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The Walking Dead

Sunday 9:00 PM on AMC Premiered Oct 31, 2010 In Season



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  • the walking dead is a show

    best show other then mlp
  • About the series


    The Walking Dead (TWD) Is a action-packed drama! about zombies! Its like when you watch a zombie movie and your like "Aww man it's over!!!" The Walking Dead is not like that. It just keeps on-going. The group/Gang moves to different places all time trying to find a way to survive. Death of there own gang die through-out, You will be missed . Some just split apart, some betrayed. Just watch and see for yourself. we almost promise you will love it leaving off cliff hangers and such. At the top you can see what actors are in it and what character they play. or you can just see below!






    Stars (10)

    Lauren Cohan

    Maggie Greene

    Danai Jekesai Gurira


    Andrew Lincoln

    Rick Grimes

    Sarah Wayne Callies

    Lori Grimes

    Chandler Riggs

    Carl Grimes

    Laurie Holden


    Norman Reedus

    Daryl Dixon

    Steven Yeun


    Jon Bernthal

    Shane Walsh

    Jeffrey DeMunn

  • A clever title goes here!

    I love The walking dead but Andrew Lincoln also.
  • Actually pretty good

    I actually like this show, I don't know how it is compared to the graphic novel; but from what I saw in the show, I find it could stand on its own.
  • While Entertaining, It's Not as Complex as the Comics

    Yes, the violence and gore is appealing. And The Walking Dead's television adaptation has plenty of character deaths, but it focuses more on shock value more than creating complex drama. The comics focused on humanity and sanity and the loss of innocence, but the show seems content to be a gory violence fest. It's not bad, just disappointing.
  • They Better not kill off Daryl

    He, Daryl, is by far the most interesting of all the characters in this show so far (for me anyways, because i can relate to him). Rick has been looking like he's had a psychotic break, not to mention that 'the governor' strikes me as having been a politician(anyone else get that vibe?) like others here i find that season 2 was a little draggy, yet it allowed for character development which is a good thing. I also agree with others that the development of these charcters is what allows us as viewers to be able to relate on a personal level in some fashion or another. i have been watching this since Ep 1 season1 and will more than likely continue watching until the series finale(even though they may kill off Daryl, crossing my fingers that doesn't happen) it would be awesome to bring Merle back into the fold after the events of Ep 8 season 3(and maybe have him humbled a little, but only a little) humble Merle too much and it won't be any fun to watch his character. and i hate having mid season breaks... just air all the episodes then let us wait for the next season. too much time off between episodes can be very detrimental to ratings and viewership IMO. Feb 2013 it is then (hurry up and wait now)
  • survivor

    I really enjoy watching this series, it was awesome! . I miss shane in the scene. Hope to have more adventures and life threatening with the walkers. Hope there is still hope waiting for them!
  • Its not all about killing zombies

    first of all for everyone who says that this show is boring and needs more action and killing, you need to realize that if the entire show was just them killing zombies than it would get really boring really fast...its like taking a shower with hot water, after a while it doesn't seem hot anymore. Also this show does have good developing characters who constantly face their own problems and problems of the group, and the whole show isn't just about rick lori and shane. It also focuses on the many different people in the group. The show is very dramatic and thats obviously what the writers are going for. This show gives what other zombie stories fail to, how what is happening affects the people instead of them just going off and shooting everything they see. This show actually includes the fact that every time they kill a walker they realize that that used to be a living person with a friends and people that loved them. The story line is amazing and always progressing with amazing effects and acting. It allows people to get emotionally connected with the characters and how they feel about the decisions they are forced to make. This show is about the characters and not about the walkers...the zombies are just the icing on top of the cake.
  • The Baby's Name.. Great, i love it. now take my suggestion maybe?

    Well i love the name for the baby, Judith. That has to be my favorite name on a girl. As well as a name of one of my favorite songs too. I have a suggestion for the show i guess, in a way. well next season idk what your doing weather the baby will be grown up or what not but i believe since the baby's name is Judith you should play the song "Judith - A Perfect Circle" when introducing her or in some sort of way. It's a great song and has a lot of remixes too, i believe you could implement it in some way. If anyone from the show see's this please contact me by my e-mail. Judith=Amazing name, amazing baby(lil ass kicker), and great song.
  • sadegh

    .. best
  • the dead with bones

    i love this series and i love the bones series too they are both awesome!

  • Daryl's Awesome Adventures in Babysitting

    Good premise, budget. Spotty writing at best. Now that Lori is dead the show should pick up. Daryl is the best character, by far - in any and every capacity. Season three is alot better than two was and bringing the show up to it's potential, I believe. I'm betting S4 will be pretty fantastic. It's worth watching to see it evolve and how it all plays out, even if it is a challenge to sit through some of the lamer episodes. (S2)
  • Talking Deads

    There is so much about this series that paves way for the comic world to jump onto the small screen. First, some of the characters in the TV show are so much more interesting than the comic (Maggie and Hersal), plus the addition of characters like Daryl are just genious.
  • The Walking Dead

    first of all that is the best wasting time and tv space I've ever seen. The script is written so cheaply I want my $10 back for renting this tv show. Now even if someone would pay me I m not gonna watch this show, it is a torture. First, why to cut the handcufffs when you cut your own hand hahah secondly, why to drive a tanks when you can drive a fucking green hunday, wtf? is this a fucking joke? and the funniest is to live in the tent's nothing more to say, the movie is ***ed
  • Whats going on

    Its getting crazy, your killing of the 1 crew???
  • It's Alright

    I've watched season 1 and 2 and I can honestly say that this show is borderline alright. It has it's moments but most of the time it's just boring with a lot of annoying characters. Not to mention the fact that I find the hillbilly Daryl a much better central character than Rick, It's always a bad sign when the central character is better off being a background character. I hope the show does get better though it has definitely has the right stuff to become a great show.
  • One of the 10 best ever in fantasy/Sci-fi

    The short first season was a masterpiece in TV history.

    The second started great but fell into boredon in the midle, before recover in the end of season.

    That third one is more than a charm; is a victory of good writing, acting, directing and producing. Great.
  • Very nice!


  • best show ever

    this is the best serie i have ever seen. from the first minute i watch this show i was sold. i love the new zombies. and i cant wait to see all the new episodes from season 3. keep it going. zombies ROCK!!!
  • absolute horrible show

    this show is horrible, they are just trying to rip off shaun of the dead. it is completley unoriginal and my catfish can come up with a better series, wait a minute so can my sea cucumber. Dale deserved to die and Rick should also die! T-Dog is the only good character, all the other one are pointless, it may aswell be called Walking T-Dog. T-dog is the only character with relevance to his role. everyone else should be fed to the walkers and eaten as a midnight snack .
  • I Like This, It's Nice

    Nice all round.

  • Zombies! Zombies! Zombies on TV!!

    I love zombies, I love gore and I love when a show is this good. The story is amazing and everytime one episode finishes I want more and more. All the action, all the drama and the great performances make of this show one of the best dramas Ive ever seen.
  • Fuck yeah!!!111

    1. Add some chainsaw massacre!

    2. Why *** in show don't plays any sufficient role?

    3. Derel for President!
  • shane

    I miss shane

    Great episode again.Love the zombie killing and the excitement of not knowing what is going to happen next.I am always on the edge of my seat when i watch this series.This and Dexter are my favorite series now on tv.
  • We'll See

    At first I wasn't sure how far this story could go, I still don't. I will tell you that every season has been a real piece of work. Original situations, amazing make-up effects and riveting character development. Season 1 & 2 were gross, exciting and different and from the looks of things season 3 is going to be one hell of a ride!
  • A great return for a great series!

    A fantastic post-apocalyptic zombiefest, The Walking Dead balances zombie head-shotting and human relationships in a dread filled world brilliantly. The second series has started off very well and has introduced some very interesting new characters.
  • Great show!

    This is a great show, love watching it and can't wait to see the next season. My only bash would be that it is a little bit predictable sometimes and they are a bit too reluctant to kill off the major characters. I assume this follows what happens in the comics but there's nothing i love more than seeing a main character get killed off! Great effects and everything.
  • WOO HOO!

    So excited for this season! Waited too long to see what happens next. I hope this season brings lots of action and drama then the last season. Michonne is going to be an awesome character.
  • BEST Premiere of all time!!!!!!


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