The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 4

Killer Within

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2012 on AMC

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  • Amazing!


    In this episode we return to the prison where someone is seriously being a douche; opening gates, ringing alarms and placing animal intestines all over the place. Maggie, Lori and Carl end up in the prison, T-Dog and Carol end up in another part of the prison, Beth and Hershel lock themselves in a small fenced area while Rick, Oscar and Daryl try to find and shut down the emergency generators.

    T-Dog got bitten and he realized that he wasn't going to make it and made it his final mission to get Carol to safety. And I really hope Carol is alive.. Just so T's sacrifice didn't go to waste. T-dog died like a hero and I think he deserved because of the second season. ( And yes I consider it a sacrifice... even though he was bitten )

    Rick, Oscar and Daryl manage to find the generator room and find out that the presumed dead Andrew was the one playing games and getting people killed. Oscar seems redeem himself a spot in the group while Daryl is being a badass as usual and keeping the generator room's door shut and killing zombies in the process.

    Meanwhile in Woodbury, the Governor manages to make Andrea feel so safe that she is starting to question Michonne's judgement (Though I can't blame her. If I didn't read the comics I would stay at Woodbury too) and Andrea gives Merle the location of Hershel's farm stating that she would want the same if it was her in Merle's situation. I have to say that Merle doesn't seem like such an asshole in the 3rd season... Maybe he has learned a thing or two.

    TWD made an attempt to make Lori a better character and they were slowly pulling it off and then they decided to kill her off. Which to me felt like it happened too soon. I expected them to use the first half of the season to make Lori a fine member of the group and then kill her when she'd reached some sort of a fanbase so it surprised me profoundly. Great acting on Sarah Wayne Callies' behalf... One of the most touching scenes in the series and followed by such a bloody end. And great job by Chandler Riggs and Lauren Cohan. I seriously think that Cohan's Maggie has been near perfect in the 3rd season and Chandler's Carl has gotten a bit darker, more serious and more awesome.

    The final scene was so paralyzing that forgot to breath during it... As Rick sees Maggie carrying a baby and Carl carrying a weapon, I think he realizes two things A) Lori is dead B) Carl was the one who finished her off. And it was just so heartwrenching to watch. I can only say: Bravo Andrew Lincoln... Bravo!