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  • clean slate.

    I think the mid-season ending was necessary to tie up heaps of loose ends from previous seasons and show runners. I think he has opened up the world for more story telling and individual adventures etc. I think in season 3 we will see a different direction. The Gov had to go and i think in a few was so did Herschel. I'm excited for the huge amount of possibilities in Feb!!
  • Its just ridicilous

    Its just ridicilous, its moving along like a snail for 7 episodes then everything changes for one episode. My bet is that it will move like a snail for another 7 eisodes starting in february, anybody see the repetetive pattern. Its just like Prison break, when they had half a season for breaking out, then failed, then used the other half to do the same again. This will probabloy end up like lost With no answers andno ending.
  • In memory of Herschel

    This man has seen nothing but dark days ever since they ending of season when times were tough he would still find the good in a bad had found the light in people hearts,even those who were surround by darkness. He had taught everyone to stay strong even while they were weak,I believe no one will ever forget his words of wisdom. Rest in peace "Herschel"
  • More Details

    I would love to know how Carol is doing. Where's she going? How's she getting along? I would like to finally find out who was feeding the walkers rats. Also, can Rick finally tell Daryl that Carol isn't coming back so that Daryl can go look for her.

  • More science and back story please

    The Walking Dead is getting quite tedious (dying on its feet). Same old, same old. I'd like to know more about what is happening in the wider world and the significance of the helicopter in s01e01. We've followed them for a few years now and there has been essentially no overriding story. Everyone carries a virus (?) that turns them into zombies when they die (if, that is, they're not torn to pieces). Why do the zombies not continue to decompose once deceased? What is their metabolism? Why don't they fall apart over time? I'd like the story to expand and for the characters show a greater inquisitive interest in their predicament.
  • For haters

    People please stop watching it if you did not like it. But just don't drop your irrelevant nonsense comments here. This is area is for fans! Nobody give a dime if you think show is plane or it should finish..

    AMC will be keep renewing this awesome show because ratings are fantastic. Comic book and games will be keep coming. This show will be around for a while so cry me a river and leave the rating meter alone.
  • Mhh..

    One thing: I find it a little bit hard to believe that a knife goes through the skull that easily...
  • amazing n suspenseful

    two thumbs up! one of the best shows on n no other show like it!
  • It's OK

    This show has caught my attention and has a lot of good moments but I wouldn't miss it if it was gone. I'm not saying it's bad either. I'd give it a 5.5 or solid 6. I'm still following it from time to time but it's often one of those shows that if I turn the station during a commercial break I can often forget to change it back if I find something more interesting on a different station. Then again some episodes have captured my attention when I find them interesting. Even though I love horror and watch everything from Ghost stories, Vampires, Werewolves, Aliens, Science Experiments gone wrong, to Time Travel I do get a little bored if TV shows and movies focus too much on any one type of theme and I sort of feel the zombie premise is getting old. Also considering that a lot of zombie movies and shows just haven't been that good. For example Land of the Dead was OK but not good by any means, the remake of Day of the Dead & Dawn of the Dead fell flat even though I did enjoy several scenes. And the Walking Dead has had some terrible characters, boring long winded scenes, and then just leaned on the cliche' ACTION as a crutch. Some of it is touching, deep, and spooky which I like but not enough to be intellectually stimulating past it's shock value. It's basically a Soap Opera with Zombies thrown in. Again I'm not saying I hate it or that it's bad but it certainly could do a lot better. I think they should bring in some fresh writers or idea-men.
  • This show blows di**

    Seriously it's been dragging on long enough like seriously shouldn't all the zombies be killed off by now, cuz of the fact that the cast is the only "so called humans N are away from the zombies, thus the zombies not having anything to feed on?? fu**in stupid and unbelievable.
  • david lawson

    i realy like it because rick and his son is in it but i hate that lori died when she had her baby.
  • Norman Reedus to Infinity and Way Beyond

    Luv Luv this show! The Season 4 premier was a little tame, but the writers are phenomenal and so I'm sure we're just getting started. This zombie fest that focuses on the characters is always entertaining and thought provoking.
  • Episode 401 "30 Days Without an Accident"

    The season 4 opener "30 Days Without an Accident" was filled with suspense and rates high on the creepy-meter. The big question the Governor? is tirelessly looking for him. Overall, this was a pretty good episode. It was full of zombies and a creepy woman. Who ever heard of zombies piling up on a fence and falling through a mall ceiling. Good stuff. The effects and make-up were once again, top-notch. Let's just hope season 4 is the same.
  • The best

    my favourite series of all sorry for this who dont get it
  • 7 months and counting...

    7 months.. is it really??? yes it is... and counting. I don't get it. why so long. Come on AMC. Don't bring an already failing tv show back to us after such a long time. After season 2 it all went down. This season has to be AMAZING otherwise you will loose a lot of your fans.. and credits.

    i think AMC is the best on creating keep going guys we realy like you
  • Walking Dead World...

    the setups and studio;s are amazing AMC rockz as always ,I think they have brought a city and make them as real zombie place AMC has another legend going on "REMEMBER MY NAME " everything on AMC was amazing...

  • its not the best thing out there but worth a watch.

    The Walking Dead started on a bright note with the whole survival issue associated with zombie francise but by season 2 it deteriorated into a soap opera, i hope the new season improves with a new set of zombies that are dangerous to the survivors which to better scripts and writing from the show.
  • From a lover of zombie flicks... it's terrible!!!

    First up, I'll say that I'm a fan of the horror genre and specifically zombie movies in particular. The Walking Dead is SO bad! I've seen it all before. It's really soft, and really badly written. The main character is not likeable or believable as a law enforcement officer. And I'm talking about season 1 which is supposed to be the best. I only saw the first two episodes, because it was so bad. By reading a few other of these reviews it seems the show only goes downhill from Season 1. I'll pass!
  • The Walking Dead Season 4

    The Walking Dead Season 4 is the 4th season of AMC television show "The Walking Dead," and is the reimagination of the Apocalypse comic book series The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. www. thewalkingdeadseason3. com
  • It's SHIT

    the walking dead is full of unlikable characters played by terrible actors speaking boring dialogue all raped up in a shity plot
  • Too damn good.

    This show just keeps getting better. Every episode is darker and just more brutal than the last as you dig into the apocholypse, and thats after the first episode involved the shooting of a turned 8 year old girl. And I loved every f***ing minute of it. Keep um coming!
  • Best Show Ever

    I love this show so much that i don't miss one single episode EVER. I am concerned though about the upcoming season because of all the people they have decided to take care of. I worry there won't be as much action as the last season because now they have a lot to risk. I really hope i'm wrong.
  • the walking dead

    Love it

  • In my head,in my head,zombie!

    The first zombie tv show I started something else,than constantly vampire tv shows.

    The zombies are very 'real' and the plot is great! Not many episodes in season 1(only 6) but it's so good!
  • One Of My Favorites

  • Bring on season 4.

    I love TWD. It is a great show. This would have to be the most accurate decription of how shit would go down if it were real.
  • Meh..

    The Walking Dead looks good. I'll give you that. Season 1 is fast paced and packed with action, but season 2 is a lot slower... the big problem with me is the acting and actors. It's 10 supermodels trying to do a southern accent and laying the drama on pretty thick. The acting kept kicking me out of the suspense and the plot; very annoying.
  • Brilliant

    Well executed and very entertaining. A brilliant concept of a post-apocalyptic era.
  • Season 4 notes:

    I LOVE all the original characters that were left at the end of Season 3! I was starting to worry, seeing that there aren't many people left in the group.

    Thank heaven; they brought in a busload of new ones to serve as zombie feed in season 4!

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