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  • walking legacy

    great series few flaws but thats what makes a great tv show more real then imposable. cant wait till the new series 10 out of 10
  • What would you do?

    what would you do if you woke up in a zombie apocalypse?

    the guys writing and directing this is sure to fuse raw emotion into each each episode.

    great great show.

    great makeup.

    cast could be better though.

    still a must see.
  • Fun viewing, a secret pleasure

    Here's my biggest problem with a zombie apocolypse, besides the fact that it couldn't happen, wouldn't the zombies eventually rot so much that they'd lose mobility? Just dig into a good hiding place and wait for rot to do it's job. I like this show, it's gruesome and gory and sometimes hilarious. Other times it's surprisingly touching and sweet.
  • Great

    (I've never read the comic so bear with me.)

    I had always heard great things from this show, but never really checked it out until recently. My expectations were met and I was hooked in an instant.

    It follows Rick, an injured cop, as he and the rest of his 'team' try to survive during a zombie apocalypse. It has really great action scenes that had me at the edge of my seat, awesome effects and makeup, and really solid writing.

    The first episode, and first season for that matter, was amazing and sucked me right in. It's the second season I have the most issues with. The team is looking for someone, who we never really saw much of so the audience doesn't really care. While looking for this person, they come across more people and the cast becomes larger. What I personally take issue with is the characters and how unlikeable they are. Some I really like, my favourite being Daryl, but a lot are just idiots. It's obvious this season was more devoted to character development, which is fine, but it seemed that they were steering their characters in the wrong direction.

    Another thing that I felt was missing was the sense of desperation and hope in the first season. In the first season, even though 'walkers' littered the cities and were killing families and friends, these people were trying to survive through it. They had hope and were desperate to find somewhere safe. In the second season, everyone is feeling depressed and some have just completely accepted that they're going to die. While this makes sense and should be touched upon, it goes on for a whole season. The desperation and hope gives the watcher desperation and hope.

    Last thing about the last season I didn't enjoy was the loss of humanity. This is probably just a personal thing, but I liked how the characters stopped at one point and said, 'this 'walker' was once one of us,' but you don't get that anymore. I am glad they kind of dealt with the loss of humanity and hope it fixes itself in the third season (again just a personal preference of mine.)

    Despite it's faults, The Walking Dead is a great show and hopefully it just gets better.

  • Excellent show...

    bt after reading the comic books, i am abit dissapointed.
  • Get hooked on a zombie series

    At first I thought it was really gross, but I am hooked now. I am thinking about going to Georgia and become a "walking dead" extra. I love the make-up.
  • Get's better and better

    I was a late comer to this show and only started watching half way through the second series so I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the first series in it's entirety and likewise for the second series. I'm really excited for the third series but I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle the gap from week to week.

    The show itself however is clever, action packed and well written. I feel (and hope) this show could go for quite a few series more. I think there are so many potential twists and turns waiting for it's viewers over the next few years. I'll be a viewer until the end :)
  • I have a love/hate relationship with this show

    This show is truly fantastic, sometimes. It is really great when there is action and an intriguing plot-line, but the show will forever be plagued by the ever boring search for a certain character that nobody particularly liked (not naming names to avoid spoilers, but you ALL know who I am talking about).
  • Walking Dead

    I absolutely love this show !!!! This is so awesome, I love the characters, and the story that unfolds as each episode airs. I am so excited that it will be on next month, sooner the better!!!
  • Fan of Comic, and fan of Show.

    First I'd like to say that I love the Comic series, and anyone who enjoys the show should pick up the books because the story-lines are different enough so that you can enjoy both without spoiling the other. The show has impressed me because the show carries the essence of the book but yet keeps it interesting enough to watch and not be bored because they have varied away from some things in the book. i know a lot of pure book fans that don't appreciate that, but I do.
  • More than a zombie show!

    This show is so good! Really suprised me! The characters are all interesting and have their own issues. Its a great survival story. Gets me in the mood for adventure. I say well done with the story and love that even cheesy zombies can scare me if its done right.Its really have just the right amount of everything , adventure, love, science fiction, action, horror. drama. You are a dullard if you dont enjoy this show... (or you are old and cant take the blood and guts)
  • Fantastic!

    The real surprise is the underlying melancholy; it seems unfathomable to feel emotionally attached to a storyline that involves enormous amounts of blood splatter and entangled innars but that is exactly what Robert Kirkman has made us feel with The Walking Dead. The characters seem real in their struggle to survive - not artificial cliches lumbering about our TV screens. The comics are great, too; having been a fan prior to the TV release I was concerned that the changes they'd make would be disastrous but I actually loved the different things they changed (especially Shane) and it's a rarity but I actually find myself re-watching the TV episodes as opposed to reading the comics (but both are great). I can't wait for October; I hope David Morrissey is good as the Governor and it'll be interesting to see how the character Michonne is portrayed.
  • Excelent Show!

    I love this show because it's different from others. I also like the balance between drama, the character's feelings and action (ZOMBIE TIMEEE! :P) I really enjoy watching it and I think it's worth waiting a whole week for the next episode. :)
  • BEST SHOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Two seasons in 6-7 hours

    I never watched walking dead until the end of second season. I got my hands on them and was eager to start it. Mind you I didn't know what to expect but I did know the start already. So I watched and started to get bored. And it wasn't because as a whole I was bored but the talking... Soon enough I was skipping parts with my mouse. Hear talking and move forward a few mins, their still talking, skip some more... still the same conversation, skip some more. All in all I cleared two seasons in about 6-7 hours tops. In that time I figured out the stories and plots and got to see all the action/dead scenes. I went online to see if I missed things by doing so, I didn't. So yes it's a great show and I know its more about the characters in this situation rather then the situation itself. But I rather see the situation and not the drama. And yes, even in that time I learned to hate Lori quickly.
  • how i start watching this show

    i started to watch this because of this video game called "left for dead".yes its about zombies. i starred to watch during the 3 season. it really reminds me of left for dead
  • A must watch zombie series ever !!!

    I watch the 1 st season and nothing more i can says, its a SUPERB zombie survival movie ever i think. Usually we watch only one stop show, but with this series, the story can be developed more deeper than any other zombie movie.. the intense, love story all blend in a hell good series.
  • A twist to the typical zombie movie/shows.

    This TV Show is simply everything a zombie fan would hope for. My friend recommended this to me, and I thought , 'Oh boy, another mediocre TV show.'

    The first episode I was already hooked on this thing. The zombies were really well played out and the characters are simply lovable. This movie links to survivability in case of a zombie outbreak, key issues such as ammunition, shelter and things such as that. There are so many emotional moments and the plot is just great. Season 1 was an action packed 6 episode and Season 2 is more of an emotional side of living in a Zombie Apocalypse. My only concern was the Season 2 is a little slow, them living at a farm but I don't really mind it as I know it's going to be good soon.


    -Great Story

    -Not half-assed

    -Characters are amazing

    -If you haven't watched it, you are missing out.

    Hope you enjoy the TV show like I did.
  • More than any usual zombies movies..

    More than any usual zombies movies.. I recomend this one :)

    It just sometime for me the zombies are too clever.. They can broke windows with bricks etc.. But i still lie this movie.. Full with life intrigue too.. Never makes me bored..
  • Zombies R Awesome!

    I love all things sci-fi but I've never been a big fan of the zombie genre, this show has won me over with it's fantastic characterizations behind the muck and gore of the zombie threat. Daryl (Norman Reedus) is by far my favorite character, we need to see much more of him! Forget Rick and Shane, these guys need Daryl to lead them.
  • How to mix terrible writing with captivating characters: a TV conundrum

    I don't even know where to begin with this series. I watched the complete first and seconds seasons back to back over the course of a few days... and while I'm strangely addicted, and the character interactions are certainly interesting, this has to be the worst show I've ever seen in terms of effort and consistency. The creative team clearly do not pay attention to their own body of work; they structure convoluted scenarios which hinge upon a very specific, very detailed problem and that problem has so many holes in its foundation, it might as well be a tissue-thin slice of Swiss cheese. From their protagonists successfully hiding under cars (even though we've already established that zombies can smell living flesh in an entire episode devoted to this discovery) to deciding that the humane way to handle their infected colleague is not to kill him but to respect his request to be left on the side of the road (which, incidentally, means he will "change" and kill countless innocent people, thus continuing the spread of the illness and contribute to the end of all life on earth) simply because they don't want to kill an innocent man (but have no problem being accomplices to the slaughter of billions)... the biggest guffaw of all was the second season finale, in which the red truck carrying but a few or the survivors runs out of gas, so they all camp out in the street because they "can't all fit in one car" and must walk for gas in the morning. Well, of the two remaining (working) vehicles, one is an SUV; a Hyundai Tuscon. Yeah. A Tuscon. Not a Mini. If you're really so desperate to escape zombie hell, and you were just attacked by hundreds of them a few miles away -- do the math. Pile in. Two up front, three in back, with child on mother's lap, and the two smallest women in the trunk, which is designed for a bit of cargo. The remaining two survivors take the motorcycle, which we've already seen carrying two passengers quite frequently. So, you'll be a little cramped until you reach the next town and find another abandoned car to steal, of which we just saw thousands five minutes earlier, strewn about the highway. Suck it up. Better to squish for an hour than become a zombie buffet. Given the stakes, I'd be happy to ride on the roof. Oh, but that doesn't make for an interesting story conflict, does it? Try harder! These writers seem to be hoping for an audience that doesn't ask questions; that we don't have more brain capacity that the zombies they have schlepping around the forest. They play it off as if their critics are nit-pickers... but hey, when the entire concept of your series hinges on surviving the end of the human race, these strange pauses to eulogize a random zombie and read his donor card while a herd of brain-eating monsters are literally breaking through the already-cracking vestibule of the department store you're trapped in... yeah... guess what? A little tough to swallow. Maybe eulogize a different zombie when you can afford to take a dramatic beat. How about the police officer who decides that it's a good idea to let a band of survivors camp at the very edge of a forest, without any kind of lookout or warning like cans on a string? Really? The edge of a forest? A dark tree line seemed like a safe haven for children in tents when you might be the last handful of survivors and the rest of the world is coming to eat you? Who's that stupid? How are you surprised that they snuck up on you? Keep a proper series bible and keep track of your story. Establishing that zombies can smell human flesh in the beginning of the series, only to have your main characters hide behind a tree two feet away, is akin to saying that vampires will die if exposed to sunlight and then having them tan on a beach in Cabo two episodes later. These are the worst kind of writers, who write themselves into a corner and then hope to God we don't remember the last 45 minutes we saw last week. Or in my case, as long as it took to play the next episode. Food for thought. Pun intended.
  • good show

    I like it
  • Why THE WALKING DEAD show is still rising

    Season one was Awesome..i really like the things happen in all those episodes (Emotions/Feelings/Experiences/etc...) season two lots of people don't like the idea of staying in farm..but it was for a reason..they wanted to save a time to find another place to shoot..also a lot of emotional things happen in that i don't get bored watching them....other season 2 was a remembering thing..everybody was cheering for them..a lot happen in this...that the reason its in the TOP 01 OF TV.COM
  • Since this show started, I've nearly stopped watching all others which I used to like !

    Ok I had to edit my rating because it was a few months old, so, I still love the show.

    I love it so much that I cant even bring myself to watch season 2's finale because it will be unbearable to wait until fall for season 3 to start especially since I watched the teasers !

    I was gonna watch the finale this summer so as to be able to wait !!

    This show is unique, its scares me to death and gets my heart pumping hard for real !

    Not due to zombies really, but because of the supsense and intrigue at all times, one never really knows what's gonna happen.

    Dale's death was unexpected to me, however, I enjoyed that Shane got killed, I didn't like how this character had evolved in a dark, dangerous way and being a threat to the whole group.

  • Re: Shane Dead

    By vcivi, Mar 18, 2012

    Finally he is DEAD!!!! took them ages...!!!

    But now i wonder, why shane and the other guy Shane had killed has turned Zombies without any bite or sratch??

    -- well at the end of episode 13 on season 2, Rick did mentioned that Jenners from the CDC told him that everyone is infected. That explains why Randall who died from broken neck turns into walker
  • well i like this show

    i love this show but i think they should have more than just walkers. like runners,jumpers,etc. I beleve that this is a great show but they should spice things up a lot better like; make it to where theres only three of them left and there main goals are to survive by finding survivors with food,ammo, and all that good stuff and eventually meet up with that one black guy, his kid,and that one guy who in season one cut his hand off. seriously where did he go?
  • Absolutely recommended if you like zombies. Season 1 is Action Packed, Season 2 is slower but improves near the end.

    *Minor Spoilers contained within*

    The show has been generally adapted from the comic book well, where the same themes/directions of the comic book are followed, but the character arcs and action scenes vary considerably (most often in good ways). A great deal of the show has a focus on female-oriented character drama's, but surprisingly this is actually a component of the comic books as well.. However, with that said it is clear the TV adaptation has jacked up the "drama" aspect of the show to do better with female audiences.

    The parts of the Walking Dead that work in terms of story drama involve often moral issues or disagreements on how to safely arrange things within the group. These type of conflicts are exciting and quite unique to the apocalyptic background of the show.

    Season progression:

    Season 1 of the series spoils many viewers with excellent action and lots of content. It carries the feeling of a road trip as the characters are constantly moving into new and challenging environments. Midseason there are one or two episodes which drag a bit, but overall the pacing is of a much higher pace than Season 2.

    Season 2 opens with excitement, but then quickly settles onto a farm and slows down considerably. Part of the reason for this is that Season 2 has 7 more episodes than Season 1 (13 vs. 6), and the effect this has on pacing really shows. One gets the feeling the producers intended for the main story arc of Season 2 to be completed in six episodes, then padded these episodes out in order to meet the new demand for Season 2 to have thirteen episodes. The pacing issues really don't improve until a few episodes before the season finale.

    The future of Season 3 remains to be seen, but as with most television series season openers I expect the first few episodes to be exciting and fast paced, with a general slowdown of story progression and excitement occuring mid way through season 3 until the end where it will pick up again. One aspect to this show that deserves mention is its willingness to kill relatively popular characters in the series.

    The lesson that should be taken from The Walking Dead is that increasing the number of episodes within a Season is not necessarily a good thing for the quality of the series unless a faster progression of storyline comes with it.


    Despite many flaws and pacing issues in the show, zombie aficionados should acknowledge how spoiled we've been with The Walking Dead. The production quality and excitement of the show blows nearly all other feature-length zombie movies out of the water. Compare for example, the quality of this show to the more recent zombie movies produced by George A. Romero (day of the dead, land of the dead, diary of the dead, survival of the dead) and you can see that this show has blown Romero out of the water. The Walking Dead has proven that there is still potential left in the zombie genre, and its popularity has even resulted in approval for major studio funding for new high-budget zombie movies (e.g. World War Z).

    If you like the Zombie-genre, The Walking Dead is a must watch. Even if you don't, you may surprisingly find lots to like this show as the characters are well developed and face dynamic and challenging issues that are unique to this show.
  • Shane Dead

    Finally he is DEAD!!!! took them ages...!!!

    But now i wonder, why shane and the other guy Shane had killed has turned Zombies without any bite or sratch??
  • Repetitive

    the series took off really well. After sometime it starts getting repetitive. Like the actors though.
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