The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 7

Pretty Much Dead Already

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2011 on AMC

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  • ITS SO

    Its so slow its funny. Another episode about the barn, how they are dragging it out. give me a break.

    i mean why not guys? her scene was totally epic!!
  • And So It Goes

    Been so long I'd forgotten what she looked like. By time it was clear they'd be raiding the barn, it was obvious who they'd find inside. They were that close to sanctuary and then Shane goes and ruins it with his holier-than-thou ideals. He's really past his prime as a character, but with this climax, we're going to have to wait for the tension to build again before he's dealt and done away with. This was a really good episode about personal ideals and interpersonal relationships.
  • Dead!

    Wow! What an ending. Finally we get to see Sophia. It was nice to see Rick step up to kill her. They were all so focused on killing the other walkers, they didn't consider the possibility that Sophia could be among them. So Rick took responsibility and killed her. GO RICK!

    I hope we get to see where Sophia has been the whole time and how she got bitten.

    Shane is getting from bad to worse real quick. He's gonna get people killed. A cop should keep his standards, even in a zombie apocolyps. :p

    I really feel sorry for Hershell. In his mind he was trying to save his family.

    The first time I saw Darryl, I thought he was an asshole. But seeing him so compassionate and willing to find Sophia, my love for him is growing with every minute. Darryl, I have misjudged you.
  • 2x7 - Pretty Much Dead Already

    For a show with zombies, the lack of action really puts me to sleep. I don't hate drama, but I like drama which catches my attention, which makes me feel something for the characters, not just drama for the sake of drama which makes my eyes roll. Hershel's denial about everything just made me snort. The only drama that I cared about was the revelation of Sophia's fate because in a show about zombies, that's what should be the drama.
  • 2x07


    In my total and personal opinion, this episode is by far one of the most dissapointed mid season finale ever, the entire episode was full of cheap drama and the majority of characters were tottally unbearable, in particular shane, I know that this season in general has been a let down compared with the very weel done season one but this episode deserves the first place in termns of boring, the only good thing about this episode is that finally sophia´s searh ended, (if you have already wathced the episode you know what I mean) but in general, I think this episode does not deserve to be consider as a good one

    P.S: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes

  • Rating for the action

    I only really cared for the action, the drama is way to soap opera and its taking a lot of the show. Which I thought was a zombie series, we knew what would happen to Sophia since we knew what type of show this really was. I may have been misled from season 1, there is a lot of people crying and really going no where.
  • zombie apocalypse?

    Unlike certain previous reviews I actually enjoy the drama...I don't really do scary and that's the reason I like the walking dead so much. What you really have to consider is that the walking dead is not a show about zombies it is a well thought out show that happens to have zombies in it...I thoroughly enjoy this show and am really looking forward to season 2 coming back from hiatus
  • A now terrible series

    First series was great because it had the perfect blend of both drama and action (like Breaking Bad), now it's all drama so i've stopped watching now as it's pretty much a show designed for women (and that's not what the show started as...).
  • Drama, Drama, Drama ..

    .. and thats what this show should be and is about. 10/10
  • The Walking Dead: Harlequin Romance Season

    What the heck has happened to this show?'s a show about a zombie apocalypse, not a Lifetime: Television for Women chick flick. Nobody watching cares who is pregnant or who the baby belongs to...unless it's a zombie baby, then we're paying attention. No one watching can understand the tortured logic of some characters wanting to *get rid* of guns when there are mindless flesh-eating monsters on the loose. And please, please stop with the long, boring speeches the characters give about how awful things are and how terrible their predicament is. Bring back the zombies, and we'll be able to see for ourselves.

    It's time for a serious mid-course correction for this season. Good luck, AMC. I'm rooting for you, and I want to be a fan again.
  • Very good episode of a very good season. I really do not get the complaints by some of this show.


    There are some complaints that this show is moving too slowly. I really think it depends on what you want. You have to remember this is a series, not a movie, so they cannot just run around blasting zombies every week. Also, most good TV shows live and die on the character development, not the action. Why did a show like "Lost" become popular when ten other similar shows fail? Because of the gripping characters. Why is "Mad Men" so loved, while other period peices like the playboy club bite the dust? Its not just the time period, its the characters.

    The first abbreviated season, to me, suffered as there was way to much running around shooting zombies and not enough on character development. This first half allowed us to really meet the characters. Maybe people will not like them or they may not be compelling enough to vault this show into Mad Men territory, and maybe it will bow out next season, but I can see why the show had to try to take a break and develop the characters.

    Although it may have been obvious Sophia was a zombie (or dead, where else could she be?) when shedisappeared, this episode was the big payoff to the whole first half of the season, and I thought it worked very well. The break allowed the writers to give us background into the characters, and I think Daryl is a breakout character. (and it is telling that this is the only character not in the comic). We also got alot on Rick and his wife and Shane.

    This isn't a zombie movie where you can have alot of zombie attacks. Either characters would have to die and replaced by new actors constantly (very expensive), or the battles would become A-Team cartoonish where none of the characters were in real danger. Slowing things down seems to be a necessary component of a TV show as opposed to a movie. All in all, I'm happy with the show to date.

  • A dramatic and appropriate finish to a somewhat disappointing first half of a second season.


    The Walking Dead started off last year with a very attention grabbing first season. For starters, unlike most zombie apocalypse themed programs or movies, this one actually has a heart and a well driven plot. One of the greatest aspects of the show is the characters involved and the web of interactions that they each convey with one another as they all attempt to survive a grim situation on a virtually dead planet. Rick, the main protagonist, is an easily relatable character as we, alongside him, are shoved into a world of death. With every new experience he and the group goes through, we the audience experience it as well.

    I feel like the first season captured that quite well albeit a couple of rough patches here and there in terms of slow story progression. However, as the second season started moving along, the plot tended to sputter and halt at several points all together as the characters tended to wait around more often than not rather than the constant mobility that occurred in the first season. Though it does give a different feel to the season as you don't want both seasons being exactly the same or else the plot will get tiresome, the execution of the second season just fell rather flat during several episodes. Sure the slow-burn tension growing between Shane and Rick as Shane slowly starts devolving more and more in to a dehumanized machine, is interesting, but dedicating seven episodes of just pure complacency while attempting to find a little girl named Sophia gets rather tedious.

    As far as the mid-season finale goes, I felt that without question, this was the best episode of the second season. Though some of the tensions (such as growing ones between Dale and Shane or Rick and Shane), do continue to remain without closure, that is exactly the stuff you want in order to keep interest going on until the next batch of episodes is released in February. For once this season, I felt like the complacency and the schizophrenic pace of the story finally built up to something good. Without spoiling anything, the climactic last ten minutes of this episode will not disappoint fans of the series.

    With that said, I hope that when the second half of episodes are released in February, the producers and writers will be able to execute a more cohesive and better paced story than what we got during the first half. The series is still good and this episode ended on a proper note, but as we have learned throughout this past season, it does not take much to cool the hot steam the show had going during the first season.

    In layman's terms: Watch the episode, even if you haven't liked the direction of the series. Likely the best episode since the very first one last year.

  • if they dont pick up the action in the next 2 ep they lost a fan 7 ep and we still stuck in a lol town season 1 they moved around to diff town every ep and also the only clif hanger they can give me is a zombie girl booooooooo


    if they dont pick up the action in the next 2 ep they lost a fan

    7 ep and we still stuck in a lol town

    season 1 they moved around to diff town every ep and also the only clif hanger they can give me is a zombie girl booooooooo

  • This is the best episode in the 2nd season.


    This is one of the best walking dead episodes in the whole thing since it has started. This is one of my favorites by far. This is the best when i saw the little girl at the end I was shocked when i saw her i thought they were going to find her. I love this episode this was my favorite walking dead episodes in a long time.

  • Wow! Best hour of TV yet.


    That has to be the best hour of TV I've watched in years. As with S1, this show has consistently kept me glued to the edge of my seat, there hasn't been an episode I haven't loved. But I can't believe we have to wait till Feb for more. These ridiculous US scheduling patterns are mental torture and cruelty for someone from the UK not used to them. Pathetic.

    As for those whining and bitching - I haven't read the comics so could give two figs whether the show follows them to the letter or not. And I like the fact that this isn't just yet one more zombie shoot em up fest, but pauses now and then for character interaction and development. If this show was all about just zombie massacres and killing as some people seem to want, I'd have switched off in S1. As it is, the balance is pretty much perfect for me, who likes a little of both.

    Plus, I always think it's somewhat pathetic to bitch about a show that's doing its best in circumstances beyond it's control. When you consider that S2 took a massive budget hit and so can no longer afford masses of zombie extras and big scope landscapes, I think they've been extremely inventive and clever by introducing the farm and Hershel's perspective to get around that limitation. It's brought the action and drama down to a smaller level, but one that, for this viewer at least, has been no less powerful for it.

    Can't wait for more of the same.

  • best episode!


    this episode was amazing and all the haters can suck it.. i think there is a reason they split the season into halfs.. because this half of the season they where looking for Sophia and staying at that barn and they never moved on, so the whole thing was boring and slow moving. but judging from what i see and what im hearing the second half will be them moving around and heading back to the vatos and morgan will be back.. so i got a good feeling the second half will be A LOT better

  • Two disparate reviews have both got it right!


    If the current qulaity of script writing persists then there are going to be a lot of lovers and haters -

    I'm putting up my hand and saying - the original - the comic - was just that - and not a television series. So we have to be understanding - respect for the sourse - especially in this contempory time when "old comics" seem to be of more worth for movie material than otherwise... if you want to sit back and enjoy on a Friday night (critics please note - especially when you review a film "of popular conumption" e.g. "Thor" rather than "artistry")... anyway...

    ... so we proceed with a great idea... but so slowly?

    Please don't put us to sleep before the corn has even popped?

    ... and who gets to shoot the guy who KNEW the young girl had been zombiefied (is that a word?) but didn't have the decency to tell the group?

    Too many points to work-around for general readers... but please Mr/Ms Writers - stay true to the source but speed things up but not at the expense of so many gaping plot-holes (usually as a consequense of the original authors) - now's the chance to follow the path but make it a little less bumpy - and more fun on Friday (even if it is screened on another day - pedants rest your weary minds).

    Summary - tighten up the script (gaffs) and give it more action/interaction to improve pathos and enjoyment andmove the plot FORWARD.

    Rmember the lessons of long ago at school - conflict is the essence of drama - not just "talk".

  • I've never seen anything go from superb to total crap within the change of just one season like The Walking Dead did.


    I've seen several shows gradually go down the drain. Numb3rs and Bones immediately come to mind. But I've never seen anything go from superb to total crap within the change of just one season like The Walking Dead did. It is now painful to watch and thank god there's Shane who at least provides 5 minutes of greatness. The end of the season can't come soon enough, and I know I won't be watching one more minute after that (I should stop now, but my OCD prevents me from quitting mid-season...)

    The 1st season was really good overall. There was some melodrama, yes, but it was a zombie show. There were zombies and gore and action. All that is gone in season 2, it's just a crappy soap opera.

    All characters have become completely unlikable. And that's really a feat, for the writers to make all the characters unlikable like that. The ideal ending for S2 would be to see them all eaten alive, close up, in slow motion, and with replay of each scene - and that goes especially for the old farm man (I don't care to remember his name) and Dale. At least Shane, no matter how he behaves, he still keeps some action alive. Even Daryl has become a pussy, and doing that to Daryl's character is yet another unbelievable feat for the writers.

    It was only the ending of this episode that got marginally better, and that was because Shane finally took over (plus the nice twist at the end). This was the only reason I didn't give it a "1", but it didn't make up for all the hours wasted to get up to that point.

  • Putting a familiar face on the zombie genre.


    This week's was a most devasating episode even for those of us who already suspected what happened to Sophia. After endless debates with Hershel's people, Shane makes a stand on behalf of all his family (Lori's unborn baby, Carl and Rick): if they are going to stay, they have to make this place home and that means to execute all the walkers in the barn with extreme prejudice.

    Making a home for themselves becomes a recurring theme for Daryl and Carol too, as they find their way back, away and back to one another during the excruciating quest to find Sophia. Ironically, for two people who don't belong, they make for a compelling case of two people who simply belong together.

    And so, the set up reaches its climax when Shane's group start shooting zombies as if there was no tomorrow, for these are anonymous beasts to them, beasts that must be put down ...until a small, familar, little person comes out of that barn and they realize they can't put a gun in her head any more than Hershel could to his people. Swallowing bile, Rick puts Sophia out of her misery as Daryl helds her sobbing mother in the background.

  • After the disappointment that this season is bringing me, this episode was actually well written with not too many dull moments


    The secret of the Walkers in the barn is fully exposed and Shane forces a decision to be made about them. Herschel has given Rick an ultimatum that his group must leave. I thought that this was a superb episode of "The Walking Dead". This season has been a disappointment but it was great that this episode didn't have too many dull moments and the interactions between the characters was actually exciting yet crazy. Shane sure has anger issues though... maybe he needs to take anger management class. Of course, my score is at least a little low because it had a few boring moments. The best part of the episode has definitely got to be the last 10 minutes or less of the episode. The best part of the episode was that we actually got to see gory and awesome zombie action which I've been waiting for all season long. I know that new episodes won't return til' February 2012 but Part B of Season 2 better be good because I'm not even excited about it. You can thank this season for boring me with the stupid drama between the characters. It was sad how Sophie is the zombie and that Rick must shoot her... it really stinks that Sophie didn't make it and officially became a zombie (a.k.a. dead). Overall, a superb episode of "The Walking Dead" but Part B of Season 2 better be twice as better than Part A of this season... otherwise, I'm done with this show. 9/10

  • 207


    I think splitting the season into two parts was the right decision because the show has been stumbling as of late. Give the crew time to get their act together.

    The episode was dull for the majority of the hour, let's just tell it like it is, but the ending was crazy, and there was a nice unexpected (until you saw the camera from the barn and then you knew who it was) with Sophia being stuck in there. That is what the show needs more off, you cannot spend 7 episodes building up to that moment, you need multiple moments like that every week.

    Sure, it was better than most this season, but this is still not a great show.

  • awesome episode as always, but also sad


    I can't say that there is any bad episode of this show; every episode is so good. I think Shane is slightly losing it, or maybe it's just because I relate more to Rick's way of thinking. It's understandable that Shane wants to shoot all the walkers in barn, yet it's also understandable that Hershel doesn't.

    I think Shane and the others really understood the way Hershel thinks when Sophia walked out. I was so hoping that she would be alive and well and I've been going crazy since she disappeared, just waiting to find out what happened to her.

    So how sad isn't it that she turns out to have become a walker? Poor Sophia, that really sucks. And her poor mother; all this hope and then she has to watch her daughter get shot.

    I can't wait to see the next episode and to wait all the way to February is going to kill me.

  • Wow, what a finish!!!!!!


    Wow, Season 2 back on track. That last 5 minutes was worth waiting 7 long episodes for. Totally unexpected. The longer the season went on the more I thought they would find Sophia alive which would have been bad for the show. How could a little girl survive on her own for so long? But to see that Herschal had her in the barn zombified all along? Brilliant! Can't wait to see how everyone reacts. And at long last, Shane snapped out of his puppy-dog love for Lori and became the badass he had been threatening to become for so long. Bring on episode 8!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing! I seriously do not know how I will manage to wait till the rest of the season. But the walking dead seems to enjoy keeping us waiting - yes, I am referring to the previous touchy-feely and less thrilling episodes. I think they made up for it.


    This episode can easily be the best of The Walking Dead so far. I always liked the fact that this show is more about the survivors than about the zombies - despite the title. And this season we focused a lot on the survivors and their feelings. I wasn't complaining but I admit that I was missing the action a little bit.

    But this episode!.. Both the character developments AND the rising tension AND the action - not to mention the magnificent ending.

    --If you haven't watched episode 7 yet, don't read ahead.--

    Although I don't like the character very much, I love the tension Shane brings to the series. He's becoming this survivalist beast and it seems nothing - and no one - can stop him from now on. I think he giving up on caring about even Lori, Carl or Rick.

    As for the rest of the group, I don't know what will become of Andrea but I wouldn't want to watch her become a female version of Shane.

    Although I wouldn't want to see them kiss or anything, I like the bonding between Daryl (my favorite character) and Carol. I think it's good that Daryl makes a connection to a person, instead of wandering off on his own.

    And I think the ending was both painful and enlightening for both Herschel's group and Rick's group. Herschel's party acknowledged that the walkers were indeed dead. And when Sophia came out, the rest realised why the farmer didn't want to finish off his beloved walkers.

    I liked that Rick didn't take part in the shooting until the very end, and I was glad it was him who took that final shot. It shows that he didn't lose his virtues as a human being, but he is still leader material.

    To sum up, I loved this episode and I think the rest of the season will be much intense than the first part of season 2.

    So the wait begins for the 8th episode...

  • Pretty Much Dead Already


    Pretty Much Dead Already was a perfect episode of The Walking Dead and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of great character and plot development. It was about time the group be made aware about the barn and what is inside. I thought it was great how Hershal showed Rick how he handled the sick or as the group calls them, walkers. The character interaction was rich and satisfying. I liked how Shane started to accept his new self in this new world, embracing his darker side. It was interesting to see what happened at the end with Walkers being let loose. I was glad to see Rick step up and take the last shot and maintain his leadership. I'm glad we finally found Sophia, and I kind of thought this was how it was going to work out. This was just a well rounded and entertaining episode. I look forward to watching more!!!!!!!!!

  • After Glen tells the group about the Walkers in the barn, the group struggles with what decision is the best course of action.


    I said last week that the Walking Dead needed to blow up the tension and they did just that. Shane remains the best character who should be dead already, and remains the best character in the show. He is slowly losing his mind, and it is amazing to watch it happen on the screen. When he shaved his head after shooting Otis, Jon Bernthal has transformed Shane from Ricks companion to his own individual person.

    The entire episode was tense, from Rick begging and pleading to stick around and the search for Sophia still in full swing. These characters are starting to seperate. Dale is worried about Andrea getting involved with Shane. What will happen with Glen and Maggie.

    This is by far the best episode of the series. It used the tension building it does so well to ultimately have the best ending possible. As the group divides and Shane hacks away at the bolted locks of the door, The Walking Dead take its biggest step forward since the finale of last season. The scenes of gunshots as the walkers exit the barn, the sadness on the face of Hershel, Maggie, Carol and Daryl are why this show is easily in the top five best shows currently on.

    It will come back with even more tension, because Shane seems to have ruined any chance to stay at the barn. The tension of what happened at the barn and being divided on the decision of what do, will make the travels even that more fun to watch.

  • Not that good. Since I started reading the Walking Dead comics I´ve been considering to stop watching the show. The storyline changes are outrageous!!!!


    I get it that it must have some changes on the way to tell a story on a Graphic Novel and on the TV. I don´t get why the storyline should be changed like that.

    Sophia becoming a Walker is even worse than keeping Shane Alive. Not to mention the very early killing of Otis (who should not be fat at all). I almost forgot, Andrea and Shane together on the last episode... C´MON... poor Dale, lost his girl to a should-be-dead character.

    So much time in the farm, after too much time fixing Carl, after spending too much time on that road. Too little action, doesn´t really match up the thrilling of the Comics.

    That´s why anything better than FAIR it´s too much for the show.

    OK. I may have overreacted, it´s pretty good if you don´t read the comics

  • Pretty Much Dead Already - excellent.


    Pretty Much Dead Already was how many viewers were feeling about this season of The Walking Dead, but this episode, Pretty Much Dead, breathed some much needed life into the show, characters and interactions, as well as the story moving forward.

    Shane seems to be out of control, and apparently everyone is starting to notice (everyone but Andrea, but she seems a little off herself.) He wants to abandon the search for Sophia, and says that everyone knows that she is dead. Rick wants to continue the search, as does Carl, Carol, Lori, Dale and Daryl. Even though I believe that they may all believe that she is dead, or a zombie, I think that as parents, or parental types, they all have a glimmer of hope of the child's safe return. And that is enough, to give them closure, with the narrow search, they all want to keep looking. Shane is touting that Rick isn't the leader anymore, that he doesn't know how to handle this world. We learn how wrong he is.

    Rick is negotiating with Hershel to let them stay. He thinks that they would be stronger together. Maggie sides with Rick, talking to Hershel about love thy neighbor, and how they should be staying somewhere safe, at least for now.

    When Glen reveals the truth about the barn, once again, Shane goes off half-cocked and decides that it doesn't matter whose land, home or barn it is, he is going to kill the walkers in it. When Rick asks him to back off, he does, temporarily. Most of the campers in the party agree with Shane, that the walkers aren't safe and need to be put down. However, they agree to just watch the barn to make sure nothing happens.

    Hershel opens up to Rick, says that if he can follow that this is his land, maybe they can stay, and he takes Rick on a "test". There are two walkers stuck, and Hershel wants to rescue them, to put them in the barn. He truly believes that they could get better. Meanwhile at the farm, Shane has decided that the walkers in the barn must die, and begins to hand out guns to everyone. When they make it back to the farm, and everyone sees the walkers, Shane decides that enough is enough. He won't hear reason, and to illustrate that the walkers are dead, he shoot the female walker they captured. He shoots her in every vital organ, and since she doesn't stop, he then drops her with a shot to the head. Then he opens the barn, and kills the remaining captured walker, and everyone opens fire on the walkers coming out of the barn. As they all drop, Rick looks at the carnage, and the faces of Hershel and Maggie and the swellers of the farm and their greif-stricken faces, and then, another walker starts to come from the barn. Sophia. She staggers toward the group, Carol is devastated, and everyone looks stunned. However, the only person who can step up and do what needs to be done, is Rick. He shoots the girl, cementing, in my opinion, why he is truly the best leader the group could ask for.

    I have a feeling however, that hershel will not taken to the betrayal, and that a storm is brewing between Rick and Shane.

  • Pretty Much Dead Already - zombies, hopes and main storyline of first half of the season.


    The episode was really awesome!

    It began when Glenn told whole group about the barn. Shane, of course, was definitely pissed of. Now this safe harbor isn't save anymore. No it's all about decision to stay here or to leave.

    Dale tries to hide guns to avoid crazy Shane have one. But it's not his call and Shane take them back to perform barn zombies massacre. But there are still debates at this point.

    Meanwhile Hershel teaches Rick how to catch zombies and force them to the barn. And when they brought zombies to the barn Shane has completely gone crazy. Hedischarged his gun into one zombies chest just to give Hershel a hint that they are actually dead and can't be cured. And then he opened the barn...

    Zombies execution has begun and that was awesome!

    And when the sooting stop the great culmination(and the greatest spoiler) came out of the barn. Every one was speechless and didn't know what to do. Sophia is a walker now!

    And Rick has approved his position as leader and made a tough decision. He came forward and shot down poor thing.

    Ricks character is about to transform. Shane is about to go crazy. Hershel is about to get desperate. Dale is about to tell truth about Shane. So every about is gonna end in the second half of the season!

    But now all hopes, all searches, all easy decisions are pretty much dead already!