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  • Clever, violent and fantastic show!

    This show is, although gruesome, full of great characters, an epic storyline and twisty and turny twists! I love the clever shooting and how the actors portray there roles. Action-packed, yet still has room for improvement and such.
  • the walking boring

    What happen to the writers they spend all season working up to about a half hour of action. I am serious the whole season is a build up of next season the finale had a half hour of a story in it. Then next year they will start with a half hour of action and build up to next season. I forgot there was even zombies in this show I mean these writers are the laziest bunch of loser's. You could have the undead shooting or actually have a fight scene that does not have to take two seasons to see it I am out I can't watch it anymore it has turned into a chick flick.
  • Review title in one word: Yuk

    Robert Kirkman, or whoever runs the show, has already shown contempt for the audience by killing off Glen and Abraham. Now we have a storyline that just drags on and on with less than compelling characters. If I have to listen to one more of Keegan's monologues, I'm going to throw up. I have had it with this show.
  • !!What a Joke!!

    This show has went from genius to p?. What a joke. Negan is almost as scary as Fozzy Bear, but only half as well spoken. Fozzy's red bow tie is far more fearsome and daunting than Negan's goofy red ascot, it has polka dots!! Where's the back story to show how this goofy loquacious pretty boy gained mindless unwavering servitude over untold numbers of minions? Currently his hips are wider than his shoulders, not a particularly formidable physique for a ruthless bloodthirsty dictator. Why not have him hit the gym and put on some mass? Have him ripped in a

    T-shirt once in a while and skid the thick leather coat he consistently dons. Ben Matlock had a more varied wardrobe. And what about Rick? Could we find a doctor, and possibly perform an X-ray to see if we can't find some ghostly outline of where his balls used to exist? Instead of going for broke with his back against the wall like he did time and time again he cowers and says "I'll kill you, maybe not today but someday"? Wow! How limp is that? I tell you if that was one of my boys he was threatening to kill I'd have shoved both my thumbs through his eyes and bit his nose off!! But he sits there like an impotent welp and says that goofy line? Wow, so scary. But for King Dread Locks they'd both be dead. Never a good plot twist to have the "Hero" saved by shithouse luck! And Negan rides off into the sunset, signaling yet another boring season filled with buff and fodder episodes supposedly to endear us to new characters, but in reality just utilizing the lesser paid help. And the highlight episodes have Negan!?!? Not at all appetizing for my palette. Boo hiss hiss, what a joke. That's 90 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Actually if you remove the commercials, the goofy trail of the walking dead mid show spin off or whatever it is and the shameless overdone plugs fir the talking dead and the boring verbose banter that pollutes any semblance of real content, there's maybe 20 minutes of something almost worth watching. Barf.
  • Like it but....

    A good show I won't lie has some good characters and some bad. Fun to watch but drags out way to much takes to long for things to happen glad they made fear the walking dead to show that they can still make a great show
  • Walking Away!

    Good Lord. WHY would you do this to such a great show? I have been a fan from the beginning of this show. There hasn't ever been anything like it on TV. Every week I looked forward to watching it too see what would happen next. The story lines were awesome. I loved this show but I don't know what happened- the potential is still there but the story just fell off the edge of the planet. Season seven will surely be the downfall of this show. There has been none of the drama that made this show so good in the beginning. Season 7's story so far could have been condensed into two episodes (Maybe 12 if they keep running the current amount of commercials) and still been just as far along. I fear the end of this season is going to end with an un-climactic lead-up a fight that should have been over by episode 8. I don't think I will be watching..... Too bad- Goodbye.
  • This show!!!

    This show, really sucks ASS!!! It got soft!!!!!
  • Walking Dead

    Love it, however the commercials are longer than the show. Lose way way to much time. 4 minute commercials
  • "We are The Walking Dead"

    "We can make it. But we can only make it This small gleam of hope is spoken by one of the most beloved characters of the series, Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), in an episode where nearly all hope is lost. As an avid fan of AMC's post-apocalyptic fiction TV series The Walking Dead since the very beginning, I can tell you that episodes such as "Them" are what make the show what fans truly love. This episode alone will give you the insight needed into why the fandom for this show is as passionate as it is. It has all the elements that make The Walking Dead the highest rated show on television. Every quality that fans love viewers can find in this episode: its uniqueness, how dynamic it can be, and the depth of not only its characters but the plot as well. Through the inhumane but necessary decisions the characters make to survive, you see them try to cling onto their humanity and basic values. This milestone episode shows how weak we can be but also how strong we are all within the same moment, when we would do anything for the ones that we love.

    I'm sure by now you have heard of The Walking Dead in one place or another, even if you don't habitually tune in on Sunday evenings like the rest of us crazy fans. You've probably heard about this show by word-of-mouth, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, news articles or any of the other millions of types of social media we have. The fandom for this show is out of this world. It started as a comic book series and has only gotten bigger from there: expanding into a TV series, video games, books and even has its own spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead, is the number one show on television with ratings reaching over 17.3 million viewers on its fifth season debut (Carter, . The TV series is quickly approaching its 100th episode in its 7th season. The Walking Dead puts it viewers through a range of emotions; during a season, from episode to episode, and sometimes even within one episode itself. Episode 10 of season five, titled "Them," is one of those episodes and in my opinion the series' best up to this point.

    "Them" takes place on a desolate road that stretches for miles, in the summer heat with no end in sight. With no food, no water, and no car, the group of survivors has set out on foot in search of the smallest glimpse of hope. The group has hit one of their lowest points in the running of the show. They have lost just about everything; some characters have lost everyone, and almost all of them are seeing their wills to push on any further disappear. The characters are divided and morale is nonexistent. We can tell they are struggling throughout this episode as they walk down the road silently. Their heads are hung low, they are covered in dirt and sweat, barely dragging their feet as they strive to keep going with a huge group of "Walkers" (zombies) on their heels. The producers paint us a perfect picture here of what it's like to really struggle. You can see the struggle on the actors' faces and in their body language by the dragging of their feet and their sunken shoulders, and the discontent written across each actors' face. You can hear it in their silence and you can feel it as you watch "The Walkers" get within spitting distance.

    There have been many times through this series when we see characters question their humanity, but in this episode those scenarios arise time and time again. First, watching Maggie (Lauren Cohan) kill a Walker and then question why said Walker didn't just kill herself before she turned in a monster. Second, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) kills a pack of dogs that undoubtedly would have killed the group. The survivors then proceed to eat the dogs like it's their last meal which it very well could be. Finally, as you watch the very stoic and seemingly unbreakable Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) break, as he puts a cigarette out on the top of his hand and starts to cry. All these things make you question your humanity in one form or another. We hear it in Maggie's question and we watch it in the confusion on every character's face as they eat the dogs without so much as a second thought. We feel it in the tears that fall from Daryl's eyes, not in the pain of the burn, but from the pain of a loss of a person close to him. It shows just how truly dynamic these characters have become.

    How is it possible to be weak but strong at the same time? One minute and thirty seconds is all it takes in this episode to prove you can be both weak and strong. The producers put you on an emotional roller coaster once again and they've caught you in a perfect moment of both strength and weakness. A hellish storm has caught all our 16 characters off guard and has forced them into an abandoned barn. Together they are the only people they have left in the world. A raging storm and a sea of walkers have the survivors trapped. At this point, the show has you questioning a million and one things, which happens to be yet another great quality of this episode. One minute and thirty seconds is all it takes to have you panicking, cheering, and reluctant all at the same time. Daryl at the last second notices the group of walkers that are now headed straight for the people he loves. In a last-ditch effort, he holds the door to the barn closed with all his might but he can't do it on his own. Not long after Daryl starts to struggle Maggie rushes to the door, closely followed by Sasha.

    One by one the rest of the group sees what's happening and joins in the fight. This is my favorite scene. This small, one minute and thirty second scene does an extraordinary job of rounding out the episode. I love the symbolism of the most broken characters, the ones who have seemed to given up completely, be the first ones to the barn door fighting for everyone else. They're in a fight to prove that all hope isn't lost, a fight to prove how you can be weak and strong at the same time, a fight to prove that you will do anything for the ones you love despite what it may cost you. After coming full circle, I feel it's appropriate to end with a quote I believe is not only symbolic to this episode, but symbolic for the series. Maggie and Sasha step out of the barn into complete destruction: fallen trees, dead and alive walkers everywhere, most impaled or torn apart. Both actors are astounded at the devastation. Sasha states, "It should have torn us apart," to which Maggie replies, "It

  • Rubbish!

    Forget about the aeroplane, did no one else notice the 1950s backdrop in the background! Absolutely shocking effects considering how AMAZING the rest of the program is! Even my dads dodgy eyes noticed it!

    Not impressed!
  • Darryl

    I think Darryl should of told her the truth
  • The Walking Dead is a film made me afraid.

    I do not like the sight of blood, the malformation. and watch cartoons make me feel better.

  • Not an amazing show

    Season 7 is in the same league as Prometheus. Helmets removed making the origin of a sickness harder to pin down. Scientist lost after having mapped the entire area. Death from a giant rolling wheel because taking 3 steps to the side won't do.

    Viewers can handle some unbelievable events, it is after all a zombie movie. But there's just too many. It feels like it's written by first graders.
  • end of a story

    i stop watching it when "glenn rhee" brutally murdered!
  • A clever title goes here!

    First fuck you for seasons 7 premiere

  • Grow Up it's an amazing show

    I don't understand the hate. All shows change and grow. If you don't like it, don't watch it - no need to bitch about it. What's pathetic is the "this used to be my fav but now you've ruined it" crap. Get over it.
  • Oh my. Going from my favorite to oh how i hate it!

    I cannot believe the sick and twisted story that this show has become. I could handle all the blood gore and killing. Hell the tragedy is why we watch right?. The reality that it could happen. Well this reality the writer has created is nothing that I want to be a part of. Not watch. Nor dream about. That season 7 episode 1 was the worst turn in the story line possible. What a tragedy . Used to be my favorite show now it's just pathetic and awful. Thanks for nothing @!
  • Ohhhhhh, How I Hate This Show Now!!!!!!!!

    I had heard sooooooo much talk about The Walking I took a look. And in the beginning, it was a really good show. But as soon as u introduced the character, Negan & his "saviors", the show went straight into the toilet!!!!!!!!! I truly Despise this entire show now. And I watched up until the 8th episode of the 7th season but Trust & Believe, I won't be watching Anymore!!!!!!!! I don't understand how the writers of this show, wud let a storyline, like this, even come to be. Daryl Dixon was my favorite character in this show, I will truly miss seeing him but, Shame on U, 4 this natrocity, u call a show now......
  • A fan no longer...

    I used to love this show but that has now changed thanks to the sick writing and completely unnecessarily violent first episode.

    Not entertaining and not enjoyable to watch, you've ruined it for me. Thanks for turning this from a mainstream popular TV show for escapism to what a disturbed sicko would enjoy. I feel sorry for the actors who have put in such hard work in the past and have had to participate in this recent season.
  • You Should Walk To This Show

    Never a boring show! Don't listen to the people who say that say it isn't.

  • power2

    seson 7 episodes 9 when he comes can you tell us a show
  • walking dead trash

    the tv show now sucks with a crappy story line to boot. thank for making a good show turn into a crappy one. which is why there all on crack.
  • Season 7 The Walking Dead

    That's pretty much what it is for season 7 is dead. By far the worst season that appears nothing interesting worse than the half season of the governer and how pointless that was but I am very disappointed an will not watch this show anymore if negan is still in it l.
  • BS on walking dead

    Wtf! This crap is pissing me off! I don't know why the writers are making this show living ppl killing other living ppl! Its so stupid we have enough of real life killings everyday. I dont know about u but i like a little more walking dead in my walking dead please! Lets get back to the basics I've had enough of this story line.
  • Ooommmgggg!!!!!!!

    I am so mad when carl kissed her it made me so mad because carl is so cute i really like carl but it made me mad when they kissed but it is a very good show i mean drama but it made me so mad.
  • TWD is getting worse

    I think that the 2nd to last episode of the walking dead season 6 was the last good episode ever since Negan was introduced.

    He absolutely ruined the show for me and my family and if I could choose who kills Negan it would be Sasha and Maggie because Negan has ruined both of their lives.

    To top it all off Negan has killed 2 of the many good characters being both Glenn (My Favorite) and Abraham

    So if anyone who works for the Walking dead is reading this please kill off Negan by the end of the season or have season 7 stupidly be a dream.

    Btw producers if you are really reading this change stuff that is in one whole episode turn it into one scene because this is really getting to be ridiculous.

    Even my grandmother was a big fan she looked forward to her sunday nights of walking dead killing off 2 of the many great acters which they could've killed off rosita and eugene instead of Glenn and Abraham bringing Negan into the show she said that she lost hope, interest, and even stopped watching the show. She would like to know what the writers were drinking because they really messed up and this show went from a thumbs up to a thumbs down.

    We want Glenn and Abraham

    back make it all a dream.
  • TWD is becoming a true bore

    This show is now being milked for all it's worth.

    What used to take a few minutes to develop a character or scenario has become an entire episode or even multiple episodes or possibly an entire season. Did we really need an entire episode showing Carol whine and mope her way while staying with the Tiger-dreadlock-guy? Or Rick being driven around by Negan to 'break his spirit' (esp after watching 2 of is people have their heads bashed to pieces)? Or the last episode 'swear' watching a colony of women who kill everyone - but couldn't hit the side of barn with their guns - miraculously let Tara live and invite her to dinner?

    Really? Are the writers hoping to have an episode about every thought or emotion a character has? All we're missing now is a "surreal" episode where we find out at the end of it that the entire episode was someone's dream. TWD is right on the cusp of jumping the shark.

    Come on - no one tunes in for this.

    I recently read that TV ratings have dropped up to 20% and they were blaming the rise of online streaming, etc. Garbage! Poor script writing (like TWD) in an effort to milk viewers is the main reason. Same thing happened with 'Fear the walking dead'.

    My household is giving this show 1 more episode. If it stinks as bad as the first 6 episodes of season 7, we're out. Plenty else on TV without having to waste my Sunday night watching this drivel.
  • TWD is over for me, Any suggestion for a replacement?

    TWD became very slow, boring and extremely commercial. they basically take one event which can be done in one scene and extend it left and right till it makes a full episode! for example, the episode where Negan came to Nick's community- the entire episode was about that particular event!!!! it was so dumb and time consuming! like what was the purpose behind it but commercial gaining!? that event could be done in a couple of scenes!

    the three last episodes could be shot together with a mixed scenes! why would you bore audience with the way they did it.

    that show is over for me.... authors are penniless and have nothing creative to add. I believe they ran out of ideas.
  • Show is going downhill fast this season

    Have been a fan since the beginning .... but this year is terrible..... get rid of Negan and crew..... I don't think Ill last thru this season if it doesn't get better...... sad .. it was a great show...
  • here is the problem with the ratings drop

    I have watched the show since the beginning as well. I think Neegan's character is superbly acted, despite the multiple cheesy lines he has to carry about Lucille the bat being hungry.

    The drop off in ratings is because you can't have five episodes where the favorite characters are bludgeoned and beaten down and degraded without any sort of comeback or reprieve. That's 5 hours of watching people we like getting the bad end of the stick with no hope in sight. Not only do we lose hope along with the characters, we lose respect and interest for the people we've come to love. They have become one-dimensional. I don't want to tune in for a 6th hour to see more of the same, sorry.

    And I don't want to watch an entire season and maybe another where Rick is scared and weak and Daryl is mute and screwed up until some light bulb moment drives them into action because the show isn't caught up to the comic book. And no, Maggie, in her suddenly flat stomach pregnancy who hasn't cried a tear over Glenn's death, getting ballsy with a steamroller truck is satisfying... or even believable.

    We care about the main heroes we've come to root for and love, and mostly when they are in the nucleus of the core group we are interested in - the one that Rick leads. To keep people interested, you have to bring people back to that and give them moments of heroism and success within a season.. even if a few are killed off in the process.
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