The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 11

Judge, Jury, Executioner

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2012 on AMC

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  • How low can they get ??? ("minor" spoiler in between)

    And here we go again...Another pathetic episode...seriously what is going on?...

    They waste an entire episode discussing whether they should kill the prisoner [who was rescued by Rick from a group of zombies and nursed back to health]..Almost 3 episodes are wasted for this prisoner...And this prisoner is a 18 year old kid,whose only crime is he had joined another group out of necessity and knows the whereabouts of the Rick & teams location..Just kill him if you need to,just do it..but no..a long long conversation takes place...and the only guy who objects is Dale..will he change their minds before sundown?

    Another excruciating and intolerable character is the kid...I just wished he would get eaten by a zombie already..Too much..

    Lori is another over the top character...She does no good just walks around and talks crap..

    And considering the twist this episode (SPOILER ALERT) Dale dies in the end,his death is stretched for almost 10 min...People are deciding whether to kill him or let him struggle and die on his own...

    If this was some B-grade zombie movie i could have let this pass,but for a new-age and slick show as Walking Dead (as shown in Season1),all this is unacceptable...Now referring to the comic book (on which the show is adapted from) ,Dale doesn't die such a meek death..He doesn't even die this early..

    Next episode will be wasted on the kid mourning that it was his fault that the zombie escaped and killed Dale...

    Supporters can say all this shows character development or some thing like that,but how much more you develop these characters!!?? Enough of all this monologues and over acting..Bring on the zombies and start the slaughter..The writers should see Season1 again...Season1 with 6 mind-blowing episodes have made me sit down to see these 11 dumb 40 min drags..I still hope they can pull it together,otherwise this show is gonna get canned