The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 4

Killer Within

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2012 on AMC

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  • The Worst Acting on Television

    This episode was not terrible, but it continues the streak of having the worst acting on television. Andrew Lincoln's, "Oh, no!!!" at the end made me embarrassed to be watching this show. I am glad they finally disposed of some characters, to keep the threat of the zombies alive, but the acting needs to improve.

    Figured people would overrate this episode though.
  • Lori is alive!!

    Carol escaped and found Lori and stitched her up (she was practicing on the zombies remember). Carl did not shoot her as Lori told him not to do anything that felt wrong!!! Called it and its in writing so give praise where praise is due next week baby:)

    So I did call for T's head to roll and have a gracious exit just after the previous episode. Am afraid my wish was granted. BEST DEATHS EVER! Two characters bagged with two painfully awesome death scenes (probably one of the most gruesome an touching zombiepocalypse deaths ever) in one heart stopping episode. I know I felt my heart racing at the beginning and end of Season 2's zombie fest, but this is by far the best ZOMBIE ATTACK on EARTH!. I was an inch close to gouging my eyes and ripping my heart out of my own body. I can't even review this episode right. Am just babbling how much I love this episode. JUST AWESOME!!!!
  • Intense

    The plot is turning out to be fantastic this season. I'm enjoying the diversity between switching from the 'village' - especially the governor - and the original survivors. The zombie action is brilliant, but it's not mindless, it's coexisting with a fantastic storyline which is keeping me excited for every second of the show.

    Let's get the deaths out of the way - they were needed. I loved T-Dog but his actual development was going nowhere, that includes Lori's as well. The deaths were well timed, Rick was beggining to have some sort of emotion for Lori, which emphasises even more how much it will effect him. Carl has grown unbelievably fast, definitely hardened by the environment he's had to adapt in - but maybe too much, he displayed NO emotion after killing his mother (albeit, it was for the best), but it may come back in a cathartic manner later on in the show.

    David Morrisey's character is fantastic, constantly keeping me intrigued due to how cunning and ruthless he is. Be interesting when the survivors and him come head to head.

    My ONLY complaint of the show at the moment is Michonne, she's very boring to watch, hopefully we'll see an interesting side to her soon.

    Finally, bravo Andrew Lincoln!
  • Best Episode of the show yet!

    In every way the perfect episode...i never cried like this since the end of lost...perfect....just perfect!
  • C-Section

    Awww, T-dog! Should have known after the appearance of other African-American characters. Can't have more than one token black person. And what the heck - making me care about Andrea for a few minutes. Unfortunately, the baby wasn't stillborn, though it did take Lori out. Or at least we assume, as they didn't show us. Based on the scarf, I assume Carol went as well, making this a nice loss episode early on in the season. I wouldn't be surprised if they move from the prison soon. Decent episode, awesome grief.
  • I CRIED!

    I don't always do episodes reviews, but OH MY GOD! I thought the first few episodes of this season were a little slow, but the episode. I don't quite know how to write my feelings about this, but it just got me. I was crying at the end. I really loved the pace, and it moved the plot of the season along really nicely. I knew Lori died, and it still got me, and I didn't see it coming.
  • best episode so far

    it was sad that lori died but after reading the comic book series i knew it was coming but in the comic book she gets shot holding the baby and the bullet goes through both of them killing them
  • the beggining of the end?

    As major characters are put off the show, with unexpected dead... I wonder if they are cutting short to end the walking dead TV show...


    Season 2 left me with low expectations for the show but NOPE it is actually fantastic. I love the way it can turn from peace to mayhem in seconds and that no character is truly safe. They draw out the character death so you still believe they will live then NOPE all hope is torn away. I was sad to see T-Dog go but it was worth it to get rid of Lori I mean holy shit thank god she is gone, now we can just hope that Rick will go on a murderous rampage and kill Carl. Also I hope the prisoner with the moustache joins the group, I like him. The other guy can come too.

    Also I totally called that guy coming back to haunt them I totally friggen called that.
  • Mayhem & Misery

    I think this is the best start to a season that this show has had. I love the new setting and also the new, separate plots. I'm sure they'll both run into each other somewhere down the line but never the less I'm looking forward to following them unfold. As for the episode though...Incredibly fast paced, exciting, yet harrowing capture my general feelings this week. I can't quite believe that we lost TWO main characters however, it looks like we've gained two more in the form of (ex) cons so that should be interesting. Can't wait til next week!! :)
  • A clever title goes here!

    walking dead just keeps getting better & better

    love it
  • lives might

    Lives might be put in jeopardy, but do we get a major death, ofcourse not, even 3 seasons later no major deaths has occured.
  • Where's Carol? **SPOILER**

    Great episode with many "cast changes". The Governor continues to reveal himself as the creepiest survivor around and Mich is that much closer to going medieval on him. A very hectic and nerve-wracking episode and I agree the acting was solid, too.


    Finding Carol's scarf isn't the same as finding Carol so I'm hoping they resolve this and maybe show her having gotten lost or trapped outside the prison where she can be rescued. It would be awful if they wrote her out without any sort of send-off at all. I expect to see her again in the next week or so and I also hope it's not the way we saw Sophia again. T-Dog went the way I expected him to but after all this time I was beginning to think he'd become a permanent character. Just goes to show that none of the cast it all that permanent so they must look at each week's new script with a hint of worry that they'll be leaving.

    I for one was tired of the Rick-Lori story line, he clearly couldn't get over the multi-layered betrayal so I'm glad that's over and they couldn't exactly have Rick die without the entire group disintegrating so bye bye Lori. As with Shane, having Carl step in to finish things will probably be too much for some but this isn't an after-school special, its the zombie apocalypse and he can't afford to be a whiny dependent child.
  • Intense

    I have to admit this is an intense episode and I have like 5 day delay due to a surfing trip in a resort with poor wifi speed but yeah! killing lorie is relieving but as a medical practitioner, how will that baby survive? I mean they barely have food to eat but I guess we will see in the coming episodes. I remember crying while watching this, laughing and when I realized it's not just Lori that is dying I found myself speechless. I also love Magie now, I remember her from an annoying episode from Supernatural but surely she redeemed herself in TWD. I love the tension and the suspense. Keep it coming yet , I realized that we are halfway through the season :( now, this made me realized some crappy tv shows get 24 episodes but good ones have 10-12 like Game of thrones and dexter, anyone?
  • What a great episode!

    This episode was great. This is one of my favorites episodes of the season. The performances were amazing and the end was just shocking. I loved it
  • Amazing!


    In this episode we return to the prison where someone is seriously being a douche; opening gates, ringing alarms and placing animal intestines all over the place. Maggie, Lori and Carl end up in the prison, T-Dog and Carol end up in another part of the prison, Beth and Hershel lock themselves in a small fenced area while Rick, Oscar and Daryl try to find and shut down the emergency generators.

    T-Dog got bitten and he realized that he wasn't going to make it and made it his final mission to get Carol to safety. And I really hope Carol is alive.. Just so T's sacrifice didn't go to waste. T-dog died like a hero and I think he deserved because of the second season. ( And yes I consider it a sacrifice... even though he was bitten )

    Rick, Oscar and Daryl manage to find the generator room and find out that the presumed dead Andrew was the one playing games and getting people killed. Oscar seems redeem himself a spot in the group while Daryl is being a badass as usual and keeping the generator room's door shut and killing zombies in the process.

    Meanwhile in Woodbury, the Governor manages to make Andrea feel so safe that she is starting to question Michonne's judgement (Though I can't blame her. If I didn't read the comics I would stay at Woodbury too) and Andrea gives Merle the location of Hershel's farm stating that she would want the same if it was her in Merle's situation. I have to say that Merle doesn't seem like such an asshole in the 3rd season... Maybe he has learned a thing or two.

    TWD made an attempt to make Lori a better character and they were slowly pulling it off and then they decided to kill her off. Which to me felt like it happened too soon. I expected them to use the first half of the season to make Lori a fine member of the group and then kill her when she'd reached some sort of a fanbase so it surprised me profoundly. Great acting on Sarah Wayne Callies' behalf... One of the most touching scenes in the series and followed by such a bloody end. And great job by Chandler Riggs and Lauren Cohan. I seriously think that Cohan's Maggie has been near perfect in the 3rd season and Chandler's Carl has gotten a bit darker, more serious and more awesome.

    The final scene was so paralyzing that forgot to breath during it... As Rick sees Maggie carrying a baby and Carl carrying a weapon, I think he realizes two things A) Lori is dead B) Carl was the one who finished her off. And it was just so heartwrenching to watch. I can only say: Bravo Andrew Lincoln... Bravo!
  • "The Killer Inside" was a great foreshadow

    Great episode. The series has just been reset and there are a lot of moving parts to keep you guessing.
  • A clever title goes here!

    This was a great episode. So sad that two of the group died. You get to know these characters so when one of them dies it is heart wrenching. I feel so bad for Rick. So devastated about Lori. And T-dog gosh he is one that was handy. What are they going to do with the baby though. I mean you can't keep a baby quiet when you are near walkers. Not to mention formula for the baby. It is going to be hard to find it around. I hate it that Lori and T-dog had to die. What about the other woman (don't remember her name) but she got away because of where did she go? Is she still alive? Will they find her before she gets bit. And what about the new guys...
  • Killer Within

    Killer Within was a heart wrenching and very exhilarating episode of The Walking Dead. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and had lots of great character and plot development. It was awesome to see some zombie action but very sad to see what happened to one of the main characters. There were a few touching and very emotional scenes. It was awesome to see Carl have flash backs and grow up the hard way. The ending was beautiful yet sad. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • too sad!

    man.. one the best characters that could have been needed for the group died..talking about t-dog. it shouldn't mean that two characters were going to be added to their team that two roles should die.. how sad!

    what should happen to rick now!!so devastated.

    --can he blame himself for not killing the prisoner he chased???

    but it made me shed a tear.. one of the best episode..worth the wait!
  • WOW, how good is this for drama/action!

    I hope there's plenty more actors on tap. lol

    Coz they're dropping like flies in this show.

    Best of all, I'm not watching this show thinking "oh that's rubbish, that would never happen" or "why didn't those idiots do this or do that"....which (apart from forgetting to cut the babies umbilical cord) makes this so believable. Loads of raw emotion delivered by a bunch of fantastic actors puts this as one of the best episodes in three seasons. The final scene was 'off the chain' perfectly acted.

    Sorry to sound mean but I wont miss Lori.

    That Govenor is also a piece of work....couple of cans short of a 6 pack i think.
  • Wowzer


    We lost so many characters in this episode and some of my favorites, T-dog among them. Laurie's' loss was an emotional one and Carl having to deal with the "clean up" was very strong and disturbing.
  • Amazing episode

    The plot just keeps on getting more twisted and the acting was solid i held back the tears near the end because i was watching it with family but if i was alone i would have let them roll! ..... episode 5 is to far away now.
  • In response to the death of major characters..

    First to the guy wondering if they are 'cutting short to end the WD tv show'.. the answer is, most definitly not. I highly suggest reading the graphic novels which is much different than the TV series but if you did, you would know that characters in the WD die left and right. **kind of a spoiler** Many of the characters you think will live forever will die. This is what makes the GN and TV show so good, is that they do not hold back anything. It is one of the most pseudo-realistic zombie apocalypse stories ever written, in my opinion. Not to mention the ratings for the show are off the charts. So no, I don't think the show is going to be cancelled any time soon. I actually think we will see many more seasons to come.

    Just for the record, reading the graphic novels will not ruin the show and watching the show will not ruin the graphic novels. But like most movies/shows, the books are always better. You think the show goes overboard? oh man, you have no idea ;) So if you like the show, you are totally missing out if you haven't check out the GNs.
  • OMG !

    Incredible episode that had me sadly affected. Man, didn't see it or ahem, them coming. Beyond Brilliant ! Cannot wait for the next episode to see how on zombie earth they're gonna tie this season up nicely. I dun think I could ever recalled a major series where they nicked off so many main characters so early in the season. Guess downsizing can happen anywhere anytime apocalyptic too. Yikes!
  • Killer Within

    Best episode so far. May I remind you all that till now season 3 has provided us with so many zombie action in EVERY episode. Great twists and switching between the new characters of the village and the original characters of the series (which have been improving evidently this season) create a new dynamic in the series. Not to speak even about the tension with the inmates, this storyline is even scarier than the zombie action, which is done fantasticly. Great work keep it up.
  • Revolving Cast Door

    One thing I like about this show is the number of characters that come and go. With that said, SPOILER...... Lori dies and I like that, But a baby.. That's like walking around with a snack size siren
  • the best episode

    yes this episode was the most dramatic and best of all.

    So good that i even sign up to just to leave this message.

    I never thought that I would let a tear glide,with a zombie series.

    Realy well done.

    Pity lori is now dead,just when i getting to like her, but they have done everything to make the best possible end.realy big box of kudo's voor this.

    Very impressed by carl, this sucks for him, and rick.

    One of the best moments if not the best!is when they came out with the baby,and to see the dynamic between the group and especially rick and carl.

    Season 3 is realy the best season,right now this show is on top of my list.

    I hope they can hold on to the level where the writers are now,en they go on for at least 2 more season's on this level.
  • Oh God!

    This was incredible....simply the end of this episode, I was crying as if I have lost these characters myself..........Best episode of ANY TV SHOW by a LONG MILE!
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