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  • Disappointed

    I think they went to far with killing Glenn and Abraham the way they did. Am so disappointed how they died. That was my last time Iam watching the walking dead
  • The Day Has Come When I will No Longer Be (A Fan)

    We live in a society where children get suspended from school for chewing their pop tarts into the shape of a gun. And we are horrified at the broadcast of ISIS beheading people. Yet we call this entertainment. .What a debauched society we have become! We are truly F____d up.
  • My title is not clever, it was just over the top too much

    I cried! Not only because it was gory, it was what the makers of the series turned The Walking Dead into. Al the time I saw hope and somehow a group surviving a world disaster. But this horrible violence against our heroes is too much for me.

    I will not watch the show anymore. I don't need to have this kind of "entertainment" and prefer to watch Z nation, which is a lot more fun.
  • Last Nights Episode Made My Soul Leave My Body

    This Episode Was Just Too Much!!! I Would Have Rather For Abraham And Glenn To Get Bitten by Zombies Rather Than Negan Beat Their Freakin Heads In!!! The Walking Dead Isnt About Zombies Hope The Next Episodes To Come Arent This Damn Brutal
  • You lost another viwer (not that you care)

    I will not be watching "The Walking Dead " anymore.

    I watch shows to be entertained, not emotionally bludgeoned.

    I leave that to life
  • Kill nigan

    I don't know what to say, why gellen why abraham this was the worse episode i ever seen.
  • Amazing!!! Can't wait till next week

    Best episode yet, all you people in here saying too gory, too much killing wake up! What the hell do you think you are watching, go back to full house and stop writing bad reviews on probably the best episode yet, its a world ruled by zombies and you cant handle death, why were you ever watching in the first place, you guys go back to full house, AMC keep doing your thing, you eill attract more of an audience with this epsiode than any other and for the others good riddance, don't change the style #bestshowontv, #lucile, #thewarbegins, BRAVO writers and i can't wait to see what you come up with next, the funny part is most of you will ne watching next week lmao
  • I'm done.

    This show has lost the plot. The gratuitous enjoyment of violence is sickening and upsetting. I flat out refuse to believe that the majority of people are evil at their core. Good television is about people that we find engaging and relatable not about getting off on people in pain. I honestly believe that if you enjoyed that show you should be seeking help. It's not normal and it's sure as shit not okay.
  • Dark, and done

    I felt sick at the end of the last season, and when tonight's show started, the nausea and tears returned. I was really hoping that this opener would be about Morgan finding the new group, and somehow they would show up and take out Negan before he had a chance to hurt them. But then horrible episode happened. This little group had overcome so much, and was finally in a place where survival had a chance and then this, writers just took this to a very dark place, an unnecessary place. I don't know how many more shows I will watch, I've left shows over much less than this. There's no coming back, not really. This wasn't creativity, this wasn't about breaking Rick, this was someone's inner sadistic cruelty being played out on television. There was so much more you could have done, and I'm sorry you think that this is what it took to show your audience that you have more to write about. I think I'm done, and from the messages I'm reading from friends, they feel the same way. If this is what we have in store, thanks but no thanks.
  • Disappointing

    Very been a fan from the beginning and have always looked forward to watching the show. I can't say I feel the same way anymore.
  • Disturbing

    Wow! I had to stop watching, it really went too far. The show was already losing my interest and the zombie noises were annoying, but this was the clincher. You lost me as a viewer.
  • Episode 701 stepped over the line

    I quit watching when the unveiling of "who got hit with the bat" was shown in gory detail and it took 45 minutes and too many commercials to get there. I watch very little tv and when I do, it's for entertainment. Over the top gore just isn't entertaining.
  • went too far

    I had to calm down before I commented, because I turned the shown off after seeing what you let happen to Glenn. I'm sorry but, you just took it too far. Please never put out another episode that horrendous. I wanted to quit watching right then. It was not what fans want my sister I'm sorry to say won't be back to watch. Being in a chat room while watching a few more felt the same. The movie ended leaving everyone feeling sick. I'm on the line. I don't want to watch a movie that leaves me with this kind of feeling..........
  • The whole damn show

    You've got to be kidding me. TWD producers y'all are a bunch of clueless pricks. Just gonna kill Glenn like that. Why not Eugene. He was worthless to the group. And Abraham, really. You just lost about 150 viewers here. Whole family hates y'all now. Y'all might as well cancel the whole show. It's pointless now. Y'all could have came up with great material. Or are y'all too stupid. That's my guess.
  • Over It

    Wow, I'm so over this show I'm not even surprised who was killed! Should have left those from the very beginning alive though; it's just getting really old and I had some hope four people would survive! Rick, Glen, Darrell and Morgan are the only ones I really gave any damn about anymore.
  • the cliffhangers

    Hey, did you know that you don't need to end every single damn episode with a cliffhanger? Fun fact. Also, what's this bullshit not showing who Negan killed? We already waited an entire summer, needless to say I won't be watching TWD anymore
  • Watch Walking Dead Season 7 Online

    Just finished season 6. Apparently the writers can't come up with new material so they just recycle. Its the same as season 4 and 5 just add a couple new characters and take away a couple old ones. New villains but the same old story. Caught by bad guys, outgunned and outnumbered and somehow miraculously escape. And they still haven't figured out how to travel. Let's all get into the same vehicle so if we're ambushed we're all screwed. And the Morgan episode? That sucked! Just more filler. Time to write an ending.

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  • Spoiler

    I absolutely love this show but a reallY annoying thing is that they have really long flash backs like basically watching a whole episode over again. Like if I wanted to watch that again I'll go back to that episode

    Super sad! About Glenn!
  • same ol' same ol'

    Just finished season 6. Apparently the writers can't come up with new material so they just recycle. Its the same as season 4 and 5 just add a couple new characters and take away a couple old ones. New villains but the same old story. Caught by bad guys, outgunned and outnumbered and somehow miraculously escape. And they still haven't figured out how to travel. Let's all get into the same vehicle so if we're ambushed we're all screwed. And the Morgan episode? That sucked! Just more filler. Time to write an ending.
  • Spoiler alert

    The show was awesome I've been watching since day one none of my family even knew about it until I told him now they're all hooked I know for a fact who dies it's Aaron even know he lives on in the comic books but he dies on the show sorry everybody it's none of your favorites if you pay attention at the last moments before he picks you dies Negan walks past Rick and you can see the shadow on the left side of Rick's face going from left to right and the people that are sitting to Rick's left the black chick but I don't know her character's name Rick's son the fake scientist and of course Aaron and before he kills that person he looks to his right and looks to his left talking to the remaining people and says if anybody says anything cut the boy's other eye out and feed it to his father it has to be Aaron if you noticed the tree in the background is lined up directly with Aaron where he was sitting if I had $1000000 to bet anybody million Aaron is the one for sure without a doubt !!!! I'm a genius and I know it
  • Stunned

    I was so upset there is a group of us that have been watching since the beginning. And now I don't know if I want to watch anymore
  • !!read this!!

    At the end of the season had most of the core crew all on their knees and one is gonna get it.. I hated to see Rick and everyone in a spot like that. I wish they would bring some big name to be a hero for a few episodes, dave every one and go out undera pIle of walkers after killing a main badguy. Someone big like the Rock or Tom cruise or Steve Harvy. Either way I hope all our main cast stay alive and beat this obstacle.
  • . Unbelievable

    It's gone south with the season finally.
  • I've had enough

    Ever since Rick showed his true colors, 'This is not a democracy' I've been a bit wary of him. Now, it seems none of these guys are the 'good guys' any longer. I'm sort of glad Rick and the bunch were taken down a notch but it's way to grisly for me. I'm deleting from my DVR. There's no point in watching a show that actually makes me feel ill.
  • It needs a little help!

    I love TWD, but I have to agree with JEWELSRAN and I hope our comments help turn the show around. The ones that they are trying to use as major characters like Eugene, Sasha and Abraham are not interesting. Eugene should be on Carol's level by now. They want to make him such a brainiac and his character would have worked out great if they would have finally shown that he was actually useful. Poor Sasha is so introverted and still acting dramatized, like no one else is going thru the same s*** that she is a total disappointment to me when they include her in scenes. They need to change her character to one that can do some super stunts or keep her at home. Oh and for Abraham, they are trying to make him a HO! I guess he knows now that he isn't the last man on earth. I believe the show will go downhill from here if Rick, Carl, Daryl, Carol, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie or Erin is killed off.

  • Cliffhanger to end season 6? Really?

    That's it. I'm done.
  • Has Become a Joke

    Used to be quite a good show. Now it's just really bad, 8 episodes out of 10.

    Season 1: 6/10

    Season 2: 8/10

    Season 3: 4/10

    Season 4: 7/10

    Season 5: 6/10

    Season 6: 3/10
  • The worst season so far!

    Season six has to be the worst season yet. I can't believe how weak and inept an entire cast of characters can become virtually overnight it seems. Each character looked as if the didn't know how to survive all of a sudden in the last 2 episodes.

    How can the writers make the story turn so unbelievable? It's amazing how easy most of the characters let themselves get caught so many times.

    It's also amazingly unbelievable and stupid how powerful you made Neegan! I mean really? Nobody in the zombie apocalypse is going to be able to have that much power and influence over so many people. You might as well have just lined up the entire main cast and shot them for replacement.

    And yes the producers suck for writing the season the way they did, boring episodes, turning characters into idiots, Neegan and his group equal to superheroes, the list goes on and on.

    So finally I'm so disappointed with the show that I won't be watching it anymore and I hope it ends soon with a whimper like the season 6 finale.
  • jewelsran

    I just finished watching the final Season 6 episode and I'm telling you right now if one of the major actors/actresses get killed off the show, I will stop watching it. The main group is the most exciting thing about the Walking Dead and that they always pull through no matter what, so to see one of them get knocked off the show would be heart wrenching. Producers don't kill off the major players of this group!!!! PLEASE! If I'm giving the final show a rating, I'm sorry, it's a one, I can't stand watching this group getting tortured!
  • number one show in the world

    if you dont like the show don't watch it.

    but for the ppl that like it what a @^$%*&^@$%*&^ ending to season 6 hummmmmmmm what can i say????

    i will be waiting 6 long months for it to restart cant wait...

    ps... i am still in shock with season 4 episode 14 ( the grove ) i got goosebumps.

    keep the episodes coming
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