The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 11

Judge, Jury, Executioner

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2012 on AMC

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  • I'm growing a love-hate relationship with this show...

    I can't tell if I'm really impressed with this show or furious about it right now. The episode was good. I know there's a bunch of people getting bored of all the character developments and drama, and I bet even they felt the tension throughout the episode. I absolutely loved the little "court" they had in the farmhouse about how to handle the Randall situation - and Jeffrey DeMunn, what an actor! But the story arc about Carl - I never thought I would loathe a kid that much, even on television. Honestly I had my fair share of dislike focusing Lori - yeah not Shane, not anyone else, but Lori- but now this kid Carl turns out to be even more of a brainless git who harms everything. Maybe, in spite of all his idiotic activities around Randall and that walker, maybe I wouldn't detest him this much if the consequence wasn't Dale's death, but I Ioved Dale so I hope Carl gets what he deserves. After all, I can't consider him as a loveable and vulnerable little child anymore. He's becoming a freak.

    That brings me to the question: isn't this a cheap trick for this show? I mean, was it really necessary to kill Dale off in such a meaningless, trivial way? It's like they're mocking his wisdom and consciousness by killing him as a result of a stupid -and apparently cruel- kid's actions. And now all the fans are so pissed off that they will watch it desperately until they see some kind of punishment. Yay ratings!

    Ok, deep breath...

    Well, to be fair, most likely I'm wrong about this and it will develop the storyline and maybe even gain some meaning in time. And I never thought that there was an unnecessary development in this show - not even in the first part of Season 2 when everyone was bored. But I just can't get over the fact that sweet, wise Dale is gutted because of that freak Carl.