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  • Worthless, overrated melodrama

    I was so excited about this when I first heard about it, but from the first episode, I have been disappointed. The first couple of episodes at least had some promise, but by the end of the first season, I didn't expect much anymore; yet it still managed to get worse.

    At this point, the show is a slow, tedious, boring, insipid, melodramatic, soap-operatic, hot, steaming, pile of... garbage.

    Nothing ever happens on this show, most of the episodes have at least two or three scenes of people just sitting or standing around staring at the ground or at each other or off into space thinking or feeling. It's one thing to spend a couple of seconds to convey that a character is struggling with emotions and despair and the like, but this stupid show spends 5-10 MINUTES doing this at least a couple of times per episode! In one episode, the show started with a five-minute long clip of Rick just driving down a long, empty road by himself, just staring off, with close-ups of his face for most of it. What the hell is that garbage? That is a useless waste of time. We don't need to waste five minutes of our lives to get that Rick has been through hardship. Idiots! In another episode, the show started with a five-minute clip of some new guy just walking around aimlessly, staring at the ground while some crappy music played in the background. Who cares There have been plenty of other similar wastes of time like when a bunch of people are sitting around and say two or three lines of dialog in a 10-minute scene, while the rest is just empty silence. Don't the show-makers understand that there is so much else on television and in life these days that viewers can't afford to waste time sitting around watching boring nothing happening? Garbage like this show may be entertainment in a zombie-apocalypse, but until then, we have countless better things to spend our limited, precious time on.

    No, the action sequences are *not* interesting or exciting. I maintain that nothing ever happens on the show. Once in a while they may shoot a few guns or some garbage, but that doesn't mean anything.

    Whenever someone does actually say something, it's usually some pathetic and infinitely redundant and repetitive expression of their grief and frustration. This show is not a zombie/horror show, it is a stupid soap-opera melodrama.

    In addition, the way they go so far out of their way to avoid using the word "zombie" is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen on television (including the likes of "Jersey Shore"). Why the hell do they do that? Do the show-makers think that gives the show an air of authenticity? If so, then they are reinforcing the proof of their ignorant ineptitude because if a zombie apocalypse were ever to break out in real-life, people would *immediately* start using the term zombie because that is *exactly what they friggin' are*. Nobody would make up stupid terms like "walkers"; well, nobody who doesn't want to try to sound "cool" but in reality is just being a loser douche-bag poser *trying* to sound cool. God help us if these idiots decide to make a vampire show; they characters would run (or more likely, very, slowly walk) around calling them "suckers". :roll:

    The only thing worse than a crappy show is a crappy show that *thinks* it's good because then it has no plans of improving because it thinks there is no problem. All the idiots who rave about this as though it isn't garbage are only helping to ensure that it stays garbage.

  • Really?

    Is it that we are trying to get ready for aliens that there are so many weird shows on now? Oh, I see, it comes from a comic...
  • it wont play

    Why the hell it don't play ?????
  • ruining the show !!!!

    there is not 1 guy that watches this show wants to see some gay, *** , or what ever kissing each other. i don't care how much i love watching this show. i will stop for sure. i have not missed a single show from the beginning. last week show rating !!! 1
  • "Them"

    I did not enjoy this episode none what so ever. It was probably the most boring episode I've seen so far. I've been disappointed in past episodes, but this one took the cake. My wife tuned out and stopped watching it before the newest season started and I'm just about done. I wait a whole week to watch a new bull crap episode. 'I'm done; one less viewer.....
  • Disappointing

    The walking dead was one of my favorite shows for the first 2 seasons Then the 3rd season came along and it became a soap opera with the occasional zombie after that. Really disappointed that they stretched it out and made it boring and had every main character become annoying.
  • Terrible Season Finale

    With the exception of a handful of episodes I am so damn tired of the writers drawn out character transformation of Rick. After an entire season of wandering aimlessly struggling with manic depression somehow Rick miraculously transforms inside of 1 day back to the old "kick ass and take names" Rick of the past? What a waste of a season. The writers are obviously relying heavily upon their assumed ignorance of the fan base and our obvious inability to follow a more realistic story line. And what the hell is up with Mr. Mullet scientist? Really? would take him seriously any day.
  • In This Life Now, You Either Kill Or You Die, Or The Show Dies And It Kills

    I remember how exciting it was during the first three seasons. By Season 4 it got very boring very quickly, more boring than doing a crossword puzzle. Even more boring than watching the clock tick slowly during a long sleepless night of chronic insomnia. It's like watching a completely different show. What started out as a successfully exciting saga of adventure, intrigue and action has turned into a painfully unbearable depression of sentimental dialogue and long walks in deserted parks. I tried putting up with 11 episodes, but by the 12th, I declare that I officially give up. I can no longer find the interest in pursuing the long-lost thrill of wanting to see who babbles & weeps next on the Boring Dead. My message to the writers of Season 4: you all took a potentially great show & you KILLED it! SLOWLY! VERY VERY SLOWLY!
  • Its just ridicilous

    Its just ridicilous, its moving along like a snail for 7 episodes then everything changes for one episode. My bet is that it will move like a snail for another 7 eisodes starting in february, anybody see the repetetive pattern. Its just like Prison break, when they had half a season for breaking out, then failed, then used the other half to do the same again. This will probabloy end up like lost With no answers andno ending.
  • This show blows di**

    Seriously it's been dragging on long enough like seriously shouldn't all the zombies be killed off by now, cuz of the fact that the cast is the only "so called humans N are away from the zombies, thus the zombies not having anything to feed on?? fu**in stupid and unbelievable.
  • From a lover of zombie flicks... it's terrible!!!

    First up, I'll say that I'm a fan of the horror genre and specifically zombie movies in particular. The Walking Dead is SO bad! I've seen it all before. It's really soft, and really badly written. The main character is not likeable or believable as a law enforcement officer. And I'm talking about season 1 which is supposed to be the best. I only saw the first two episodes, because it was so bad. By reading a few other of these reviews it seems the show only goes downhill from Season 1. I'll pass!
  • It's SHIT

    the walking dead is full of unlikable characters played by terrible actors speaking boring dialogue all raped up in a shity plot
  • Season 4 notes:

    I LOVE all the original characters that were left at the end of Season 3! I was starting to worry, seeing that there aren't many people left in the group.

    Thank heaven; they brought in a busload of new ones to serve as zombie feed in season 4!

  • The Boring Crap

    Season 1 was very good, season 2 still good enough, season 3 will be the last for me. They should rename the show in "The Boring Crap". Never before I saw a show started with such a furious first season and went down to such a boring crap after 2 and a half seasons.

    When I heard this show was about zombies I didnt even bother to watch because there are so much movies about zombies already. The zombie topic is overated and done tooo many times. But i was still curious so I checked it out. I couldnt even stay awake for one episode. This show has too much hype and not enough exciment. Id rather watch that boring old movie I Am Legend again then this. This show is dead to me.
  • SOAP OPERA with Zombies - Lack of creative direction, a weak plot, and poor writing

    This show started the first season with such promise. I read all of the comics and had high hopes for this series. It stinks though. This series is like the Dallas Cowboys - lots of potential, lots of fanfare, but complete failure where it counts. Change the coaches.. and.. darn - still no results. This stuff is more like some garbage you'd see on the Syfy channel. It is a SOAP OPERA with zombies and some occasional action to try and pretend it's Here's a typical episode from season 2 or 3 - this character talks with that character, then some other characters have a heart to heart.. kill a few zombies.. more dialogue.. blah blah blah.. poop. I guess this is a testament to how stupid our society has become. I've probably fast forwarded through the majority of season 2 and 3 on my DVR. When shows like this gain this high of ratings it just means there isn't anything better to watch and nobody has anything better to do. I'm done. This show sucks and is getting worse every episode. I'd rather read a book, the anti-TV! Looking forward to the next comic issue though.

    Losing interest in the walking dead! the governor has had his right eye patched,so how is it that his left eye is mangled??!?!?!?
  • The Walking Dead

    first of all that is the best wasting time and tv space I've ever seen. The script is written so cheaply I want my $10 back for renting this tv show. Now even if someone would pay me I m not gonna watch this show, it is a torture. First, why to cut the handcufffs when you cut your own hand hahah secondly, why to drive a tanks when you can drive a fucking green hunday, wtf? is this a fucking joke? and the funniest is to live in the tent's nothing more to say, the movie is ***ed
  • absolute horrible show

    this show is horrible, they are just trying to rip off shaun of the dead. it is completley unoriginal and my catfish can come up with a better series, wait a minute so can my sea cucumber. Dale deserved to die and Rick should also die! T-Dog is the only good character, all the other one are pointless, it may aswell be called Walking T-Dog. T-dog is the only character with relevance to his role. everyone else should be fed to the walkers and eaten as a midnight snack .
  • The Worst Gets Worse

    People may read this and will say to me...then stop watching it!! I say to them, just as well, you can stop reading my post. Here, stop.

    For the rest of you, I will start by saying that this show has potential. It WAS good, the first season did not end great, but it started out great. It had real zombie issues, real tangible problems I could envision myself going through if i were thrust into their position. Couple episodes later..what are we left with? We are left with idiotic characters and their manufactured problems, repetitive plot lines with progress at the speed of molasses, and worst of all, a zombie (oops, people show) show with not a sign of zombies. I'll address these points individually.

    1) Idiotic characters and their manufactured drama: How stupid can these characters get? Each episode we see them getting into increasingly ridiculous situations that only a "lame-brain" would make. Half of season 2 was based on a stupid move made by a kid that probably deserved to be zombified. She had two decisions, stay, or run and keep the sun on her shoulder. She did neither, and we never find out why. Shane has been a loose canon that should have been tied down, since season 1 when he said they should put more cans up around their perimeter, when the zombies already breached their perimeter without any noise. That alone deserved a quick shovel to the head. Or, most recently, when Lori decided to take off and read the map and drive at the same time, to do something redundant. Great.

    2) I guess this point is related to the idiotic characters, how they managed to drag out 6 episodes in the forest looking for sophia is beyond me. I feel stupid for having sat through all that expecting more.

    3) For a show called the walking dead, the only ones I see go by the names Lori, Shane, and Rick. I'm not asking for a slaughterfest every episode, but ones which deal with external zombie issues every once in a while would be nice. Instead of dealing with 3-way love triangles and unwanted pregnancies all the time. That would be nice. Is this too much to ask?

    This show had potential..and still does. If only the writers will make up their damn mind and stop manufacturing drama. This will only hold people so long until they realize this show is drivel.
  • Something funny happened in the way to good TV

    Writers started thinking that an overdose of vampires and zombies is what I want to watch every week. I wonder what is missing in TV right now, creativity or time to think this through.
  • A Major Missing Piece

    I caught up with this series on Netflix and just finished season 3 and have a major concern: I'm a gulf/Iraq war military vet and so is my husband, some of the best soldiers on the field who has fought with me and my husband were Black men. This show does not have any. I don't like shows that do not show black men surviving; I mean not one single one. This is why for me it is NOT a show that I can get into because it is NOT my reality. All they had to do was add one Black male with strength and kept him in the series and it would have been the best series ever shown. So sad! Two of our closest friends that fought with us and Black pointed this out to me and my husbands yesterday at a party and they were right. I'm giving it a 2 now.

    Okay - in the scene in S5-E2, with father Gabriel on top of the rock being tormented and grabbed at by a handful of walkers, did anyone else notice that the hands of the walkers were as smooth as a babies arse? They were pale in color but no rotting was evident! THE HANDS WERE THE FOCUS OF THE SCENE and no one noticed on set that the hands were not rotted, scarred, decayed, etc? COME ON!
  • Just dumb.

    This is actually a pretty stupid show. First season was GREAT! But after that it went downhill really fast. Logic has no place in TWD it seems. Always on the search for food while 97% of the former population only eats human? All cars are suddenly broken? They drive around in a small city car? Just stupid. And they ought to portray wintered survivalists. For that they VERY often get sneaked up on by slow moving noise making 'walkers' . Oh, but on the other hand they are like the Flash. They can outrun a terrain car in an open field. Lots and lots of examples that defy logic are just incorporated into the show, in which nothing interesting happens anymore. A big letdown after a spectacular first season.
  • the stories are so boring

    the stories are so boring
  • 43 minutes of my life I'll never get back

    "Prey" was a really bad episode. Seems to have been written while sleeping or perhaps by a 10 year old. Run, chase, hide ... somehow the predator is just one step behind at all time. YAAAAWWWWWNNN. Been done a million times. The parts that developed the plot could have been added to the previous or next episode using under 5 minutes.
  • What would happen if slow moving, and slow, if at all, thinking zombies overrun the entire planet?

    ...well, apparently, surviving yet (still) unaffected humans would regress to the dark ages. Women would assume the roles meant for them in prehistoric times, washing, cooking, looking after the little ones, and men would reconnect with the hunter-gatherer within. The military, trained to handle any tough situation, would succumb to creatures with no skills whatsoever. The entire governments would fall down as if there are no code red protocols... The system as we know it is gone, and yet, our group of survivors sits by the fire telling stories.

    If you're looking for a show with developed (or even developing) characters, that has something to say, that has any relevant social commentary to offer, I would suggest circumventing this show by a mile. But if you're looking for illogical zombie pass-time that looks good (cinematography the only thing worthy in this show) and is kind of dumb from time to time, well tune in for sure.

    2/10 (for cinematography)
  • This show really is the Walking Dead, it used to be a good show

    I find season five a real struggle to watch, i really need to find the mood. After 5 seasons the story isnt going anywhere, it just keeps repeating, kill zombie, kill other people, move from place to place, find food, someone dies, everybody else is out to get you, kill more zombies. repeat. The only part of the story that seems to evolve is the make-up effects to make the zombies more disgusting. It's just so monotonous....

    update: i just couldnt finish season 5, i got 3 episodes in then deleted the rest of the season. I'm not even gonna bother watchin even 5 min of the upcoming spin off show. A great show that turned into complete and utter horse shit
  • Missed Opportunity

    Whilst I'll never stop watching TWD, unless it becomes unbearable and does an acrobatic jump across multiple sharks - this show's potential was killed by poor writing. Season one started TWD off incredibly with clever writing, intriguing characters and an epic scope. Since season 2, the show has sold out by reusing a tired formula year-in-year-out. The formula that we've seen so many times before includes the group being separated, threatened by a new "bad guys" group of survivors, and building up cheap tension over 7 episodes so that everyone tunes in for the "must see" mid-season/season finale where there's a big showdown... until it's repeated all over again. TWD has been brilliant in the past, with the likes of the first season, the Rick/Shane/Lory debacle, the governor and most recently the explosive season 5 premiere. However I feel the soul of the show has been lost. The "character development" of the last 2 seasons seems forced down our throats. TWD has tried to spend quality time zooming in on each member of the ensemble cast at the expensive of spending enough time with any one character. I miss genuine moments with our favourite characters. I'm slowly losing hope in this show as it regurgitates very familiar story-lines and employs tired TV tactics from the likes of 24-style cheap action suspense and soap-opera-like pitiful character development. TWD needs a revival of it's heart and soul with fresh writing that respects the intelligence of it's viewers.
  • No More Gay Talk On The Walking Dead, Put Up or Shut Up

    Quite frankly it has been severely played out. We get it Daryl or

    someone may (or may not) be gay. The truth is we are over it. I cannot

    tell you how many emails and replies I get here at The Walking Dead Update complaining that every other article has to do with who may be gay.

    You should have played the Beth and Daryl story out a little more. At

    least then you may have kept people's interest a little longer, and who

    doesn't love a romance? If that were for some unknown reason not

    feasible (this is after all fiction), then playing off the chance of his

    death will have worked just as well.

    It's like a dog with a boneit just would not let it go. You received

    a ton of exposure (positive at first), but that ship has sailed.

    People are sick of hearing about it. So it's time to put up or really

    just shut the hell up about it. Let me let you in on a little secret, '

    sometimes people are gay'. WOW, what a revelation that must have been.

    If it was a just a publicity blitz, good on you. Yet I'm not sure the

    response will be positive anymore. If it's just a stunt, you played it

    out way too long! The novelty has worn off!

    So you AMC execs it's time to let the cat out of the bag, or just

    admit there was no cat to start with. We are your fans, WE make the

    show, not you. We are not your pawns to move as you see fit just to see

    what happens. It's time to come clean, the show is almost on and we have

    waited long enough. Hell, it's not like it would be a world ending

    spoiler. Think of it as a gift to all your loyal fansplain and simple!

    I hope this was not too harsh, but I have readers to answer to as well. AND let's be honest, it really is time for the truth!

    - Owner The Walking Dead Update
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