The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2013 on AMC

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  • Here we go again,

    Building up to the big finale, how bad it was going to be. The huge fight etc. Someone wil die all those TWD criteria for a good very slow episode.
  • Hide and Seek

    If there's one pattern I've noticed in watching shows, especially high-risk ones like Walking Dead, it's that the more screen time a non-main character gets, the closer they are to the end of their life. I'm betting we're going to lose Andrea by the end of this season (Milton, too, unfortunately). Despite Andrea being my least favorite character and this episode focusing on her, this was probably one of my favorite episodes. It had so many parts and perfect tension throughout. While it would have been nice if we'd seen more of the struggle when the Governor took her in, I'm sure we'll see plenty of fight in the next one.

    Considering the fact that Andrea spent months on the road with Michonne fighting off walkers, I simply will not believe that she didn't go down without a fight with Phillip. Do the writers think we're dummies. Andrea is a formidable woman who would have fought him tooth and nail to the death. I can only surmise that he knocked her out cold and carried her into that torture chamber. That would be the only way I will except this scenario.
  • Very, Very disappointing episode!!!

    DID YOU KNOW: That Rick was shown only one time during the WHOLE episode!!! Basically this episode is all about Andrea trying to escape Woodberry, and she failed!!! BORING!!!! I sure hope the next two episodes are WAY BETTER than this one!!
  • Prey - Walking Dead

    Way too much Andrea in this episode, and for over a year now. The character is unlikable and unrelatable, and her betrayal and attempt to have the Governor killed, let's just I am glad it was thwarted.

    I think AMC needs to stop having these episodes with just a few characters (potentially to keep actors' salaries down, convincing them they are expendable) and just focus on telling good stories.
  • Solid episode

    I thought this episode was a solid hour of entertainment which for someone who only dips into horror occasionally had a decent slasher movie quality to it.

    Sure, it didn't progress the plot much but lots of shows take time out from the overarching plot to deliver side episodes. There are still two episodes left and I think we can all be assured that these will be more or less 100% main plot related and will tie up most of the loose ends.

    I've read reviews on here for quite a while now and I think a lot of posters watch for a wide variety of reasons. For some it is purely the gore and I think those are the people who are getting most frustrated with the show. For me there needs to be characters that I feel something for either positive or negative and I think you only get that with "slow" episodes. They need to be there in my opinion despite what some people on this site seem to think.

    Regarding the hatred for Andrea on this site I can't really understand it. What you need to remember is that:

    a) she was out on the road for a long time and that finding Woodbury and the Governor saved her, remember she was very sick and wouldn't have survived much longer. She wanted to believe him because she wanted to find a home and someone to care for and who would care for her.

    b) we surely have to remember that the character Andrea isn't watching the show! She doesn't know what we know, and it is only as she has discovered more and more disturbing things about Phillip that she has finally turned against him.

    As for some of the negative comments about the Governor being a hated character, well yes he is but isn't that the point? Every drama needs an antagonist and Phillip is definitely a spiteful, evil SOB who deserves to meet a grisly end.

    So keep the faith guys. You might not agree with what I have written - heck I even liked the first half of season 2 so what do I know! But I think we can all agree that we will miss TWD in a couple of weeks time and be wishing the next 6 months away till it is back on our screens.
  • The Governor secures a bait (and, boy, does he fool the audience on that one!)

    In any scam there's a long con, the one card you hide from friends and foes alike until you secure the plan. We assume the long con was the slaughter of Michonne's escort. As in, any man who guards her on the way to Woodsbury, Merle included. Milton believed it was for Andrea to kill the Governor before that would happen, a con he ensures as he grows a pair and tells her about the Governor plans. However, neither one of them - nor the audience - saw what the long con really was: to secure a woman the Governor hunted down while she mistook him for the prey. The only bait neither Rick nor Michonne would refuse to go back for: Andrea herself.

    The game is on.
  • Andrea Runs Away

    Andrea finally decides to turn against Woodbury this episode in just filler it would seem until the final showdown where Rick may or may not hand over Michonne. Her going over the fence and threatening Tyrese and daughter showed how desperate she was to leave. Once again, Tyrese proves to be the only person with any humanity, brains, or decency among anyone to not rush to conclusions, not put walkers into trucks, and letting people with free will leave the town without permission. It's almost like he's sensible or something, which is more than we can say about the other people at Woodbury. Milton also begins his own little rebellion with it being suggested that he may have set fire to the walkers the Gov planned on sending Rick's way during the meeting. Seeing Andrea go on foot with Gov in only a truck on his own was a great person versus person conflict. Their bit in the warehouse where Andrea is hiding was one of the scariest parts of the episode. I thought for sure the Gov was mincemeat when Andrea ducked out that doorway and all of those walkers sprang towards him. Guess Gov's just got that good ol' fightin' spirit because he does not look happy when he catches up with her later. His pulling her out of Rick's rifle view just as he might've seen her was the best timing for him to catch up with her. Milton's insistence that he knew the Gov before the Outbreak and his loyalty to Woodbury and him suggest that really loves Woodbury and possibly has romantic feelings even for the Governor. But Milton certainly has a good head on his shoulders, pointing out that merely killing the Governor won't solve the conflict and then Martinez would just be in charge. But Andrea's failure is not what I expected from this episode. I fully expected her to get there and to have the Governor give up chasing her, knew they were screwed and mount a full-out assault on the prison. The lack of seeing the base groups of survivors was a nice change much like the run episode where we bumped into Morgan a few episodes ago gave us time away from a few locales. This episode certainly was much more entertaining than last week's "measuring contest" between the Gov and Rick and their diplomacy which we all knew would of course go nowhere. But now with only two episodes left, and that nifty little torture chamber and the unrelenting vengeful Governor unleashed things don't look so hot for Rick and pals. Andrea being tied up in that dungeon makes me wonder indeed what will happen to her in the weeks to come, as much as I don't like her it would still be a shame to kill her after she finally showed some cajones after leaving Woodbury so suddenly. Not sure who could've set fire to those walkers but I'm sure it's either Milton or the other guy who Tyrese is running with whose wife Donna died as a way to get Tyrese kicked out of Woodbury for his ambivalence and he had been seen unwilling to help move the walkers into the transport. But Tyrese proved himself in the end of the episode and his surprise at the Governor's thing about the gas seemed genuine enough to me to convince me that he wasn't the perpetrator and there are only so many people in Woodbury with names and speaking roles that it could possibly be so our suspect list isn't exactly large. Can't wait to move into this season's as the prison vs. Woodbury will move into full throttle.

  • Losing Interest

    Another plot spinner, re-hashing what the audience already understands. Too many subplots spoil the broth. Need to keep a strong story line throughout instead of incrementally creeping tiny plot lines past the fans at glacial speed. I agree with others that this was a filler episode; viewed without much satisfaction in the experience and little curiosity about what comes next. As I've said earlier, I hope Walking Dead isn't slipping into the programming errors of the disappointing, anti-climatic Carnivale series.
  • A Filler

    Just a filler to waste all our time. No substance and frankly stupid.
  • Skip this episode

    This is easily the worst episode in the entire series. It's just Andrea running for about 45 minutes. That's the entire episode. Nothing happens.
  • Prey and Predator

    Prey was a spectacular episode of The Walking Dead. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written and very intriguing. There was also a lot of character and plot development. Andrea learned more about the Governor and made a fateful decision. It was interesting to see how others dealt with the situations at hand. I liked how everything played out and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • One to Skip

    If you're just catching up and trying to decide which episodes to skip to save time, this is one to definitely pass on. Nothing happens. No new information is revealed. No characterization. No jokes. I'm not sure how this script got past the writer's room. Last week's episode was slow, but it was exciting and revealing in comparison to this one. Season 2's "18 Miles Out" also blows this one out of the water, and I was not a big fan of that episode either.

    If you're looking to save time while catching up on this generally fantastic series, skip this episode. But if you're dead set on watching every episode, then take a gander and form an opinion yourself. If you're a fan of the Governor or Andrea, you might get a bit of a thrill. Otherwise, pull out a game of Tetris while you watch. Trust me. You'll thank me later.

    Here's what happens if you want a quick lowdown: We start off with a flashback between Michonne and Andrea where we find out that Michonne's pets are NOT her boyfriend and boyfriend's best friend (like in the comic) but are, instead, some guys that wronged her. Cool. Revenge zombie story. We then "find out" that the Governor is a sick man (as if we didn't know this already) and plans on torturing Michonne in unimaginable ways. Andrea goes to kill him. Milton stops her. She decides to warn the prison. (It should be noted that she learns nothing that she could not have learned had she simply gone to the prison in the last

    Meanwhile, Tyrese and his group are the ones that let Andrea escape. They want to stay, but now Tyrese is worried that the Governor isn't everything he seems to be. Allen disagrees. They argue. And apparently Tyrese slept with Donna at some point. Right. They're taken to the zombie pit, where they realize that the zombies will be used on the prison group. Tyrese is horrified. Allen doesn't care.

    The Governor decides to go after Andrea personally. He chases her down a road. Then through the woods. Then through the field. And then to an abandoned warehouse. And then through the warehouse. Until Andrea finally lets loose a horde of zombies on him, and she walks off (deciding not to steal the truck he had driven there... I guess she needed the

    Somebody torches the zombie pit back at Woodbary.

    And then we see Andrea arriving at the prison. Just as she's waving to Rick who is on watch, the Governor pops up and snatches her, and she doesn't fight back because... Not sure. Rick doesn't see a thing (or he does and assumes it's another hallucination. Who put this guy on guard anyway?)

    Back at Woodbary, the Governor finds out about the pit. He talks to the Tyrese and his crew. Turns out, they have no idea what he's talking about, so the Governor realizes who really set the blaze... Milton! (Shocker, right? Not The Governor then places Andrea in his torture chamber, because apparently he can't wait to get his hands on Michonne and Andrea will do just fine. Or maybe this is just his way of trying to work things out. Who knows?
  • Horror comes to The Walking Dead

    WARNING: Full Episode Spoilers Below

    We continue on our road to the Walking Dead Season 3 finale. This week episode 14, "Prey", introduces some more interesting plot devices for the final two episodes. It also provided one of the most genuinely scary scenes the show has provided, a vibe that felt like a silver screen horror movie.

    We open this episode with the introduction to the 'torture room', which many fans will recognise from the comic books, that was used on a certain character. We really see the Governor's sadistic mind at play when he unloads his torture tools on the bench, really signifying the character's evolution. Milton finds out about it and voices his disapproval, yet the Governor's intimidation tactics hold him back from speaking his full mind.

    After informing Andrea, she finally sees the light and decides the Governor is the enemy everyone else knows about. Andrea even tries to shoot the Governor when his guard is down before Milton steps in, suggesting she warn the prison of his plan instead of making the rash decision that would get them both killed. Milton is becoming more likeable in every episode and his events don't end there, but we will get to that later.

    On her way out we are given another intense scene, this time between Tyrese, Sasha and Andrea. Andrea informs Sasha/Tyrese that the Governor is not what you think he is and that he is the real enemy. Tyrese has a smart head on his shoulders and takes this information onboard. He is not the man that gets the wool pulled over his eyes, this episode made sure to solidify this.

    When Tyrese and Sasha are taken to the 'Zombie Pits', containing (you guessed it) a bunch of pits with zombies inside to use against the prison. He has none of it. He has respect and doesn't want to use such vile things as killing machines against women and children. Martinez also shows he has an evil mind, openly allowing this to occur and not seeing any morale ground on the matter. When Allen tries to attack Tyrese, we were shown his ability to respect friends no matter what, as he avoided killing Allen once and for all. I expect this run-in to become an issue, over the next two episodes.

    The main gripe I had with this episode, was Andrea's 'run' to the prison. Now if you are running from the prison and knew people saw you leave, why wouldn't you think to take the trees and avoid running along the road? In all seriousness this is meant to be a character who survived for months on the road, yet she had no thought to avoid open spaces in her escape? It was frustrating to watch.

    The best scene of this entire episode was definitely the horror-like sequence between Andre and the Governor, at the abandoned warehouse. This scene was done terrifically- it was oozing horror movie atmosphere the entire time. David Morrissey continues to revel in the Governor persona, becoming one with the character and providing some truly sadistic movements within this scene. I loved this sequence and found myself on the edge of my seat, truly unsure how it would play out. Andrea's use of zombies to escape was also done well, once she escapes the words "Now THAT is Andrea" ushered from my mouth. That is the sort of tactic I would expect from Andrea and it was great to see.

    Our lone scene with Rick this episode has him on watch. As Andrea makes her way out of the clearing to make it to the prison, she is tackled down by the Governor. Rick never says a word and never sees this take place. Could this be the last chance for Andrea that has now been thrown away for her reintroduction to the group? The silence during this scene was done well, it was quite telling of the situation at hand; dire and troublesome.

    Back at Woodbury, the 'Zombie Pits' have been hit by arson, with all the zombies burnt, some still alive and severely suffering from creepiness. The Governor confronts Tyrese over his fight with Allen, subtly hinting about the arson that took place, yet after no reaction the Governor doesn't suspect him. Tyrese wasn't too easily fooled by the Governor's attempt at lying by saying that the 'Zombie Pits' were only a scare tactic, leaving the door open for Tyrese to hunt for answers on Woodbury over the next two episodes.

    My suspicions on the burning lead to Milton. He had reason to attack the Governor after being treated second rate earlier. The Governor suspects him too and the exchange between the two was well done, it gave the impression Milton is done with the Governor's crazy antics and ready to stand up for himself. I also must give The Walking Dead credit. It continuously plays an impressive outro song that intensifies the situation and makes every episode end well. The big reveal for the end of this episode, was Andrea now finding herself in the torture chair. What could this mean for the character? Well, if she isn't saved next episode, only bad things, very bad things.

    Another great episode, with an entirely sadistic vibe in parts. The horror-like scene with Andrea and the Governor was great, really sold both characters well. With all the chess pieces being put in place for the war, my excitement continues to grow for these last two episodes when the battle commences.

    The next episode

    As you would expect the preview for the penultimate episode didn't show much, it did show an emphasis on Merle. Could we finally get the episode where we see Merle completely align with the prison group? I also suspect we will not see anything regarding Andrea next episode. After that big reveal it makes sense they would keep us guessing until the finale, but I have been wrong before.

    Next week has me guessing, I am clueless but excited. Who knows what the series could bring us next week, but with the season 3 conclusion less than 14 days away, it is about to hit fever pace. Stay tuned for more Walking Dead thoughts next week, until then stay away from abandoned warehouses.

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  • Well played TWD.. I've gone and changed my mind (for now)

    Last week

    I was so bored watching "lets sit and bullshit" all episode. At first this week, during the campfire scene I was totally like - shit.. this again. Let's rehash M & A and the chain gang but get no answers. Instead of us sitting at a table with Rick and Dick - I mean Gov Phil - we get Andrea and Mich. However...

    This week, I was at the edge of my.. bed ... instead. Making things more complicated for me was that the one character I always despised and didn't want to see (Andrea) was the reason for my attention. AND making it even more complicated for me was that I wasn't hoping she got caught, killed or smacked - or chained up. I was pro-Andrea. She is one of the series best written and best acted methinks. Granted the situation itself was ridiculous- just how many silent swarms of zombies are out there waiting to sneak up on knife wielding human types? Andrea has been out there - surely despite running she can hear the shuffling, grunting and likely smell them? Of course we all know that hiding with a tree as our shield is effective. OOPS - there is a very low split on the tree where Mr. Zombie of the week can take hold of us. Why would one pick this tree in a wooded area full of trees to HIDE behind, in front of, beside, next to?

    Yes it is fantasy but c'mon writers - let's try to make the zombies a bit more realistic like. However, all that is minor and easily ignored. Main thing is that I was engrossed in Andrea's getaway and cared about her finally. I like Andrea today. I feel bad that she's finally realized just how evil and lying and yucky Gov Phil is. Shock therapy was almost needed for her - but finally she gets it - and hence - she got it. Last week I'd have celebrated her being chained up - this week I'm praying she gets loose and then avoids trees with splits in the woods.

    Next I am going to mention the 4 "i don't care about" characters. Tyereese? Not even sure of his name. Ok, he can't shoot. Not caring. They let Andrea leave - ok, WHY WOULDN'T THEY? no one has clued them into the sad fact that they're prisoners outside of the prison. Ok so we find Ty and sister? (I'm guessing they're siblings) and dumb jealous Dad and son as an inseparable quad. What bond holds them responsible for each others' actions now? If Ty messes up, why should that mean that Dumb Dad and son are held responsible and suffer consequences? Had it been Ty that gassed the pits I may have cared a bit more about him - but they've done nothing! Granted I'm fairly sure they're going to be part of saving Andrea - meaning I WILL care about them soon - but all this is premature - I don't care about them YET. Most likely Ty will use his new found expert marksman skill and Dumb Jealous Dad will do something selfless & heroic. So even without seeing the rest of the peeps - and our focus on those I normally can't stand - this was one of the better episodes for me.
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