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  • The best

    my favourite series of all sorry for this who dont get it
  • 7 months and counting...

    7 months.. is it really??? yes it is... and counting. I don't get it. why so long. Come on AMC. Don't bring an already failing tv show back to us after such a long time. After season 2 it all went down. This season has to be AMAZING otherwise you will loose a lot of your fans.. and credits.

    i think AMC is the best on creating keep going guys we realy like you
  • Walking Dead World...

    the setups and studio;s are amazing AMC rockz as always ,I think they have brought a city and make them as real zombie place AMC has another legend going on "REMEMBER MY NAME " everything on AMC was amazing...

  • its not the best thing out there but worth a watch.

    The Walking Dead started on a bright note with the whole survival issue associated with zombie francise but by season 2 it deteriorated into a soap opera, i hope the new season improves with a new set of zombies that are dangerous to the survivors which to better scripts and writing from the show.
  • From a lover of zombie flicks... it's terrible!!!

    First up, I'll say that I'm a fan of the horror genre and specifically zombie movies in particular. The Walking Dead is SO bad! I've seen it all before. It's really soft, and really badly written. The main character is not likeable or believable as a law enforcement officer. And I'm talking about season 1 which is supposed to be the best. I only saw the first two episodes, because it was so bad. By reading a few other of these reviews it seems the show only goes downhill from Season 1. I'll pass!
  • The Walking Dead Season 4

    The Walking Dead Season 4 is the 4th season of AMC television show "The Walking Dead," and is the reimagination of the Apocalypse comic book series The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. www. thewalkingdeadseason3. com
  • It's SHIT

    the walking dead is full of unlikable characters played by terrible actors speaking boring dialogue all raped up in a shity plot
  • Too damn good.

    This show just keeps getting better. Every episode is darker and just more brutal than the last as you dig into the apocholypse, and thats after the first episode involved the shooting of a turned 8 year old girl. And I loved every f***ing minute of it. Keep um coming!
  • Best Show Ever

    I love this show so much that i don't miss one single episode EVER. I am concerned though about the upcoming season because of all the people they have decided to take care of. I worry there won't be as much action as the last season because now they have a lot to risk. I really hope i'm wrong.
  • the walking dead

    Love it

  • In my head,in my head,zombie!

    The first zombie tv show I started something else,than constantly vampire tv shows.

    The zombies are very 'real' and the plot is great! Not many episodes in season 1(only 6) but it's so good!
  • One Of My Favorites

  • Bring on season 4.

    I love TWD. It is a great show. This would have to be the most accurate decription of how shit would go down if it were real.
  • Meh..

    The Walking Dead looks good. I'll give you that. Season 1 is fast paced and packed with action, but season 2 is a lot slower... the big problem with me is the acting and actors. It's 10 supermodels trying to do a southern accent and laying the drama on pretty thick. The acting kept kicking me out of the suspense and the plot; very annoying.
  • Brilliant

    Well executed and very entertaining. A brilliant concept of a post-apocalyptic era.
  • Season 4 notes:

    I LOVE all the original characters that were left at the end of Season 3! I was starting to worry, seeing that there aren't many people left in the group.

    Thank heaven; they brought in a busload of new ones to serve as zombie feed in season 4!

  • A love/hate relationship

    I remember when I first started watching The Walking Dead. It seemed like it would be a pretty promising show and it was through the first season. It got a little too soap opera like in season 2 though and I wanted to run out of the room screaming due to it.

    With Andrea and Lori -- those two would have been enough to drive anyone up a wall... no offense, but I'm glad that they're both gone as characters. Their presence could be a little bit on the grating side. I'm glad the drama has been ratcheted up in regards to next season, it looks like it might be a good one, if they can keep up the pacing and the tension.
  • twists and turns in next all new walking dead season please !!!!

    glad to see the likes of Andrea is gone and not forgetting lori (but why does she still appear ???? lost me there) their characters were becoming rather annoying in the sense that the characters real contribution to the story line was very limited but took up lots of time .(although i think lori appearing was supposed to be ricks good nature trying to come back or reaching out to him). we need more twists and engaging characters in the next season, and some hope, and new theories and maybe morphing or new type of zombies etc in all its a nice show and i'm looking forward to the next season
  • the walking dead is awsome!!!

    this show started off really good, but the last 4 episodes of season 3 doesnt seem to have that thrill like in season 2, dont get me wrong im a great fan for the AMC the walking dead, they just need to add more action for the up coming season.
  • Awesome Show!

    The Walking Dead is definitely one of a kind and stands out from all the other zombie shows. I'm not really interested in Zombie shows, but The Walking Dead has amazing story lines with great characters. Even though Merle was a jerk, i think they should of kept him on the show a bit longer. He COULD of helped Daryl, Michonne and Rick in the Finale, if there was an ACTUAL battle, instead of just killing off Milton and Andrea.
  • saison 3

    Nice look 3-streaming/
  • Season 4

    Season 4 starts Oct 14? or have i heard wrong?
  • this show is amazing

    i totally dig this series, i have seen so many zombie movies but this one in particular is awesome. the suspense is wonderful. i also wanna know when the next season will commence cos i cant wait.
  • I love this show!

    I love this show! It is one of my favorites and it is getting really good now!!!! Please keep it coming!
  • It's a plain zombie movie that just doesn't end (and it should!)

    I'm halfway season 2 now, but I am really done waiting for something to happen. The series pace is slow, real slow... And the writing is quite poor I must say. It's like the writers are split up in 2 camps: violence and drama, and they have to compromise.


    On one hand the show follows the typical horror-zombie genre rules. A lot of gore and over-the-top violence (ie the unnecesairy hacking at zombies which are allready slain, way to loud blood splash sounds that get really annoying), unrealistic scenario's and irrational choices, not to mention overacting, and somewhat flat characters.


    On the other hand it tries to focus on the human aspect of the situation, with a lot of ongoing drama and attempts to let the audience feel for the characters. Unsuccesfull, since we're not getting any substantial background on the characters and they don't really evolve during the show.


    Adding this up with the very slow plotline is the reason I quit watching the show. Even though I do like the genre and (strangely) a lot of people, including my friends, seem to like it.


    [Continued:] After a short break I started watching again. The speed picks up a little bit, and the characters evolve slightly. When you watch the show with very low expectations and resist being annoyed by the elements I described earlier (and the cheap writing in general) the show is entertaining enough to keep watching.


    Of course, there are plenty of other shows out there that have much more dept, but if you need to fill up some time between series, you could watch this and just laugh the bad parts away.
  • Just dumb.

    This is actually a pretty stupid show. First season was GREAT! But after that it went downhill really fast. Logic has no place in TWD it seems. Always on the search for food while 97% of the former population only eats human? All cars are suddenly broken? They drive around in a small city car? Just stupid. And they ought to portray wintered survivalists. For that they VERY often get sneaked up on by slow moving noise making 'walkers' . Oh, but on the other hand they are like the Flash. They can outrun a terrain car in an open field. Lots and lots of examples that defy logic are just incorporated into the show, in which nothing interesting happens anymore. A big letdown after a spectacular first season.
  • Kill the GOV already

    The last two years all they do a sit around a cower! the first year was great after that its been down hill. The original cast is almost gone and the new cast "The GOV" is SSSOOOO boring!! the guy playing him is horrible! kill him off PLEASE and move on.

  • the plots are better

    I think they should make the zombies more like resident evil more faster and smarter. Overall they are going the right direction they can deferentially keep the show going with camp wars and upgrade the zombies, i think that's whats going to happen but the last few eps has been boring but i love the show most def.
  • the stories are so boring

    the stories are so boring
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