The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 11

Judge, Jury, Executioner

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2012 on AMC

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  • finally a decent kill

    Finally a "major" character kill, its about the only one having seen everything uptodate in season 6. But its as always dragging along, spending a whole season on a farm... Give me a break.
  • nice episode

    This episode was awesome episode ever
  • Cruelty

    Augh, and Carl turned into a cruel brat. He's been alright up until this episode but now he's just another Shane or Andrea. At least he showed remorse knowing that had he killed that walker, Dale wouldn't have met it. This episode was stunning - really shows how much their senses of morality have deteriorated, and says a lot that it's easier to kill their own (even if it's to end their pain) than it is to kill someone unknown. I'm betting the writers keep Randall around to replace Dale, though no one has the dedication to (or delusion of) hope and goodness he did.
  • Dale...

    Dale didn't have to die so cruel.

    Dale was my favourite he was literally the best character in existence why did he have to die GOD DAMNIT CARL IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT I actually considered never watching this show again after Dale died but I kept watching and it is actually fantastic BUT DALE WHY YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVOURITE.

    This review is literally not constructive at all.
  • 2x11 - Judge

    As much as I like Dale, I was actually pretty glad he died because he was getting on my nerves. His lecturing on being human just made me roll my eyes 'cause he seems to forget that humans can be evil. Being human doesn't automatically paint you as a good person and without a civilization with can take care of criminals then the survivors have to make the hard choices. Half-way through the episode I got sick and tired of the entire thing.
  • He was downright insufferable

    Dale was "sometimes annoying?" He was downright insufferable this whole season! His righteous indignation, marked by his permanent goggle-eyed expression of incredularity grew tiresome almost as soon as they got to the farm. While I applaud his death for my own selfish viewer reasons, I believe it's also a symbolic statement about his big speech moments earlier. Sorry, Dale. There is no civilization anymore. It's kill or be killed, and you've just been killed.
  • Finally... Just FINALLY

    After the last episode of the first part of S2 I wrote that I've never seen a show go from awesome to total crap in just the turn of one season. Man, S2 was just too painful to watch. Turns out though that this show managed something even more amazing. It went back to awesome just by moving from part 1 to part 2 this season. I am now really glad I kept watching and this is probably the first time ever that I was rewarded for sticking with a show after it started going downhill (how many shows can I mention that never came back? Bones? Numb3rs? Monk? The list goes on)

    I'm a little late catching up, mainly cause I just couldn't muster the will to start watching again when part 2 started, but I can't wait to watch the final two episodes.

    Oh, and finally.... FINALLY.... DALE IS DEAD!! That imbecile finally got what he deserved. Loved the way he went too. Probably the most satisfactory moment in the whole show. Now all that's left is to get rid of the bitch - Lori. But I'm afraid the writers would be too chicken to get rid of a pregnant woman...
  • I'm growing a love-hate relationship with this show...

    I can't tell if I'm really impressed with this show or furious about it right now. The episode was good. I know there's a bunch of people getting bored of all the character developments and drama, and I bet even they felt the tension throughout the episode. I absolutely loved the little "court" they had in the farmhouse about how to handle the Randall situation - and Jeffrey DeMunn, what an actor! But the story arc about Carl - I never thought I would loathe a kid that much, even on television. Honestly I had my fair share of dislike focusing Lori - yeah not Shane, not anyone else, but Lori- but now this kid Carl turns out to be even more of a brainless git who harms everything. Maybe, in spite of all his idiotic activities around Randall and that walker, maybe I wouldn't detest him this much if the consequence wasn't Dale's death, but I Ioved Dale so I hope Carl gets what he deserves. After all, I can't consider him as a loveable and vulnerable little child anymore. He's becoming a freak.

    That brings me to the question: isn't this a cheap trick for this show? I mean, was it really necessary to kill Dale off in such a meaningless, trivial way? It's like they're mocking his wisdom and consciousness by killing him as a result of a stupid -and apparently cruel- kid's actions. And now all the fans are so pissed off that they will watch it desperately until they see some kind of punishment. Yay ratings!

    Ok, deep breath...

    Well, to be fair, most likely I'm wrong about this and it will develop the storyline and maybe even gain some meaning in time. And I never thought that there was an unnecessary development in this show - not even in the first part of Season 2 when everyone was bored. But I just can't get over the fact that sweet, wise Dale is gutted because of that freak Carl.
  • Dale is dead :( The most likeable character out of the whole group just had to be killed... that's just great

    The situation about what to do with Randall is dividing the survivors. Daryl takes on the job of extracting information from Randall that reveals a new threat to the group. Dale goes about the group trying to convince the not to execute Randall. I thought that this was a good episode of "The Walking Dead". It's not as good as last week's episode but I still liked it. There is a reason why my score couldn't be higher though. This episode has a well done storyline and the characters were good here. I'm glad that we are starting to see more zombies and I just loved the scene with the kid and the zombie. That was close that zombie didn't get the kid. The scene when Rick decided not to execute that Randall character was cool as well. My score is a low because it was a little boring in a few parts but my score went super super low because the most likeable character out of the group had to be killed off of this show. That's right, the character that died at the very end of the episode was Dale. Poor Dale and it was really sad to see him go. A zombie came out of nowhere and attacked Dale. The group wanted to try to save Dale before he was a goner but they said that there was nothing they can do about it. Rick was about to shoot Dale but he couldn't so then Carl aims the gun in Dale's head, he tells Dale "Sorry, brother" and then it blacks out and you hear a gunshot (which ended the episode). My score was low for that reason, I even cried a little because I really liked Dale. Yeah, it was very hard to see Dale get killed off. I wished that they killed Shane instead because that character is very irritating and has anger issues. Overall, a good episode of "The Walking Dead" but Dale being killed at the very end of the episode is what really lowered my score though. 7/10
  • The good and the bad


    First the good: Andrew Lincoln is an amazing actor and deserves an award for his portrayal of Rick Grimes.

    I mean, someone just give the man an award already. He's doing such a spectacular job playing leader, father and whatnot that it's hard to see him not getting some recognition somewhere sometime. The dude is good and this episode said it more than any. If there is anything about this show worth its buck, Andrew Lincoln is it .


    The Bad: This season is all over the place, and its showing.

    Its either too much drama, or too much talk, or too much romance, or too much gore or too much...... you get the point.

    I mean cmon. Is consistency failing here. I've pointed this out before, and yet somehow it slips by. In this episode alone we have one heck of an intelligent, determined zombie who used a deer as bait and stealth to kill Dale, but at the same time, the rest are incapable of thinking and growing?

    Aren't we bending the rules here somewhat? Where's the consistency?

    If we are to believe this is a post apocalyptic world, is going out far away towards the forest-In the dead night-Alone-Without backup-Without even someone watching, supposed to be a point of intelligence in this series? Again, where is the consistency?

    Face it, without the gore, without the suspense of a zombie attacking or for that matter without the whole "lets kill him lets not", this show would have had us sleeping ages ago.

    I don't know about you, but this season is a Mess.

  • 'Cause I'm broken

    The worst is over now ...or so it seems when the Atlanta group holds an impromptu trial to decide what to do with Randall after he confesses to come from a line of rapists and thieves, Dale makes a pretty good case on behalf of their long lost humanity, but its Carl's attitude what convinces his father that, killing the living, would only make them as bad as the walkers.

    As Dale acknowledges what Carol sees in Daryl, Daryl recognizes the truth in Dale's point of view, having exchanged what Rick & Carl can't voice out right before Dale's ribcage is, literally, broken emphasizing Daryl just how broken this group has become too.
  • My Pros and Cons - "Judge, Jury, Executioner"

    What I Liked/Pros:

    We finally got to see more Daryl action in this episode. I loved that Daryl brought up to Dale about Shane coming back with Otis's gun after he had supposedly sacrificed himself.

    There were good gore and zombie effects. The one zombie in this episode looked really creepy and cool.

    I loved watching the bonding moment between Herschel and Glenn. Herschel told him a little bit of background about his old pocket watch. Then, to show his acceptance of him, Herschel gave Glenn the watch. I loved this part of the episode.

    Dale was excellent in this episode. It's a shame it's his last.

    The ending was well executed. Good action and gore. I hated to see Dale go, but it made for an eventful ending.

    I like that now Carl is going to feel guilty about what happened to Dale. It's an interesting way to go with Carl. He's beginning to see the consequences of his actions in this new zombie filled world.

    What I Didn't Like/Cons:

    Once again, it seems like they're taking this Randall thing a bit too far. The torture scenes seemed a little extreme for what little information they got out of him.

    The writers need to start using T-Dog more in these episodes. We saw him briefly in this one. I think he said like two words. And where is this Jimmy guywho they keep mentioning? We never see him either. If they're not going to use these characters then why are they even around?

    Carl is the stupidest character on the show!!! Even though he's a kid, he should know better. I've seen kids in other zombie movies who were 100 times smarter than Carl is. You come across a zombie stuck in the mud and you're going to tease and play with it? I thought this kid was smarter than this? Maybe I could understand it if the zombie was stuck in a hole or in some kind of trap, but stuck in the mud? Then Carl risks the group by not telling them that he took one of their weapons, that they need, and just left it out in the woods and he doesn't warn them about the zombie near the farm. If you ask me, Carl is more of a threat to the group than Randall is right now. And all the many times this episode,, that they told Carl to do something he never listened once. You'd think they would learn by now that they basically need to keep Carl on a leash. I'm surprised a zombie hasn't eaten Carl by now. I mean they don't even watch him. Lori and Rick act like they have him under control, but then he just pops up somewhere where he doesn't belong and disobeys. What is Lori doing? If she's a housewife type character she needs to be watching Carl. You'd think after he got shot that she would be watching him like a hawk. Does anyone on the farm notice? Does anyone on the farm even care? They claim they do, but I don't see it. You'd think after the Sophia incident that they would want to keep a close eye on Carl, but apparently not. Maybe the writers are laying the groundwork for season 3, planning another half season long search for a kid, this time with Carl. And judging by Carl's stupidity in this episode he wouldn't last long.

    When they went in to get Carl out of the barn, whydid they point a gun at Randall when his handswere tied behind his back? I don't see how he's going to be able to do anything when he's tied up in chains. I don't know. I guess they were thinking maybe he'd pick up that chair with his legs and somehow kill one of them with it???? Ha Ha!!! Yeah he's really dangerous TIED UP!!!

    Carol was completely stupid and annoying in this episode, as always. Hell, she was worse than Lori this episode. She shows up at the meeting and knows what the group is going to be discussing and then half way through she whines about the arguing and tells themto leave her out of it. Why does she stay after that if she doesn't want to be involved? She was saying that they avoid her and think she's crazy. Well, I can see why.

    Why were Shane and Andrea talking where Randall could hear them? If they think he's such a threat then why would they let him hear their discussions?

    They said it was too risky to go out again and dump Randall off somewhere, but won't they eventually have to go out and gather supplies for winter, as Rick stated last episode?

    Why did they not have Daryl speak out sooner about Shane and Otis's gun, or why did they not just have Dale notice about the gun? This whole time I've been wondering how Dale even knew Shane had killed Otis. They could have used this as the explanation for how Dale knew, but they didn't. Well, now Dale's dead and we may never know how he randomly knew.


    This episode had a few good moments, but it was mostly boring. It seems like the writers built the episode around a few main elements and everything else seemed like filler. The only really important things that happened in this episode were that Glenn and Herschel bonded, Dale died, and Carl saw the devastating consequences of not telling about the zombie. They're still back where they started at the beginning of the episode. They still don't know what to do with Randall.

  • Getting really caught in a loop.

    First of all, I'm a patient guy and I like "talkie" series.

    But this just bores and pisses the heck out of me.

    Round and round we go. Everyone's basically the same or they get back to being the same, or they simply get boring. Conversations are half-witted, and not that these aren't normal people, meaning half-witted conversations are the norm, but these people succeed at making that seem less than it is.

    I get that the writers are trying to make this a human drama, but it's either too poorly written or the cast simply doesn't know how to make it happen.

    And then Dale's death. For crying out loud, zombies pant and gurgle and drag their feet. They are NOT nimble or stealth-like, yet Dale bought the farm from just such a zombie.

    I hate shortcuts and this was a huge one.

    Long story short; my patience with this is wearing very thin. Same as with the comic book, which I read until about issue 50, where the same thing started to happen.

    Kirkman, wake up man!
  • Wonder where this is going

    Don't get me wrong I like the drama that led up to this point, everybody was getting on the same page and actually thought the captive was a threat. Until Dale came along and made you think, that is what makes Dale character great he's the only sane one there. That keeps the others rational, this show episode rating was mostly for Dale trying to stop the execution of an 18 year old. You can see Dale passion in this episode of how he tries to save the group from insanity. Dale is right, the reason why they haven't really done anything because most of the time their fighting amongst each other and acting like savages. I don't know how far they'll make it acting like savages, and now Dale's out of the picture that was a anchor to the groups sanity. The sooner they stop bickering at one another the sooner we can move on to the bigger picture like the freaking ZOMBIES!!!
  • How low can they get ??? ("minor" spoiler in between)

    And here we go again...Another pathetic episode...seriously what is going on?...

    They waste an entire episode discussing whether they should kill the prisoner [who was rescued by Rick from a group of zombies and nursed back to health]..Almost 3 episodes are wasted for this prisoner...And this prisoner is a 18 year old kid,whose only crime is he had joined another group out of necessity and knows the whereabouts of the Rick & teams location..Just kill him if you need to,just do it..but no..a long long conversation takes place...and the only guy who objects is Dale..will he change their minds before sundown?

    Another excruciating and intolerable character is the kid...I just wished he would get eaten by a zombie already..Too much..

    Lori is another over the top character...She does no good just walks around and talks crap..

    And considering the twist this episode (SPOILER ALERT) Dale dies in the end,his death is stretched for almost 10 min...People are deciding whether to kill him or let him struggle and die on his own...

    If this was some B-grade zombie movie i could have let this pass,but for a new-age and slick show as Walking Dead (as shown in Season1),all this is unacceptable...Now referring to the comic book (on which the show is adapted from) ,Dale doesn't die such a meek death..He doesn't even die this early..

    Next episode will be wasted on the kid mourning that it was his fault that the zombie escaped and killed Dale...

    Supporters can say all this shows character development or some thing like that,but how much more you develop these characters!!?? Enough of all this monologues and over acting..Bring on the zombies and start the slaughter..The writers should see Season1 again...Season1 with 6 mind-blowing episodes have made me sit down to see these 11 dumb 40 min drags..I still hope they can pull it together,otherwise this show is gonna get canned
  • good job, director.

    finally "dale" character terminated. he is a virus in the group. talking rubbish & arguing too much.
  • Sorry, brother ...

    Granted that there are times when The Walking Dead seems to run at the pace of molasses with more talk than progression, but isn't that the case with every series out there?

    The reason, I think, that it is somehow more apparent with this series, is because the non-molasses times are just frickin' all-engrossing. Twice during this episode I found myself so involved in what was happening, that I had to literally shake my head.

    The actors have all (almost all) found their comfort spots within their roles, and for the duration (despite the strange premise of the show), are all too believable.

    What I like too, is that the series is not following the comics. A big detractor (and pet peeve) for me were the goof-heads who had read the comics and could not contain themselves and had to just spill the beans any chance they got, with spoilers. The writing staff is throwing them (and us) curve balls, and that suits me fine.


    I hate that Dale died. I liked his character and think he could have continued to be the voice of reason within the group.

    [Venting Session]:

    Andrea, who I liked at first, but then began getting on my nerves, needs to go next :O). Carl is a little brat and I seriously dislike him - lol. While I understand that he is just a kid, and is probably going through a lot, and that 'kids will be kids', I really hoped for a sec. that that zombie would make Carle-Asada of him.

    All-in-all, an excellent episode, and I continue to look forward to more.
  • Judge, Jury, Executioner

    Judge, Jury, Executioner was a great episode of The Walking Dead but I wasn't too impressed. I enjoyed watching because some long boiling tensions bubbled to the surface and finally popped. The story was good, there was character and plot development and some serious moral questions were raised. Carl's little adventure in the woods proved to be more deadly than anyone would have thought. I look forward to watching the next episode and also to see how the group dynamic functions from here!!!!!!!!!
  • Well now I'm depressed

    So this was a good episode overall, intense moments, good points made. But the fact they killed Dale off irritated me cuz he made the most sense out of everyone, and then Carl ticked me off cuz he was like a freak I mean I would think we would all be like that in that world wanting to kill someone or whatever. But the fact that he didn't tell anyone he led a zombie over to the farm so it was his fault dale was killed. I kind of saw it coming though but I thought Dale was going to kill himself since he said he was tired of living in that world and that the group was broken. Good episode overall though since there were a lot of things that make you think that were in there/
  • Bang and the Dale is gone !

    where to start ?

    ok firstly we have daryl seriously beating the poo out of the prisoner who seems to have one hell of bad infection from his leg wound, which for me was well done cos it felt real.

    then carl seems to go off the deep end with is skulking around 'being curious' but tormenting the walker in the mud soo obvious it was going to get free and he'd panic but talking daryls gun stupid kinda expected him to shoot him self in the panic, but no he drops it and runs.

    meanwhile we have the group justifying the prisoners life expectancy with dale being the voice of reason as always his wisdom fall on mostly deaf ears.

    but as soon as carl turned up at the barn the prisoner was soo predictably safe and his curiosity killed the gentle cat of the group in a brutal sad short scene i did think he could make it till the blood started flowing :( hopefully this means no one will die in the season finalle (they got it out the way) so probably a serious not quite life threating injury on the cards !

  • Judge Jury Executioner

    What a shock, they did not kill the kid.

    I did like Dale dying though. His big speech about saving the life of the prisoner, I don't think I laughed that hard in my life, so that should tell you something because this was not supposed to be funny.

    As for Karl, can he die already too? What was he thinking tormenting a walker?
  • Out with the "old" in with the "new"

    The strongest voice of reason in the series just...dies in a second, unexpected. I have no feelings about this, it only creates a whole new series of strings to be pulled with this show, now that a kind soul among them is gone and all that's left are the "tough" guys , the ones that care for the group. New possibilities emerge for other members...can hardly wait to see which ones.

    Great episode, Daryl is put in the spotlight once more (i love that), Andreia feels like becoming a Rick,Shane,Dale mix type of person (interesting), and Carl experiences guild and true lie first time in his life. This would've been good for a season finale, i hope the ACTUAL finale will be more epic.