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  • season finale

    Very disappointed ,when are they going to stop showing groups that don't care about finding out the cause of the virus, its time to get to Washington DC , too many new characters that just don't get it ,are they blind do they not see the Zombies all over the place, why are they living fighting each other, too many stupid characters, the weak must die, the strong will survive and get answers. I want to see more Zombie killing and progress moving ahead, its been 6 years now, the Zombie movies make more sense. If it going to be the same old obstacles ,stupid people and no progress , I'm done!
  • Sadly Disappointed!!

    Season 6 has disappointed me to the point I don't know if I will watch after the mid season break. Episodes 1-6 have been slow and filled with more commercials than actual showtime. I have actually fallen asleep in 2 episodes. The whole Glen thing has been very unfair to long time fans. Also putting Badlands in between TWD and TTD is a bad move. I no longer watch TTD and I definitely don't watch Badlands. I no longer look forward to what was once my very favorite show!
  • TWD S6 episode 5

    The show has been pretty cool until now this new season has been pretty boring except episode 4 it was pretty nice
  • walking dead season 6

    So far, finishing episode 4. This has to be the worst season of The Walking Dead. I hate how slow the show is moving and opening entire episodes of learning about the characters past. When it could have been done in 6 mins. This has been one of my favorite shows for a long time. I officially erased it from my DVR list this morning.

    moving on....
  • walking dead

    Awesome show!

    I Love watching the show with my family we all like it so much. Please keep this show going we will watch forever! FYI I will stop watchig as soon as you put two guys kissing on this show!

    T Y:-)
  • Glenn 2.0

    So about the Glenn misdirection dilemma. Is he dead? Yes! Is he alive? Sure why not. Can he be both? Absolutely.

    One of the best things about this show is the character oppression. It dosen't matter how morally dignified you are, sooner or later the principles, the ethics, the righteousness will collapse and what was once You will be no more.

    The once angelic law abiding Rick is dead, current Rick is a crazy people discriminating death moderator. I think that it will be very hard soon for Rick to se the difference between him and lets say the Governor. The once lovely mother and wife Carol is also dead, current Carol can only be described as some expedient blend between Judge Judy and Rambo.

    And Daryl, well is Daryl.

    So Yes! the Glenn we once new should be dead. Because it dosen't feel fair for him to live on, and we don't want another Beth debacle. So next week! We should see a Glenn 2.0! For me it is obvious that the whole Nicholas storyline was a cunstruct to enable a Gleen more sutied to his surroundings.

    A broken down emotionally comatose aggresive hardhitting eager beaver that needs to live on until an even more brutal and barbarous death.

    Let's hope for this!
  • The show 10-25-15

    I feel your bringing TWD to an end which I hate. I hope Glenn didn't die as he was so honest and I wanted to see him and Maggie have a baby. I hope you did not kill him off as I hope the blood and guts was from his friend blowing his brains out and Glenn scremming was his attempt to push himself under the garbage dump. Please please don't let Genn be dead. I have lost many nights of sleep over this last nightmare. As for Rick let him throw the bodies out for the dead to eat and he lots himself in the bathroom or under the folding couch. Glenn, Rich, Mishone, Daryl, Maggie and the lady thats so good my mind gone blank and the rest of the group need to bring things under control so they can live peacefully behind the walls and then bring it to an end. Once again I begged you don't let Glenn be dead he's to good of an actor through the whole show. As for Rich's injury on his hand let it pass please his son needs him and his daughter. His son to young at this time to take over. Beth should have never died. That was a shocher an a downer. Please Listen To My Request! !!

    Keep TWD going I love this show and can't wait until next Sunday ITS GREAT!!!
  • Why.....

    I fucking hate Nicholas, He's the reason why Glenn died... Nicholas can go die in a hole...
  • WHY!!!

    I hope Glenn didn't die because of that
  • Better Than It Ever Was

    I'm knocked out by Season 6. I thought the premiere was excellent but Episode 2, "JSS", sailed right on past it.

    The characters are well-developed yet retain mystery as to where their arcs are leading them. In addition to the gore and action, the show confronts the big questions about what it means to be human and from there how humans should organize themselves, especially in survival conditions.
  • Just killed the Walking Dead.

    Oh ...... that's it. The first show of the new season was it for me. I could not figure out who was doing what and what the hell was going on. I HATE it when they jump around like that. And I guess they think it is so clever. It is stupid as far as I am concerned. Plus the story is getting real old. Enough already.
  • Animals, yeah.

    The guy with the "animals" comment hit it on the head. Not only are all the other survivors shown to be animals, but so is Rick's group. Rick and Carol are two of the worst offenders, and if that is what the human race is reduced to, it would have no chance of survival. Certainly there are other countries and areas in this world which would be reduced to this, but America has too many noble hearts with actual ideals and the basic concept of right and wrong. Not only would surviving groups like the Wolves be extinct fast, so would certain individuals within the core group we watch weekly. I can't stand seeing such blatant disregard 4 people on a continual basis without repercussions. The last hope for the show left when Beth died, and it has been a bowl of turd punch ever since.

    The guy mentioning our military also makes a very strong point. Perhaps the Army, Navy, and Air Force would go by the wayside, but no Marine base would be overcome by these creatures. Their discipline is too tight, as is their ability to pass leadership and quality down to the smallest denominator when necessary. Marines also wouldn't tolerate the cowardly acts of abuse by those such as Carol/Rick. Maybe in this world's reality, there are no Marines, in which case, they are truly f***ed. It's the only possible explanation as to how things got so bad.
  • The Jumping Dead

    Did one of my favorite programs 'Jump the Shark' at last week's season premiere? It sure felt like it to me. Such a shame when you can't enjoy a show because you can't fit the logic (having accepted that zombies exist, of course!). Until now, the writer/s have been pretty brilliant about presenting realistic threat scenarios. Last week's, though, was ridiculous. That's not good for the show.

    Spoilers for the Season Six Premiere of "The Walking Dead" follow.....

    It turns out that Alexandria has been safe because thousands of the Dead are trapped in a nearby quarry. Fine. Numbers have multiplied as new ones lumber toward the noise and fall down into the quarry's depths. We see several take a header over the edge.

    Rick is worried that they all soon will escape and head toward whole episode was based on an elaborate plan to forestall this by MARCHING them away in another direction.

    Huh?? How could they possibly march anywhere? How could they possibly escape? How are they all WALKING around at the bottom of the quarry? Wouldn't the vast majority land with crushed skulls or broken legs, or be trampled where they lay? And crush others as they landed? They shouldn't pose any threat, at all! To add to the incongruity, we see some walk into Carter's wall along the 'parade' route and get crushed, one after another, but they've all remained intact while falling over a cliff or being hit from above.

    Not good, in my opinion.
  • Why can they find a military base in the us that survive?

    This series is so strange.... I try to watch it and every time I wonder WHY? Why those slow zombie get the better of humanity? Why they have never find a submachine gun or at least a gun that shoot full auto. Why in season 1 and 2 no one have ever take a swords as weapon, and not a rubbish Katana that can't really cut a head clean? Why is't so hard to survive to slow zombies? Yes they never run out of gaz, but pretty much a kid run faster then them.... So Why? How they got so big of a swarm??? Why no government shoot bomb at city that was over run by zombies??? Why military base got over run by zombies... They are slow, they dont use weapon, they are really easy to kill in the series, so WHY?
  • Extermination of the dead!

    How do you mass exterminate thousands of walkers stay very well protected and not get drop of blood on you ?
  • Season 6 premier is a flop

    The season 6 premier was not worth the wait. This is by far the worst episode yet. I was bored to tears. Perhaps The Walking Dead has run out of ideas. If this is the best they have now, I will soon stop being fan.
  • Walking Dead, Good Show!

    Season 1 and 2 had there problems but with season 3 and on, we have a winner of a show. great characters, engrossing story, and good balance of action and drama.

    For a full in depth review of seasons 1-5 go google screensquinty.
  • All I get by watching this show is that "Americans are Animals"

    Yes, It shows their true faces. Wild Animals with no heart. 1% good people and 99% pure evil. I didn't get why the hell they fighting all the way in the show. They seems to be most stupid people on earth (in the show).

    They could build automatic walkers killing machines. They can make secure vehicles. They can rebuild. They can occupy anything they want. They can gather resources. They know the weaknesses of these zoombies. Why its so hard to survive?
  • Awesome

    Awesome show
  • Best show on TV, now or ever!

    This show is not just about the zombies, or walkers, as they are referred to. This show is very character driven, and it maintains the balance between character drama, walker gore, and suspenseful horror. Seeing these great characters grow and evolve is mesmerizing, and you grow attached to characters quickly. It's a show that keeps you on your toes, even during the calm times. If you haven't seen every episode at least once, I strongly urge you. You probably won't regret it.
  • Excellent show but it's starting to drag a little......

    Just finished the S4 finale and it was ok. I do really like this show and how it delves into the human condition as well as zombie goodness. However, S4 had some highlights but kind of dragged a bit for me. It does feel like we are treading the same ground over and over again. Meeting ruthless people and fighting for their lives whilst killing a few zombies along the way. I for one would like some focus on the origins of the out break. This was teased to us in S4 but not much else can happen till they get to Washington apparently. I guess I just need to feel as if the show is actually going somewhere. Season 5 here I come....
  • Not Reality

    listen people its a tv show about a make believe situation , zombies and people who are going crazy , it's fun to watch if you don't like it , don't knock it because it doesn't challenge your intelligence or doesn't follow the comics time line , btw i think it could be pretty accurate i think people would lose it for sure
  • Help!!!

    Please, Anyone can tell me a site or provide me a link to download or to watch walking dead season 5 all episode? ......

    It would be a great
  • This show really is the Walking Dead, it used to be a good show

    I find season five a real struggle to watch, i really need to find the mood. After 5 seasons the story isnt going anywhere, it just keeps repeating, kill zombie, kill other people, move from place to place, find food, someone dies, everybody else is out to get you, kill more zombies. repeat. The only part of the story that seems to evolve is the make-up effects to make the zombies more disgusting. It's just so monotonous....

    update: i just couldnt finish season 5, i got 3 episodes in then deleted the rest of the season. I'm not even gonna bother watchin even 5 min of the upcoming spin off show. A great show that turned into complete and utter horse shit
  • Jake VomGruberhouse makes his apperances

    keepup the close eye for Jake aka Ozzy he mad a quick shot past season and is scheduling upcoming shows keep out a look for the Nations top Rottweiler in action still on the big screen
  • Reason why you shouldn't watch

    This show really offends a person's logic and by that I mean it goes way beyond of suspending your disbelief in order to create an episode. Many times in the show they create something new contradicting to their previous storyline. For example the attack lead by the Governor with the tank with a new group of people on the prison in season 4. Why did the people not question him of why he wants to attack a prison? Then during the encounter between Rick and Governor at the Prison, why didn't Rick mention he killed all those civilians from Woodbury and that the whole thing was his fault? Surely then the people he's with will question his intent.

    At season 5, I feel the story isn't going anywhere. What I really don't like where this show is heading is that when the show comes to an eventual end, you'll get this crap feeling you've wasted all this time just for this. It doesn't give that incredible feeling in each episode as if you've been treated to something grandeur and spectacular, a gift that should be rewarded to it's valued viewers who wait out each week just to see the next one episode. It's really like the series Lost, the show will always continue as long as they're squeezing every penny out of the broadcasters.

    If you still choose to watch it, then best you realise now that this show will not hold value to those who only want the best and who will not want their mind filled with ambiguity. If you have ventured further like myself, then you will know like most shows that survive, it has an addictive factor. Hence I find myself to have dwelled too deep to let go, though by far it's not one of those stellar series out there.
  • The WALKING DEAD Phenomenon. To be always.

    Whoever gonna write a review. Or is reading this. I'll rate this a 10/10 because the walking dead is a Phenomenon. A tradition. To people wacthing the show. The walking dead is set for 12 seasons maybe more. But I'll be wacthing. #TWD10
  • it wont play

    Why the hell it don't play ?????
  • Mella

    The BEST TV SHOW EVER!!! Love you all guys!!!! Keep going and never stop!!! :)
  • Best Show Ever

    I cannot express my love for this show. I've seen every episode multiple times and I feel as though the characters are my family. I go back and watch previous seasons and feel as though I'm watching home videos. The actors are always perfect and so impressive. I get so attached to their charcters, every time someone dies, I always get so upset knowing they won't be on the show anymore. It isn't just blood and guts like it is said to be, there is relationships and family problems, and fights. I don't know how anyone could ever dislike this show.
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