promising that they won't take any chances. Rick relents, and lets them help. He gives them pistols, telling them to fire a shot if they need help. Rick gives Sam his watch so that Sam will know to return in two hours.


Outside, Daryl asks Bob about the group he was with before. Bob states that he was with two groups before the prison, and both groups died. Bob admits that he almost kept walking when Daryl found him. Bob states that he was done being a witness to watching groups die. Bob believes that he was cursed to see groups die for the rest of his life. He admits to Daryl that he had an alcohol problem and had to drink most nights so he could fall asleep. Bob admits that when he went to the Big Spot, his only intentions were to get alcohol. Bob tells Daryl that he picked it up, but he put it back down on the shelf. However, Bob also tells Daryl that he broke the shelf, the shelf collapsed, the walkers came in, and he's responsible for Zack dying that day. Daryl tells Bob that he's wrong about that, and tells him to try starting the engine. Bob is able to start the engine and Daryl signals to Michonne and Tyreese that it's time to go. Daryl tells Bob that there was no way anyone could have known the roof would collapse on the Big Spot. Daryl promises Bob that he won't lose another group. The group continues towards the veterinary college.


Rick and Carol find some medication in a house, despite the fact that it's expired. Rick asks Carol if they made the right decision letting Sam and Ana join their group. Carol states that they did the humane thing. Rick again asks Carol if it was right. Carol states that their group members are dying back at the prison. She notes that if Sam and Ana can help keep their group stronger, then Rick made the right decision. Rick asks Carol if he's wrong. Carol states that they can only hope that Rick is right. Rick is still avoiding the elephant in the room. Carol states that she killed two people yesterday, and Rick hasn't said a word about it. Rick asks Carol what she wants him to say. Carol states that he doesn't have to say anything, but he has to face reality. Carol states that they have to face reality again and again so that they can live. Carol tells Rick that he can farmer, but he just can't be only a farmer. Carol tells Rick that he is a good leader. Rick states that he never murdered two of their own. Carol remarks that Rick only ever killed one of their group: Shane. Rick states that Shane was trying to kill him, and that is the difference. Carol argues that Karen and David were going to kill all of them with the virus if it spread, so she doesn't see the difference. Rick states that Carol cannot say that for sure. Carol asks Rick if he knew that Carl or Judith would die, would he have done the same thing, or would he have just continued farming and hoped everything would be normal. Carol states that Rick doesn't have to like what she did. Carol states she doesn't like the fact that she killed Karen and David. However, she states that Rick is going to have to accept it.


Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob arrive at the college. They enter one of the buildings and find the medicine room. They start to grab several different bottles of pills. Bob looks around and under some books he spots a bottle of alcohol. The group is finished and leaves the room in a hurry.


Outside, Rick and Carol grab some fruit that is growing off of plants. Rick asks Carol if Hershel taught her to put shoulders back into their place. Carol states she actually learned it from the Internet. She admits that she had to use the technique for herself because she didn't want to report Ed's abuse at the hospital. She notes she went to the hospital twice with a dislocated shoulder and told them she'd fallen down the stairs. Rick tells her that he's sorry to hear that. Carol tells him that she just fixed what needed fixing. Carol states that she convinced herself to be happy with Ed, noting it was easy since her concept of happy was not being alone. Carol states that she never thought she could be strong with Ed, but she realizes that she always was strong. Rick asks Carol why she never mentions Sophia. Carol states that Sophia is dead and she's someone else's slideshow. Rick admits that sometimes he wakes up and expects Lori to be there. He thinks that Lori will have breakfast ready for him or asking him to take Carl to school. Rick remembers that Lori made pancakes every Sunday, but they were terrible. Rick states that Lori knew the pancakes were bad, but she wanted them to be the family that ate pancakes on Sunday. Rick and Carol finish picking the fruit and walk around to the front yard. However, they come upon a dropped bag of fruit. Rick and Carol open a gate and find Ana's leg. It has been ripped off of her body. Several yards away, two walkers are eating Ana's dead body, revealing that she was captured and killed by the walkers. Rick and Carol look at the horrific sight. Carol states that they should get back to the house, noting that Sam is probably there waiting for them.


Bob and Michonne have found another room full of medicine. Bob tells her to grab anything that ends in "cin", noting that they can dissolve the pills and insert them through an IV through the bloodstream. Tyreese and Daryl reveal that they found tubes and IVs, as well as other medical supplies. The group is ready to leave. They walk through the hallways and pass some classrooms. They head towards an exit, but find that this part of the building is filled with walkers. They are forced to retreat back and end up inside a dark room. Michonne is able to find another doorway and the group heads towards it. Tyreese is attacked by a walker, but he is able to kill it with his hammer before it hurts him. The door that the group finds has walkers on the other side. There are also walkers coming inside the room through the only other door. Tyreese notes that they can kill the walkers and double back. Bob notices that they are walkers that died of the virus, noting that their eyes are bloody. Bob states that if they get the walker blood on them and breathe it in, they may get sick. Tyreese notes that the walkers behind the door may be infected as well. Daryl states that they need to take a chance and he breaks open the door. Bob and Michonne kill three walkers that come through the door and the group makes their escape. They run up a stairwell with the walkers in pursuit.


Carol and Rick continue to wait for Sam, but he isn't showing up. Carol states that they're late. Rick states that they'll give Sam a few more minutes. Carol states that Sam is probably alright, but he's not here and they need to leave. Carol notes that Rick lost a good watch.


Michonne kills another walker coming out of a classroom and Bob throws desks and chairs into the hallway to stop the walkers from advancing as fast. Tyreese throws a fire extinguisher through one of the windows. Michonne, Daryl, and Tyreese make it out safely. However, when Bob jumps out, he ends up tripping on the roof and almost falls over into a small crowd of walkers. The walkers grab onto his bag. Bob pulls frantically at the bag to keep it safe. Tyreese pulls Bob up and Michonne tells Bob to let go of the bag. Bob won't let go, and he is finally able to free the bag. However, when the bag lands, it opens up, and Daryl notices that Bob grabbed the bottle of alcohol in one of the rooms. Daryl notes that Bob didn't grab any medicine, and he is furious. Daryl tells Bob that maybe he should have kept walking that day. Bob puts his hand on his gun, telling Daryl not to destroy the alcohol. Daryl doesn't, but he walks up to Bob and confronts him face to face. Daryl is close to hurting Bob, and Tyreese tells Daryl to let Bob go. Tyreese notes that Bob made his decision and there is nothing they can do. Bob tells them that he didn't want to hurt anyone. He states that he needs it for when it gets quiet. Daryl tells Bob that if he takes a single sip before the medicine is given to the survivors, he will give him the beating of his life. Bob grabs the alcohol, and the survivors leave the college.


Outside, Rick and Carol are ready to leave. However, when Carol goes to get inside, she finds that the door is locked. Rick tells Carol that Karen and David might have lived, and it wasn't Carol's decision to let them live or die. Rick notes that when Tyreese finds out, he'll kill Carol. He notes that Tyreese hit him over almost nothing. Carol insists that she will face Tyreese and she can handle him. Rick states that when the rest of the group finds out, they won't want her to stay at the prison. Rick states that even if everyone dies, and it's just them and the children, Rick states that he doesn't want Carol to be around his children. He states that he just can't trust her. Carol tells Rick that nobody else has to know, and notes that she thought he was done making decisions for the group. Rick states that he is, and notes that he is making this decision for himself. Carol starts to cry, and notes that she took action when nobody else would. Carol notes that everyone else thought that things would be fine, but she stepped up to save lives. Rick states that Carol didn't have to do anything. Carol states that she will not be separated from Lizzie and Mika. Rick asks Carol if she really wants Lizzie and Mika out in the open and in danger. Rick promises that they will watch over Lizzie and Mika. Rick tells Carol that she's not that person who is afraid to be alone anymore. Rick believes that Carol will start over, find a new group, and she will survive. Carol only hopes that will happen.


The group gathers their supplies at the van. Tyreese states that it will take a while to get back to the prison. Michonne notes that they probably will need more gasoline. As everyone gets in the van, Michonne tells Daryl that he was right earlier about the trail going cold. Michonne tells Daryl that she is done looking for the Governor. Daryl is glad to hear that.


Rick gives Carol some supplies and gasoline for the Subaru she is going to take. Carol gives Rick the watch that Ed gave her for their first anniversary. Rick takes it. Carol notes that she should have given it away a long time ago. She gets in the car and drives away. Elsewhere, Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne, and Bob begin their trip back to the prison. All are silent. Rick drives back to the prison alone. He stares down the road and looks at himself in the rearview mirror, wondering if he made the right decision about Carol, ending the episode.