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  • Rick Grimes wakes up in the hospital and discovers the world is infested with Zombies. He tries to make his way to Atlanta to find his missing wife and son.

    Well, I admit that I read this comic book and I love it. That having been said, I have been looking forward to this show for nearly a year. Now that it's here: I hope it gets better.
    It has potential to be awesome, but the pilot was a bit slow and cliché in some places. Most pilots are anyway since their job is to set up the "long-run" potential of a series, but this one just felt "off".
    There were a few too many cheesy moments that could have been great but weren't. One dreadful scene in particular comes to mind: the scene with Rick under the tank putting a gun to his head and saying "sorry" to his wife and child, right before he jumps through the hatchway into the tank. It was poorly written, poorly directed, and poorly acted.
    It was an obvious attempt to build tension "will he kill himself?" but it was badly executed and ended up treating the audience like idiots in its transparency. It is scenes like this one that prevent films from being labeled as anything but b-grade.
    This show has the potential to be stellar. If you've read the comics and graphic novels, you've see where it's going, remember, so you know how great this story can be.
    Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes is believable, as was Jon Bernthal as his partner, Shane. Since this is only the pilot episode however, neither one has quite grown into the roll yet. We haven't had the opportunity to meet many of the main characters yet. Aside from Rick and Shane there were only brief appearances by others, so the casting is still untested. Hopefully they will be able to bring this story to life in a way that is believable and not laughable.
    Don't get me wrong. I didn't NOT enjoy the show... I just wanted to be blown away, and I wasn't. The special effects and the zombie make-up are great... but believe-it-or-not the zombies have never been what the comics were about, and I am worried that the series may rely on them too heavily in favor of drama, which is where the comic book series truly excelled.
    (PS: these zombies sure do move fast... wtf?)
    This show already has a huge fan base, if the monthly sales of the comic book are an indication. Does that raise expectations higher than they would normally be for a new television series? Probably. I know my expectations were abnormally high for this pilot episode, so bear that in mind if it sounds like I have judged it too harshly. That having been said, however, I still hope that the creative people in charge will raise the bar a bit and make this a kick-ass series instead of a mild-mannered imitation of the original.
    I have given it an 8 out of 10, but honestly... a lot of that is based on potential, and not on having just watched this episode.
  • Faithful but its own beat.

    All the early characters are present, and their names and apperances in tact from the comic book. Not only that but the the plot is basically a direct adaptation of around the first 3 or so issues, with a little extra added in. But the additions aren't just padding, I believe Duane and Morgans story has been fleshed out a little but it's a while since I've read the comics so I may be mistaken. However it is evidence enough that these characters have made an impact on me that they did not in the comic given the extra time to develop them the format provides.

    As for the visuals, the special effects work on the zombies is movie qaulity, and the cinematography is clean cut and really drives home some of the more emotional moments. So fat the tone seems to match that of the early comics, maybes a little more doom and gloom, but as Rick enters Atlanta things really start moving at it becomes more manic, exciting and just a different kind of tense familiar to the comic. More a Dredd you know something very very brutal or devestating is going to happen, as opposed to your standard horror jump.

    I watched this with my girlfriend who is not big on the genre and has never read the comics. Yet she says she enjoyed both the characters and the plots . And that the show seems different to others in that when I explained it came from a comic she could see in the way that Loris new situation with Shane was revealed it was more about the character than the zombies and that it gave her the feeling a lot of the plot felt mapped out already, yet unpredictable.

    I think this is a good point, because as a fan of the show I know the genral plot, I am quite confident the series isn't going to take a sudden nose dive in qaulity like Heroes. But I also know I am in for a lot of suprises and intresting new takes on, or totally new characters and situations.

  • blood, guns, zombies, cops cool

    better than watching what passes for holywood movies these days right? no special effects like res-evil, reminds me of 28 days later, that was scary dont know about 28 weeks later though, and zombieland, didnt they say they were planning to make that into a series? would have been nice, but this is cooler. they should start that zombie of the week thing somewhere, i will definetly vote for the little girl zombie ha ha. the title is cool too simple, would have been worse (zombies are us, zombies rule, zombie dombie, resident zombie, zombieworld, one zombie for all, a zombie sitcom
  • Zombie+Drama?

    I like the fact that it gives the other side of a zombie tale which is the drama side of each people surviving. knowing each other's character's conflict.

    If you're looking for a typical zombie-story where there is a constant action, blood, high powered guns and shoot-all-you-can stuff, then this is not for you. I think this series focused more on the perspective of each character's life on how to cope up with survival and knowing the fact that you're with people you don't know and then suddenly makes an impact on your life.

    The thrill is not just to survive but also how to get-along with your fellow survivors. i think this would be the hardest part when zombie-infestation would happen in real life. it's easier to present decisions with people you know, but not with a stranger.

    i just wish it would have a nice ending.

    A great show with great zombies ,great acting and a great storyline and this show its less about zombie and more what people do in disaster situation where the odd are against them so in conclusing this show is a great show and i hope it has many season and many episode to come.If you havent seen the shoiw yet you should it a thrilling show with great characters and interesting plot can't stop watching it.amc has done it agin with this great show and i nhope you can enjoy as much as i am enjoyinn it.hope you get the chance to see it
  • A list zombie epic!

    Of all the pretenders to the throne of the King of the Zombies (AKA George A. Romero)Frank Darabont comes the closest and at times surpasses him. A list production values, A list camera work,A list performances and A list storyline development make 'The Walking Dead' a must see for any long term zombophile such as myself. The main characters come off as real people dealing realistically with a situation that is terrible beyond words, with none of the hackneyed dialogue and plot devices so common to so many other films of this Genre. A lot of care and skill went into this production, and when it comes out on DVD or Blueray, it will be well worth the purchase for my personal film collection!
  • Very enjoyable first (pilot?) episode

    Just shown in the UK on the FX channel. Andrew Lincoln was excellent as Egg in the BBC drama 'This Life' (as well as other UK shows), was very surprised to see him as a US Police officer on the trailer for 'Walking Dead'. Loved the music on the trailer (did that appear in the US version of the actual show? as it wasn't on the UK show) Loved zombie films ever since Dawn of the Dead, this so far isn't anywhere as good (I assume a shopping centre will turn up at some point) but hopefully the TV show will explore a lot more issues than any 2 or so hour film can ever hope to cover (I've yet to read any of the comic books). Andrew Lincoln was good as a man suddenly finding his world has been ripped apart as he recuperated from a gunshot injury (I assume we will find out a little more about how the zombies appeared in future episodes? and perhaps a little more background to the people and zombies we meet). The supporting characters (as well as the zombies) had little to do, though I hope we find out about the man and his child and whether he does kill his zombie wife? Horrible situation but one I guess everyone would face in zombieland.

    Felt really sad for the horse.. didn't have much of a role, and dragged recklessly into the middle of a zombie city was not the best of moves. Will the horse be turned into a zombie horse?? (perhaps easier to do in the comics) and what about zombie mosquitoes.. guess they will be a problem at some point

    The tank scene was a little rushed and odd but I'm quite certain I would have passed out long before I jumped up into the tank, certainly not an enviable position to be in - though I hope the tank has some petrol? The zombie in the tank was obvious but still good. Hope the show will continue to show the lack of services etc we come to assume will be there, such as no lights, no water etc - sometimes zombie films seem to totally ignore that aspect, assuming that mobile phones will still work etc - bullets running out etc (certainly not that accessible here in the UK! so we would have to be using cricket bats) At least these zombies are slow (but deadly on mass), really never like the fast zombies as I always feel they are always going to win out, leaving humanity virtually no hope of winning. So definitely more for the 'dawn' zombies than 'new dawn' zombies. Some decent zombies as well, pretty gruesome, though not that scary.

    Looks like it is going to be a very interesting series, one for a change that doesn't involve vampires etc. Certain other TV shows have had zombies before but perhaps not as a long running TV series. A big thumbs up for this show so far.
  • If you like this genre you will love this show!

    I must say i was pleasantly surprised how good this show is, deffinately hooked me in right away. Good cast, interesting story line that keeps you wanting to see what happens next, as real or realistic as a zombie flick can get. I give it a perfect ten for the genre, entertainment and potential. Deffinately give this show a go
  • This show is awesome thus far!

    I really enjoyed the season premier. I hope to see more of that deputy character. The one that woke up in the hospital.. Forgive me I cannot remember his name..At any rate I hope to see much much more episodes. There is room for improvement..But considering this is the very first episode. I'd say they have plenty of time for it. Stay away trolls and negative spammer, because this show is gunna be a hit! We don't need any negative reviews for this one! Great beginning! I hope to see more inner character struggle in regards to the environment to which they are placed. The struggle of morality, and the effort to hold onto their humanity through their journeys. Kind of like the movie dawn of the dead.. Mixed with the action of the game left4dead. This show should be great! I'd really like to see more from that deputy/cop character and his journeys.. I hope they don't base majority of each episode on a different character or character's struggles, and jump around like that.. Just follow one path.. And have it lead you to others.. None of this jumping around business. They haven't done that yet. So I hoping they just stuck with the road shown thus far. Goodluck in the up and coming episodes! Woohoo!
  • Smarter than the Average Bear (Zombie)

    I was skeptical at first having read the comics first when I heard that they were making it into a TV show but hearing Frank Darabont's name in the mix convinced me that it was well worth checking out at least once. But I was wrong, it was all that and a bucket of sawdust to boot. The thrills of the Walking Dead come from suspense and still tension that can be broken at any moment, clearly taking a page out of Breaking Bad's atmosphere. But what makes the Walking Dead so engrossing is how much the characters come through the situation as it is no easy task to dispatch a little girl zombie holding a teddy bear, or your cop buddy, or your zombie wife and seeing these human characters just survive is well worth what may be considered a slower pace than the comics have. But what this can turn into is a really engrossing TV drama about what it takes to survive week by week in this world where zombies walk among us. Worst case scenario is that it'll become just a good show and you will either love or hate it. But it's off to a good start and it's too soon to tell whether it'll live up to people's high standards just yet.
  • Best Zombie flicker ever!!

    I love zombie movies & this is the best one I've seen. Very intense in all the right places. The pacing is very different from most movies maybe because it is a TV series. The media has been overrun with vampires lately & as some critics have pointed out the vampire is now a sexy bored male model. There is nothing sexy about a zombie. Your teenage daughter will not have a poster of one on her bedroom wall. 2 factors I particularly liked was a.) the soundtrack b.) the location.I noticed the rating was PG-13 which puzzles me since the acts of violence depicted seem more R rated. Most zombie movies are R rated for good reason.
  • Kudoos on the new show AMC!

    After attending the 2010 Comicon panel, I was excited but skeptical. I appreciated everyone's enthuisiam but doubted they could truly invoke Kirkman's world. I also found the casting a bit iffy, Well I stand corrected! The only worthy word I can truly use is EPIC! This was masterful! I and my fellow watchers spent the show in completely silent awe. I'm pretty sure I even forgot to breathe. I have never been so impressed and satisifed with a script to screen adaptation. I cannot wait to see the next episode! Fantastic job on everything Walking Dead creative team! I can't wait to see what comes next! This show looks fantastic in all ways!
  • After a man wakes up in the hospital alone he tries to figure out what is happening. He meets a father and son who explain to him that the city has been taken over by the living dead.

    One of the most intense shows to debut in years. The trailer when it first aired grabbed my attention more then any new show debuting this year. Tonight when I watched the pilot episode I was hooked within five minutes. Despite the fact that the awakening scene was strikingly similar to 28 Days Later, I thought The Walking Dead was flawlessly executed. Perhaps a different form of him coming to life in this new world would have made the episode a perfect 10 but there was no real other way to go about making this scene seem genuine. Perhaps fans of 28 days Later should take this as a compliment. It is the most realistic way to throw a character into a crazy new situation.

    Rick Grimes then begins to travel after meeting a father and son. He goes on search for his family. He does not yet know they are alive, but we the audience do get to see that his search is a valid one. Personally I may have let that plot device wait for a few more episodes, but I do understand fully why getting it out of the way does work. Perhaps this show could have been a little more willing to go the extra step. I did like the pilot and see this show going to awesome levels, but I can understand why people would not want to come back to the show. You introduce two characters who seemingly get thrown out of the mix within the first episode. I was intrigued by those characters and honestly hope they play a major role in some sort of future episode. I want to see more darkness scenes. All kills were done during the day. I want to see more mass hysteria as the darkness takes hold and the unpredictable ensues.

    I really hope this show stays authentic and real, and always stays over the top and unpredictable. It is unlimited heights it can reach, and I hope I never have to sit here after watching an episode on a Sunday night and say it did not set the bar even higher. I am excited about where this series could go. Now I just need to watch and see if it is willing to go there.
  • Great show... but does it blow its load? Spoiler alert!

    Episode one of The Walking Dead is a tie first for best ever pilot in my book (sharing the prize with Breaking Bad's truly epic first ep). In fact the whole season is excellent and the suspense comes thick and heavy. The cinematography is astounding. My problem with this show is that It just feels rushed from a story telling point of view. My guess is that it is a result of translation from graphic novel to TV series. In the first season there are 3 major themes that I feel were extremely rushed and needed more time to develop. First was Rick finding his family. Second was the Rescue of Mearls Brother, meeting the mexi gang and defense of the camp.
    Third was the whole CDC business.

    I feel like they could have made a whole season around each of these themes! Instead we just got this little taste of a whole lot of stuff. The gravity of all of these events was diminished. Perhaps this would have bastardised the graphic novel on which the show is based but I just finished the season feeling unsatisfied, even though a hell of a lot happened!
  • This i believe is the first zombie TV show,and it is fantastic.There is good action,great drama and some pretty gritty comedy in there.Furthermore,the story seems to be developing quite well,and i really wonder what direction they are going to take it in.

    The cast is quite impressive, you have stars like
    Jon Bernthal (The Pacific),Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break), Lennie James (Jericho) and more. The story is set in current day U.S., and follows a deputy sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who gets shot and falls into a coma. When he wakes up (too similar to 28 days), he slowly realizes he is in a post apocalyptic zombie infested world. He sets on a quest to find his wife and son, who are apparently alive (somehow). He then meets 2 people on the way,a father and son, who explain to him what has happened. The two also explain to him how to kill the zombies, how humans turn into zombies and all the main survival knowledge that one needs to survive. Rick then decides to go to a major city, where there is meant to be a haven. But he is in for a bloody and hectic surprise. Most definitely an amazing show that has great potential to last up to a decade.
  • I'm not a big fan of the horror genre, but something about this show kept me tuning in.

    I was rewarded with a program that transcends its description. It is so much more than a post-apocalyptic zombie show. Much of the reason for the show's success lies with the lead character, Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes. As portrayed by Andrew Lincoln, we immediately empathize with the Sheriff - from seeing him shot and left for dead prior to the zombie revolt, to watching him search frantically for his family. The people he meets along the way are equally fascinating. I love the quick thinking, energetic Glenn, the former best friend Shane - even the un-likable Merle. All of these characters add a special dimension to this series. It is unfortunate that we have to wait so long for this program to resume.
  • Amazing

    The story begins when deputy rick grimes is shot and is lying in the hospital. He has no idea what happens . He finds a door where people (zombies) are locked up he gets out he sees the devastation he sees a corpse wich is moving...... This has to be the first ever zombie show. I liked watching the first season all tough it only had 6 episodes can't wait for more. The story is interesting with rick finding his wife and son again he meets a group of people in the woods. The zombie make up is excellent. The characters are interesting. You really start to feel bad for those people.

    I mean what would you do when your own town isn't safe anymore? you wake up and there are dead people walking around would you get a knife a bat or anything to get out of there. I've been waiting a long time for such a show. It's a nice break from all the cop shows and spin offs that go around these days.

    Ok. So, I am a big fan of Romero and love zombie movies in general. I knew I was gonna watch this show as soon as I heard of it. I was a little skeptical that the makeup and production quality would suck due to the fact that it's on TV. I am very happy to say that my skepticism was unwarranted because AMC made sure that makeup, EFX, and production quality were all Grade A. Yes, the zombies brought me to the show, but the humans kept me interested. Sheriff Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to find his world disintegrated. Everyone is gone, including his wife and son. The only people he comes across during his discovery journey, keep trying to eat him. He gets the point soon enough and transforms into the hero. He also finds his family, to his best friend's delight and dismay. The acting is great. The characters are complex and untrustworthy. The final episode of the season takes you through a whole range of emotions, as long as you're able to feel(Hey, some people just can't. FYI:They're called living zombies). Anyway, TS-19 offers one night of safety in an underground facility. It is, by no means the Umbrella corporation. Just one mad scientist facing uncertain death who decides to take advantage of his guests' trust in an effort to not die alone. From fear to relief to concern and back to relief... and hope when the gang escapes the fiery death planned for them. The information provided is helpful, but it doesn't answer the main question that never seems to get answered in this type of genre: How did it start? My other question, that I hope gets answered next season is: Where the heck is Merle?
  • Awesome show!

    One word to describe this show is intense! For a tv show the people who made this did a very good job, I can't wait for the second season since they left so many things unanswered that I am dying to know. Also when i say intense i mean intense like at one part (i believe its the first episode) the cop is riding on a horse and he turns the corner and there r like a thousand zombies its insane. It's just after seeing this show its hard to watch other TV shows since it set a new standard for TV shows showing that TV shows can be as intense as movies It just wasnt expected when i first heard of this show but yeah very good!
  • DirecTv finally got theirselves another supernatural series isn't Vampires, Werewolves and Witches.

    DirecTv finally got theirselves another supernatural series isn't Vampires, Werewolves and Witches.

    Wow! The Walking Dead is one quite interesting entertainment supernatural series, involving around zombies invasion the universe. It's great see something different for once from the halloween pack other than Vampires, Werewolves and Witches. Oh, Man! I most definitely see The Walking Dead quite similar to Falling Skies.
  • 8.0

    Show is very good concerning the keeps ur anticipation so much that is disapointing u with the few episodes that each season has,seriously hope that season 2 has more eps.
    Its different from Resident evil,and other zombie movies coz we finally have a zombie series,hope it lasts throw time and doesnt lose the interest we all have 4 the next weeks ep.

  • A Serious Zombie Tv Series? Oh how I've been waiting to see how it could play out. This show has taken the steps to make such a dream come true. While it comes a little bit short on the grounding of some of the characters, its a great start!

    I have not read anything concerning the series, nor have any previous awareness of the comic book story, premise, plot, and arch. So basically my review of the first 6 episodes is entirely based on the product that I saw with my own two eyes. I am fascinated by the Zombie genre. I am not a zombie fanatic by any stretch, but I have been floundering with the ideal of writing a screen play/tv show script about a zombie type situation, which I would want to be serious, and once I heard that The Walking Dead was stumbling around... I was intrigued to look at the angle they were going to take to tell the story, and how they would explain some of the "Zombie" rules for their particular universe.

    With all that said, on to the show.
    The show starts off by giving the viewer a very conflicted scene. On one hand we see a beautiful country road, with all the greenery and natural beauty that one could fit in with the mostly destructive marriage that is Mankind and the environment. These scene is however harmonies because the one concrete river that cascades towards the camera is the lone encroachment of manmade intrusions on this woodland scene. A Deputy Officer driving in his car comes in contact with a barricade of cars that have been maimed by a disaster we could not imagine... but as he walks through the ghostly still shots of what had to been chaos, we see now that his acceptance of that situation, and his goal of acquiring gas, showed in the character that, no longer is burning cars turned upside down in the middle of the road a concern... neither are the flies and the dead bodies hanging out of cars a concern. The only concern we see in the opening scene is the concern he has for needing hope. To find someone who is alive. Who is not corrupted and or tainted by this blight. And as his hope is eroded into a reality check from hell. He places a bullet into the head of a small child. A little girl. A zombie, who has enough humanity to likes teddy bears, but the visceral inhumanity to approach him with the singular goal that all of these creatures now possess. To tear into his flesh, and bring about him a death that has no honor, no glory, and no misfortune. Just pain.
    This show has its moments, where it really tries to connect us to the feeling of isolation and hopelessness, and it never quite reaches that point. I don't think any show could take us there, or to that point in just 6 episodes. But I am looking forward to seeing if they can actually get us to the point where seeing someone eaten for the 1000x time brings us to a terrifying realization that if this were to really happen, no amount of guns, or tanks, or grenades would save us. For we would have been immortally wounded and incapable of surviving mentally the atrocities we bore witness too. The pacing is good, and the show looks to have much promise. There are a few liberties they take, and that is to be expected. I love the fact that this show is aiming to be serious. At times I feel there is a undercurrent of light heartiness about everyone that doesn't seem to keep them grounded as well as it could to their world. But I do think this show is worth a definite viewing and look forward to what happens this next season.
  • I love this show. Addicted.


    I love it . I have wanted someone to make a zombie outbreak tv show for as long as I can remember . I think so far they have really done a great job at capturing the realness of what if .. They stayed true so far to the zombie how to and that makes me happy I dont like speedy gonzales zombies they dont make sense to me. I wasnt sure about the personal stories and how well they would work for me (being a carnage kind of girl) but they flow pretty good so far. I just hope they dont go "lost" on us ... that would really be a waste of a great show. I dont like the idea of making it confusing with different realities and supposed endings that arent. Lets just hope they dont screw it up haha .

  • freaking loving this show. you got the whole package. zombies,drama,guns and glory. and the coolest mf - norman reedus as daryl.


    first season was rocksolid.

    second season is freaking awesome. one of the best season premieres i have ever seen. i love the cast and all the mundane and zombierelated problems they have. and i gotta say: so many "beautiful" zombies. one better than the other. sorry huge zombie fan. and the daryl character that i hated in the first i love in the second. since rambo the coolest dude with a crossbow.

    hats off. cant wait for the rest of the season. counting minutes

  • I thought it was a great start to the season, Every show doesn't need superwomen.


    I thought it was a great start to the season,just enough zombie action. I hated the end,that is what made it graet.

    I thought it was great start to the season, just enough zombie action. I hated the end,that is what made it great if i can't wait till next sho , and it stops at the most exiting moment you know it's good!

    Every show today does'nt need superwoman!!

  • Being a Norman Reedus fanThe Walking Dead Is AWESOME !


    For sometime now we have 2 kinds of shows on tv.. REALITY or TALK . You honestly can only watch so much of some drunk broad from Jersey and or watch the brow beatings of Dr Phill . So for me being a Norman Reedus fan The Walking Dead Is AWESOME !

    Ya just gotta Love Daryl !

  • we love this show. it kicks most Zombie movie's butts. Resident evil is like a cartoon compared to this. the only movie that could come close is Dawn of the dead.


    The walking dead is one ofthe best scary tv shows ever. right upthere with American horror story. this show rivels even the best zombie movies like Dawn of the dead and the Crazies.

    the story is captivating and expansive.i only wish they would just go ahead and find the missing girl.

  • The Walking Dead is really about life... after death...


    The Walking Dead is a pretty good (and seemingly realistic) representation of what would happen to the world if there were a zombie virus released. I'm not sure about some of the possible flaws, but now that season 2 has begun, I find that I am enjoying the show as much as I did the first season.

    To survive, you have to meet up with people willing to share, and be willing to share yourself. Personally, I would think that staying put would have been a way to go, but to see the "traveling" troupe is a very real possibility in a very unreal world.

    The show focuses on the living, and the lives they have to lead and changes they had to make to make their lives work.

    Great writing makes the characters relatable, and the plot is a great story waiting to be fully fleshed out.

    I look forward to much more.

  • What would happen if slow moving, and slow, if at all, thinking zombies overrun the entire planet?

    ...well, apparently, surviving yet (still) unaffected humans would regress to the dark ages. Women would assume the roles meant for them in prehistoric times, washing, cooking, looking after the little ones, and men would reconnect with the hunter-gatherer within. The military, trained to handle any tough situation, would succumb to creatures with no skills whatsoever. The entire governments would fall down as if there are no code red protocols... The system as we know it is gone, and yet, our group of survivors sits by the fire telling stories.

    If you're looking for a show with developed (or even developing) characters, that has something to say, that has any relevant social commentary to offer, I would suggest circumventing this show by a mile. But if you're looking for illogical zombie pass-time that looks good (cinematography the only thing worthy in this show) and is kind of dumb from time to time, well tune in for sure.

    2/10 (for cinematography)
  • If you enjoy good acting and writing, this is the show to watch. I have never been a fan of Zombies, but The Walking Dead has changed this. I am looking forward to episode 2, and I can only hope that they will follow in the footsteps of the pilot.

    If you enjoy good acting and writing, this is the show to watch. I have never been a fan of Zombies, but The Walking Dead has changed this. I am looking forward to episode 2, and I can only hope that it will follow in the footsteps of the pilot. AMC is the home to Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Rubicon, which are arguably the best shows on television. The Walking Dead is no exception. I usually don't write reviews, but after watching perfection, it is hard not to. If you have yet to see the pilot, please give it a chance and I promise you will be hooked. Keep in mind this is coming from a person who has never enjoyed Zombie based plots.
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