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  • saison 3

    Nice look 3-streaming/
  • Season 4

    Season 4 starts Oct 14? or have i heard wrong?
  • this show is amazing

    i totally dig this series, i have seen so many zombie movies but this one in particular is awesome. the suspense is wonderful. i also wanna know when the next season will commence cos i cant wait.
  • I love this show!

    I love this show! It is one of my favorites and it is getting really good now!!!! Please keep it coming!
  • It's a plain zombie movie that just doesn't end (and it should!)

    I'm halfway season 2 now, but I am really done waiting for something to happen. The series pace is slow, real slow... And the writing is quite poor I must say. It's like the writers are split up in 2 camps: violence and drama, and they have to compromise.


    On one hand the show follows the typical horror-zombie genre rules. A lot of gore and over-the-top violence (ie the unnecesairy hacking at zombies which are allready slain, way to loud blood splash sounds that get really annoying), unrealistic scenario's and irrational choices, not to mention overacting, and somewhat flat characters.


    On the other hand it tries to focus on the human aspect of the situation, with a lot of ongoing drama and attempts to let the audience feel for the characters. Unsuccesfull, since we're not getting any substantial background on the characters and they don't really evolve during the show.


    Adding this up with the very slow plotline is the reason I quit watching the show. Even though I do like the genre and (strangely) a lot of people, including my friends, seem to like it.


    [Continued:] After a short break I started watching again. The speed picks up a little bit, and the characters evolve slightly. When you watch the show with very low expectations and resist being annoyed by the elements I described earlier (and the cheap writing in general) the show is entertaining enough to keep watching.


    Of course, there are plenty of other shows out there that have much more dept, but if you need to fill up some time between series, you could watch this and just laugh the bad parts away.
  • Just dumb.

    This is actually a pretty stupid show. First season was GREAT! But after that it went downhill really fast. Logic has no place in TWD it seems. Always on the search for food while 97% of the former population only eats human? All cars are suddenly broken? They drive around in a small city car? Just stupid. And they ought to portray wintered survivalists. For that they VERY often get sneaked up on by slow moving noise making 'walkers' . Oh, but on the other hand they are like the Flash. They can outrun a terrain car in an open field. Lots and lots of examples that defy logic are just incorporated into the show, in which nothing interesting happens anymore. A big letdown after a spectacular first season.
  • Kill the GOV already

    The last two years all they do a sit around a cower! the first year was great after that its been down hill. The original cast is almost gone and the new cast "The GOV" is SSSOOOO boring!! the guy playing him is horrible! kill him off PLEASE and move on.

  • the plots are better

    I think they should make the zombies more like resident evil more faster and smarter. Overall they are going the right direction they can deferentially keep the show going with camp wars and upgrade the zombies, i think that's whats going to happen but the last few eps has been boring but i love the show most def.
  • the stories are so boring

    the stories are so boring
  • 43 minutes of my life I'll never get back

    "Prey" was a really bad episode. Seems to have been written while sleeping or perhaps by a 10 year old. Run, chase, hide ... somehow the predator is just one step behind at all time. YAAAAWWWWWNNN. Been done a million times. The parts that developed the plot could have been added to the previous or next episode using under 5 minutes.
  • Confused Viewers

    For those of you hating on season three for not being more "zombiefied" and focusing more on other people, I think it is just the natural progression of the way of life. The zombies have never really been the focus of the show, so much as the setting for this character drama. In season 3, its been just over a year since the start so people are quite used to the zombies and kill them with ease and are so jaded with regard to their being around. It's the other living people are the real threat now. I am not a comic book reader but I was so taken with the show after season 1 that I HAD to read it b/c I just wanted more of that world. I would HIGHLY suggest reading them, perhaps it would offer you better insight into the people and the way the show is going. (btw, shane was terrible - he tried to rape lori in season 1 at the cdc. Not really a quality character if you ask me)
  • Missing Shane....

    Where's Shane on this banner, best character ever and he's not even there...
  • season 1 and 2 great the third not so much!

    Great show to watch! as much as i know it is the only one with zombies the plot is good season 1 and 2 are great! the third not so much about zombies but more about fighting other people (starting a small war) and that i did not like i would love if it goes back to it's roots more zombie survival and moving around places more often over all good show got to watch!!
  • nothing much seems to happen now

    I have become a bit disappointed with the Walking Dead, Each episode now seems a bit dull as nothing really happens, its going the way "Lost" went, started off well and then they seem to have ran out of ideas, and lost the plot.

  • The Boring Crap

    Season 1 was very good, season 2 still good enough, season 3 will be the last for me. They should rename the show in "The Boring Crap". Never before I saw a show started with such a furious first season and went down to such a boring crap after 2 and a half seasons.
  • eye patch

    Did anybody notice last night that the govenors eye patch was on the opposite eye to what is was before in the last episode he was in ????

    When I heard this show was about zombies I didnt even bother to watch because there are so much movies about zombies already. The zombie topic is overated and done tooo many times. But i was still curious so I checked it out. I couldnt even stay awake for one episode. This show has too much hype and not enough exciment. Id rather watch that boring old movie I Am Legend again then this. This show is dead to me.
  • This better pick up in season 4.

    This show has gone way downhill. The pace is horrendous. The comics are way way better even content wise. @ mrsmikehead, honestly if you let your kids watch this show the sex scene is the least thing you should be concerned about. Their is a rape scene in the comics that makes that episode look like sesame street. I am losing more and more interest in this show, they really need to rethink the pace. They have so much material to work with yet the execution is simply lacking.
  • No..... Just NO.

    Horrible SHOW!!! Cancel this horrible shit!
  • SOAP OPERA with Zombies - Lack of creative direction, a weak plot, and poor writing

    This show started the first season with such promise. I read all of the comics and had high hopes for this series. It stinks though. This series is like the Dallas Cowboys - lots of potential, lots of fanfare, but complete failure where it counts. Change the coaches.. and.. darn - still no results. This stuff is more like some garbage you'd see on the Syfy channel. It is a SOAP OPERA with zombies and some occasional action to try and pretend it's Here's a typical episode from season 2 or 3 - this character talks with that character, then some other characters have a heart to heart.. kill a few zombies.. more dialogue.. blah blah blah.. poop. I guess this is a testament to how stupid our society has become. I've probably fast forwarded through the majority of season 2 and 3 on my DVR. When shows like this gain this high of ratings it just means there isn't anything better to watch and nobody has anything better to do. I'm done. This show sucks and is getting worse every episode. I'd rather read a book, the anti-TV! Looking forward to the next comic issue though.
  • overboard

    One Rick should know better then to trust the gov.. two, was disappointed with the sex scene with kids watching this show, they went overboard with it. 3, disappointed there already only 3 shows left of the season, it just started, good grief. i do love the show though. Never miss it...
  • The Georgia Walking Dead

    I can't believe The Walking Dead has been on since 2010. When I first started watching I really didn't think it would last as long as it has. I guess another reason I love watching is cause it is in my home state of Georgia. The cast could not have been anyone else, they make you feel how they feel in the moments. It is just so believable. My 11 year old son got me into watching the show. I thought it was just going to be another boring old zombie show. But it is the very best zombie show , movie, or series I have ever watched.
  • Episode 12, slow

    Episode 12 lacked a lot of forward to a more exciting episode.

    John Bohan 86800773
  • once of the best

    Man this show is one of the best as of now. It's not cause it's about the zombies but the cool characters, acting and writing. I hope this show sticks around for a while.

    Plz let glen live for a while. He the only asian that represents us =)
  • Love it!

    They were already into season 2 before I finally decided to watch this show, and I'm so glad I did, Its awesome!
  • Good then bad then good again

    i liked season one, mostly just characters dealing with the new mid-apocolyptic world and how they've changed because of it. And also some awesome zombie killin scenes! Season one end was strong with a character opting to stay behind at the CDC and die on her own terms, which really they all shouldve done given they found out theres no cure and its a global disaster. I liked season 2 but thats just because i watched it in bulk so got to the end quickly. But really the whole "crazy-shane" thing went on too long, there was not enough zombie bashing, and that hunt for sophia was annoyingly long. However i reckon it was all worth it for the episode where they see zombie sophia walk out the barn. harrowing stuff.

    Season 3 started very strongly, some of the best episodes to date but i HATE Glenn now even though used to be one of my favourites just cause hes with that dull bint maggie. I hate her. Please kill her off! Id rather see her die than Andrea and thats saying something! Cant wait to see the governor get brutally murdered as hes starting to get annoying now too.

    thats the problem with this show, it keeps swinging from amazing to boring and then back again. Hopefully season 3 will pick back up.

    Overall the one reason everyone should watch this show?.... Daryl
  • Welcome To Zombie Nation!

    I was surprised that AMC Channel would have a somewhat graphic horror series based on a series of graphic novels, but it turned out to be the best horror series on TV.

    The Walking Dead takes place in a time when the United States was decimated after a plague of undead & a diverse group of people trying to survive.

    This show has the right amount of terror & human drama that makes this show worth watching, provided you don't mind the occasional graphic violence whenever the zombies claim another human victim. I happen to be a huge fan of the show & i will be anticipating on what happens next on the series.

    Just remember, it's only a TV series...
  • Is there any chance

    Andrea what are the chances that this one gets knocked off.

    I mean so far she 1. wrecking my head and 2. she has no loyalty granted the excuse "I'm tired of running" can be used but when push comes to shove she cut all ties with the group.

    So I will watch and wait for her ending.
  • where is the show going?

    I have watched every episode so far and I am starting to become seriously impatient with the show. I thought that the first season was by far the best for a variety of reasons. It's was simply brilliant in every conceivable way. It showed infinite promise. I looked at the second season as kind of a break. They found a place to stay and things were rather static and, let's face it, rather boring for most of the season. It picked up at the end and looked promising for season 3. As far as I am concerned season 3 is a total mess. There is nothing new or interesting that has been introduced. There is no sense whatsoever that the show is getting anywhere! The original concept that zombies were animated because of a virus that was causing part of the primitive brain to become active was a brilliant concept. It provided some credibility to the whole concept. Unfortunately several new concepts were introduced afterwards that were not based on that original concept. For instance when they mentioned that zombies needed to feed in order to sustain themselves. That's utter stupidity. A far better explanation that would explain where the zombies found the energy to continue moving about should have been something like the virus greatly reduces the rate of putrefaction in the zombies thus allowing them to survive for an extended period of time. Whoever decided to deviate from the pseudo scientific premise in the first season (which was brilliant) should be locked into a small 4 X 4 room and somebody should swallow the key to make sure that he never comes out of there. Finally the show needs to start getting somewhere. They need to have an overall goal that they should strive toward. Perhaps they should find something that, if done, might give the world a fighting chance. Right now they are just surviving and I find what's happening right now utterly boring.
  • ajccom

    I love the walking dead! Ajccom.... You really need to take your spam elsewhere. How dare you disrespect the walking dead! When it happens people like you will be the first to go!
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