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  • "We are The Walking Dead"

    "We can make it. But we can only make it This small gleam of hope is spoken by one of the most beloved characters of the series, Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), in an episode where nearly all hope is lost. As an avid fan of AMC's post-apocalyptic fiction TV series The Walking Dead since the very beginning, I can tell you that episodes such as "Them" are what make the show what fans truly love. This episode alone will give you the insight needed into why the fandom for this show is as passionate as it is. It has all the elements that make The Walking Dead the highest rated show on television. Every quality that fans love viewers can find in this episode: its uniqueness, how dynamic it can be, and the depth of not only its characters but the plot as well. Through the inhumane but necessary decisions the characters make to survive, you see them try to cling onto their humanity and basic values. This milestone episode shows how weak we can be but also how strong we are all within the same moment, when we would do anything for the ones that we love.

    I'm sure by now you have heard of The Walking Dead in one place or another, even if you don't habitually tune in on Sunday evenings like the rest of us crazy fans. You've probably heard about this show by word-of-mouth, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, news articles or any of the other millions of types of social media we have. The fandom for this show is out of this world. It started as a comic book series and has only gotten bigger from there: expanding into a TV series, video games, books and even has its own spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead, is the number one show on television with ratings reaching over 17.3 million viewers on its fifth season debut (Carter, . The TV series is quickly approaching its 100th episode in its 7th season. The Walking Dead puts it viewers through a range of emotions; during a season, from episode to episode, and sometimes even within one episode itself. Episode 10 of season five, titled "Them," is one of those episodes and in my opinion the series' best up to this point.

    "Them" takes place on a desolate road that stretches for miles, in the summer heat with no end in sight. With no food, no water, and no car, the group of survivors has set out on foot in search of the smallest glimpse of hope. The group has hit one of their lowest points in the running of the show. They have lost just about everything; some characters have lost everyone, and almost all of them are seeing their wills to push on any further disappear. The characters are divided and morale is nonexistent. We can tell they are struggling throughout this episode as they walk down the road silently. Their heads are hung low, they are covered in dirt and sweat, barely dragging their feet as they strive to keep going with a huge group of "Walkers" (zombies) on their heels. The producers paint us a perfect picture here of what it's like to really struggle. You can see the struggle on the actors' faces and in their body language by the dragging of their feet and their sunken shoulders, and the discontent written across each actors' face. You can hear it in their silence and you can feel it as you watch "The Walkers" get within spitting distance.

    There have been many times through this series when we see characters question their humanity, but in this episode those scenarios arise time and time again. First, watching Maggie (Lauren Cohan) kill a Walker and then question why said Walker didn't just kill herself before she turned in a monster. Second, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) kills a pack of dogs that undoubtedly would have killed the group. The survivors then proceed to eat the dogs like it's their last meal which it very well could be. Finally, as you watch the very stoic and seemingly unbreakable Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) break, as he puts a cigarette out on the top of his hand and starts to cry. All these things make you question your humanity in one form or another. We hear it in Maggie's question and we watch it in the confusion on every character's face as they eat the dogs without so much as a second thought. We feel it in the tears that fall from Daryl's eyes, not in the pain of the burn, but from the pain of a loss of a person close to him. It shows just how truly dynamic these characters have become.

    How is it possible to be weak but strong at the same time? One minute and thirty seconds is all it takes in this episode to prove you can be both weak and strong. The producers put you on an emotional roller coaster once again and they've caught you in a perfect moment of both strength and weakness. A hellish storm has caught all our 16 characters off guard and has forced them into an abandoned barn. Together they are the only people they have left in the world. A raging storm and a sea of walkers have the survivors trapped. At this point, the show has you questioning a million and one things, which happens to be yet another great quality of this episode. One minute and thirty seconds is all it takes to have you panicking, cheering, and reluctant all at the same time. Daryl at the last second notices the group of walkers that are now headed straight for the people he loves. In a last-ditch effort, he holds the door to the barn closed with all his might but he can't do it on his own. Not long after Daryl starts to struggle Maggie rushes to the door, closely followed by Sasha.

    One by one the rest of the group sees what's happening and joins in the fight. This is my favorite scene. This small, one minute and thirty second scene does an extraordinary job of rounding out the episode. I love the symbolism of the most broken characters, the ones who have seemed to given up completely, be the first ones to the barn door fighting for everyone else. They're in a fight to prove that all hope isn't lost, a fight to prove how you can be weak and strong at the same time, a fight to prove that you will do anything for the ones you love despite what it may cost you. After coming full circle, I feel it's appropriate to end with a quote I believe is not only symbolic to this episode, but symbolic for the series. Maggie and Sasha step out of the barn into complete destruction: fallen trees, dead and alive walkers everywhere, most impaled or torn apart. Both actors are astounded at the devastation. Sasha states, "It should have torn us apart," to which Maggie replies, "It

  • Darryl

    I think Darryl should of told her the truth
  • Grow Up it's an amazing show

    I don't understand the hate. All shows change and grow. If you don't like it, don't watch it - no need to bitch about it. What's pathetic is the "this used to be my fav but now you've ruined it" crap. Get over it.
  • You Should Walk To This Show

    Never a boring show! Don't listen to the people who say that say it isn't.

  • power2

    seson 7 episodes 9 when he comes can you tell us a show
  • Ooommmgggg!!!!!!!

    I am so mad when carl kissed her it made me so mad because carl is so cute i really like carl but it made me mad when they kissed but it is a very good show i mean drama but it made me so mad.
  • what is it?

    The pure genius of this series, and pure genius it is indeed, is that it is TV that MAKES you think!! Say it that makes you TV has always had the dumb and dumber reputation where one literally zombies out in front of the TV stealing away say, the gift of reading a good book. I remember the days of Dallas for example and the big question of who shot JR, it was a fairytale ranch and we all knew it was something you watched rather than felt. The walking dead however has transcended previous era's of the TV 'viewing' experience and pulled us in through thought provoking questions even about our own sorry existence and opened the first page of thought provoking emotionalism through the screen,i never really expected to live on a Dallas ranch eating breakfast on the verander with JR and co and i don't really expect to be beating off flesh eating zombles any day soon, but there is always the overriding question that TWD is always just nudging you, hey what and who would you be in this situation? what if? i would be amazed if any avid TWD viewer hadn't heard the same whisper in their ear whilst psychologically profiling themselves .. well that's just my opinion and as someone who really doesn't watch TV in general, i'm not saying it's 'quite life changing' but as somebody who generally doesn't watch ANY tv it's unique ability take the viewer to the unknown self has ''got me' now but ofcourse it's just TV.
  • Last Nights Episode Made My Soul Leave My Body

    This Episode Was Just Too Much!!! I Would Have Rather For Abraham And Glenn To Get Bitten by Zombies Rather Than Negan Beat Their Freakin Heads In!!! The Walking Dead Isnt About Zombies Hope The Next Episodes To Come Arent This Damn Brutal
  • !!read this!!

    At the end of the season had most of the core crew all on their knees and one is gonna get it.. I hated to see Rick and everyone in a spot like that. I wish they would bring some big name to be a hero for a few episodes, dave every one and go out undera pIle of walkers after killing a main badguy. Someone big like the Rock or Tom cruise or Steve Harvy. Either way I hope all our main cast stay alive and beat this obstacle.
  • number one show in the world

    if you dont like the show don't watch it.

    but for the ppl that like it what a @^$%*&^@$%*&^ ending to season 6 hummmmmmmm what can i say????

    i will be waiting 6 long months for it to restart cant wait...

    ps... i am still in shock with season 4 episode 14 ( the grove ) i got goosebumps.

    keep the episodes coming
  • Greatest show ever

  • Will Be kind of SPOILERS in the post

    Got to say that I have been looking forward to this part of the comic/series. So far I think that they have made this part of the comics justice, and they are spot on with Jesus.

    This next part will contain spoilers for those that hasn't read the comics, but I will keep out names and what the acctual event is. So if you've read to about #100 you should know what I'm asking and talking about.

    So here it is. There is one thing in the comics that I thought they would never do in the series, but looking at the last couple of episodes I'm thinking more and more that it will really happen. Any comic reader besides me that think it will happen?
  • The Walking Dead Streaming Free

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  • I lve it

    It's the best show I can't find another show that I like on Netflix I hope hey never stop
  • Best there is

    I love this show with all my heart
  • No way out

    I loved it best show in the history of one of the best episodes too
  • Wow man.

    I am a person that has a hard time sticking to one show, I have never stayed true to one show, because I am not a big fan of shows. I've tried a lot of shows, but none of them work out, but The Walking Dead is an

    incredible show with amazing characters and a good story. It's awesome and dramatic, every time a character dies I want to cry. This show is amazing and I've stayed true to it, and I watched every episode, I can't wait for the next one. When this show sadly ends, I'll watch Game of Thrones, because it looks really good.
  • One of my favorite shows of all time

    Daryl just makes the show cool. So does Michonne. Good thing Glenn is not dead. But I mess Beth,Merle,Hershel,The Governor. And maybe Lori, and Andrea. DON`T KILL ME! My 3rd favorite show next to The Simpsons and Invader ZIM.
  • season finale

    Very disappointed ,when are they going to stop showing groups that don't care about finding out the cause of the virus, its time to get to Washington DC , too many new characters that just don't get it ,are they blind do they not see the Zombies all over the place, why are they living fighting each other, too many stupid characters, the weak must die, the strong will survive and get answers. I want to see more Zombie killing and progress moving ahead, its been 6 years now, the Zombie movies make more sense. If it going to be the same old obstacles ,stupid people and no progress , I'm done!
  • walking dead

    Awesome show!

    I Love watching the show with my family we all like it so much. Please keep this show going we will watch forever! FYI I will stop watchig as soon as you put two guys kissing on this show!

    T Y:-)
  • The show 10-25-15

    I feel your bringing TWD to an end which I hate. I hope Glenn didn't die as he was so honest and I wanted to see him and Maggie have a baby. I hope you did not kill him off as I hope the blood and guts was from his friend blowing his brains out and Glenn scremming was his attempt to push himself under the garbage dump. Please please don't let Genn be dead. I have lost many nights of sleep over this last nightmare. As for Rick let him throw the bodies out for the dead to eat and he lots himself in the bathroom or under the folding couch. Glenn, Rich, Mishone, Daryl, Maggie and the lady thats so good my mind gone blank and the rest of the group need to bring things under control so they can live peacefully behind the walls and then bring it to an end. Once again I begged you don't let Glenn be dead he's to good of an actor through the whole show. As for Rich's injury on his hand let it pass please his son needs him and his daughter. His son to young at this time to take over. Beth should have never died. That was a shocher an a downer. Please Listen To My Request! !!

    Keep TWD going I love this show and can't wait until next Sunday ITS GREAT!!!
  • WHY!!!

    I hope Glenn didn't die because of that
  • Better Than It Ever Was

    I'm knocked out by Season 6. I thought the premiere was excellent but Episode 2, "JSS", sailed right on past it.

    The characters are well-developed yet retain mystery as to where their arcs are leading them. In addition to the gore and action, the show confronts the big questions about what it means to be human and from there how humans should organize themselves, especially in survival conditions.
  • Best show on TV, now or ever!

    This show is not just about the zombies, or walkers, as they are referred to. This show is very character driven, and it maintains the balance between character drama, walker gore, and suspenseful horror. Seeing these great characters grow and evolve is mesmerizing, and you grow attached to characters quickly. It's a show that keeps you on your toes, even during the calm times. If you haven't seen every episode at least once, I strongly urge you. You probably won't regret it.
  • Not Reality

    listen people its a tv show about a make believe situation , zombies and people who are going crazy , it's fun to watch if you don't like it , don't knock it because it doesn't challenge your intelligence or doesn't follow the comics time line , btw i think it could be pretty accurate i think people would lose it for sure
  • Help!!!

    Please, Anyone can tell me a site or provide me a link to download or to watch walking dead season 5 all episode? ......

    It would be a great
  • Jake VomGruberhouse makes his apperances

    keepup the close eye for Jake aka Ozzy he mad a quick shot past season and is scheduling upcoming shows keep out a look for the Nations top Rottweiler in action still on the big screen
  • The WALKING DEAD Phenomenon. To be always.

    Whoever gonna write a review. Or is reading this. I'll rate this a 10/10 because the walking dead is a Phenomenon. A tradition. To people wacthing the show. The walking dead is set for 12 seasons maybe more. But I'll be wacthing. #TWD10
  • Mella

    The BEST TV SHOW EVER!!! Love you all guys!!!! Keep going and never stop!!! :)
  • Best Show Ever

    I cannot express my love for this show. I've seen every episode multiple times and I feel as though the characters are my family. I go back and watch previous seasons and feel as though I'm watching home videos. The actors are always perfect and so impressive. I get so attached to their charcters, every time someone dies, I always get so upset knowing they won't be on the show anymore. It isn't just blood and guts like it is said to be, there is relationships and family problems, and fights. I don't know how anyone could ever dislike this show.
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