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  • absolute horrible show

    this show is horrible, they are just trying to rip off shaun of the dead. it is completley unoriginal and my catfish can come up with a better series, wait a minute so can my sea cucumber. Dale deserved to die and Rick should also die! T-Dog is the only good character, all the other one are pointless, it may aswell be called Walking T-Dog. T-dog is the only character with relevance to his role. everyone else should be fed to the walkers and eaten as a midnight snack .
  • No..... Just NO.

    Horrible SHOW!!! Cancel this horrible shit!
  • The Walking Dead

    first of all that is the best wasting time and tv space I've ever seen. The script is written so cheaply I want my $10 back for renting this tv show. Now even if someone would pay me I m not gonna watch this show, it is a torture. First, why to cut the handcufffs when you cut your own hand hahah secondly, why to drive a tanks when you can drive a fucking green hunday, wtf? is this a fucking joke? and the funniest is to live in the tent's nothing more to say, the movie is ***ed
  • very disappointed with the first 4 episodes .... the direction is bad .....very not professional

    i don't know but the 1st 4 episodes i saw was terribly bad direction , i even didn't like the acting of actors.... very immature.....

    but my friend told me to watch it after 6 episodes .... so i decided to buy the DVD lets see

  • Really?

    Is it that we are trying to get ready for aliens that there are so many weird shows on now? Oh, I see, it comes from a comic...
  • It's SHIT

    the walking dead is full of unlikable characters played by terrible actors speaking boring dialogue all raped up in a shity plot
  • You would also choose a house instead of the woods, wouldn't you ;)

    Dear film crew - location, location, location - we are all full now, of THAT road, THAT rail road track and THOSE woods. Human logic - no one would ever ever ever ever sleep in the open in the woods under the circumstances ! Didn't you learn that in s01 and s02, with your rediculous "tent fetish".

    You have such a good premise with the show. Please give the characters - if nothing else - just an average human intelligence ;) and let them laugh once in a while (of their own tragic situation maybe)

    You can do even better....
  • A Major Missing Piece

    I caught up with this series on Netflix and just finished season 3 and have a major concern: I'm a gulf/Iraq war military vet and so is my husband, some of the best soldiers on the field who has fought with me and my husband were Black men. This show does not have any. I don't like shows that do not show black men surviving; I mean not one single one. This is why for me it is NOT a show that I can get into because it is NOT my reality. All they had to do was add one Black male with strength and kept him in the series and it would have been the best series ever shown. So sad! Two of our closest friends that fought with us and Black pointed this out to me and my husbands yesterday at a party and they were right. I'm giving it a 2 now.
  • How to mix terrible writing with captivating characters: a TV conundrum

    I don't even know where to begin with this series. I watched the complete first and seconds seasons back to back over the course of a few days... and while I'm strangely addicted, and the character interactions are certainly interesting, this has to be the worst show I've ever seen in terms of effort and consistency. The creative team clearly do not pay attention to their own body of work; they structure convoluted scenarios which hinge upon a very specific, very detailed problem and that problem has so many holes in its foundation, it might as well be a tissue-thin slice of Swiss cheese. From their protagonists successfully hiding under cars (even though we've already established that zombies can smell living flesh in an entire episode devoted to this discovery) to deciding that the humane way to handle their infected colleague is not to kill him but to respect his request to be left on the side of the road (which, incidentally, means he will "change" and kill countless innocent people, thus continuing the spread of the illness and contribute to the end of all life on earth) simply because they don't want to kill an innocent man (but have no problem being accomplices to the slaughter of billions)... the biggest guffaw of all was the second season finale, in which the red truck carrying but a few or the survivors runs out of gas, so they all camp out in the street because they "can't all fit in one car" and must walk for gas in the morning. Well, of the two remaining (working) vehicles, one is an SUV; a Hyundai Tuscon. Yeah. A Tuscon. Not a Mini. If you're really so desperate to escape zombie hell, and you were just attacked by hundreds of them a few miles away -- do the math. Pile in. Two up front, three in back, with child on mother's lap, and the two smallest women in the trunk, which is designed for a bit of cargo. The remaining two survivors take the motorcycle, which we've already seen carrying two passengers quite frequently. So, you'll be a little cramped until you reach the next town and find another abandoned car to steal, of which we just saw thousands five minutes earlier, strewn about the highway. Suck it up. Better to squish for an hour than become a zombie buffet. Given the stakes, I'd be happy to ride on the roof. Oh, but that doesn't make for an interesting story conflict, does it? Try harder! These writers seem to be hoping for an audience that doesn't ask questions; that we don't have more brain capacity that the zombies they have schlepping around the forest. They play it off as if their critics are nit-pickers... but hey, when the entire concept of your series hinges on surviving the end of the human race, these strange pauses to eulogize a random zombie and read his donor card while a herd of brain-eating monsters are literally breaking through the already-cracking vestibule of the department store you're trapped in... yeah... guess what? A little tough to swallow. Maybe eulogize a different zombie when you can afford to take a dramatic beat. How about the police officer who decides that it's a good idea to let a band of survivors camp at the very edge of a forest, without any kind of lookout or warning like cans on a string? Really? The edge of a forest? A dark tree line seemed like a safe haven for children in tents when you might be the last handful of survivors and the rest of the world is coming to eat you? Who's that stupid? How are you surprised that they snuck up on you? Keep a proper series bible and keep track of your story. Establishing that zombies can smell human flesh in the beginning of the series, only to have your main characters hide behind a tree two feet away, is akin to saying that vampires will die if exposed to sunlight and then having them tan on a beach in Cabo two episodes later. These are the worst kind of writers, who write themselves into a corner and then hope to God we don't remember the last 45 minutes we saw last week. Or in my case, as long as it took to play the next episode. Food for thought. Pun intended.
  • Repetitive

    the series took off really well. After sometime it starts getting repetitive. Like the actors though.
  • it wont play

    Why the hell it don't play ?????

    Losing interest in the walking dead! the governor has had his right eye patched,so how is it that his left eye is mangled??!?!?!?
  • Rare Gems and The Suspension of Disbelief.

    I only started watching TWD 4 days ago, and I'm half way through season 4 now. I have only a few opinions to share, not that my opinions are worth the time it will take to write them, but that's the beauty of having opinions.

    1. The Apocalypse Is Enough.

    My main problem with this show is simple: It's an apocalypse. With zombies. Seriously, it isn't made more interesting by the shallow self-inflicted drama the writers keep throwing in, and they seem to have a REALLY low opinion of women in general. In almost every episode, or at the very least in every detour the show takes over a few episodes, there's whole chunks of screen time given to utterly inane drama that is so irrelevant and unbelievable that I truly think most of these characters are too selfish, short-sighted and stupid to have survived as long as they have.

    I spent more than half of Lori and Andrea's screen time yelling "Just kill her!" at my screen, and cheered in both instances when they died. The writers have made me hate half the surviving human beings altogether... if that was their intention then my hat is off to them, but I suspect it was not. In fact, according to this show, there's only one rule for surviving a zombie apocalypse: immediately kill all the women that the zombies haven't killed already. This will extend your lifespan immeasureably.

    Solution: Add more emotional 'music video' scenes if your episode isn't filled with enough actual story to meet the time slot requirement. Just cut out the soap opera entirely!

    Perfect example: 35 minutes into episode 13 of season 3. Both sides driving back to their respective camps after the big pow-wow between Rick and the Govenor, followed by each side's 'character revelation' as they discuss and plan their next moves. It's set to an amazing song (Fink - Warm Shadow) and it is very powerful. It carries the whole episode.

    2. World's Worst Veterans.

    The second, but arguably more valid issue with this show is the utterly (and I mean Completely! Totally! Utterly!) unbelievable way the characters can only fight as well as the short term plot requires for any given scene.

    For example, when they first take the prison at 10 minutes into episode 1 season 3 , there are less than ten of them against anywhere from fifty to a hundred walkers, yet they clear the place in an afternoon. It is even remarked upon by the prisoners later... but after the outer fence is breached during the attack by Woodbury they are incapable of retaking the area despite having more people, more weapons and a safe base from which to operate.

    Michonne can cut her way through 20 zombies in 30 seconds whenever it pleases her, yet she gets taken down by just three of them 12 minutes into episode 2 of season 4... all so we can have a little bit of drama with Carl having to use a gun again to save her. It's cheap theatrics, and it only makes the next awesome fight scene completely unbelievable. Throughout the show they keep getting taken down by their own ineptitude, only to be saved at last second in some dramatic fashion.

    I've seen almost every one of the lead characters make a running headshot at 30 feet with a handgun, yet during the attack by Woodbury on the prison at 35 minutes into episode 10 of season 3, it takes something ridiculous like a hundred rounds from three people before someone manages to hit a stationery and silhouetted guy on top of the watchtower using scoped rifles and assault weapons!

    In the scene that Rick and Carl defend the courtyard from the wave of walkers that come through the fence at 35 minutes into episode 5 of season 4, how many did the two of them kill? They had no more skill, experience or hardware then than they did at other times, yet whole groups of these expert killers have been chased down and almost beaten by tiny packs of walkers, supposedly leaving you breathless with the suspense of how close they live to the very edge of death. The only reason I am breathless is from vehemently cursing at the show's failure to suspend my disbelief.

    Solution: Give the survivors some credibility by killing non essential characters when they make stupid mistakes or bad calls, but stop making us feel like the leads are only alive by chance and circumstance. They're a year or more into an apocalypse for heaven's sake!

    3. See No Zombie, Hear No Zombie.

    Finally, the extremely cheap suspense the writers try to eke out of having a zombie sneak up on, for example, Beth in the woods after the escape from the prison or Andrea in the woods heading for the prison after escaping Woodbury is so badly written it hurts my brain. Experienced hunters can sneak through woods. Ninjas can sneak through woods. Hell, I could probably sneak through woods if I was slow and patient. Zombies? No.

    Zombies cannot sneak, they cannot even detect and avoid spikes, pits or ANYTHING at all between them and their next meal. Any human being that fails to detect a zombie coming at them through the woods until said zombie is close enough to grab at them needs to die immediately and horribly for being so very very bad at what HAS to be the easiest part of surviving an apocalypse: hearing a brain dead walking corpse staggering through noisy terrain in your direction while groaning and breathing heavily.

    Solution: Raise the minimum IQ requirement of your target demographic by 15 points.

    So, why do I watch this show? For one reason only... small gems of brilliance that speak to something primal inside of me, and leave me squarely and believably smack in the middle of the most terrifying future imaginable: a world gone to hell, hunted by an implacable enemy that will never stop, fighting for survival at every step with very little of anything but shock, horror and loss in between, but all the more precious when it is found.

    If only those gems weren't quite so rare.

    When I heard this show was about zombies I didnt even bother to watch because there are so much movies about zombies already. The zombie topic is overated and done tooo many times. But i was still curious so I checked it out. I couldnt even stay awake for one episode. This show has too much hype and not enough exciment. Id rather watch that boring old movie I Am Legend again then this. This show is dead to me.
  • Terrible Finale

    what about Beth, And Carol and doesn't ask about Judith first thing and Maggie doesn't ask about Beth fist ... I think we may be looking at a Hero's type future.
  • Two seasons in 6-7 hours

    I never watched walking dead until the end of second season. I got my hands on them and was eager to start it. Mind you I didn't know what to expect but I did know the start already. So I watched and started to get bored. And it wasn't because as a whole I was bored but the talking... Soon enough I was skipping parts with my mouse. Hear talking and move forward a few mins, their still talking, skip some more... still the same conversation, skip some more. All in all I cleared two seasons in about 6-7 hours tops. In that time I figured out the stories and plots and got to see all the action/dead scenes. I went online to see if I missed things by doing so, I didn't. So yes it's a great show and I know its more about the characters in this situation rather then the situation itself. But I rather see the situation and not the drama. And yes, even in that time I learned to hate Lori quickly.
  • Amazing!!! Can't wait till next week

    Best episode yet, all you people in here saying too gory, too much killing wake up! What the hell do you think you are watching, go back to full house and stop writing bad reviews on probably the best episode yet, its a world ruled by zombies and you cant handle death, why were you ever watching in the first place, you guys go back to full house, AMC keep doing your thing, you eill attract more of an audience with this epsiode than any other and for the others good riddance, don't change the style #bestshowontv, #lucile, #thewarbegins, BRAVO writers and i can't wait to see what you come up with next, the funny part is most of you will ne watching next week lmao
  • Worthless, overrated melodrama

    I was so excited about this when I first heard about it, but from the first episode, I have been disappointed. The first couple of episodes at least had some promise, but by the end of the first season, I didn't expect much anymore; yet it still managed to get worse.

    At this point, the show is a slow, tedious, boring, insipid, melodramatic, soap-operatic, hot, steaming, pile of... garbage.

    Nothing ever happens on this show, most of the episodes have at least two or three scenes of people just sitting or standing around staring at the ground or at each other or off into space thinking or feeling. It's one thing to spend a couple of seconds to convey that a character is struggling with emotions and despair and the like, but this stupid show spends 5-10 MINUTES doing this at least a couple of times per episode! In one episode, the show started with a five-minute long clip of Rick just driving down a long, empty road by himself, just staring off, with close-ups of his face for most of it. What the hell is that garbage? That is a useless waste of time. We don't need to waste five minutes of our lives to get that Rick has been through hardship. Idiots! In another episode, the show started with a five-minute clip of some new guy just walking around aimlessly, staring at the ground while some crappy music played in the background. Who cares There have been plenty of other similar wastes of time like when a bunch of people are sitting around and say two or three lines of dialog in a 10-minute scene, while the rest is just empty silence. Don't the show-makers understand that there is so much else on television and in life these days that viewers can't afford to waste time sitting around watching boring nothing happening? Garbage like this show may be entertainment in a zombie-apocalypse, but until then, we have countless better things to spend our limited, precious time on.

    No, the action sequences are *not* interesting or exciting. I maintain that nothing ever happens on the show. Once in a while they may shoot a few guns or some garbage, but that doesn't mean anything.

    Whenever someone does actually say something, it's usually some pathetic and infinitely redundant and repetitive expression of their grief and frustration. This show is not a zombie/horror show, it is a stupid soap-opera melodrama.

    In addition, the way they go so far out of their way to avoid using the word "zombie" is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen on television (including the likes of "Jersey Shore"). Why the hell do they do that? Do the show-makers think that gives the show an air of authenticity? If so, then they are reinforcing the proof of their ignorant ineptitude because if a zombie apocalypse were ever to break out in real-life, people would *immediately* start using the term zombie because that is *exactly what they friggin' are*. Nobody would make up stupid terms like "walkers"; well, nobody who doesn't want to try to sound "cool" but in reality is just being a loser douche-bag poser *trying* to sound cool. God help us if these idiots decide to make a vampire show; they characters would run (or more likely, very, slowly walk) around calling them "suckers". :roll:

    The only thing worse than a crappy show is a crappy show that *thinks* it's good because then it has no plans of improving because it thinks there is no problem. All the idiots who rave about this as though it isn't garbage are only helping to ensure that it stays garbage.

  • From a lover of zombie flicks... it's terrible!!!

    First up, I'll say that I'm a fan of the horror genre and specifically zombie movies in particular. The Walking Dead is SO bad! I've seen it all before. It's really soft, and really badly written. The main character is not likeable or believable as a law enforcement officer. And I'm talking about season 1 which is supposed to be the best. I only saw the first two episodes, because it was so bad. By reading a few other of these reviews it seems the show only goes downhill from Season 1. I'll pass!
  • What would happen if slow moving, and slow, if at all, thinking zombies overrun the entire planet?

    ...well, apparently, surviving yet (still) unaffected humans would regress to the dark ages. Women would assume the roles meant for them in prehistoric times, washing, cooking, looking after the little ones, and men would reconnect with the hunter-gatherer within. The military, trained to handle any tough situation, would succumb to creatures with no skills whatsoever. The entire governments would fall down as if there are no code red protocols... The system as we know it is gone, and yet, our group of survivors sits by the fire telling stories.

    If you're looking for a show with developed (or even developing) characters, that has something to say, that has any relevant social commentary to offer, I would suggest circumventing this show by a mile. But if you're looking for illogical zombie pass-time that looks good (cinematography the only thing worthy in this show) and is kind of dumb from time to time, well tune in for sure.

    2/10 (for cinematography)
  • It's not the Walking Dead, it's this show is almost dead.

    Will someone do something to save what was once a great show. I understand the series is trying to "set up" to the reunion but its been so slow this season that I could come close to saying it has reached boring. But before I go there, let me acknowledge that each episode has had a twist and a few minutes making it redeemable. However, I pray they get back to the original shows where the entire hour was nail biting, hair pulling on the edge of your seat worth watching. Sorry Mika died, it would have been more intense if the struggle would have been shown and Mika ended up having to kill her sister but as it was it was worthy of the past seasons. I am sick of each of the parties dragging on and on, I am sick of hearing Maggie whine, Carol being so superior and sure of herself and most of all I am sick of not seeing Rick. Come on producers give us back our show and make the storyline what it used to be. We can not continue to admire and look forward to the show if you drag it out like this. .
  • The Rebuttal

    -So, I've read a lot of reviews on the Walking Dead season 6 finale and season 7 premire and they aren't pretty. I'm going to start by saying that all the viewers who have come out with these negative comments about the show were warned by even the title that The Walking Dead would not be a show about the Keebler elves and their adventures through cookieland. The show is not a feel-good comedy with light losses but an eventual happy ending, so stop judging it like that's what you expected. The show is a group of writers' take on the question "what would happen if the world were suddenly set on fire and only a small amount of the population survived?". And honestly, think about survivors of this kind of world aren't all going to be sweet kindergarden teachers with soft hearts. It'll mostly be the ones whose moral compass points a bit off north.

    -Which reminds me to let all the people know, who are disgusted by Glenn's death, that in the comics (THE ORIGIN OF THIS WHOLE CONCEPT) Glenn dies at Negan's hand. Yes, it was tragic and horrible I will say. It was real though. All of our beloved characters can't live forever. The mere thought that the writers can only be allowed to kill off those that we as the viewers don't care much about is morbid. That is suggesting that nothing in the world matters one bit unless its happening to you or someone you love. Yes, I understand that it's a show and the writers could've made it go any direction they wanted by making things less bloody or given more meaning to the deaths. This is true, but would we really be any happier if Glenn had died saving someone? No, he would still be dead. Glenn was really an awesome character but my favorite person on the show died with an arrow through the eyeball and no one really commented on it. Further back my favorite was Beth and she died with no warning from a pointless bullet through the head. The point is that his death was just as pointless as everyone elses. Name one who died in a way that really made it worth the loss. I'll just let that issue rest.

    **To the person who equated Negan's group to Isis and suggested that we are entertaining ourselves with a perverted version of real issues, just no. Isis is a terrible threat to our country and a nasty part of the world as a whole, but the two are not even remotely the same. Evil is evil and if you look hard enough it all looks like evil. You can find paralells from TV shows and movies to our lives if you look hard enough because the ones writing them have been shaped by this world and, well, what goes in will come out. I mean, Ursala, the villan from The Little Mermaid, gets people to SIGN AWAY THEIR SOULS to gain vain happiness. She's basically the Devil if you want to go there.

    -So, back on the point. What would really happen if one fourth of the world survived; and of that fourth you have the good and "normal" people, the psychotic people, the serial killers, the power hungry, the raw survivors, and even the mentally ill. Then you take those people and rip them away from almost everyone they love and a world that has a governing system complete with law enforcement and military and you let them loose in a free-for-all nightmare to see who makes it. It's The Purge every day. People are going through things that would cause any one of us to lose it, big time. So, please don't tell me you thought they'd all get along and the good would always that's a fairy tale. As is the thought that they are all split into good and evil. They are all individually good and evil. Except maybe mostly just evil.

    -The point is to show that while they are fighting the horrific dead, the living can be worse. What horrifies us is that there can be something nastier than the zombies who are tearing each other apart to eat living people. They are fighting worldwide downfall as well. This is a group of people who are literally all doomed from the start. Every. Single. Person. They will all die. Whether naturally or not. If you've followed the show at all then you know that even when a person dies a natural death they come back as a "walker" anyways. The people aren't destined to rebuild society. They are going to survive until they simply don't anymore. The world of The Walking Dead is dying a slow and painful death.

    -So, is the show too much? Maybe. Or maybe it's the right amount of pure tradgedy it was always meant to be. Just think about what you're really talking about before you declare that the writers should be fired or that the whole thing is rubbish. No one lied to you about what this was. In the comics there is only one left standing at the end. I was under no impression that the show would be any different. Lastly, I want to say that I do not support the bashing in of people's heads with a baseball bat, nor am I in support of Isis, psychotic serial killers, or any kind of crime against another human being. I'm just saying, the show is what it is and I'm happy to listen to anyone who has a differing opinion.

    *A last side note: The show is on at a time when people who want to watch it can. So if anyone doesn't want their children to watch it then they shouldn't let them. That can be controlled by the parent.

    - Happy Watching, Everyone
  • ruining the show !!!!

    there is not 1 guy that watches this show wants to see some gay, *** , or what ever kissing each other. i don't care how much i love watching this show. i will stop for sure. i have not missed a single show from the beginning. last week show rating !!! 1
  • overboard

    One Rick should know better then to trust the gov.. two, was disappointed with the sex scene with kids watching this show, they went overboard with it. 3, disappointed there already only 3 shows left of the season, it just started, good grief. i do love the show though. Never miss it...
  • shane

    I miss shane
  • SOAP OPERA with Zombies - Lack of creative direction, a weak plot, and poor writing

    This show started the first season with such promise. I read all of the comics and had high hopes for this series. It stinks though. This series is like the Dallas Cowboys - lots of potential, lots of fanfare, but complete failure where it counts. Change the coaches.. and.. darn - still no results. This stuff is more like some garbage you'd see on the Syfy channel. It is a SOAP OPERA with zombies and some occasional action to try and pretend it's Here's a typical episode from season 2 or 3 - this character talks with that character, then some other characters have a heart to heart.. kill a few zombies.. more dialogue.. blah blah blah.. poop. I guess this is a testament to how stupid our society has become. I've probably fast forwarded through the majority of season 2 and 3 on my DVR. When shows like this gain this high of ratings it just means there isn't anything better to watch and nobody has anything better to do. I'm done. This show sucks and is getting worse every episode. I'd rather read a book, the anti-TV! Looking forward to the next comic issue though.
  • Something funny happened in the way to good TV

    Writers started thinking that an overdose of vampires and zombies is what I want to watch every week. I wonder what is missing in TV right now, creativity or time to think this through.
  • the stories are so boring

    the stories are so boring
  • Lamest season finale

    In fact the whole season was a waste. Mazzara would've done better.
  • This better pick up in season 4.

    This show has gone way downhill. The pace is horrendous. The comics are way way better even content wise. @ mrsmikehead, honestly if you let your kids watch this show the sex scene is the least thing you should be concerned about. Their is a rape scene in the comics that makes that episode look like sesame street. I am losing more and more interest in this show, they really need to rethink the pace. They have so much material to work with yet the execution is simply lacking.
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