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  • Awesome

    Awesome show
  • Best show on TV, now or ever!

    This show is not just about the zombies, or walkers, as they are referred to. This show is very character driven, and it maintains the balance between character drama, walker gore, and suspenseful horror. Seeing these great characters grow and evolve is mesmerizing, and you grow attached to characters quickly. It's a show that keeps you on your toes, even during the calm times. If you haven't seen every episode at least once, I strongly urge you. You probably won't regret it.
  • Excellent show but it's starting to drag a little......

    Just finished the S4 finale and it was ok. I do really like this show and how it delves into the human condition as well as zombie goodness. However, S4 had some highlights but kind of dragged a bit for me. It does feel like we are treading the same ground over and over again. Meeting ruthless people and fighting for their lives whilst killing a few zombies along the way. I for one would like some focus on the origins of the out break. This was teased to us in S4 but not much else can happen till they get to Washington apparently. I guess I just need to feel as if the show is actually going somewhere. Season 5 here I come....
  • Not Reality

    listen people its a tv show about a make believe situation , zombies and people who are going crazy , it's fun to watch if you don't like it , don't knock it because it doesn't challenge your intelligence or doesn't follow the comics time line , btw i think it could be pretty accurate i think people would lose it for sure
  • Help!!!

    Please, Anyone can tell me a site or provide me a link to download or to watch walking dead season 5 all episode? ......

    It would be a great
  • This show really is the Walking Dead, it used to be a good show

    I find season five a real struggle to watch, i really need to find the mood. After 5 seasons the story isnt going anywhere, it just keeps repeating, kill zombie, kill other people, move from place to place, find food, someone dies, everybody else is out to get you, kill more zombies. repeat. The only part of the story that seems to evolve is the make-up effects to make the zombies more disgusting. It's just so monotonous....

    update: i just couldnt finish season 5, i got 3 episodes in then deleted the rest of the season. I'm not even gonna bother watchin even 5 min of the upcoming spin off show. A great show that turned into complete and utter horse shit
  • Jake VomGruberhouse makes his apperances

    keepup the close eye for Jake aka Ozzy he mad a quick shot past season and is scheduling upcoming shows keep out a look for the Nations top Rottweiler in action still on the big screen
  • Reason why you shouldn't watch

    This show really offends a person's logic and by that I mean it goes way beyond of suspending your disbelief in order to create an episode. Many times in the show they create something new contradicting to their previous storyline. For example the attack lead by the Governor with the tank with a new group of people on the prison in season 4. Why did the people not question him of why he wants to attack a prison? Then during the encounter between Rick and Governor at the Prison, why didn't Rick mention he killed all those civilians from Woodbury and that the whole thing was his fault? Surely then the people he's with will question his intent.

    At season 5, I feel the story isn't going anywhere. What I really don't like where this show is heading is that when the show comes to an eventual end, you'll get this crap feeling you've wasted all this time just for this. It doesn't give that incredible feeling in each episode as if you've been treated to something grandeur and spectacular, a gift that should be rewarded to it's valued viewers who wait out each week just to see the next one episode. It's really like the series Lost, the show will always continue as long as they're squeezing every penny out of the broadcasters.

    If you still choose to watch it, then best you realise now that this show will not hold value to those who only want the best and who will not want their mind filled with ambiguity. If you have ventured further like myself, then you will know like most shows that survive, it has an addictive factor. Hence I find myself to have dwelled too deep to let go, though by far it's not one of those stellar series out there.
  • The WALKING DEAD Phenomenon. To be always.

    Whoever gonna write a review. Or is reading this. I'll rate this a 10/10 because the walking dead is a Phenomenon. A tradition. To people wacthing the show. The walking dead is set for 12 seasons maybe more. But I'll be wacthing. #TWD10
  • it wont play

    Why the hell it don't play ?????
  • Mella

    The BEST TV SHOW EVER!!! Love you all guys!!!! Keep going and never stop!!! :)
  • Best Show Ever

    I cannot express my love for this show. I've seen every episode multiple times and I feel as though the characters are my family. I go back and watch previous seasons and feel as though I'm watching home videos. The actors are always perfect and so impressive. I get so attached to their charcters, every time someone dies, I always get so upset knowing they won't be on the show anymore. It isn't just blood and guts like it is said to be, there is relationships and family problems, and fights. I don't know how anyone could ever dislike this show.
  • wwqwwqwww best show ever

    best show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever best show everbest show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever

    rating is beyond 10 but whatever
  • Did they change writers??

    This season has been very different from the previous seasons. It almost seems like they changed writers. The show use to be then this season came on and it's just not as well written as before. For this past episode, I just couldn't believe that Rick would hit on a married woman. The thing with Shane and Lori affected Rick deeply, so it's just not believable to me that he would throw his ethics out the window just because the woman gave him a haircut. I mean, how much interaction has he had with this woman? In previous seasons, they would have given it some time and showed how the relationship developed to lead him to compromise his ethics, but this man can change at the snap of a finger.
  • Clone?

    Perhaps I'm missing something? They killed off Bob Stokey, who was a young black male with a partial medical background and obvious personnal problems. Then, almost immediately, they replaced him with Noah. Noah is a young black male with a partial medical back ground and obvious personnal problems. What is the point of cloning Bob?
  • My personal view

    I have been binge watching almost 5 seasons in 3 weeks, but I stop now and I try to comprehend what I saw:

    This is not a bad series, nor is it a very good one. I really like the post-apocalyptic landscape around Atlanta. Tim Surette mentioned it a couple of times in his reviews. I like most of the characters, especially Rick, Beth and Carol. This show partly focuses on the background and their development throughout this whole incident. But I guess it would have been nice to see, what the people did before Zombies break loose. Some characters mention their early lifes . the Governeur, who said he was a family man and a loser in his job...

    Another point: I really would like to know if this all is set free via a virus or is it magic and they are Undead. It would be very good for me to know for my perspective! Hints were given all the time, like severed heads are still biting. In this case even the ugliest virus couldnt do this ;)

    But in S1E6 when the group entered the CDC-building it was said otherwise, whatever

    Nevertheless, the best of this show is the focus on how fragile the human mind is, how people can change in the face of death and start to kill others, or eat them, or cultivate zombies ... So i think this show earns a solid 7.

    Btw: Loving those gay-hater comments underneath this one, so funny
  • ruining the show !!!!

    there is not 1 guy that watches this show wants to see some gay, *** , or what ever kissing each other. i don't care how much i love watching this show. i will stop for sure. i have not missed a single show from the beginning. last week show rating !!! 1
  • l need alink

    If any one can give me adirect link for the last episode I will be grateful
  • Totally worth it

    LOVE this show, highly recommend it to anyone thinking about watching the show
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  • Still a loyal follower

    Lots of people seem to have gotten bored with TWD and have taken to criticizing every little thing they can about it, but when I truly love a show, I stick with it through the good and bad. Honestly though, there is no "bad". I appreciate the sentimental moments and I'm not just tuning in for bullets and hacking, which is what people seem to expect every minute. I overlook things that are meant to be overlooked because it's television. You won't ever hear me saying OMG THAT GUN HOLDS 12 BULLETS BUT IT SHOT 13! Just let it go, people. This show must still be doing something right if it makes me rush to the living room with butterflies in my stomach every Sunday night. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
  • Used to love this show!

    I used to love this show but now it's just long walks in the woods. Ever since I started watching Banshee it makes this show look like a chick flick! Get it going or I'll be going!!!
  • excellent show

    love the show.... me encanta....
  • "Them"

    I did not enjoy this episode none what so ever. It was probably the most boring episode I've seen so far. I've been disappointed in past episodes, but this one took the cake. My wife tuned out and stopped watching it before the newest season started and I'm just about done. I wait a whole week to watch a new bull crap episode. 'I'm done; one less viewer.....
  • I'm in mourning...

  • Doomed and Groomed!

    All things considered it's almost impossible to find a safe place! They should consider building a tree house near facilities that have plenty of stock items and Gas for the many road trips planned ahead! Why not start driving in some fancy car's too!
  • whats wrong with ur heads

    when u going to get off your brains and stop killing off all the good people and bring 2 of them back Beth and tyreese u are wrecking the show
  • Best SHOW EVER.

    Great show, amazing plot. But WHAT HAPPENED TO BETH?!?!?!
  • They should stop making nuclear cliff hangers

    It starts good, then they only talk, then one moment where there is action, then they leave a cliffhanger, then the next episode the same, and third it ends the cliffhanger. And damn, are the staff on vacation 24/7?

    I like all the Shows, But they have started strecthing it out!!

    They need to keep it going to keep the show going!!

    It has been getting slower & slower, Pick it up!!

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