The Walking Dead

Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2013 on AMC

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  • Internment

    This week's episode continued the winning streak of the viral arc which focused mostly on the prison as they waited for Daryl and the rest to return with medicine. I must admit that this is comparable to the first half of season 3 in terms of consistent quality so far, hopefully they don't screw it up now that this mini-series-esque viral plot has ended. We begin with Rick driving and brooding back to the prison having to now explain why Carol left to the rest. The winner for the episode is Herschel, who retains his vow to continue helping contribute to save people and surely made a heck of a difference in the lives of those he cared for in this episode. Even in death he didn't ghost any of the dead ones from the virus without wheeling them out of sight. The quote by Steinbeck fit well into his theory that a "sad soul can kill faster than a virus" or something along those lines. He should've heeded the doctor's orders to focus saving those that he could rather than all of them and many, who were sick or otherwise, paid the price for his indecision. I was actually worried about losing Glen once the fever took him and the viral walkers started getting out of their cells. Even more thrilling was the outdoor conflict and Rick watched the wall collapse under the new walker weight of a seeming entire horde. His theme tied into this episode, knowing when to trust the young around you to handle responsibility when needed, as Carl and he use rifles to clear the walkers who broke through the fence. Just as the worst was upon them the calvalry arrived and Glen is saved (predictable a tad but seeing Herschel and Maggie dispatch walkers as they did was awesome Herschel even killed them out of view of the rest of them and even assigned Mark Twain, can this guy get any more wise?). But just as the bodies are cleared and things seem to be almost fixed we see the Governor all alone standing outside looking upon the prison. But he seems all alone, what happened to Martinez and the other guy? They went with him last season so I at least expect to see them pop up next week in the retrospective episode where we'll no doubt see where Gov has been the past five episodes. But I'm excited to see where this goes as they hopefully don't make the rivalry between him and Rick that central again and drag it out as long as they did last year, the biggest fault of the second half of season 3 in my opinion was the plodding pacing of their rivalry, but he remains an interesting character and if he's back for vengeance or something else it's still good to have a central antagonist out there waiting to cause havoc so his arc will no doubt last us through the midseason finale at the very least.
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