The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 11

Judge, Jury, Executioner

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2012 on AMC

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  • My Pros and Cons - "Judge, Jury, Executioner"

    What I Liked/Pros:

    We finally got to see more Daryl action in this episode. I loved that Daryl brought up to Dale about Shane coming back with Otis's gun after he had supposedly sacrificed himself.

    There were good gore and zombie effects. The one zombie in this episode looked really creepy and cool.

    I loved watching the bonding moment between Herschel and Glenn. Herschel told him a little bit of background about his old pocket watch. Then, to show his acceptance of him, Herschel gave Glenn the watch. I loved this part of the episode.

    Dale was excellent in this episode. It's a shame it's his last.

    The ending was well executed. Good action and gore. I hated to see Dale go, but it made for an eventful ending.

    I like that now Carl is going to feel guilty about what happened to Dale. It's an interesting way to go with Carl. He's beginning to see the consequences of his actions in this new zombie filled world.

    What I Didn't Like/Cons:

    Once again, it seems like they're taking this Randall thing a bit too far. The torture scenes seemed a little extreme for what little information they got out of him.

    The writers need to start using T-Dog more in these episodes. We saw him briefly in this one. I think he said like two words. And where is this Jimmy guywho they keep mentioning? We never see him either. If they're not going to use these characters then why are they even around?

    Carl is the stupidest character on the show!!! Even though he's a kid, he should know better. I've seen kids in other zombie movies who were 100 times smarter than Carl is. You come across a zombie stuck in the mud and you're going to tease and play with it? I thought this kid was smarter than this? Maybe I could understand it if the zombie was stuck in a hole or in some kind of trap, but stuck in the mud? Then Carl risks the group by not telling them that he took one of their weapons, that they need, and just left it out in the woods and he doesn't warn them about the zombie near the farm. If you ask me, Carl is more of a threat to the group than Randall is right now. And all the many times this episode,, that they told Carl to do something he never listened once. You'd think they would learn by now that they basically need to keep Carl on a leash. I'm surprised a zombie hasn't eaten Carl by now. I mean they don't even watch him. Lori and Rick act like they have him under control, but then he just pops up somewhere where he doesn't belong and disobeys. What is Lori doing? If she's a housewife type character she needs to be watching Carl. You'd think after he got shot that she would be watching him like a hawk. Does anyone on the farm notice? Does anyone on the farm even care? They claim they do, but I don't see it. You'd think after the Sophia incident that they would want to keep a close eye on Carl, but apparently not. Maybe the writers are laying the groundwork for season 3, planning another half season long search for a kid, this time with Carl. And judging by Carl's stupidity in this episode he wouldn't last long.

    When they went in to get Carl out of the barn, whydid they point a gun at Randall when his handswere tied behind his back? I don't see how he's going to be able to do anything when he's tied up in chains. I don't know. I guess they were thinking maybe he'd pick up that chair with his legs and somehow kill one of them with it???? Ha Ha!!! Yeah he's really dangerous TIED UP!!!

    Carol was completely stupid and annoying in this episode, as always. Hell, she was worse than Lori this episode. She shows up at the meeting and knows what the group is going to be discussing and then half way through she whines about the arguing and tells themto leave her out of it. Why does she stay after that if she doesn't want to be involved? She was saying that they avoid her and think she's crazy. Well, I can see why.

    Why were Shane and Andrea talking where Randall could hear them? If they think he's such a threat then why would they let him hear their discussions?

    They said it was too risky to go out again and dump Randall off somewhere, but won't they eventually have to go out and gather supplies for winter, as Rick stated last episode?

    Why did they not have Daryl speak out sooner about Shane and Otis's gun, or why did they not just have Dale notice about the gun? This whole time I've been wondering how Dale even knew Shane had killed Otis. They could have used this as the explanation for how Dale knew, but they didn't. Well, now Dale's dead and we may never know how he randomly knew.


    This episode had a few good moments, but it was mostly boring. It seems like the writers built the episode around a few main elements and everything else seemed like filler. The only really important things that happened in this episode were that Glenn and Herschel bonded, Dale died, and Carl saw the devastating consequences of not telling about the zombie. They're still back where they started at the beginning of the episode. They still don't know what to do with Randall.

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