The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2012 on AMC

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  • another slow mo

    This is slow motion tv. Its back to the dragging pace that this show made so perfect. I am sorry but this is not even better than any cancelled show.
  • Holy Head-Splatter

    And that, ladies and gents, is quick-draw Rick. This show is incredible in its ability to depict grief and hope. So many different shades of it for so many different people. Pain and numbness. Blind and missing. And the effects of stress. Rick is under so much pressure at this point that a breakdown is inevitable. This episode was a decent one, fracturing the group in a bunch of different directions, leaving them as disunited as they've ever been.
  • At least the characters are getting a bit more dept

    which is long overdue. Unfortunately the show is still predictable, takes easy turns and misses a clear direction. Why on Earth does Lori drive to town? She's gonna fetch the guys from town in a jiffy? What is she thinking?? Way to create a new scenario, writers! Let her have an accident, driving like my granny, and there you go: we got ourselves a new situation... real points for creativity there guys!

    And what is up with this magic farm where everyone wants to go? zombies can't get there? Last time I checked 98% of the population died. I would think there are a couple more farms (houses, churches, hell ,even castles) available in the area. C'mon!

    But why explain what cannot easily be explained. That would involve some real writing...

    I'm giving the show a few more episodes to improve. Just a few.
  • Nebraska

    Shane to Dale: 'Next time I need a radiator hose, I'll give you a call' I so hoped his car would break down. :D

    Shane was really nice to Carol. Maybe he'll come around and be a better man?

    I loved the interaction with the 2 guys in the bar. From the moment they walked in, I knew they were trouble. I kept thinking: Come on, Rick, just shoot them. And then BAM.
  • 2x08 - Nebraska

    I found the drama in this episode to be a lot better, at least for catching my interest. Still a slow episode and I'm still wishing for more action.
  • This season just keeps getting worse

    After the destruction of his family, Herschel demands that Rick and his group leaves immediately. Shane and Rick's differences begin to openly erupt. I finally found time to review these episodes. Well, this show is back after like a 2 and a half month break which was pretty short believe or not and it still got off to a bad start. This season just keeps getting worse and worse every time. This is most definitely the most boring, awful, and poorly written episode of this season. Season 2 has been a disappointment. After being so impressed and blown away by Season 1. I thought, for sure, Season 2 would be better with zombies, action, suspense, etc. but all this season brought was characters that have come down to being boring and irritating. Dale is like the only one in the group that is likeable. Only reason why my score is at least a 3 was because the very ending of the episode with Rick shooting those two guys at the abandoned bar was awesome and that brief scene with the zombie being alive near the middle of the episode was cool as well. Other than that, this is a pukefest of a time waster. Overall, I am lose more and more hope for this show every time. 3/10
  • Could have been better

    I feel it could have been a better episode after coming back from a short break. Hopefully that break didn't kill the show. Not likely, since it is a zombie apocalypse. I'm looking forward to some better episodes to come.
  • Oh, how I've missed you guys

    If this was just a show about zombies eating people's faces off, I'd have checked out long since. Instead, this was a good mix of action and character interaction. Anyone with any sense could have guessed that after the last episode's shocking conclusion, this was going to be an emotional episode. So complaints that it was too touchy feely baffle me.

    I especially loved the scene in the bar. The slow increase in tension was brilliantly conveyed and I adored Rick taking out the thugs. Funnily enough, as Rick and Glenn were driving down that empty road towards town, I found myself thinking, "Funny how walkers are the only threat they face. You'd think there'd be some maurauding human thugs around here and there, too." And lo and behold.... LOL.

    I'm also glad that Herschel has come around and now he and Rick appear to be on the same page.

    From the end title promo, there seems to be plenty of action next week. I'm looking forward to it. It's the mix of zombie action and character interaction that makes this the show I most look forward to.
  • Two men walk into a barn ...

    The Walking Dead returns with a bang of emotional proportions as the shooting leaves everybody hopeless; from Carol & Daryl to Hershell & Carl, they all seem to struggle with the aftermath of mid-season finale, shunning themselves from physical contact they retreat to the very objects that gave them solace in their old lives. As mother, Carol spends the evening destroying Cheroke Roses, as dweller, Daryl does so by making arrows and wishing for what could've been, as husband, Hershell seeks refuge in a bar all of them oblivious to the impending threat over their heads. For is not the walkers, it's not the road, it's not even small tragedies what they are vulnerable to. As Rick points out in a most crude manner, the real threat to them is fellow men.
  • Abandon All Hope

    Following the midseason shocker of (Spoiler Alert) Sophia was in the barn the whole time and Rick puts her down. The group asks questions about Herschel having to know that Sophia was in the barn since they were so adamant about finding a "little girl" which is pretty descriptive so if he ever checked the barn he would've been like "hey, just like the little girl in our barn? Could be the same person." Herschel pinning it on Otis, who died almost right after Sophia would've been bitten and hauled into the barn are completely inconsistent. But it doesn't matter at this point they just keep describing great things about Otis but he's dead so it's not like he can't correct what Herschel is saying or anything. The groups hold a funeral for their respective dead and Herschel accepts the fact that he was wrong all along and they burn the rest of the bodies that aren't one of their own. When Beth, one of Herschel's daughters collapses from something and needs medical attention, Herschel is nowhere to be found and it's revealed that he used to be a drinker before Maggie was born but he had given it up and she tells Rick that he used to frequent a bar in town. Rick and Glen go after Herschel for Beth's sake and Glen reflects on his relationship with Maggie and how circumstantially driven it all is and how she can't possibly love him for knowing him for so short a time. Rick advises him to tell her he loves her back when they return because happiness in this life is hard to come by. Carl says that he would've shot Sophia himself which reflects on the dehumanizing effects of the zombie overrun world and the youth that must grow up in it. Shane and Dale have a words and Shane tells Dale just how useless he thinks he is. The group is divided also on whether Shane's killing off of the barn walkers was the right move or not. When Beth's condition worsens Laurie tries to convince Daryl to go into town after Rick and Glen, and Daryl says that she should go herself cuz he's done looking for people which is a powerful reaction for his character who tried so hard to find Carol's daughter for her, and Carol is in no great shape herself especially on her reflections of her little girl dying as soon as she got separated from the group in the season premiere. Laurie goes after Herschel and Rick by herself and while reading a map ends up hitting a walker in the road and flipping her car over, which she'll obviously recover from. Rick confronts Herschel at the bar in town and tells him that his remaining family is gone. Herschel says that Rick's group is like the plague and he tried to do right by letting them in but the loss of Otis and Shane living were the causes of the shattering of his delusional hope that there was a cure. So he drinks and Rick accepts what Herschel says about there being no hope left and how he saw that on him when he had to put down Sophia. In a weird turn of events two survivors, one of them True Blood's Rene and some other guy, walk into the bar and they swap stories. When they ask about being able to stay wherever Rick and them are stowed away Rick and Herschel say that they're sorry but it's already full up and they're going to have to find somewhere else to stay. Also revealed from this encounter is that these guys came from Philly and that all places are rundown and each group that they encountered had some new far-fetched rumor about a safe haven including one that said that a railroad was transporting survivors from the south to Nebraska. When the two don't like the idea of not being included and "pooling their resources" Rick has to gunslinger both of them in cold blood in a colder side that has never been apparent for them. Also as powerful is Rick's justification for continuing on without hope, for the group and not for himself. It's this kind of selfishness that people follow Rick as their leader. Looks like next week will feature human versus human which will be a very welcome change from the zombie thing as Rick, Glen, and Laurie, and Herschel have some mean surviving to do.
  • What did one zombie ask the other about his girlfriend? "Where did you dig her up from"

    I haven't the faintest idea why some people can still not grasp the concept that this is not, and is not supposed to be, a mindless zombie-eating-people / people-killing-zombies show. If you are looking for that, then buy a zombie movie and play it over and over each week, because really, they're all pretty much the same.

    "The Walking Dead" are NOT the zombies; it's the survivors making their way in a pretty messed up world. It is the trials these folks go through and the decisions they have to make, for better or worse. It's the trying to remain human (e.g. more than just physically alive), and this episode was yet more proof that the writers and actors on this show portray that struggle extremely well. It is a darn shame that some people just can't seem to grasp that, and then come here to low-ball rate the show.

    This episode, like many others in the series, was taut with emotion and moral dilemmas and had a couple of greatly tense moments to boot. I love it. Give me more. Shows that keep me glued to the set are few and far between; and this is one of the few that so far, can.
  • Feeling a change

    Even though the writing can use some work. It was good to start off with, the whole thing about Sophia was crazy I'm glad it's over. It's like the writers didn't know what to do with this arc, but I think they killed her off the show. Reason is to many characters, instead of character development I seen a lot of people getting killed off the show. I guess the ones that are out now are the ones were suppose to feel a bond with. Thing that turns me off is the communication and after all the stuff these people went through they should be a lot closer than this. Dale force Glenn to tell the truth about the walkers in the barn, yet he can't say the true nature of Shane, crazy this is whats making it predicable. Writers need to get together and really think about their characters and than write the story.
  • What about continuity?

    First we have Andrea and T-Dog taking the bodies to be burnt. Then Andrea is mysteriously back to the house where Lori asks her to look after Carl. Just after that we can see T-Dog and Shane piling up the bodies to be burnt. And just out of the blue there is Andrea helping T-Dog and Shane. Who is responsible for the continuity is this episode?
  • Feels like a new season

    So much time has gone by that the episode felt almost like a new season than a continuation. There were a few gems in this episode that gives me faith for the remainder of this season:

    1) The ewwwwww factor: Sophia being covered up was def a yuck factor for me. I would guess that was Madison Lintz doing that little bit there. Also, the arm breaking off from the truck of dead bodies. Dang, that thing seemed real.

    2) Real emotions: Carol's reaction to her daughter being dead felt right. She lost so much in the few hours that episode represented.

    3) Shane isn't all bad: When Carol was essentially broken emotionally, Shane took the time to check on her. He isn't all "the weak shall perish and the strong shall triumph".

    4) Dang...Rick can shoot!: For anyone that feels that Rick is weak, I hope that quick draw shocked you as much as me. He took out two guys in a blur. Herschel and Glenn were slack jawed by that. I hope it made Herschel know that Rick can be trusted in protecting those close to him.

    5) No one is safe: Bet those two guest stars loved their one and only scene. Here I thought they might become regulars for the remainder of the season at least. Now they are dead and gone.

    My only complaint is Lori always getting getting down on Rick. Yes....he knows they should stay. Yes...he knows it's dangerous out there. Quit nagging him woman and stay off the roads in the future.

    Everyone delivered what they should have except Andrea and I only say this for the scene with her on the back of the truck. I might have missed it, but wasn't there a empty seat in the front? I kept expecting a Walker that wasn't quite dead enough reaching up for her.

    But here we go, let's hope the season picks up the pace a little more than last half season.
  • Nebraska

    Nebraska was a great episode of The Walking Dead and I really enjoyed watching this episode as the characters all deal with what just happened in different ways. It was intriguing to watch the character interactions and to see the dynamics of the group start to shift. The episode was fairly uneventful, but the small things that did happen set up many possibilities for future episodes. Every thing happened the way it naturally would and then out of no where two guys show up, and mention Nebraska as a good destination. In the end Rick shows off his intuition and shooting skills, perhaps becoming a real bad a$$ in his own right! I certainly look forward to watching the next episode to see what happens!!!!!!!!!
  • Boring Episode

    Wow, this is probably one of the most boring episodes of Walking Dead I have ever seen. There's only 2 noteworthy things that happen (which I won't spoil). I've read the graphic novels and the slow pace works quite well for that, but unfortunately it can only go so far on TV; in the end it's gotta be about the ratings or you have another Firefly on your hands. Hopefully it will pick up after this.
  • Nebraska


    Where are the "walking dead"? There was one zombie who inexplicably returned to life after being shot, but for the most part this was a lifeless show. A car crash that was not needed at all, Rick doing his best Raylan Givens impression and more attempts to be like Lost.

    This show has no identity right now, and this episode did nothing to clear that up. This was just a dull, lifeless, zombie of a return for the series.

  • The Walking Dead is back!

    I continue to see people complain about the lack of zombies on the show, and how it has been slow. If you don't like it then you clearly have no idea what format Robert Kirkman was trying to use in the books. He has stated multiple times that he wanted The Walking Dead to be just as much about the characters as it is the zombie apocalypse.

    Why are people complaining about a show that sticks to the same format that has been working since 2003?(comics were originally released) It beats me. I thought Nebraska (keep in mind this was already filmed before the hiatus even happened) was a very solid episode to build the next step for all of the characters and their journey.

    The group is naturally torn apart, everyone will be making irrational decisions based on who they agree with more, Rick or Shane. Rick re-affirmed that he is a man of action, and Shane continued to be the one who is vocal about what needs to be done.

    Dale being the higher moral person of the group, assuming Shane has lost his marbles and killed Otis for any reason other than to save Carl is good story-telling. Dale does not know what Shane was thinking about. Three people would have died (four if you include the fact that Sophia may have already been dead). Dale needs to stop judging the decisions that others make, when he sits pretty in his RV all day avoiding all the major decision making.

    For every person that agrees Rick did the right thing shooting a zombie Sophia, they must remember that none of that would have been possible had it not been for Shane. Carl even said he thought his dad did the right thing.

    The Walking Dead needed to make sure these characters had a stance before they began to make decisions about how to handle upcoming events. Now we will see things spiral out of control, and we will finally get to see the show down for leadership between Rick and Shane.
  • i want more zombies!!

    It was an OK episode but i had a GREAT ending, it could had been better but lets just see where does this ending leads but there gotta be more ZOMBIES!!
  • Where are the zombies?

    I watch a trailer full of zombies and a show with none.