The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 8

Made to Suffer

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2012 on AMC

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  • The guvernor

    Such a great character in the comic, and what a wimp with bad actor doing his best to make him worse. Another slow motion episode.
  • Black and White

    Points to this episode for actually getting me to care about the Governor for a few minutes. Maggie summed up the episode best when she lamented on how they've forgotten just what humans are capable of, that the walkers aren't the worst things they come across in life. It was a decent cliffhanger, pitting Murl and Darryl against each other while simultaneously revealing to Andrea who the "terrorists" are. It was a little over-written and overly satiric for the Governor to use the word like Bush did - in bad taste, even, but it set the right tone for the town.
  • The Governor, a "political leader"

    Excellent depiction of "The Governor," an archetypal "political leader," lying, manipulative demagogue.

    The Governor represents every mainstream pol since recorded history, but especially since 9/11.

    Initiates flagrant aggression against others. When karma manifests in the form of political blowback, he acts the innocent victim. He is worse than the walkers.

    Andrea, wake up. Open your eyes.

    Michonne may be surly and inarticulate, unable to explain what's wrong with the SOB. But you should be able to see it with your own eyes and feel it in your gut.
  • An episode with more painful injuries than before

    The bastards! The title of Made To Suffer suits us fans as well since they're making us wait two months after a brilliant cliffhanger! I thought Made To Suffer was a brilliant episode, just as all the rest are. Yet again, they managed to pull off superb acting and plots that had me yelling at Michonne, "DO IT! Slice and dice the Governor's daughter for me!" The part with Axel mistaking Carol for a lesbian had me laughing though.

    Please, just don't kill off Daryl!
  • Decoded

    The second the only - formal - couple of this show is about to get killed, Rick's gang come to the rescue and they want blood as badly as Michonne wants revenge. And revenge she gets, as she slain Penny's remains right in front of her father. Deprived of his last source of humanity, the Governor is decoded in front of our very eyes and he wants blood as badly as Merle wanted to reunite with his brother. Before the night is over, they both may get just what they wanted.

    Oblivious to Daryl's fate, Carol remains in the prison waiting for a man that might never return.
  • Made to Suffer

    It was probably better than most this season, but I still get the feeling that year three of The Walking Dead has been about nonsensical violence and less about recapturing the vision of the original concept.

    And then the acting is still subpar all the way around on the show. Better than most, but just still not that great.
  • Thanks to Kirkman, TWD is Back on Track

    There was a lot of zombie killing action on TWD this week, but what was truly great was how creator Robert Kirkman brought the show incarnation of Walking Dead full circle back to the comics.
  • Attitude and proportion

    I am becoming more and more disenchanted with Michonne - man, she is just so negative all the time!

    I can take a certain amount of negativity but on the whole she just doesn't "fit" with Rick's group because she always has that "look" on her face and doesn't seem to be able to offer information other than droll comments reluctantly pried... and was it really necessary for her to kill the governors daughter? Just dang spiteful - and now the rest of the group are going to have to pay the price as the Govenor seeks to exact revenge. Whether he would ahve gone after them in any case (or not) isn't the issue - she took it apon herself to make things show but she is difficult to watch...
  • Walking Dead Paves the way

    Walking Dead is paving the way for how network television should be. This was a phenomenal mid-season finally showing Rick slowly unraveling. Daryl and Merle who are finally united. Axel a right amount of creepy and finally Tyreese makes an appearance with his daughter. Hopefully Tyreese will follow his role in the comics with the show in being Ricks friend. Great Season Keep it up...
  • Pervy Axel is funny

    Carl and Glenn, Richard from BWE, Jeremy from TVD, all (becoming) badasses. Loved this episode, although I expected the reunion between Darryl and Merle (and well, Andrea) to be different. Anyway, T-Dogg out may he rest in peace, Oscar in, Oscar out (rip), Tyreese in. They kinda did musical chairs on the inevitable: Tyreese!! He finally won and sat on his (rightful) chair.
  • Eye for and Eye

    Wow, what a dark and riveting episode of this week to mark the season's halfway point. The gang's assault on Woodbury to rescue was nonetheless successful but not without sacrifices being made. To start, great intro to Tyrese as his group was under attack in the wilderness and they stumble upon the prison. Carl finding and helping them was some nice helping and his willingness to simply kill the bitten one among their numbers show how far desensitized he is to death in this world now, clearly emulating his father even in saying, "My father would Axel begins to take an interest in Beth and compliments her on how nice of a job she does with the baby (forgot the name). Carol tells him to lay off and his defense about being in prison for a long time and not seeing any women in a while was understandable but you should still be able to keep it in your pants bro. Also his thinking Carol's a lesbian simply because she has short hair is such an old school mentality, does he not think that simply having short hair just makes it less easy for walkers to grab her hair? But clearly we may be on the cusp of some potential material for him. Carl not letting Tyrese and the others into the main cell block was the right thing to do they have their safe side and he shouldn't let the strange bunch of new people in with him newborn sister in there but it is great to have Tyrese in the jailhouse now. The Governor does his darndest to keep Andrea from finding out about Glen and Maggie being captives and that Rick's group is attacking Woodbury. Glen tearing off the walkers arm to get to the pointy bone (failed anatomy class) and stabbing the guy in the neck was way brutal but the gang managed to breach the walls with only one person seeing them and then being gagged but not too long until the Governor finds out and the alarm is sounded. The people of Woodbury and Rick's group get ino a firefight and the gunfire exchange is pretty awesome albeit we don't see anyone but Oscar bite the dust which was sad after he had such a defining moment of being on their side after shooting his fellow inmate in the head back in episode 4, it's like the writers only want one black male character rolling with Rick and crew, what's up with that? First T-Dog, now Oscar, but Tyrese is even better. Michonne splintering off and drawing her sword to wait in killing mode for the Governor was badass and her talking gently to Penny (The Gov's undead daughter) was creepy since we all knew she would pull the hood off. Then surely enough the Governor shows up in the office but puts his gun away telling her not to hurt Penny and she kills her anyway. The fight between the two of them was mega-bad-ass even though I knew that neither would kill the other in the back of my mind since the show wouldn't kill off the Big Bad and Michonne is around so much in the comics even if the episode was written by Robert Kirkman himself. But Michonne grabbing the glass from the broken walker head tanks and taking out the Gov's eye to get away from him was her in super survivor mode as we see so many characters in now. The group losing Daryl is sad but having him and Merle finally on screen together is a nice surprise since they've always been apart during the events of the series. The Governor's speech was ncely acted by Phillip Morrisey and it was sad to see Merle thrown to the wolves simply because he wanted his brother to not be hurt after all he's done for the Governor but it further solidifies what the Governor is willing to do to protect his people from the truth by using fear against them. This is especially evidence like when he calls them "terrorists" even though they're clearly just there to get Maggie and Glen back he sort of fails to mention that Merle took two of their people prisoners first and his whole bit about them attacking because "they want what we have" was totally made up. Rick's seeing Shane firing the shotgun was intriguing since I'm not quite sure what it was meant to convey. Perhaps they'll go further into that later in the February block of episodes but him seeing his former best friend on the face of a man with a shotgun about to kill one of his team was an eyebrow raising moment. Clearly with Michonne's taking the Governor's eye and losing Andrea's trust we are somewhat meant to think that she is "with them" them being the Governor and Woodbury but we get doubt cast on this when she sees Daryl so she might be fully aware that the Governor is lying about part of it. No doubt she will have some questions, but what awaits the Dixon brothers, whether fighting walkers in the arena, or fighting each other, or becoming slaves or just getting shot will be a good thing to see. Will Rick and the others go back to save Daryl or is he left behind? Great episode, particularly brutal and quite a showcase for the Governor to flex his villainous muscles (except for his eye muscle, too soon?).
  • Made to suffer was a great mid-season finale

    From the start to finish i was of the edge of my seat. even Carl being bad ass and rescuing the new group in the prison was great and i realy hate Carl so that was a shock for me. I can' wait till feb 2013 for a new episode
  • One of the best episodes this season

    Oh yes, the shooting, the screaming, the punching, the blood and the betrayal! I can't emphasize how great this episode was. I'm real happy to see Michonne v. the Governor and Team Rick v. Woodburry. So much action that I was drawn to. I really thought the episode would end with Darryl v. his own brother but what a twist. I commend the writers! I can't wait until February. :(
  • Made to Suffer

    Why is Andrea still here? She's the most useless, whining character on the show. If Daryl and Meryl don't make it out I'll be really upset.
  • sicko gov

    the govenor is a sick b... i hope he gets fed to a hoarde of walkers and is awake.

    I've said it before, i'll say it again. Daryl dies and i'm done with this show
  • "This movie ends my way"

    It's simply amazing how far this show has come from just a year ago. From putting me to sleep every week, to keeping me awake at night, The Walking Dead has done a complete 180. The shootout will go down as one of the best in televison history. Exactly how a post apacoliptic war should begin.
  • Made to Suffer

    Oh this is amazing introducing Tyrese i already love the dude and can't wait to see more, thank god Glenn and Maggie didn't die cuz i was afraid one of them will. I began to hate Andrea cuz she is going with the Governor although she doesn't know what is happening to her but why does she trust him so much she only met him in a couple of weeks maybe i wouldn't trust a person in these days and if there is a zombie apocalypse i wont trust people at all until they gain my trust without that never trust anyone. Putting Daryl and Merle in danger was a huge step in the rite direction i can't wait until the show returns in February i think. Keep it up guys.
  • What a shoot out!

    SPOILERS This is one of the best episodes of the Walking dead. All story lines came together cleverly, but we also get introduced to a new group of survivors. And besides all the human and zombie violence, zombie heads in an aquarium and many deaths, the most scariest and emotional scenes were with the Governour's zombie daughter. Thumbs up for one of the best series ever made (sorry, Game of Thrones is 1st).

  • One Word -WOW-

    The Best episode and the best mid-season! "The Walking Dead" is so far the best. -Don't you dare kill Daryl, Kill Merle who cares- :D
  • Shane!? Daryl?! Merle?! Tyreese!!!!


    Well this episode sure did have it's fair share of action and it was great. The episode started with the introduction of Tyreese and his group and I got to say it's about time they brought him to the show. He was one of my favourite characters in the comics. Carl is starting to earn my respect as he starts to show that he has some of Rick's natural leader ganes in him.

    The Woodbury part was just perfect. I loved every second of it. Rick's hallucination of Shane shooting Oscar. Maggie preventing Oscar from coming back as a walker. Daryl's desire to see Merle. Michonne's revenge attempt which was one of the most exciting scenes of the episode. And the final cliffhanger. Oh man.

    I seriously think that season 3 is going to be awesome all season long. And I am afraid for the Dixon brothers. I think we'll see Merle redeeming himself and sacrificing himself to let Daryl escape from the Woodbury OR The Governor makes them fight to death and Daryl ends up killing Merle...
  • Andrea the new Lori?

    First off, great episode this week. Some highlights?

    New foursome added to the prison group. About time given the death of Lori and T-Dogg.

    I still find Michonne to be incredibly annoying. She will actually have less dialogue than T-Dogg? Why is this woman not using her brain and telling Rick and group that Andrea is there? Rick is right not to trust her as she has communicated zero motivation for returning to Woodbury.

    Daryl, despite not being a character in the comics has become a fan favorite (mine as well). He and Rick are the foundation of the group. If he gets offed, there will be some very irate Walking Dead fans (myself included). Kind of like when they killed off Opie in Sons...

    Andrea continues to compound her stupidity? She spends a year with Michonne who has saved her at least twice that we have seen (at the end of last season and the start of this one when she was sick). She shows no faith in Michonne's read that Woodbury is a bad place. Mind you if Michonne actually opened her mouth and mentioned things like the zombie pits or the bullet holes in the army trucks. Or how about that the governor sent Meryl to kill her? There's an idea, explain your motivations! We had to suffer through Lori repeatedly blaming everything on Rick last season, making no effort to take any blame upon herself for the Shane situation. Now we have Andrea (who was dumb enough to hook up with Shane as well last season) who has blinders on to what Woodbury really is. She knows Meryl and what he is like. That should have been a clue right off the bat.

    At the end of the episode we see Meryl and Daryl thrown to the wolves. Just now Andrea is realizing what the governor really is? She knows Meryl didn't betray Woodbury, and she knows that Daryl is neither a terrorist or an escaped convict from the prison. She also has to have figured out that where Daryl is, the rest of the group follows.

    In the preview of next season you see a few things, Daryl running through the forest armed with his crossbow, Rick yelling at someone asking "Why is he here?". My assumption is that Andrea will help Daryl and Merle escape (probably taking the governor at gunpoint). This is the only way they can get out and Daryl rearmed with his crossbow.

    We know from the comics that Rick and Andrea end up together but the show consistently goes off script (which is a good thing). I'm hoping they do not end up together as Andrea is becoming an even bigger nuisance than Lori was (hard as it is to believe).

    Also, Rick and ground did a thorough perimeter check of the prison when they took it over. How did they miss a gaping hole in the fence (and the building). Also Carl was able to get to the newcomers through regular corridors. Did he unlock and relock doors along the way? I didn't see it. Does that mean any number of zombies can just walk in? So much for a secure facility.

    I can't believe that Rick and team didn't circle the prison at least once during their stay looking for holes in the fence. Kind of a contrived plot device...
  • Rick is seeing the dead!

    Rick few episodes ago was talking to Lori on a phone that isn't working! was ok though he was in a shock!

    Now he is seeing Shane and he killed him again... for a moment I was so thrilled to see Shane again! even that I always hated him!

    I'm glad Michonne found the governor room but was sad that she killed his little zombie daughter! maybe he was waiting for a miracle and he could save her!

    I guess he took that on Merle... "Michonne is alive" ... kill Merle I don't care! but don't you dare kill Daryl!

    I hope that Andrea see the whole picture now and try to save Daryl and go back with the group!

    I can't wait till Feb :(
  • WOW!!!

    This episode was amazing!

    I will need to freeze myself like Cartman until February!
  • Made to Suffer...

    This episode was great. It had all the componets that a great show should have. One word can describe this It left you hanging at the end wondering what will happen. I love Daryl, he is one of my favorite characters on this show and I they better not kill him off or I will be really upset. He is too important to the show. As far as his brother really don't care what happens to him. I have not like him since the first season. The thing that I wonder about is if Andrea is going to start to see reason and go back to Rick's group or if she is going to still be stupid and stay with the Governor. Her relationship with the Governor was very sickening to me. I hope that that is over. The new ones at the prison raise another Rick going to keep the around to help the group or is he going to make them leave. Rick does need all the help that he can get. His group has went down in size very quickly since the beginning of this season. I guess that we will all have to wait till Feb. before we will see. BUT please DON'T KILL DARYL!!!
  • Made to Suffer

    Made to Suffer was a perfect and very entertaining episode of The Walking Dead. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama, intrigue and revelations. The character and plot development was awesome and very complex. Carl really stepped up and did good when he helped some strangers. It was interesting too see what and how the Governor lost and by whom. The ending was a spectacular scene and definitely left me on the edge wanting more. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
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