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The Walking Dead

Sunday 9:00 PM on AMC Premiered Oct 31, 2010 Between Seasons



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  • Clone?

    Perhaps I'm missing something? They killed off Bob Stokey, who was a young black male with a partial medical background and obvious personnal problems. Then, almost immediately, they replaced him with Noah. Noah is a young black male with a partial medical back ground and obvious personnal problems. What is the point of cloning Bob?
  • My personal view

    I have been binge watching almost 5 seasons in 3 weeks, but I stop now and I try to comprehend what I saw:

    This is not a bad series, nor is it a very good one. I really like the post-apocalyptic landscape around Atlanta. Tim Surette mentioned it a couple of times in his reviews. I like most of the characters, especially Rick, Beth and Carol. This show partly focuses on the background and their development throughout this whole incident. But I guess it would have been nice to see, what the people did before Zombies break loose. Some characters mention their early lifes . the Governeur, who said he was a family man and a loser in his job...

    Another point: I really would like to know if this all is set free via a virus or is it magic and they are Undead. It would be very good for me to know for my perspective! Hints were given all the time, like severed heads are still biting. In this case even the ugliest virus couldnt do this ;)

    But in S1E6 when the group entered the CDC-building it was said otherwise, whatever

    Nevertheless, the best of this show is the focus on how fragile the human mind is, how people can change in the face of death and start to kill others, or eat them, or cultivate zombies ... So i think this show earns a solid 7.

    Btw: Loving those gay-hater comments underneath this one, so funny
  • ruining the show !!!!

    there is not 1 guy that watches this show wants to see some gay, *** , or what ever kissing each other. i don't care how much i love watching this show. i will stop for sure. i have not missed a single show from the beginning. last week show rating !!! 1
  • l need alink

    If any one can give me adirect link for the last episode I will be grateful
  • Totally worth it

    LOVE this show, highly recommend it to anyone thinking about watching the show
  • Watch Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 11 The Distance Full/Free:- link 1o)

  • Still a loyal follower

    Lots of people seem to have gotten bored with TWD and have taken to criticizing every little thing they can about it, but when I truly love a show, I stick with it through the good and bad. Honestly though, there is no "bad". I appreciate the sentimental moments and I'm not just tuning in for bullets and hacking, which is what people seem to expect every minute. I overlook things that are meant to be overlooked because it's television. You won't ever hear me saying OMG THAT GUN HOLDS 12 BULLETS BUT IT SHOT 13! Just let it go, people. This show must still be doing something right if it makes me rush to the living room with butterflies in my stomach every Sunday night. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
  • Used to love this show!

    I used to love this show but now it's just long walks in the woods. Ever since I started watching Banshee it makes this show look like a chick flick! Get it going or I'll be going!!!
  • excellent show

    love the show.... me encanta....
  • "Them"

    I did not enjoy this episode none what so ever. It was probably the most boring episode I've seen so far. I've been disappointed in past episodes, but this one took the cake. My wife tuned out and stopped watching it before the newest season started and I'm just about done. I wait a whole week to watch a new bull crap episode. 'I'm done; one less viewer.....
  • I'm in mourning...

  • Doomed and Groomed!

    All things considered it's almost impossible to find a safe place! They should consider building a tree house near facilities that have plenty of stock items and Gas for the many road trips planned ahead! Why not start driving in some fancy car's too!
  • whats wrong with ur heads

    when u going to get off your brains and stop killing off all the good people and bring 2 of them back Beth and tyreese u are wrecking the show
  • Best SHOW EVER.

    Great show, amazing plot. But WHAT HAPPENED TO BETH?!?!?!
  • They should stop making nuclear cliff hangers

    It starts good, then they only talk, then one moment where there is action, then they leave a cliffhanger, then the next episode the same, and third it ends the cliffhanger. And damn, are the staff on vacation 24/7?

    I like all the Shows, But they have started strecthing it out!!

    They need to keep it going to keep the show going!!

    It has been getting slower & slower, Pick it up!!

  • Missed Opportunity

    Whilst I'll never stop watching TWD, unless it becomes unbearable and does an acrobatic jump across multiple sharks - this show's potential was killed by poor writing. Season one started TWD off incredibly with clever writing, intriguing characters and an epic scope. Since season 2, the show has sold out by reusing a tired formula year-in-year-out. The formula that we've seen so many times before includes the group being separated, threatened by a new "bad guys" group of survivors, and building up cheap tension over 7 episodes so that everyone tunes in for the "must see" mid-season/season finale where there's a big showdown... until it's repeated all over again. TWD has been brilliant in the past, with the likes of the first season, the Rick/Shane/Lory debacle, the governor and most recently the explosive season 5 premiere. However I feel the soul of the show has been lost. The "character development" of the last 2 seasons seems forced down our throats. TWD has tried to spend quality time zooming in on each member of the ensemble cast at the expensive of spending enough time with any one character. I miss genuine moments with our favourite characters. I'm slowly losing hope in this show as it regurgitates very familiar story-lines and employs tired TV tactics from the likes of 24-style cheap action suspense and soap-opera-like pitiful character development. TWD needs a revival of it's heart and soul with fresh writing that respects the intelligence of it's viewers.
  • This Show is Not Walking Among the Dead

    Walking Dead continues to get better and better, and is showing no signs of stopping. Season 5 has contained some of the best character developments, action, and shocking villains in the show's history. It continues to surprise and enter into new depths. Cannot wait for February!
  • Disappointing

    The walking dead was one of my favorite shows for the first 2 seasons Then the 3rd season came along and it became a soap opera with the occasional zombie after that. Really disappointed that they stretched it out and made it boring and had every main character become annoying.
  • LULZ!!! beth died

    My reaction when Beth died O_O

    Reaction to everyone else on the show's reaction to Beth's death -_-

    I seriously don't see why do many people are angry over Beth dying. First off, she bought baby scissors to a motherfucking gun fight. She could've just went with the group and let Noah be, but she had to be Miss Dumbass and attempt to kill Dawn with a pair of frickin scissors.

    Second, Beth only became relevant to the show when she was with Darryl for that period of time when the group got split up.

    Seriously she had been on the show since season 2, and didn't really get noticed until the last half of season 4. I never really cared for her character, and her death (although it did surprise the hell outta me) had no overall effect on me.

    I'm just pissed that we've gotta wait till February to see more episodes.
  • why beth? why????

    why "beth" need to die?!?!?! whyyyyyyyyyy?????!!
  • I really dont understand Walking Dead phenomen

    Pretty good idea for the show, but plot is about running in circles and talking about feeling (of course there is also some gore). Character development? Maybe during season 1-3, but what about 4 and especially season 5? It's really silly and painfull to watch show. Plot twists? I think writes une Plot Twist Generator (via www)...

    Game of Thrones is amazing, well-written, and I just can't wait for another season. Walking Dead? No thank you. Walking Dead games are far more interesting.
  • Questions Left Unanswered

    I love The Walking Dead, but the Season 5 fall finale is so devastating that it got me thinking and asking. First, why don't people go to a place where it snows, or why hasn't it snowed in the show? Walkers are attracted to heat; therefore, they must be repulsed by cold. Well, if I'm a walker I will surely shun the snow. It'll make me brittle and shatter me into pieces. Second, will the good die first when apocalypse comes? Everyone, including the protagonists in the show, has his/her own agenda. It's an everybody-wants-to-rule-the-world thing. Instead of banding together, people make life harder than it already is. Last, are there no other survivors in other countries who can come to the aid of those stricken by the epidemic? But then again, if everything has a resolution, the show wouldn't last long, and I wouldn't want that.
  • A Major Missing Piece

    I caught up with this series on Netflix and just finished season 3 and have a major concern: I'm a gulf/Iraq war military vet and so is my husband, some of the best soldiers on the field who has fought with me and my husband were Black men. This show does not have any. I don't like shows that do not show black men surviving; I mean not one single one. This is why for me it is NOT a show that I can get into because it is NOT my reality. All they had to do was add one Black male with strength and kept him in the series and it would have been the best series ever shown. So sad! Two of our closest friends that fought with us and Black pointed this out to me and my husbands yesterday at a party and they were right. I'm giving it a 2 now.
  • A Huge Daryl + Beth Fan Here!

    Amazing! Amazing! Amazingly Series Ever Created!!!
  • Moving right along

    I like the pace of this current series!
  • keep going

    best zombie show ever
  • where are the animals?

    After the episodes with the cannibals I started wondering what happened to all animals. Except rabbits and birds nothing seemed to survive. Or are they eaten by the zombies? Or would they attack them?
  • genial

    mal wieder was fr zombis-freak,klar,jede serie hat hhen und tiefen,aber im grossen und ganzen,einfach hammer!!!!!!!
  • Social comment

    For me show became a metaphor of growing up - in the beginning of your life every asshole (walker) seems to be a threat, by the time u grow up they r only dangerous in bunches... and u learn how to deal with them in ur own special way.

    Imagine an episode where they come to Washington, have to go to the White House for some reason (I would even go there for no reason) and the whole heads of state, generals incl the president have turned - wouldnt that be a cool in-to-your-face episode? haha After they kill them off they could comment like: nothing changed :-)

    Or they come to Hollywood and all the famous people we all know turned? or even better: they come to the filming set of TWD and confront their walker-actor-doppelganger :-) I know, it wont happen, but it would be soooo awesome :-)

    Please, TWD producers, hire me as a screenplay writer :-)

    I love the show. Period.
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