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  • Good then bad then good again

    i liked season one, mostly just characters dealing with the new mid-apocolyptic world and how they've changed because of it. And also some awesome zombie killin scenes! Season one end was strong with a character opting to stay behind at the CDC and die on her own terms, which really they all shouldve done given they found out theres no cure and its a global disaster. I liked season 2 but thats just because i watched it in bulk so got to the end quickly. But really the whole "crazy-shane" thing went on too long, there was not enough zombie bashing, and that hunt for sophia was annoyingly long. However i reckon it was all worth it for the episode where they see zombie sophia walk out the barn. harrowing stuff.

    Season 3 started very strongly, some of the best episodes to date but i HATE Glenn now even though used to be one of my favourites just cause hes with that dull bint maggie. I hate her. Please kill her off! Id rather see her die than Andrea and thats saying something! Cant wait to see the governor get brutally murdered as hes starting to get annoying now too.

    thats the problem with this show, it keeps swinging from amazing to boring and then back again. Hopefully season 3 will pick back up.

    Overall the one reason everyone should watch this show?.... Daryl
  • Welcome To Zombie Nation!

    I was surprised that AMC Channel would have a somewhat graphic horror series based on a series of graphic novels, but it turned out to be the best horror series on TV.

    The Walking Dead takes place in a time when the United States was decimated after a plague of undead & a diverse group of people trying to survive.

    This show has the right amount of terror & human drama that makes this show worth watching, provided you don't mind the occasional graphic violence whenever the zombies claim another human victim. I happen to be a huge fan of the show & i will be anticipating on what happens next on the series.

    Just remember, it's only a TV series...
  • Is there any chance

    Andrea what are the chances that this one gets knocked off.

    I mean so far she 1. wrecking my head and 2. she has no loyalty granted the excuse "I'm tired of running" can be used but when push comes to shove she cut all ties with the group.

    So I will watch and wait for her ending.
  • where is the show going?

    I have watched every episode so far and I am starting to become seriously impatient with the show. I thought that the first season was by far the best for a variety of reasons. It's was simply brilliant in every conceivable way. It showed infinite promise. I looked at the second season as kind of a break. They found a place to stay and things were rather static and, let's face it, rather boring for most of the season. It picked up at the end and looked promising for season 3. As far as I am concerned season 3 is a total mess. There is nothing new or interesting that has been introduced. There is no sense whatsoever that the show is getting anywhere! The original concept that zombies were animated because of a virus that was causing part of the primitive brain to become active was a brilliant concept. It provided some credibility to the whole concept. Unfortunately several new concepts were introduced afterwards that were not based on that original concept. For instance when they mentioned that zombies needed to feed in order to sustain themselves. That's utter stupidity. A far better explanation that would explain where the zombies found the energy to continue moving about should have been something like the virus greatly reduces the rate of putrefaction in the zombies thus allowing them to survive for an extended period of time. Whoever decided to deviate from the pseudo scientific premise in the first season (which was brilliant) should be locked into a small 4 X 4 room and somebody should swallow the key to make sure that he never comes out of there. Finally the show needs to start getting somewhere. They need to have an overall goal that they should strive toward. Perhaps they should find something that, if done, might give the world a fighting chance. Right now they are just surviving and I find what's happening right now utterly boring.
  • ajccom

    I love the walking dead! Ajccom.... You really need to take your spam elsewhere. How dare you disrespect the walking dead! When it happens people like you will be the first to go!

    Losing interest in the walking dead! the governor has had his right eye patched,so how is it that his left eye is mangled??!?!?!?
  • Its alright

    I heard the comics are better, but I'll stick with the show for now, and I have no clue what the hell OlgaG is talking about, of course zombies dont exist................... yet
  • nota 10

    the best of its kind \o/
  • My favorite show!

    Im not horror fan in any way but i cant get enuff walking dead! its the best series in . I cant believe the twists and turns they come up with. The story line always keeps you on your toes!
  • A great TV series

    I think it is the best TV series ever before because I have also created a blog

    Seriously one of the best I've ever seen, love it and can't wait for the next episode to come out!
  • Zombies!!!

    I love this show. It got me hooked from the first episode. It keeps me on the edge of my seat throughout each episode lol. How they manage to get away from all those zombies amazes me. I cant wait for it to start back in Feb.
  • A belgian fan made video !

    Hi everybody,

    as a fan of the walking dead, I made a fan made video ! This is the first episode :) ! If you like you can give a feed back ! Thx !


    hope u gonna like it guys :)
  • A Great Show for a Zombie Fan!

    Yes, I'm a zombie movie fan, so of course, I'm gonna check out a zombie show. I have not read the comics, but the show is really cool! While we STILL have not had an explantation for why the world now has the walking dead running around, the characters are excellent. It keeps you on your toes. It's not original, but then again, how original can you get with zombies? Like vampires, if you change too much of the undead factor people,fans gets pissed. So I am curious as to why people would want something original when the directors,writters,etc try it out, people get angry because it's different from the other zombies running around in the world. Sorry I degress, the characters are good, the acting's freaking fantastic, the effects are awesome, the storyline is getting intense,yet again. On one last note, I think how people change even if they weren't bite after they die is very cool and it should prove to make the show even more intense, afterall if everybody changes after they die, how many more will be coming?
  • Unoriginal but very well produced.

    First of all, i love post apocalypse kinda movies / series. But this one is done way above average. The writing is good, but the story is not very original. Untill now they aren't able to bring any surprises to the genre, but the buildups in storytelling are done well. The acting is generally fine, no real frustrations there, but not impressive either. Also on some occasions i found it a tad to slow. Yet, the scenery, film making and story telling make this a very well made series. I hope they continue (6 eps. is a bit short) and wonder if they can bring something original to the table. Nevertheless a great watch and entertainment which keeps me interested from start to finish so far!
  • my fave!

    darrel and glen are my favorites!
  • Watch it online

    Broken links? You guys can watch The Walking Dead series online or direct-download full episodes (SD & HD) here; twddl(dot)com . Just thought I'd share. :)
  • One of the best shows nowadays

    Thrilling, intriguing, it grabs your attention.

    Season two started nicely, but then went kinda boring in the for us that season 3 started great, and has been keeping it like that so far...

    Very nice show!!!
  • One of the best shows on TV Bar none


    This show has everything a person who loves action,romance,gore,humor and horror could ever ask for. The special effects are Oscar-worthy. The acting is amazing, the writing just blows me away. TWD is by far one of the best shows to ever grace the TV scene since the invention of the boob tube. Bravo and please, keep it coming!

  • personagens

    devia criar um novo personagem que tivesse um elicotero
  • A postapocalyptic character study

    Averting from the usual take on the zombie genre, this rather intimate tale of a mutilated society taps into our worst fears after 9/11; through solitude, grief and solace Rick Grimes introduces the audience to a group of people that becomes his tribe, the village he relies on to raise his children and the only source of comfort after the people he loves the most die on him.

    Its this group, and its ever changing components, the basic cell of a dying world where people's lives are destroyed and reassemble all over again, where they share loss together and where they learn that, no matter how bad it could get, life can be good again if you remain alive for as long as you're living.
  • A different serie about zombies

    Definitely a great serie that keep you all the time in suspense. The actors have an excellent performance and of all trama is very interesting. Recommend to watch it!


    Es una gran serie, unica en su genero y te mantiene pegado a la pantalla. El desempeno de los actores es asombroso y la serie en cuanto a trama y desarrollo es muy buena. Definitivamente debes verla.
  • The Walking Dead eu adorei essa srie

    Cara eu vi o primeiro episdio e disse "legalzinho" acho que vou acompanhar,mas depois eu adorei muito a srie com os personagens que eu admiro foda !!!
  • the walking

    the best series ever fever here in Brazil
  • love it but breaks are way too long

    love the show but the breaks are just way too long, kinda kills the excitement and momentum of the i was hoping laurie would make it :s
  • Watch this show, you will love it.

    I hope this one keeps going on and about it is perfect, especially the cast and character development. Like others, Daryl is my favorite - he can't be killed off (Rick either). I can't wait for Sunday each week (I now look forward to TWD more than Dexter) and I'm a 55 year old mom who doesn't like zombie movies at all. I accidentally fell into a marathon of TWD, seasons 1 and 2, earlier this year and became instantly addicted. I tell everyone I talk to they absolutely must see this show. My husband and son are total zombie freaks and they haven't seen it because they weren't aware of it. (AMC isn't a station that fans of sports and movies normally tune into). I just purchased seasons 1 and 2 on DVD to catch everyone up since they all started watching during season 3. Looking forward to February! Thank you everyone responsible for getting and keeping this show on the air - fabulous work, keep it up! Oh, and Chris Hardwick and The Talking Dead is a hit with me as well - the perfect after party!
  • One of the best shows on TV.

    Initially when I started watching the show, I was shocked at how much the writing alone was able to draw me in. For most of the first season I did not have a favorite character and actually disliked a lot of the characters. As the show went on and the character's dealt with more and grew, I found myself getting drawn in deeper and deeper. There are some talking scenes that could be cut in half but overall the balance of zombies, fights and character development is very well done. Even convinced my grandmother to watch it with me despite hating gore!
  • the walking dead is a show

    best show other then mlp
  • About the series


    The Walking Dead (TWD) Is a action-packed drama! about zombies! Its like when you watch a zombie movie and your like "Aww man it's over!!!" The Walking Dead is not like that. It just keeps on-going. The group/Gang moves to different places all time trying to find a way to survive. Death of there own gang die through-out, You will be missed . Some just split apart, some betrayed. Just watch and see for yourself. we almost promise you will love it leaving off cliff hangers and such. At the top you can see what actors are in it and what character they play. or you can just see below!






    Stars (10)

    Lauren Cohan

    Maggie Greene

    Danai Jekesai Gurira


    Andrew Lincoln

    Rick Grimes

    Sarah Wayne Callies

    Lori Grimes

    Chandler Riggs

    Carl Grimes

    Laurie Holden


    Norman Reedus

    Daryl Dixon

    Steven Yeun


    Jon Bernthal

    Shane Walsh

    Jeffrey DeMunn

  • A clever title goes here!

    I love The walking dead but Andrew Lincoln also.
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