The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2013 on AMC
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    The Walking Dead "Prey" Review: Chasing Andrea

    Andrea finally came to her senses—sorta—but she couldn't save an episode that went nowhere.

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    A traitor tries to sabotage the Governor's upcoming plans, while Andrea attempts to work her way back to the prison.


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    • Hide and Seek

      If there's one pattern I've noticed in watching shows, especially high-risk ones like Walking Dead, it's that the more screen time a non-main character gets, the closer they are to the end of their life. I'm betting we're going to lose Andrea by the end of this season (Milton, too, unfortunately). Despite Andrea being my least favorite character and this episode focusing on her, this was probably one of my favorite episodes. It had so many parts and perfect tension throughout. While it would have been nice if we'd seen more of the struggle when the Governor took her in, I'm sure we'll see plenty of fight in the next one.moreless

      Considering the fact that Andrea spent months on the road with Michonne fighting off walkers, I simply will not believe that she didn't go down without a fight with Phillip. Do the writers think we're dummies. Andrea is a formidable woman who would have fought him tooth and nail to the death. I can only surmise that he knocked her out cold and carried her into that torture chamber. That would be the only way I will except this scenario.moreless
    • Very, Very disappointing episode!!!

      DID YOU KNOW: That Rick was shown only one time during the WHOLE episode!!! Basically this episode is all about Andrea trying to escape Woodberry, and she failed!!! BORING!!!! I sure hope the next two episodes are WAY BETTER than this one!!
    • Prey - Walking Dead

      Way too much Andrea in this episode, and for over a year now. The character is unlikable and unrelatable, and her betrayal and attempt to have the Governor killed, let's just I am glad it was thwarted.

      I think AMC needs to stop having these episodes with just a few characters (potentially to keep actors' salaries down, convincing them they are expendable) and just focus on telling good stories.
    • Solid episode

      I thought this episode was a solid hour of entertainment which for someone who only dips into horror occasionally had a decent slasher movie quality to it.

      Sure, it didn't progress the plot much but lots of shows take time out from the overarching plot to deliver side episodes. There are still two episodes left and I think we can all be assured that these will be more or less 100% main plot related and will tie up most of the loose ends.

      I've read reviews on here for quite a while now and I think a lot of posters watch for a wide variety of reasons. For some it is purely the gore and I think those are the people who are getting most frustrated with the show. For me there needs to be characters that I feel something for either positive or negative and I think you only get that with "slow" episodes. They need to be there in my opinion despite what some people on this site seem to think.

      Regarding the hatred for Andrea on this site I can't really understand it. What you need to remember is that:

      a) she was out on the road for a long time and that finding Woodbury and the Governor saved her, remember she was very sick and wouldn't have survived much longer. She wanted to believe him because she wanted to find a home and someone to care for and who would care for her.

      b) we surely have to remember that the character Andrea isn't watching the show! She doesn't know what we know, and it is only as she has discovered more and more disturbing things about Phillip that she has finally turned against him.

      As for some of the negative comments about the Governor being a hated character, well yes he is but isn't that the point? Every drama needs an antagonist and Phillip is definitely a spiteful, evil SOB who deserves to meet a grisly end.

      So keep the faith guys. You might not agree with what I have written - heck I even liked the first half of season 2 so what do I know! But I think we can all agree that we will miss TWD in a couple of weeks time and be wishing the next 6 months away till it is back on our screens.moreless
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