The Walking Dead

Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2013 on AMC

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  • The Quick and the Undead

    This week's offering definitely kept the awesome coming as we see the dual supply run stories converge as Rick and Carol go out for immediate medical supplies and Daryl and the others get to the veterinary hospital. Things back in the prison get that much worse in the few seconds we spend there it makes me think we may have seen the last of the many Woodbury Redshirts that are still in quarantine. Rick's story was all about drawing lines, as he and Carol meet a couple who had been hoofing it injured through the Georgia area by themselves. I thought they seemed nice enough and warranted saving if they had been up for it. Carol spends the whole time getting Rick to see her side of the story without ever apologizing for it in the kind of leadership justification that Shane would've made if he were still around. This show is still about leadership and if anything Rick's resolve to have a say in the running of things comes back in full force with this revelation of Carol's double-murdering antics. He makes her leave in the end, after sadly coming upon the girl who had had an injured foot and the guy having not shown up again when they had said to. Rick's going to have a heck of time explaining that she either didn't make it or chose to go her own way. I honestly didn't expect Carol to go but it is a good idea in terms of Rick's story because if Tyreese did find out he would kill her. I just hope this isn't the last we've seen of Carol as she remains a very well developed character and even she admits to how she's gone from victim to fighter since we first met her as the battered wife back in Season 1 and also because I've always hoped that Daryl and her would start a thing eventually. The other story involved a heavy bit on Bob again after having told Daryl about his culpability in Zach's death caused by his alcohol shelf tilt back in the season opener to which Daryl says that he couldn't have known about it and that he's one of them now which was sweet and hearthfelt. That made the later part all the more difficult as they dramatically grab all of the medicine vials they need for antibiotic purposes and Bob turns out to have only had a bottle (which he had a tug of war with involving a bunch of walkers) and Daryl then threatens to kill him if he drinks a single drop before they get the meds to the others back at the prison. This was really complicated as I understand that Bob can't handle the silence of living in the world and facing his hour of consciousness or being alone. Even his story about almost walking away that day that Daryl found him sound like someone who can't cope but come on Bob, you can fit meds in there and your liquor you can have both and be a hero. Anyway just thought I'd point that out that they pulled a great 180 with this and are adding to the addiction motif and coming back from the things you've done as a theme and the writers are handling that really well. I only hope that we get more of the prison quarantine next week as I'm curious how many are still alive and who isn't and seeing how Rick explains how Carol isn't coming back. I have a theory that maybe the writers took this opportunity (even though it did happen in the comics) to write Carol out since there was the news of a spin-off show for the Walking Dead not about the main group so it may be possible that Carol may be the lead, a cast member, or at least a guest star when and if that ever materializes.