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  • Why THE WALKING DEAD show is still rising

    Season one was Awesome..i really like the things happen in all those episodes (Emotions/Feelings/Experiences/etc...) season two lots of people don't like the idea of staying in farm..but it was for a reason..they wanted to save a time to find another place to shoot..also a lot of emotional things happen in that i don't get bored watching them....other season 2 was a remembering thing..everybody was cheering for them..a lot happen in this...that the reason its in the TOP 01 OF TV.COM
  • Season 7 Episode 1 went way too far!!!!

    I have been a faithful follower of TWD since the beginning but last night's episode went too far. I don't understand how they are not able to use the "F" word but they can show the extreme graphic violence in this episode. It could have been done much more tastefully. I don't think they understand that many of their viewers are not typical "horror" film lovers. I'm a senior and never thought I would ever watch a series like this but because it was a story about real people and their struggles in a post apocalyptic world, it drew me and many others in. I'm not someone who is going to watch a Texas Chainsaw type movie. TWD was more about people than zombies. I could never stand to watch someone I love be beaten and mauled, and we have grown to love these characters. AMC should be ashamed they allowed this to air. Unless they put out some kind of notice that this type of person on person graphic violence will cease to be part of the story, I'm done. It's like the series has run out of good stories and is into shock and awe! AMC, you blew it.

    I have been a avid follower of this show. Pay for every episode on amazon prime. I will NEVER watch this show again. I will never pay a dime towards this show. It's one thing to kill zombies it's another to watch this crap!! People killing people so gruesomely. What was the point of episode one of season 7?!?!?!? What was the point!?!?!? Whoever wrote this is a sociopath. Kids can turn on this crap and watch it. Shame on you.
  • Walking out on the Walking Dead

    Been a fan since the first season mainly because most of the violence involved paper mache monsters (zombies). But last night's premier was live on live human violence which was vulgar to the extreme. You have lost me as a viewer of The Walking Dead. Gratuitous human gore doesn't even describe what your writers and director put on display.
  • Walking dead has died

    Episode was poorly crafted from the writing to the direction to the execution. Sadistic CRAP. My Choice change the channel. There is no longer any substance - just gore driven sensationalism. Reminiscent of the ISIS executions - any sponsor should be looking seriously at leaving this mess. I won't find it hard to do something else from now on.
  • You lost another viwer (not that you care)

    I will not be watching "The Walking Dead " anymore.

    I watch shows to be entertained, not emotionally bludgeoned.

    I leave that to life
  • Its not all about killing zombies

    first of all for everyone who says that this show is boring and needs more action and killing, you need to realize that if the entire show was just them killing zombies than it would get really boring really fast...its like taking a shower with hot water, after a while it doesn't seem hot anymore. Also this show does have good developing characters who constantly face their own problems and problems of the group, and the whole show isn't just about rick lori and shane. It also focuses on the many different people in the group. The show is very dramatic and thats obviously what the writers are going for. This show gives what other zombie stories fail to, how what is happening affects the people instead of them just going off and shooting everything they see. This show actually includes the fact that every time they kill a walker they realize that that used to be a living person with a friends and people that loved them. The story line is amazing and always progressing with amazing effects and acting. It allows people to get emotionally connected with the characters and how they feel about the decisions they are forced to make. This show is about the characters and not about the walkers...the zombies are just the icing on top of the cake.
  • The Day Has Come When I will No Longer Be (A Fan)

    We live in a society where children get suspended from school for chewing their pop tarts into the shape of a gun. And we are horrified at the broadcast of ISIS beheading people. Yet we call this entertainment. .What a debauched society we have become! We are truly F____d up.
  • went too far

    I had to calm down before I commented, because I turned the shown off after seeing what you let happen to Glenn. I'm sorry but, you just took it too far. Please never put out another episode that horrendous. I wanted to quit watching right then. It was not what fans want my sister I'm sorry to say won't be back to watch. Being in a chat room while watching a few more felt the same. The movie ended leaving everyone feeling sick. I'm on the line. I don't want to watch a movie that leaves me with this kind of feeling..........
  • The worst season so far!

    Season six has to be the worst season yet. I can't believe how weak and inept an entire cast of characters can become virtually overnight it seems. Each character looked as if the didn't know how to survive all of a sudden in the last 2 episodes.

    How can the writers make the story turn so unbelievable? It's amazing how easy most of the characters let themselves get caught so many times.

    It's also amazingly unbelievable and stupid how powerful you made Neegan! I mean really? Nobody in the zombie apocalypse is going to be able to have that much power and influence over so many people. You might as well have just lined up the entire main cast and shot them for replacement.

    And yes the producers suck for writing the season the way they did, boring episodes, turning characters into idiots, Neegan and his group equal to superheroes, the list goes on and on.

    So finally I'm so disappointed with the show that I won't be watching it anymore and I hope it ends soon with a whimper like the season 6 finale.
  • Worst Episode Ever!

    Well it finally happened. After six years of being a faithful fan of the show it only took ONE episode of Season 7 to get me to stop watching it forever. My wife and I were so stunned at the overly gratuitous violent tone of that episode that we only watched it for about the first 33 minutes when Negan was trying to get Rick to cut off his son's arm just to break him (I have since heard that it didn't come to that but I digress). Poor writing from a staff of immature, violent prone, crack using writing staff and a comically evil character who loves to hear himself talk (shame on Jeffrey Dean Morgan for even taking on this childish cartoon role) and then beat people to death with his phallic shaped extension of his penis (no doubt) did us in as fans. After pulling the "Glen died, or did he?" stunt from last year and now killing him in such a violent end (complete with bulging eyeball) did Glen such a disservice after six long years that apparently nothing is sacred anymore in that series. We all know that TWD is about violence, we get it, but now it's coming in the bucket loads. I guess if some blood is good then more and more blood is better. Sorry, I can handle violence but not on the scale TWD is (more than) willing to dish out. Hey, here's a future plot idea... how about if Maggie is dissected limb by limb to feed off a zombie attack until she is just a body without any legs or arms? It would sure make babysitting her easier in the future. How about have the first zombie-human sex scene! In an effort to bridge the gap between humans and zombies one of the women in the show agrees to have sex with a male zombie to produce a crossbreed that can both understand the zombie mindset and help the humans to cope with them better. I just thought I would throw out some ideas that the brain-dead writers might have missed. Anyway, we have deleted TWD and FTWD from our DVR and will no longer watch any more of this violent nonsense. Shows are supposed to be entertaining and NOT so dark and violent that they borderline on psychopathic bloodlust porn!
  • SO LONG Walking Dead

    I have been a fan of the show since episode 1. I refused to watch anyone of our beloved character get brutally murdered. Then the spoiler alert indicated the fans would be mad and Disappointed. After reading about who the characters were , I was glad I didn't watch. Unfortunately I have decided to stop watching the show because it's to brutal. Humans against zombies is a war in itself to find some sense of normalcy, but humans against humans has taken a dark side.


  • Glenn ain't walkin

    TWD has now turned into a shock and gore bloody serial killer's fan club TV show. The writers are pretty F'd up sick bunch and should be sent to do a couple of tours in Afghanistan. You guys just killed the show too bad.
  • You do not know your fans!

    I have been a fan since the first episode, and I watch many episodes more than once;however, after last night i will not watch again. i am soooooooo disgusted and repulsed by the revolting way you killed off your characters. We have accepted losses in the past, but this was too much. Fans watch the show because of the characters. You should redo this episode, and apologize to fans. You really should not have put something so revolting on television. I STILL CAN NOT BELIEVE WHAT I SAW. Apparently, AMC and the producers have absolutely no social conscience or good judgment.

    To the writers of Season7 episode 1

    Have watched your show since episode 1/1

    and now no more. It's funny I thought the television industry was run by rating numbers and yes you guys have just committed suicide. How can you lead us on such a long and devoted road only to throw this rubbish at us. Good bye forever SHAME SHAME SHAME
  • TRULY DISGUSTED!!! no long a fan

    You took that violence way too far The Walking Dead!!!! It is truly disturbing that you would think that that episode was OK. I didn't even finish the episode I was discussed with Abraham and truly heartbroken with Glenn. Killing zombies is one thing people are trying to live, but you tied up people not zombies put them on there knees and beat them over the head with a baseball bat violently and show that on TV
  • Disappointed

    I think they went to far with killing Glenn and Abraham the way they did. Am so disappointed how they died. That was my last time Iam watching the walking dead
  • Dark, and done

    I felt sick at the end of the last season, and when tonight's show started, the nausea and tears returned. I was really hoping that this opener would be about Morgan finding the new group, and somehow they would show up and take out Negan before he had a chance to hurt them. But then horrible episode happened. This little group had overcome so much, and was finally in a place where survival had a chance and then this, writers just took this to a very dark place, an unnecessary place. I don't know how many more shows I will watch, I've left shows over much less than this. There's no coming back, not really. This wasn't creativity, this wasn't about breaking Rick, this was someone's inner sadistic cruelty being played out on television. There was so much more you could have done, and I'm sorry you think that this is what it took to show your audience that you have more to write about. I think I'm done, and from the messages I'm reading from friends, they feel the same way. If this is what we have in store, thanks but no thanks.
  • Awesome Show!

    The Walking Dead is definitely one of a kind and stands out from all the other zombie shows. I'm not really interested in Zombie shows, but The Walking Dead has amazing story lines with great characters. Even though Merle was a jerk, i think they should of kept him on the show a bit longer. He COULD of helped Daryl, Michonne and Rick in the Finale, if there was an ACTUAL battle, instead of just killing off Milton and Andrea.
  • Since this show started, I've nearly stopped watching all others which I used to like !

    Ok I had to edit my rating because it was a few months old, so, I still love the show.

    I love it so much that I cant even bring myself to watch season 2's finale because it will be unbearable to wait until fall for season 3 to start especially since I watched the teasers !

    I was gonna watch the finale this summer so as to be able to wait !!

    This show is unique, its scares me to death and gets my heart pumping hard for real !

    Not due to zombies really, but because of the supsense and intrigue at all times, one never really knows what's gonna happen.

    Dale's death was unexpected to me, however, I enjoyed that Shane got killed, I didn't like how this character had evolved in a dark, dangerous way and being a threat to the whole group.

  • no longer a fan

    this was too much, to kill characters that were integral part of survival was just wrong. Supposed to be surviving zombies not humans going more to hell. Have watched since beginning but with that season 7 premiere episode I am done. Not even Daryl gets to keep his machismo, even he has been emasculated. Writers should be fired.
  • jewelsran

    I just finished watching the final Season 6 episode and I'm telling you right now if one of the major actors/actresses get killed off the show, I will stop watching it. The main group is the most exciting thing about the Walking Dead and that they always pull through no matter what, so to see one of them get knocked off the show would be heart wrenching. Producers don't kill off the major players of this group!!!! PLEASE! If I'm giving the final show a rating, I'm sorry, it's a one, I can't stand watching this group getting tortured!
  • nota 10

    the best of its kind \o/
  • yuck yuck yuck

    Well this is it. I'm not watching walking dead any more. The wow factor they were trying to portray didn't work. It was more like the YUCK factor. I couldn't believe the hatred that was portrayed in the first episode. I cant believe all humans would resort to that behavior. So now its not about surviving amongst the walkers but its surviving the ugly violence of humans. No thanks.
  • The whole damn show

    You've got to be kidding me. TWD producers y'all are a bunch of clueless pricks. Just gonna kill Glenn like that. Why not Eugene. He was worthless to the group. And Abraham, really. You just lost about 150 viewers here. Whole family hates y'all now. Y'all might as well cancel the whole show. It's pointless now. Y'all could have came up with great material. Or are y'all too stupid. That's my guess.
  • Thumbs Down

    I have always loved the writing. However, I'm not always happy with the extremes they go to for ratings. I doubt if I will watch anymore because there doesn't seem to be a point to it. I don't mind the gore because zombies aren't real and I don't take it seriously, but I think with the death of Glenn, the show reached a new low and has clearly said good-bye to any moral compass they might have had. Slaughter just for the shock value or to prove they aren't afraid to push the envelope to any length is pointless. Perhaps next they will slaughter baby Judith in as horrific a way as they can imagine just to make sure we all know that nobody is going to survive the zombie apocalypse. Or perhaps they could invalidate all of it and have Rick wake up from a terrible nightmare. Anyway, buh-bye and, no, I won't let the door hit me in the butt.
  • Disappointing

    Very been a fan from the beginning and have always looked forward to watching the show. I can't say I feel the same way anymore.
  • No more for me

    I signed up for the first time in my life to TV dot COM just to leave this comment and express my disgust after S07E01. What happened in the writers head? No doubt you are a bunch of sociopaths now. Way too much violence, and I am not easily scared. I have been watching this show since day one. I liked the idea of humans getting in survival mode against an ocean of zombies, but I cannot take a human having a ball bashing other people's brain in like golf balls. And the worst part of it is that you could feel throughout this episode that the writers enjoyed it. Well I didn't, and as a fan, I am your money. Woops, actually no. Not anymore. That was the case until this episode reached the threshold of being more gory and violent than most horror movies.

    So, to the TWD staff and the people that allowed this violence, looks like you are screwed now, considering that I don't seem to be the only one here being appalled. You are no longer standing on the edge of a cliff, the next audience numbers will show that you are now free falling in the air and about to crash in a million pieces, along with your reputation. I am officially done with this show.
  • Hope everyone follows through

    I hope everyone who says they're not watching anymore follows through with it. This kind of audience manipulation should not be rewarded. I've been watching this show since its debut, and never thought about leaving until the fourth or fifth season. There were times I wondered why i was still watching, but I kept hoping it would get better. The writing continued to suffer, with the episodes written by Gimple being the worst ones. Then there was that absolutely ridiculous stunt with Glenn *maybe* dying, and a three week wait to find out. That was almost the end, but I figured let me stick around for season six and see if they learned their lesson. There were a lot of good episodes in season six, but then they pulled another stunt with that cliffhanger. I tuned in the premier just to see what would happen and I guess Gimple's idea of "we are going to make it up to you all" was that we all just wanted to see a sadistic cartoon villain bash some brains in, and try to make Rick cut his kid's hand off? Maybe in the hands of a better writer, the episode could have redeemed itself somehow, but I'm not sure how. The last ten minutes were pure melodrama. These actors deserve better. The show seems outright hostile to its viewers now. Kirkman said he wanted to break the audience too. Sorry, guys, I don't watch television to break me. I watch it to be entertained. I can deal with gore and abuse if I have faith that the writers know what they're doing. You guys are just playing with dramatic devices you don't understand. And you have some gall comparing yourself to Game of Thrones. I'm done. 100% out. Removed from the DVR Sunday night - both Walking Dead and Talking Dead. I will keep watching Fear the Walking Dead however, as that show was much better this year than last.
  • A Message for The Walking Dead's Producers

    You have to be aware that the madness of the current election has many of us trying to hold onto whatever light we can find in dim times.

    By going for an over-the-top depiction of two beloved characters' deaths you've made your viewers' days a little darker.

    That's not entertainment.
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