The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 4

Killer Within

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2012 on AMC

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  • Best Episode of the show yet!

    In every way the perfect episode...i never cried like this since the end of lost...perfect....just perfect!
  • A clever title goes here!

    walking dead just keeps getting better & better

    love it
  • Great Episode

    What got me upset was the peoples reaction to Lori`s death. Rick`s complete meltdown was tough to watch. It`s amazing television. Rick was the one who broke down and was crying on the ground in the fetal position understandibly of course. But did you notice Carl? After shooting his mom he walked out of that room like a robot no feelings semingly. Then when Rick found out Carl just stood there no emotion no reaction, it`s as though he let it all out before she died and when she did no more tears for him.
  • A clever title goes here!

    This was a great episode. So sad that two of the group died. You get to know these characters so when one of them dies it is heart wrenching. I feel so bad for Rick. So devastated about Lori. And T-dog gosh he is one that was handy. What are they going to do with the baby though. I mean you can't keep a baby quiet when you are near walkers. Not to mention formula for the baby. It is going to be hard to find it around. I hate it that Lori and T-dog had to die. What about the other woman (don't remember her name) but she got away because of where did she go? Is she still alive? Will they find her before she gets bit. And what about the new guys...
  • too sad!

    man.. one the best characters that could have been needed for the group died..talking about t-dog. it shouldn't mean that two characters were going to be added to their team that two roles should die.. how sad!

    what should happen to rick now!!so devastated.

    --can he blame himself for not killing the prisoner he chased???

    but it made me shed a tear.. one of the best episode..worth the wait!
  • WOW, how good is this for drama/action!

    I hope there's plenty more actors on tap. lol

    Coz they're dropping like flies in this show.

    Best of all, I'm not watching this show thinking "oh that's rubbish, that would never happen" or "why didn't those idiots do this or do that"....which (apart from forgetting to cut the babies umbilical cord) makes this so believable. Loads of raw emotion delivered by a bunch of fantastic actors puts this as one of the best episodes in three seasons. The final scene was 'off the chain' perfectly acted.

    Sorry to sound mean but I wont miss Lori.

    That Govenor is also a piece of work....couple of cans short of a 6 pack i think.
  • the best episode

    yes this episode was the most dramatic and best of all.

    So good that i even sign up to just to leave this message.

    I never thought that I would let a tear glide,with a zombie series.

    Realy well done.

    Pity lori is now dead,just when i getting to like her, but they have done everything to make the best possible end.realy big box of kudo's voor this.

    Very impressed by carl, this sucks for him, and rick.

    One of the best moments if not the best!is when they came out with the baby,and to see the dynamic between the group and especially rick and carl.

    Season 3 is realy the best season,right now this show is on top of my list.

    I hope they can hold on to the level where the writers are now,en they go on for at least 2 more season's on this level.
  • I cried like a baby.

    This episode was by for the most tragic. I cried like if I was watching an episode of One Tree Hill. Love this show and would recommend it to anyone. If you're not watching this, you better start now!
  • Heartbreaking, emotional and gripping, a fine hour of television indeed!

    Spoiler Alert

    I know I keeping saying it week in and week out, but honestly The Walking Dead keeps on managing to be create more emotion that has everyone on the edge of their seat while watching. Once again the writers have proven no one is safe in this new world, and we should hold our loved ones close while we still can.

    We start off with what is a seemingly normal day at the prison, the group is moving cars, cracking a joke about Maggie and Glenn in the guard tower when suddenly things shift after they notice the fence has been cut open and walkers are making their way into the prison guards.

    The group is split, with Rick leading Daryl and Glenn on a mission to shut off the sirens that are drawing walkers, while T-Dog after being bitten makes it his mission to lead Carol to safety. Hershel and Beth find shelter behind a fence, while Maggie, Carl and Lori are forced to hide in a boiler room after Lori enters labor.

    While we see the tension filled ride through the prison, we are also treated to a more talkative day in Woodbury. The loyalty and bond between Andrea and Michonne isn't as strong as it once was and Merle wants to try and find his brother. David Morrissey continues to play the Governor as a borderline psychotic character, whose every action seems like it could have ulterior motives.

    However in this episode the best acting came from Sarah Wayne Callies, Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln. T-Dog was a goner right from the start, so the heroics from Irone Singleton were a good send off. The death that no one saw coming was Lori Grimes, who after starting to bleed asks Maggie to do a C-Section in order to save the baby. The scene between Sarah Wayne Callies and Chandler Riggs was emotional, heartbreaking but most all it was genuine. Lori held her son close, telling him to always do what was right. The flashback to season two added even more emotion, showing how much more mature and grown up Carl was having to face the death of his mom and do what needed to be done.

    Andrew Lincoln has his moment to shine when Maggie and Carl return with the baby and he calls out for Lori but Maggie shakes her head. Rick begins to sob uncontrollably, crashing to the ground due to emotion. Give this show the Emmy for best drama already. These writers, these actors and the crew have continued to step it up and deliver top notch performing and showmanship. There is a reason The Walking Dead is as big as it is, and that is because they do what needs to be done, no character is safe at this point. Next year at the Emmy's this should be the episode that is used to campaign for best drama, a long with best actor in a drama for Andrew Lincoln and best writing for a drama for the entire writing crew.

    Keep it coming! There is no doubt I'll be watching. The Walking Dead is no doubt the ballsiest show on the air right now.

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