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  • A great return for a great series!

    A fantastic post-apocalyptic zombiefest, The Walking Dead balances zombie head-shotting and human relationships in a dread filled world brilliantly. The second series has started off very well and has introduced some very interesting new characters.
  • Great show!

    This is a great show, love watching it and can't wait to see the next season. My only bash would be that it is a little bit predictable sometimes and they are a bit too reluctant to kill off the major characters. I assume this follows what happens in the comics but there's nothing i love more than seeing a main character get killed off! Great effects and everything.
  • WOO HOO!

    So excited for this season! Waited too long to see what happens next. I hope this season brings lots of action and drama then the last season. Michonne is going to be an awesome character.
  • BEST Premiere of all time!!!!!!


  • What channel is thjs on Dish?What channel is AMC in Indiana????

    We just recently got Dish because Direct TV didn't offer this series and now we can't find the channel that it comes on. Can anyone please help us!!!!!! Thanks
  • Mac Maldoon

    Truly, truly one of the best horror stories I have ever had the pleasure of having the poop scared out of me!!! Can they keep it up--hope so. I loved the movies Ghost Story and Poltergeist and put this right up there with them!!!!!! Especially Ghost Story. i do hope thay don't get so many characters going that it get confusing. Great entertainment!
  • Great Show!

    Loved the first season totally loved every single episodes in this and season finale almost make me cry.

    But second season was not that good enough. where they stuck in village course Carl got gun shot bored me to death. I also give up on this show after watching 3 or 4episodes in some where in but my cousin somehow convinced me to watch. So watched with the boredom and to my surprise ending of the 7th episode was great and last two episodes is the best turned me excited for this show again. I'm looking forward for next season and will continue watching :)

    Best acting and character for me is Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon)

    Worse acting probably Lori Grimes.

    Season 1 - 9\10

    Season 2 - 7.5\10
  • Walking on the right path.

    Awesome show, I can't see any flaws. These guys hit the nail on the head with all aspects of this show, excellent cinematically, wicked CG and FX, acting is top notch, writing and dialogue is stellar! Can't say enough about this show!
  • Best Zombie Series!

    The Walking Dead has kept me entertained for ages and has always captured my imagination. I loved it from the very start: from the horrors Rick Grimes was forced to face when he escaped from the zombie filled hospital to the end of the second series. The acting in The Walking Dead is one of the strong points of the show with Steven Yeun a particular favourite.
  • walking legacy

    great series few flaws but thats what makes a great tv show more real then imposable. cant wait till the new series 10 out of 10
  • What would you do?

    what would you do if you woke up in a zombie apocalypse?

    the guys writing and directing this is sure to fuse raw emotion into each each episode.

    great great show.

    great makeup.

    cast could be better though.

    still a must see.
  • Fun viewing, a secret pleasure

    Here's my biggest problem with a zombie apocolypse, besides the fact that it couldn't happen, wouldn't the zombies eventually rot so much that they'd lose mobility? Just dig into a good hiding place and wait for rot to do it's job. I like this show, it's gruesome and gory and sometimes hilarious. Other times it's surprisingly touching and sweet.
  • Great

    (I've never read the comic so bear with me.)

    I had always heard great things from this show, but never really checked it out until recently. My expectations were met and I was hooked in an instant.

    It follows Rick, an injured cop, as he and the rest of his 'team' try to survive during a zombie apocalypse. It has really great action scenes that had me at the edge of my seat, awesome effects and makeup, and really solid writing.

    The first episode, and first season for that matter, was amazing and sucked me right in. It's the second season I have the most issues with. The team is looking for someone, who we never really saw much of so the audience doesn't really care. While looking for this person, they come across more people and the cast becomes larger. What I personally take issue with is the characters and how unlikeable they are. Some I really like, my favourite being Daryl, but a lot are just idiots. It's obvious this season was more devoted to character development, which is fine, but it seemed that they were steering their characters in the wrong direction.

    Another thing that I felt was missing was the sense of desperation and hope in the first season. In the first season, even though 'walkers' littered the cities and were killing families and friends, these people were trying to survive through it. They had hope and were desperate to find somewhere safe. In the second season, everyone is feeling depressed and some have just completely accepted that they're going to die. While this makes sense and should be touched upon, it goes on for a whole season. The desperation and hope gives the watcher desperation and hope.

    Last thing about the last season I didn't enjoy was the loss of humanity. This is probably just a personal thing, but I liked how the characters stopped at one point and said, 'this 'walker' was once one of us,' but you don't get that anymore. I am glad they kind of dealt with the loss of humanity and hope it fixes itself in the third season (again just a personal preference of mine.)

    Despite it's faults, The Walking Dead is a great show and hopefully it just gets better.

  • Excellent show...

    bt after reading the comic books, i am abit dissapointed.
  • Get hooked on a zombie series

    At first I thought it was really gross, but I am hooked now. I am thinking about going to Georgia and become a "walking dead" extra. I love the make-up.
  • Get's better and better

    I was a late comer to this show and only started watching half way through the second series so I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the first series in it's entirety and likewise for the second series. I'm really excited for the third series but I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle the gap from week to week.

    The show itself however is clever, action packed and well written. I feel (and hope) this show could go for quite a few series more. I think there are so many potential twists and turns waiting for it's viewers over the next few years. I'll be a viewer until the end :)
  • I have a love/hate relationship with this show

    This show is truly fantastic, sometimes. It is really great when there is action and an intriguing plot-line, but the show will forever be plagued by the ever boring search for a certain character that nobody particularly liked (not naming names to avoid spoilers, but you ALL know who I am talking about).
  • Walking Dead

    I absolutely love this show !!!! This is so awesome, I love the characters, and the story that unfolds as each episode airs. I am so excited that it will be on next month, sooner the better!!!
  • Fan of Comic, and fan of Show.

    First I'd like to say that I love the Comic series, and anyone who enjoys the show should pick up the books because the story-lines are different enough so that you can enjoy both without spoiling the other. The show has impressed me because the show carries the essence of the book but yet keeps it interesting enough to watch and not be bored because they have varied away from some things in the book. i know a lot of pure book fans that don't appreciate that, but I do.
  • More than a zombie show!

    This show is so good! Really suprised me! The characters are all interesting and have their own issues. Its a great survival story. Gets me in the mood for adventure. I say well done with the story and love that even cheesy zombies can scare me if its done right.Its really have just the right amount of everything , adventure, love, science fiction, action, horror. drama. You are a dullard if you dont enjoy this show... (or you are old and cant take the blood and guts)
  • Fantastic!

    The real surprise is the underlying melancholy; it seems unfathomable to feel emotionally attached to a storyline that involves enormous amounts of blood splatter and entangled innars but that is exactly what Robert Kirkman has made us feel with The Walking Dead. The characters seem real in their struggle to survive - not artificial cliches lumbering about our TV screens. The comics are great, too; having been a fan prior to the TV release I was concerned that the changes they'd make would be disastrous but I actually loved the different things they changed (especially Shane) and it's a rarity but I actually find myself re-watching the TV episodes as opposed to reading the comics (but both are great). I can't wait for October; I hope David Morrissey is good as the Governor and it'll be interesting to see how the character Michonne is portrayed.
  • Excelent Show!

    I love this show because it's different from others. I also like the balance between drama, the character's feelings and action (ZOMBIE TIMEEE! :P) I really enjoy watching it and I think it's worth waiting a whole week for the next episode. :)
  • BEST SHOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Two seasons in 6-7 hours

    I never watched walking dead until the end of second season. I got my hands on them and was eager to start it. Mind you I didn't know what to expect but I did know the start already. So I watched and started to get bored. And it wasn't because as a whole I was bored but the talking... Soon enough I was skipping parts with my mouse. Hear talking and move forward a few mins, their still talking, skip some more... still the same conversation, skip some more. All in all I cleared two seasons in about 6-7 hours tops. In that time I figured out the stories and plots and got to see all the action/dead scenes. I went online to see if I missed things by doing so, I didn't. So yes it's a great show and I know its more about the characters in this situation rather then the situation itself. But I rather see the situation and not the drama. And yes, even in that time I learned to hate Lori quickly.
  • how i start watching this show

    i started to watch this because of this video game called "left for dead".yes its about zombies. i starred to watch during the 3 season. it really reminds me of left for dead
  • A must watch zombie series ever !!!

    I watch the 1 st season and nothing more i can says, its a SUPERB zombie survival movie ever i think. Usually we watch only one stop show, but with this series, the story can be developed more deeper than any other zombie movie.. the intense, love story all blend in a hell good series.
  • A twist to the typical zombie movie/shows.

    This TV Show is simply everything a zombie fan would hope for. My friend recommended this to me, and I thought , 'Oh boy, another mediocre TV show.'

    The first episode I was already hooked on this thing. The zombies were really well played out and the characters are simply lovable. This movie links to survivability in case of a zombie outbreak, key issues such as ammunition, shelter and things such as that. There are so many emotional moments and the plot is just great. Season 1 was an action packed 6 episode and Season 2 is more of an emotional side of living in a Zombie Apocalypse. My only concern was the Season 2 is a little slow, them living at a farm but I don't really mind it as I know it's going to be good soon.


    -Great Story

    -Not half-assed

    -Characters are amazing

    -If you haven't watched it, you are missing out.

    Hope you enjoy the TV show like I did.
  • More than any usual zombies movies..

    More than any usual zombies movies.. I recomend this one :)

    It just sometime for me the zombies are too clever.. They can broke windows with bricks etc.. But i still lie this movie.. Full with life intrigue too.. Never makes me bored..
  • Zombies R Awesome!

    I love all things sci-fi but I've never been a big fan of the zombie genre, this show has won me over with it's fantastic characterizations behind the muck and gore of the zombie threat. Daryl (Norman Reedus) is by far my favorite character, we need to see much more of him! Forget Rick and Shane, these guys need Daryl to lead them.
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