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  • You all Seem to OVER ANALYZE!!!!

    It's a show which is meant to entertain & take people away from the realities of every day life.

    I love TWD and the cast, each season seems to get more and more intense.

    STOP taking every episode and analyzing the crap out of it, it's fantasy not reality and if you're going to disect it to pieces then STOP watching it and let those of us who truly appreciate TWD and the great characters and special effects ENJOY the show!!! :)
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  • cool

    i love it
  • Will stop watching this when they pry the remote from MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!

    I can't get enough of this sci-fi thriller!!
  • Woo! Zombies!

    Updated except web ep (13-14)

    Love it. I don't need to say anything else.
  • Hoping for season 6 7 8 .......

    Excellence, quality, reality............ whats not present? great work... please keep it going.

    I am always keen on what will happen next....
  • The Breakthrough

    Character development with survivors like Michonne and Carl is something I've been waiting on for a very long time. Some argue that this episode was boring to sit through but this is a post-war episode. Don't expect a thriller. This episode really takes you inside the mind set of both Michonne and Carl, with alternating storylines. Michonne, who had finally found a safe haven and peace, is back to her repressed and faceless state, battling her emotions. Carl is trying to make himself believe he can press on in this ruined world without family, but as the episode goes on, he reveals the truth himself. Pretty excellent, but where's Judith?
  • The Walking Dead

    This show is absolutely thrilling. It is definitely the best survival during a zombie Apocalypse i have ever seen or heard of. I love this show so much! It is definitely sensitive to some viewers, and i would not recommend it for young children it may give them nightmares. This show has one of the best story lines in all of TV. I don't know what i am going to do when they stop making the show, probably just watch them over and over again.
  • Zombies never looked so good!

    Simply a fantastic drama that hooks you into the story and with characters you instantly care about!Week after week,my nerves have been taking a beating,never knowing which direction the story is going and who might be the next victim!It's not just a zombie TV show but a show about human survival and the brutal reality of what it takes to survive in a zombie infested world!It's dark,twisted and gritty but it also has a lot of heart!One of the shows greatest strengths is the characters,ordinary people you can relate to,you root for them,hiss at the villains and cry when one of them dies!It's been years since I've been emotional invested in a show but it's worth the tears,screaming at the TV and the fried nerves,so far it's been a hell of an apocalypse!!
  • Name the characters you think might not make it to season 5?

    Here are my picks! Sasha, Bob, Lily and her sister (good riddance) Maggie or Beth, Michonne or Daryl.
  • Judith

    Judith wont be dead, if they were going to kill off the baby they would have stuck to the comic and killed her with the mother, its quite obvious those young girls have the baby as they run off to probably go where the baby is after they saved tyrese, it will be a future happy reunion scene sumtime in the season for rick and carl, i would actually put money on it thats wat will happen
  • Can't Get Enough

    I believe this first half of season four started out a bit slow ,but as I continued to watch it only reinforced what was to come. Even though I'm upset Hershel, Judith, and Meagan died it's going to be interesting how the show carries on without them and how Rick and Maggie respond to the death of their family members. Also there are so many questions and fascinating plot twists in this mid-season finale, that I have have no idea how they are going to answer all our questions. In addition I wonder if the writers of the Walking Dead are going to manage Carol's story for the rest of the season and where is the show going to take place considering the prison is no longer available. This is was a very well done mid-season finale and makes me love the Walking Dead even more.
  • TWD Love

    I started this show on a whim I saw a couple friends rave about it, & so I checked it out. I was hooked from the very beginning! I didn't need my 3 episode rule on this. Which isn't something that happens very often! This is one of my can't miss shows!

    Personally I'm not much into horror or gore. Not really my thing, however TWD balances it all out quite nicely I believe. Do I like every character? No. Are episodes sometimes a little slower? Yes, but I don't feel that you can have some action pack zombie slaying fest every episode. Who would want to watch that? It would get boring, & there would be no room for interpersonal character development. We need the slower non zombie slaying eps to get to know the characters.
  • clean slate.

    I think the mid-season ending was necessary to tie up heaps of loose ends from previous seasons and show runners. I think he has opened up the world for more story telling and individual adventures etc. I think in season 3 we will see a different direction. The Gov had to go and i think in a few was so did Herschel. I'm excited for the huge amount of possibilities in Feb!!
  • More Details

    I would love to know how Carol is doing. Where's she going? How's she getting along? I would like to finally find out who was feeding the walkers rats. Also, can Rick finally tell Daryl that Carol isn't coming back so that Daryl can go look for her.

  • For haters

    People please stop watching it if you did not like it. But just don't drop your irrelevant nonsense comments here. This is area is for fans! Nobody give a dime if you think show is plane or it should finish..

    AMC will be keep renewing this awesome show because ratings are fantastic. Comic book and games will be keep coming. This show will be around for a while so cry me a river and leave the rating meter alone.
  • amazing n suspenseful

    two thumbs up! one of the best shows on n no other show like it!
  • david lawson

    i realy like it because rick and his son is in it but i hate that lori died when she had her baby.
  • The best

    my favourite series of all sorry for this who dont get it
  • Walking Dead World...

    the setups and studio;s are amazing AMC rockz as always ,I think they have brought a city and make them as real zombie place AMC has another legend going on "REMEMBER MY NAME " everything on AMC was amazing...

  • The Walking Dead Season 4

    The Walking Dead Season 4 is the 4th season of AMC television show "The Walking Dead," and is the reimagination of the Apocalypse comic book series The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. www. thewalkingdeadseason3. com
  • Too damn good.

    This show just keeps getting better. Every episode is darker and just more brutal than the last as you dig into the apocholypse, and thats after the first episode involved the shooting of a turned 8 year old girl. And I loved every f***ing minute of it. Keep um coming!
  • Best Show Ever

    I love this show so much that i don't miss one single episode EVER. I am concerned though about the upcoming season because of all the people they have decided to take care of. I worry there won't be as much action as the last season because now they have a lot to risk. I really hope i'm wrong.
  • the walking dead

    Love it

  • In my head,in my head,zombie!

    The first zombie tv show I started something else,than constantly vampire tv shows.

    The zombies are very 'real' and the plot is great! Not many episodes in season 1(only 6) but it's so good!
  • One Of My Favorites

  • Bring on season 4.

    I love TWD. It is a great show. This would have to be the most accurate decription of how shit would go down if it were real.
  • Awesome Show!

    The Walking Dead is definitely one of a kind and stands out from all the other zombie shows. I'm not really interested in Zombie shows, but The Walking Dead has amazing story lines with great characters. Even though Merle was a jerk, i think they should of kept him on the show a bit longer. He COULD of helped Daryl, Michonne and Rick in the Finale, if there was an ACTUAL battle, instead of just killing off Milton and Andrea.
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