The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 4

Killer Within

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2012 on AMC

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  • Sacrifice

    Wow. This was a great episode and one of the most gut wrenching to watch. First off, T-Dog's death was the most tear jerking part of the episode for me. Laurie's scene was well acted by Sarah and seeing Maggie cut her open with the dirty knife was brutal and Carl nonchalantly killing her and the efficient flashback to Rick's no more kid stuff speech last season. This was pretty darn good for only the fourth episode and Michonne playing detective on the Governor showed that she is just as efficient in mind as she is in sword and Andrea trying to stay while Michonne is trying to get out the door. The flashing in between Woodbury and building up Merle to go looking for Daryl eventually and the Governor hitting golf balls into the street was reminiscent of Fight Club which made me smile. Anyway, fantastic episode and some great acting for Andrew Lincoln, Sarah, and the tragic "Go!" shouting of T-Dog after Carol runs out the door and made me lament how he had survived with so little characterization and when he finally had a seeming conscious with not putting the inmates out on the road. Also the black inmate shooting the thought to be dead one from last week and then handing the gun over to Rick really solidified just which side he's on. Hope other episodes will keep the pace going but at this rate we'll be down to Rick and Carl by midseason.
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