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  • Terrible Season Finale

    With the exception of a handful of episodes I am so damn tired of the writers drawn out character transformation of Rick. After an entire season of wandering aimlessly struggling with manic depression somehow Rick miraculously transforms inside of 1 day back to the old "kick ass and take names" Rick of the past? What a waste of a season. The writers are obviously relying heavily upon their assumed ignorance of the fan base and our obvious inability to follow a more realistic story line. And what the hell is up with Mr. Mullet scientist? Really? would take him seriously any day.
  • Terrible Finale

    what about Beth, And Carol and doesn't ask about Judith first thing and Maggie doesn't ask about Beth fist ... I think we may be looking at a Hero's type future.
  • Rare Gems and The Suspension of Disbelief.

    I only started watching TWD 4 days ago, and I'm half way through season 4 now. I have only a few opinions to share, not that my opinions are worth the time it will take to write them, but that's the beauty of having opinions.

    1. The Apocalypse Is Enough.

    My main problem with this show is simple: It's an apocalypse. With zombies. Seriously, it isn't made more interesting by the shallow self-inflicted drama the writers keep throwing in, and they seem to have a REALLY low opinion of women in general. In almost every episode, or at the very least in every detour the show takes over a few episodes, there's whole chunks of screen time given to utterly inane drama that is so irrelevant and unbelievable that I truly think most of these characters are too selfish, short-sighted and stupid to have survived as long as they have.

    I spent more than half of Lori and Andrea's screen time yelling "Just kill her!" at my screen, and cheered in both instances when they died. The writers have made me hate half the surviving human beings altogether... if that was their intention then my hat is off to them, but I suspect it was not. In fact, according to this show, there's only one rule for surviving a zombie apocalypse: immediately kill all the women that the zombies haven't killed already. This will extend your lifespan immeasureably.

    Solution: Add more emotional 'music video' scenes if your episode isn't filled with enough actual story to meet the time slot requirement. Just cut out the soap opera entirely!

    Perfect example: 35 minutes into episode 13 of season 3. Both sides driving back to their respective camps after the big pow-wow between Rick and the Govenor, followed by each side's 'character revelation' as they discuss and plan their next moves. It's set to an amazing song (Fink - Warm Shadow) and it is very powerful. It carries the whole episode.

    2. World's Worst Veterans.

    The second, but arguably more valid issue with this show is the utterly (and I mean Completely! Totally! Utterly!) unbelievable way the characters can only fight as well as the short term plot requires for any given scene.

    For example, when they first take the prison at 10 minutes into episode 1 season 3 , there are less than ten of them against anywhere from fifty to a hundred walkers, yet they clear the place in an afternoon. It is even remarked upon by the prisoners later... but after the outer fence is breached during the attack by Woodbury they are incapable of retaking the area despite having more people, more weapons and a safe base from which to operate.

    Michonne can cut her way through 20 zombies in 30 seconds whenever it pleases her, yet she gets taken down by just three of them 12 minutes into episode 2 of season 4... all so we can have a little bit of drama with Carl having to use a gun again to save her. It's cheap theatrics, and it only makes the next awesome fight scene completely unbelievable. Throughout the show they keep getting taken down by their own ineptitude, only to be saved at last second in some dramatic fashion.

    I've seen almost every one of the lead characters make a running headshot at 30 feet with a handgun, yet during the attack by Woodbury on the prison at 35 minutes into episode 10 of season 3, it takes something ridiculous like a hundred rounds from three people before someone manages to hit a stationery and silhouetted guy on top of the watchtower using scoped rifles and assault weapons!

    In the scene that Rick and Carl defend the courtyard from the wave of walkers that come through the fence at 35 minutes into episode 5 of season 4, how many did the two of them kill? They had no more skill, experience or hardware then than they did at other times, yet whole groups of these expert killers have been chased down and almost beaten by tiny packs of walkers, supposedly leaving you breathless with the suspense of how close they live to the very edge of death. The only reason I am breathless is from vehemently cursing at the show's failure to suspend my disbelief.

    Solution: Give the survivors some credibility by killing non essential characters when they make stupid mistakes or bad calls, but stop making us feel like the leads are only alive by chance and circumstance. They're a year or more into an apocalypse for heaven's sake!

    3. See No Zombie, Hear No Zombie.

    Finally, the extremely cheap suspense the writers try to eke out of having a zombie sneak up on, for example, Beth in the woods after the escape from the prison or Andrea in the woods heading for the prison after escaping Woodbury is so badly written it hurts my brain. Experienced hunters can sneak through woods. Ninjas can sneak through woods. Hell, I could probably sneak through woods if I was slow and patient. Zombies? No.

    Zombies cannot sneak, they cannot even detect and avoid spikes, pits or ANYTHING at all between them and their next meal. Any human being that fails to detect a zombie coming at them through the woods until said zombie is close enough to grab at them needs to die immediately and horribly for being so very very bad at what HAS to be the easiest part of surviving an apocalypse: hearing a brain dead walking corpse staggering through noisy terrain in your direction while groaning and breathing heavily.

    Solution: Raise the minimum IQ requirement of your target demographic by 15 points.

    So, why do I watch this show? For one reason only... small gems of brilliance that speak to something primal inside of me, and leave me squarely and believably smack in the middle of the most terrifying future imaginable: a world gone to hell, hunted by an implacable enemy that will never stop, fighting for survival at every step with very little of anything but shock, horror and loss in between, but all the more precious when it is found.

    If only those gems weren't quite so rare.

  • It's not the Walking Dead, it's this show is almost dead.

    Will someone do something to save what was once a great show. I understand the series is trying to "set up" to the reunion but its been so slow this season that I could come close to saying it has reached boring. But before I go there, let me acknowledge that each episode has had a twist and a few minutes making it redeemable. However, I pray they get back to the original shows where the entire hour was nail biting, hair pulling on the edge of your seat worth watching. Sorry Mika died, it would have been more intense if the struggle would have been shown and Mika ended up having to kill her sister but as it was it was worthy of the past seasons. I am sick of each of the parties dragging on and on, I am sick of hearing Maggie whine, Carol being so superior and sure of herself and most of all I am sick of not seeing Rick. Come on producers give us back our show and make the storyline what it used to be. We can not continue to admire and look forward to the show if you drag it out like this. .
  • cool

    i love it
  • You would also choose a house instead of the woods, wouldn't you ;)

    Dear film crew - location, location, location - we are all full now, of THAT road, THAT rail road track and THOSE woods. Human logic - no one would ever ever ever ever sleep in the open in the woods under the circumstances ! Didn't you learn that in s01 and s02, with your rediculous "tent fetish".

    You have such a good premise with the show. Please give the characters - if nothing else - just an average human intelligence ;) and let them laugh once in a while (of their own tragic situation maybe)

    You can do even better....
  • Worthless, overrated melodrama

    I was so excited about this when I first heard about it, but from the first episode, I have been disappointed. The first couple of episodes at least had some promise, but by the end of the first season, I didn't expect much anymore; yet it still managed to get worse.

    At this point, the show is a slow, tedious, boring, insipid, melodramatic, soap-operatic, hot, steaming, pile of... garbage.

    Nothing ever happens on this show, most of the episodes have at least two or three scenes of people just sitting or standing around staring at the ground or at each other or off into space thinking or feeling. It's one thing to spend a couple of seconds to convey that a character is struggling with emotions and despair and the like, but this stupid show spends 5-10 MINUTES doing this at least a couple of times per episode! In one episode, the show started with a five-minute long clip of Rick just driving down a long, empty road by himself, just staring off, with close-ups of his face for most of it. What the hell is that garbage? That is a useless waste of time. We don't need to waste five minutes of our lives to get that Rick has been through hardship. Idiots! In another episode, the show started with a five-minute clip of some new guy just walking around aimlessly, staring at the ground while some crappy music played in the background. Who cares There have been plenty of other similar wastes of time like when a bunch of people are sitting around and say two or three lines of dialog in a 10-minute scene, while the rest is just empty silence. Don't the show-makers understand that there is so much else on television and in life these days that viewers can't afford to waste time sitting around watching boring nothing happening? Garbage like this show may be entertainment in a zombie-apocalypse, but until then, we have countless better things to spend our limited, precious time on.

    No, the action sequences are *not* interesting or exciting. I maintain that nothing ever happens on the show. Once in a while they may shoot a few guns or some garbage, but that doesn't mean anything.

    Whenever someone does actually say something, it's usually some pathetic and infinitely redundant and repetitive expression of their grief and frustration. This show is not a zombie/horror show, it is a stupid soap-opera melodrama.

    In addition, the way they go so far out of their way to avoid using the word "zombie" is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen on television (including the likes of "Jersey Shore"). Why the hell do they do that? Do the show-makers think that gives the show an air of authenticity? If so, then they are reinforcing the proof of their ignorant ineptitude because if a zombie apocalypse were ever to break out in real-life, people would *immediately* start using the term zombie because that is *exactly what they friggin' are*. Nobody would make up stupid terms like "walkers"; well, nobody who doesn't want to try to sound "cool" but in reality is just being a loser douche-bag poser *trying* to sound cool. God help us if these idiots decide to make a vampire show; they characters would run (or more likely, very, slowly walk) around calling them "suckers". :roll:

    The only thing worse than a crappy show is a crappy show that *thinks* it's good because then it has no plans of improving because it thinks there is no problem. All the idiots who rave about this as though it isn't garbage are only helping to ensure that it stays garbage.

  • In This Life Now, You Either Kill Or You Die, Or The Show Dies And It Kills

    I remember how exciting it was during the first three seasons. By Season 4 it got very boring very quickly, more boring than doing a crossword puzzle. Even more boring than watching the clock tick slowly during a long sleepless night of chronic insomnia. It's like watching a completely different show. What started out as a successfully exciting saga of adventure, intrigue and action has turned into a painfully unbearable depression of sentimental dialogue and long walks in deserted parks. I tried putting up with 11 episodes, but by the 12th, I declare that I officially give up. I can no longer find the interest in pursuing the long-lost thrill of wanting to see who babbles & weeps next on the Boring Dead. My message to the writers of Season 4: you all took a potentially great show & you KILLED it! SLOWLY! VERY VERY SLOWLY!
  • Will stop watching this when they pry the remote from MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!

    I can't get enough of this sci-fi thriller!!
  • Woo! Zombies!

    Updated except web ep (13-14)
  • From bad to worse...

    "If I gave a rating to each season, 1 would be a 8/10, season 2 would be 5/10 (only reason it gets that good of score is because of the events that transpire during the last two episodes), season 3 would be 4/10 "

    I had to agree perfectly (but S2 would be 4/10 and S3 5/10), and this is a very sad thing because this was one of my favourites with The Wire, The Shield andf Breaking Bad...

    Love it. I don't need to say anything else.
  • Hoping for season 6 7 8 .......

    Excellence, quality, reality............ whats not present? great work... please keep it going.

    I am always keen on what will happen next....
  • The Breakthrough

    Character development with survivors like Michonne and Carl is something I've been waiting on for a very long time. Some argue that this episode was boring to sit through but this is a post-war episode. Don't expect a thriller. This episode really takes you inside the mind set of both Michonne and Carl, with alternating storylines. Michonne, who had finally found a safe haven and peace, is back to her repressed and faceless state, battling her emotions. Carl is trying to make himself believe he can press on in this ruined world without family, but as the episode goes on, he reveals the truth himself. Pretty excellent, but where's Judith?
  • A show that continues to fall short of excellence

    Unfortunately Walking Dead is a show that continues to fall short of excellence consistently over the course of each season. If I gave a rating to each season, 1 would be a 8/10, season 2 would be 5/10 (only reason it gets that good of score is because of the events that transpire during the last two episodes), season 3 would be 4/10 and the current season 6/10. The problem is there are too few really gripping moments in a vast sea of mediocrity. Now I'm not saying there needs to be cliffhangers and non stop action every episode but when we have a really really good episode like the Season 2 finale but with a long streak of terrible episode precedes it that's where I have a problem. I really want Walking Dead to be a consistently amazing show but it's just hindered by soap operaish melodrama and a slow build to the action.
  • The Walking Dead

    This show is absolutely thrilling. It is definitely the best survival during a zombie Apocalypse i have ever seen or heard of. I love this show so much! It is definitely sensitive to some viewers, and i would not recommend it for young children it may give them nightmares. This show has one of the best story lines in all of TV. I don't know what i am going to do when they stop making the show, probably just watch them over and over again.
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  • Raven77`s 200th review!!

    The 2nd best apocalyse show on (The 1st is The Stand mini-series) and it takes zombie apocaylpes to a whole new level. Gone are the cliches and in are the elements that make this show feel like a one of a kind. It can get pretty malvolent in several moments, but you can probally deal with it.
  • Judith

    Judith wont be dead, if they were going to kill off the baby they would have stuck to the comic and killed her with the mother, its quite obvious those young girls have the baby as they run off to probably go where the baby is after they saved tyrese, it will be a future happy reunion scene sumtime in the season for rick and carl, i would actually put money on it thats wat will happen
  • Can't Get Enough

    I believe this first half of season four started out a bit slow ,but as I continued to watch it only reinforced what was to come. Even though I'm upset Hershel, Judith, and Meagan died it's going to be interesting how the show carries on without them and how Rick and Maggie respond to the death of their family members. Also there are so many questions and fascinating plot twists in this mid-season finale, that I have have no idea how they are going to answer all our questions. In addition I wonder if the writers of the Walking Dead are going to manage Carol's story for the rest of the season and where is the show going to take place considering the prison is no longer available. This is was a very well done mid-season finale and makes me love the Walking Dead even more.
  • TWD Love

    I started this show on a whim I saw a couple friends rave about it, & so I checked it out. I was hooked from the very beginning! I didn't need my 3 episode rule on this. Which isn't something that happens very often! This is one of my can't miss shows!

    Personally I'm not much into horror or gore. Not really my thing, however TWD balances it all out quite nicely I believe. Do I like every character? No. Are episodes sometimes a little slower? Yes, but I don't feel that you can have some action pack zombie slaying fest every episode. Who would want to watch that? It would get boring, & there would be no room for interpersonal character development. We need the slower non zombie slaying eps to get to know the characters.

    I love it!

    but when i see more and more... i think.

    and how is going to finish this? Everybody is gona be zombie? they going to find a big farmaceutic company whos going to save everybody? so tipic the zombies theme i think

    Are you agree?

  • I love you, Darryl!

    Please TWD, don't kill Darryl. Especially not before he finds Carol again! I agree with others - this season was very draggy and then everything seemed to happen in this episode, but nonetheless I'm pleased as the quicksand that was the prison was going to be hard to leave without an explosion of some sort - literal in this case, what with the tank and Darryl's hard core destruction of it!

    I was sad about Hershel, he offered a lovely counterpoint in the otherwise bloody scrum that TWD could often be. I'm so glad the Gov is dead, and that Michonne and her sword were his downfall finally. He served a purpose in moving them on from the prison, but dear god his solo episodes were dull...

    Looking forward to new episodes and challenges for the characters in Feb :-)
  • clean slate.

    I think the mid-season ending was necessary to tie up heaps of loose ends from previous seasons and show runners. I think he has opened up the world for more story telling and individual adventures etc. I think in season 3 we will see a different direction. The Gov had to go and i think in a few was so did Herschel. I'm excited for the huge amount of possibilities in Feb!!
  • Its just ridicilous

    Its just ridicilous, its moving along like a snail for 7 episodes then everything changes for one episode. My bet is that it will move like a snail for another 7 eisodes starting in february, anybody see the repetetive pattern. Its just like Prison break, when they had half a season for breaking out, then failed, then used the other half to do the same again. This will probabloy end up like lost With no answers andno ending.
  • In memory of Herschel

    This man has seen nothing but dark days ever since they ending of season when times were tough he would still find the good in a bad had found the light in people hearts,even those who were surround by darkness. He had taught everyone to stay strong even while they were weak,I believe no one will ever forget his words of wisdom. Rest in peace "Herschel"
  • More Details

    I would love to know how Carol is doing. Where's she going? How's she getting along? I would like to finally find out who was feeding the walkers rats. Also, can Rick finally tell Daryl that Carol isn't coming back so that Daryl can go look for her.

  • More science and back story please

    The Walking Dead is getting quite tedious (dying on its feet). Same old, same old. I'd like to know more about what is happening in the wider world and the significance of the helicopter in s01e01. We've followed them for a few years now and there has been essentially no overriding story. Everyone carries a virus (?) that turns them into zombies when they die (if, that is, they're not torn to pieces). Why do the zombies not continue to decompose once deceased? What is their metabolism? Why don't they fall apart over time? I'd like the story to expand and for the characters show a greater inquisitive interest in their predicament.
  • For haters

    People please stop watching it if you did not like it. But just don't drop your irrelevant nonsense comments here. This is area is for fans! Nobody give a dime if you think show is plane or it should finish..

    AMC will be keep renewing this awesome show because ratings are fantastic. Comic book and games will be keep coming. This show will be around for a while so cry me a river and leave the rating meter alone.
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