The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 7

Pretty Much Dead Already

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2011 on AMC

Episode Recap

Glenn tells everyone about the walkers at the farm, which causes the group to head over to the barn. Shane says that the farm isn't safe and that they need to leave as soon as possible. Daryl argues that they're probably close to figuring out where Sophia is, and Rick insists that he can work something out with Hershel. Dale tells the group that Hershel believes the walkers are only sick, not dead. After the rest of the group leaves, Shane lingers around the barn, testing the locks.

Maggie is upset with Glenn for telling everyone else the truth. He trails after her, wanting to talk to her, but she drops an egg in his hat and breaks it over his head. Carl has hope that they'll be able to find Sophia, and that she'll enjoy living on the farm. As Daryl makes plans to head out again to search for Sophia, Carol tries to stop him. She says that he shouldn't risk his life for Sophia, but he's adamant to help.

Rick attempts to convince Hershel into allowing the group to stay, but Hershel says that Carl is better now and doesn't require his help anymore. Rick brings up Sophia still being missing and also Lori's pregnancy, but Hershel still won't budge. Rick believes that there has to be some way to keep the farm safe, since Hershel and his family have lived there without incident, but Shane is adamant about leaving. Rick says his family needs to stay because Lori's pregnant. Shane offers an awkward congratulations.

Maggie tries to talk to her father, but Hershel says that Rick and his group have done better out on their own than they think, and that they'll be fine outside of the farm. Maggie wonders if they were wrong about the walkers, because after one attacked her in the pharmacy, she's skeptical about whether these creatures are still people. Jimmy interrupts, saying that "it happened again". Hershel wants Rick to help with a special task.

Shane and Lori discuss their relationship, and Shane tries to justify his actions by reminding Lori that they thought Rick was dead. Lori says that the baby will never be his. Shane's frustrations lead him to search for the cache of weapons on the RV. The bag is missing, and Glenn says that Dale took off somewhere a while ago. Meanwhile, Hershel and Jimmy take Rick to a swamp, where two walkers are stuck in the mud.

As Daryl tells Carol that he still has hope that Sophia's still alive, Rick helps Hershel and Jimmy fetch the walkers out of the water and take them back to the farm. Hershel recognizes the female walker, and knew the male walker in passing. Hershel says that if Rick and his group want to live at the farm, they need to abide by his rules. Rick agrees to help with the walkers.

Glenn and Maggie finally talk, with Glenn insisting that there's no way he could keep a secret, because secrets get you dead. He says that he'd forgotten that the walkers were dangerous, alive or not. And he's rather have Maggie safe and mad at him than in danger and not. They share a kiss.

Meanwhile Shane has tracked Dale down to another section of swamp, and the older man has the bag of guns, which he's planning on leaving out in the woods. Shane begins to threaten Dale and Dale wonders whether Shane's going to shoot him like he did Otis and then make up another story. Dale aims his rifle at Shane, asking him if he's going to have to kill him. Shane walks right up to Dale until the rifle barrel is up against his chest. Dale lowers the gun, saying that Shane belongs in this world.

Shane returns with the guns and starts to give them out to the rest of the group. They're going to need weapons to protect themselves from the walkers. Rick, Hershel, and Jimmy return to the farm with the two walkers on leads. Shane confronts Hershel's beliefs about the walkers, shooting them on the chest and insisting that no one alive could still survive the gunshots. They're not people; they're dead. Shane finally shoots the walker in the head. Hershel falls to his knees in shock, and Rick tries to ask him to take the pole of the walker he'd been leading so he can stop Shane.

It's no use. Shane breaks open the barn locks and releases the walkers, who meander out the doors a few at a time.Shanebegins to gun down the walkers,while the others watch in horror. Daryl begins to help Shane and T-Dog andAndrea soon join. Maggie gives a nod to Glenn to help out and he also starts to shoot the walkers. The walkers come out of the barn one by oneand aregunned down while Rick, Lori, Carl, Carol, Hershel, Maggie,Emily, Patricia, and Jimmy watch in horror. It appears that all of the walkers have been gunned down untilone last walker stumbles through the door. The group recognizes the walker asSophia. She makes her way towards Rick, who shoots her in the head with his revolver.