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  • Thumbs Down

    I have always loved the writing. However, I'm not always happy with the extremes they go to for ratings. I doubt if I will watch anymore because there doesn't seem to be a point to it. I don't mind the gore because zombies aren't real and I don't take it seriously, but I think with the death of Glenn, the show reached a new low and has clearly said good-bye to any moral compass they might have had. Slaughter just for the shock value or to prove they aren't afraid to push the envelope to any length is pointless. Perhaps next they will slaughter baby Judith in as horrific a way as they can imagine just to make sure we all know that nobody is going to survive the zombie apocalypse. Or perhaps they could invalidate all of it and have Rick wake up from a terrible nightmare. Anyway, buh-bye and, no, I won't let the door hit me in the butt.
  • This story line sucks - the living dumbass

    Sorry for the suck TV - I have been watching since the the show.

    Not any more - due to story line stupidity. - Writers on crack? Deadheads from the 1970?

    It was the walking dead - now it's the waste of your time.

    The living stupid - or the inner city news for any Saturday day in the life in Mogadishu:

    Lame - warriors movie clip from 1979 was better than this episode.

    Thanks for nothing. - Hope the zombies win and kill everyone - at least they will all live together in peace roaming around moaning and never biodegrading year after year..

  • Hope everyone follows through

    I hope everyone who says they're not watching anymore follows through with it. This kind of audience manipulation should not be rewarded. I've been watching this show since its debut, and never thought about leaving until the fourth or fifth season. There were times I wondered why i was still watching, but I kept hoping it would get better. The writing continued to suffer, with the episodes written by Gimple being the worst ones. Then there was that absolutely ridiculous stunt with Glenn *maybe* dying, and a three week wait to find out. That was almost the end, but I figured let me stick around for season six and see if they learned their lesson. There were a lot of good episodes in season six, but then they pulled another stunt with that cliffhanger. I tuned in the premier just to see what would happen and I guess Gimple's idea of "we are going to make it up to you all" was that we all just wanted to see a sadistic cartoon villain bash some brains in, and try to make Rick cut his kid's hand off? Maybe in the hands of a better writer, the episode could have redeemed itself somehow, but I'm not sure how. The last ten minutes were pure melodrama. These actors deserve better. The show seems outright hostile to its viewers now. Kirkman said he wanted to break the audience too. Sorry, guys, I don't watch television to break me. I watch it to be entertained. I can deal with gore and abuse if I have faith that the writers know what they're doing. You guys are just playing with dramatic devices you don't understand. And you have some gall comparing yourself to Game of Thrones. I'm done. 100% out. Removed from the DVR Sunday night - both Walking Dead and Talking Dead. I will keep watching Fear the Walking Dead however, as that show was much better this year than last.
  • what is it?

    The pure genius of this series, and pure genius it is indeed, is that it is TV that MAKES you think!! Say it that makes you TV has always had the dumb and dumber reputation where one literally zombies out in front of the TV stealing away say, the gift of reading a good book. I remember the days of Dallas for example and the big question of who shot JR, it was a fairytale ranch and we all knew it was something you watched rather than felt. The walking dead however has transcended previous era's of the TV 'viewing' experience and pulled us in through thought provoking questions even about our own sorry existence and opened the first page of thought provoking emotionalism through the screen,i never really expected to live on a Dallas ranch eating breakfast on the verander with JR and co and i don't really expect to be beating off flesh eating zombles any day soon, but there is always the overriding question that TWD is always just nudging you, hey what and who would you be in this situation? what if? i would be amazed if any avid TWD viewer hadn't heard the same whisper in their ear whilst psychologically profiling themselves .. well that's just my opinion and as someone who really doesn't watch TV in general, i'm not saying it's 'quite life changing' but as somebody who generally doesn't watch ANY tv it's unique ability take the viewer to the unknown self has ''got me' now but ofcourse it's just TV.
  • SO LONG Walking Dead

    I have been a fan of the show since episode 1. I refused to watch anyone of our beloved character get brutally murdered. Then the spoiler alert indicated the fans would be mad and Disappointed. After reading about who the characters were , I was glad I didn't watch. Unfortunately I have decided to stop watching the show because it's to brutal. Humans against zombies is a war in itself to find some sense of normalcy, but humans against humans has taken a dark side.


  • Devastated but will still be watching..

    I am gutted with the outcome of season 7 premier. Abraham and Glenn were two of my favourite characters, and watching them die like that was shocking I was actually reduced to tears, but it had me on the edge of my seat and has got me wondering what the season will hold. Some people complained that last season everything was going too well, now people are complaining that the show has made the group vulnerable again, I thought it was shockingly good and while I really wish we hadn't lost those two characters, they had to do something to get people gripped and hooked and look, everyone's talking!! I hope we don't see any more of our main characters go this season, but Ricks broken state and the way the whole group were weak and on their knees - literally - makes us reconnect with them as people in a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE that are basically in a bun fight for survival against Negan and his crew and I can't wait to see what the season has in store when we see them come together and take back control which at some point they will. But even if it takes a season, or 2, or 3 it will keep us wondering and hoping, thinking and watching!! I first seen watched season 1 because my partner put it on and I twisted my face - watching zombies pfft rubbish, and within 10 mins I was hooked and have been since!! The walking dead sometimes have to add a bit of gore, scare tactics and fear, or we wouldn't keep watching week in week out. Maybe it's better if they lived a happy, untouched life in Alexandria? Yeah that wouldn't get boring at all!
  • Glenn ain't walkin

    TWD has now turned into a shock and gore bloody serial killer's fan club TV show. The writers are pretty F'd up sick bunch and should be sent to do a couple of tours in Afghanistan. You guys just killed the show too bad.
  • WTF AMC!!!

    Why? Why did it have to be Glenn? I was able to deal with abraham but Glenn? I was so devastated today that I stayed in my room all day and didn't go to any of my classes. Whats the point of teasing us last season making us think he was dead then letting him live only to kill him off less than a season later?

    That was straight fucked up even for the walking dead. And now we've gotta sit through an entire season of rick kissing negan's ass and doing whatever he tells him to do. *sigh*
  • Not too good.

    My wife and I been watching the walking dead since the beginning, we actually where purchasing the season on Amazon, but after watching season 7 we are done, one thing was the zombies now it just got gross, goodby walking dead.. the show just turned into a zombie and before long it will be finished!!
  • You do not know your fans!

    I have been a fan since the first episode, and I watch many episodes more than once;however, after last night i will not watch again. i am soooooooo disgusted and repulsed by the revolting way you killed off your characters. We have accepted losses in the past, but this was too much. Fans watch the show because of the characters. You should redo this episode, and apologize to fans. You really should not have put something so revolting on television. I STILL CAN NOT BELIEVE WHAT I SAW. Apparently, AMC and the producers have absolutely no social conscience or good judgment.

    To the writers of Season7 episode 1

    Have watched your show since episode 1/1

    and now no more. It's funny I thought the television industry was run by rating numbers and yes you guys have just committed suicide. How can you lead us on such a long and devoted road only to throw this rubbish at us. Good bye forever SHAME SHAME SHAME

    I have been a avid follower of this show. Pay for every episode on amazon prime. I will NEVER watch this show again. I will never pay a dime towards this show. It's one thing to kill zombies it's another to watch this crap!! People killing people so gruesomely. What was the point of episode one of season 7?!?!?!? What was the point!?!?!? Whoever wrote this is a sociopath. Kids can turn on this crap and watch it. Shame on you.
  • Stupid Tiger is cheaper!

    I can't believe I watched Walking Dead! I had to close my eyes and fast forward or I would have hurled. The guy who came up with this episode must be a sociopath for sure to make scenes like that. I had already guessed it was either Abraham or Aaron, but the clip where Negus said, Whow he took that like a man! Told me it was Abraham. So what was the point in killing Glenn. Also, they could of done the scene with Rick and Carl and gotten their point across. If you are going to kill Glenn, go ahead and kill Rick, who is definitely crazy now. Or Karl that would of maybe sent stupid Rick into picking that ax up and laying open Negus' head. But Hey Glenn's contract is up and they probably have an iron clad one with Rick who by-the-way - is not one of the beloved characters. No one said you had to follow that stupid comic book. So with killing Glenn you killed the heart and hope of the show. You replaced it with a dumb tiger and one happy looking crazy man. Way to go Walking Dead! I am done with the show!
  • Walking out on the Walking Dead

    Been a fan since the first season mainly because most of the violence involved paper mache monsters (zombies). But last night's premier was live on live human violence which was vulgar to the extreme. You have lost me as a viewer of The Walking Dead. Gratuitous human gore doesn't even describe what your writers and director put on display.
  • Season 7 Episode 1 went way too far!!!!

    I have been a faithful follower of TWD since the beginning but last night's episode went too far. I don't understand how they are not able to use the "F" word but they can show the extreme graphic violence in this episode. It could have been done much more tastefully. I don't think they understand that many of their viewers are not typical "horror" film lovers. I'm a senior and never thought I would ever watch a series like this but because it was a story about real people and their struggles in a post apocalyptic world, it drew me and many others in. I'm not someone who is going to watch a Texas Chainsaw type movie. TWD was more about people than zombies. I could never stand to watch someone I love be beaten and mauled, and we have grown to love these characters. AMC should be ashamed they allowed this to air. Unless they put out some kind of notice that this type of person on person graphic violence will cease to be part of the story, I'm done. It's like the series has run out of good stories and is into shock and awe! AMC, you blew it.
  • Not bad, but just too slow ...

    It's like another one of those mystery movies' endings, when it ended and you've no idea what's happening, that's how it feels when viewers seen it through the "FEAR factors" in Rick's confused and "sodomized" brains of sh!t that Negan putted him through. Too much non-fiction in this sh!t, just like Microsoft (the old one that made Windows 7), has a lot of money and still want to skimp it due to budgets. Money wise like waters in a stream going through small rocks, roles has to be cutted or "paused" so the actors can takes their times out in other TV series or movie makings other than the TWD, it's not bad after all as I've seen some TV series has suddenly stopped over a year or 2 from making the next season due to they couldn't afford to keep the main casts on the pay role. Non-fiction just like I said. But it's sad that it make you feel as much as like it's the end of the series and then it's all confused! That lessen the excitement when they're all dead in the end (not talking about the first episode of season 7), because you've already experienced it half stewed in the first episode of season 7. Worse of all they're still too civilized to use a marker pen to draw a line around that kid Carl's arm! C'mon, even national security of USA, India and NZ would use a razor or a very sharp knife to do that! No, the national security are not witches ...
  • Took it too far

    That was a disappointment. I get you are trying to make Negan hated, but that went a little too far. I love the show but last night took it to a place it didn't need to go.
  • Piss take

    You are absolute dicks for killing Glenn off I'm never watching another episode ever again why the fuck didn't you kill Karl?!!!!!
  • A Message for The Walking Dead's Producers

    You have to be aware that the madness of the current election has many of us trying to hold onto whatever light we can find in dim times.

    By going for an over-the-top depiction of two beloved characters' deaths you've made your viewers' days a little darker.

    That's not entertainment.
  • I had bad dreams about Glenn!!

    I have been with the show from the beginning but after last night I will never watch this show again. OMG it make me sick to my stomach to watch Glenn die. I even kept telling myself it was someone dreaming and they would show them waking up but they never did and so I turned the channel. I went to bed and had dreams about Glenn getting killed this way. WHY this way??? I'm done. No more walking dead for me.
  • horrible season 7

    I am very disappointed glen and Abraham dies u fucked up the series u stupid people. that's horrible what yours done
  • Walking dead has died

    Episode was poorly crafted from the writing to the direction to the execution. Sadistic CRAP. My Choice change the channel. There is no longer any substance - just gore driven sensationalism. Reminiscent of the ISIS executions - any sponsor should be looking seriously at leaving this mess. I won't find it hard to do something else from now on.
  • Still sick over last night's premier

    Too much gore for prime time Seasons 1-3 love this show, but last night was too much for me and if I had kids they would not be allowed to watch. I think next Sunday I will watch just the Strain and forget about AMC, the premier left me thinking about the old series Lassie finding her way home. I wish I could have tuned into a re run of that series, stress of way too many commercials and gore, gore, gore and me yelling at my tv who did ya kill, me reeling and my poor hubby saying what the heck are you watching! That type of gore doesn't equal a peaceful end of the weekend how many fans need therapy after that... producers went to far, and this is one fan that may not be returning.
  • TWD Has "Turned"

    There was a point in the Season 7 opener where Rick could have done some damage control and taken a chunk out of Negan. Isn't that what we were all waiting for? I was! Somebody besides Daryl needed to try and get a grip on this situation. Negan's notion that he could take Rick for a ride by himself could have been his "Achilles heel". Rick could have injured him, at least, and the race would be on to see who makes it back to the hostage location first. Should have, could have ... well, it's too late now. :( We definitely didn't need to see Glenn with his eyeball bulging out like that ... WOW ... GROSS!!! I "get it" that there is a shock value element at play here, but this was too much to cope with, especially in front of Maggie. It just made me sad, period. Can we have some respect for the characters that we have come to know so inimately? Did anyone else feel traumatized and disgusted? Is this how the audience is SUPPOSED to feel? Is this some kind of MK-Ultra psyop on the American public? WTF?!! We have come to expect certain things from these characters at this point. The real (original) Rick would have snapped and put that axe right in Negan's face. Give me a break!!! It would have been an all-out war. This is what the viewers wanted: some temporary redemption and resolution. But no ... We get nothing! This is a joke. This is what we waited for. Can Season Seven be a dream sequence? Please?
  • TRULY DISGUSTED!!! no long a fan

    You took that violence way too far The Walking Dead!!!! It is truly disturbing that you would think that that episode was OK. I didn't even finish the episode I was discussed with Abraham and truly heartbroken with Glenn. Killing zombies is one thing people are trying to live, but you tied up people not zombies put them on there knees and beat them over the head with a baseball bat violently and show that on TV
  • Disappointed

    I think they went to far with killing Glenn and Abraham the way they did. Am so disappointed how they died. That was my last time Iam watching the walking dead
  • The Day Has Come When I will No Longer Be (A Fan)

    We live in a society where children get suspended from school for chewing their pop tarts into the shape of a gun. And we are horrified at the broadcast of ISIS beheading people. Yet we call this entertainment. .What a debauched society we have become! We are truly F____d up.
  • My title is not clever, it was just over the top too much

    I cried! Not only because it was gory, it was what the makers of the series turned The Walking Dead into. Al the time I saw hope and somehow a group surviving a world disaster. But this horrible violence against our heroes is too much for me.

    I will not watch the show anymore. I don't need to have this kind of "entertainment" and prefer to watch Z nation, which is a lot more fun.
  • Last Nights Episode Made My Soul Leave My Body

    This Episode Was Just Too Much!!! I Would Have Rather For Abraham And Glenn To Get Bitten by Zombies Rather Than Negan Beat Their Freakin Heads In!!! The Walking Dead Isnt About Zombies Hope The Next Episodes To Come Arent This Damn Brutal
  • You lost another viwer (not that you care)

    I will not be watching "The Walking Dead " anymore.

    I watch shows to be entertained, not emotionally bludgeoned.

    I leave that to life
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