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  • Interesting show UNTIL political correctness ruined it.

    Lets be honest now.
  • Getting really bad

    I watched Lost until the black cloud came out. Now TWD is getting as bad. First the gas never goes bad, even after years. Dead people bleed, when the blood should drain to their feet. Both of these I could put up with, but now the dead are TALKING????? Soon the will evolve and elect a leader, which will Trump all. Very close to not watching anymore..
  • What is going on with this show lately?

    I use to love this show. I would be excited all weekend and Sunday was TWD day. It use to hold my attention, I felt for every character on the show now I don't know half of them and I can't even follow the story. Ever since they killed carol off and let Negan live the show went down hill. Yes last nights episode had a good part with the whispers and zombies scene that was scary but other than that it sucked. Now they killed Jesus off and Negan got out. R u kidding me? Who is he gonna get revenge on? Maggie is gone, Rick is gone, who the heck else is left really? Kirkmen should take over this show they are running it into the ground! I miss the old walking dead. I felt like if this would ever happen in real life it would b just like the show but now it's so off base. I hate that they r not going along side the comics at all. I will not watch anymore of TWD new shows I'll watch from season 1 to 7 (before they bashed Glenn's and Abraham's heads in). I am so upset with this show and I pray someone else comes out with another zombie show like this one was based on in the beginning.
  • the walking boring

    THE RATINGS ARE IN 11/9/18 I took off my old comment that said the writers were lazy and terrible and that this show was going down hill fast. To be fair I have not watched 1 episode of this new season like I said it had turned into a chick flick nighttime soap opera. This show lost 50% of it's viewers so to the trolls who said I was wrong and other things no I was not. I was watching another show and during a commercial they talked about this shows ratings or lack of and how this might be the last season that goes out with a whimper not bang. The reason as I said in my last comment was the writers spent the whole season working for one episode the last one of each season and bored you until that one episode. There was little to no zombies anymore it was mostly man against man and even that was so tame and badly written half of us tuned it out. I think it might be to late to save this show they would have to bring back the action. People who are still watching it would have to walk round saying did you see last nights episode it was awesome. No one has done that in a long time even the radio station's disc jockeys used to say walking dead on tonight can't wait not anymore. I wish the show luck but unless they bring back the zombie fighting the action this will be forgotten when great shows do end the whole country talks about the final episode ! This show right now could go from the one of the biggest hits to almost no one seeing the finale.

    Junto serie AHS, uma das melhores sries de terror. Drama e terror na mesma proporo. Bom elenco.
  • Help!!!!

    Where's the link to whatch it ??? I can't see anyone help please
  • The Walking Dead...

    The Walking Dead is a garbage show. Utter trash. Those writers must have been.. idk. Huffing spray paint or something. Thoughtlessly ingesting concoctions of hardcore chemical drugs people in FLA haven't even heard of yet, washing them down with entire gallons of straight liquor before hitting a writing sesh. "How incoherent can we get before writing the next episode?" The team started each day with a simple question, "How STUPID can we make this show?" Shocked (SHOCKED) that so many people hyped up this dumb despicable middle of america junk. Just kidding, it's alright. 5.8-6/10.
  • Idea For The Future

    First of all let me explain one thing, i think you should plainly make the whole Walking Dead franchise 10 fucking!!!! Seasons because like we all now we dont want 5 quid CGI like we all seen with the tiger and the deer. Cmon people wtf was that literally you can see through the fucking CGI. I know that money doesnt grow from trees so stop milking episodes because personally i like quality more then quantatiy. Secondly, killing Abrham and Glen was a bad decision, it should of been Carl and Rick. Lastly stop with the milking bullshit and get to the point cause we dont want to see the main characters walking down the road for half a season (joke) season 5. If you agree in what i am saying we should all do an uprising against Walking Dead and should make it great AGAIN!!!
  • Even my grandma loves The walking Dead

    I love watching the Walking Dead. It is not just a horror fest but a surviving group of people I have come to love. I am very upset that the writers plan to remove Rick Grimes but I think by preparing us from start instead of trying to shock us was correct way to handle his going. I will miss him. I hope the show continues to grow & keep us enthralled and excited every season. We as a family, are huge fans! If you have not seeen it, you should. If you do not like gore, close your eyes and peak only thru your fingers. LISTEN TO ME. THE SHOW IS STILL GREAT BUT IF YOU ALL DONT STOP BEING HATERS, YOU LIKELY GET IT CANCELLED, THEN YOU BE CRYING IN YOUR WALKING DEAD SHIRTS. SO QUIT WHINNING! NOT EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY WITH THIS OR THAT DIRECTION, SO WHAT. YOU CANNOT PLEASE ALL, ALL THE TIME. WE WANT KEEP THIS SHOW ON. ITS STILL ONE OF BEST SHOWS CREATED. LETS SHOW SUPPORT! I AM STILL HUGE FAN! DO I HATE WHEN THEY KILLED CARL? GLENN? THE TIGER? Yes BUT I AM TELLING YOU, IT IS STILL GREAT SHOW AND REALISTICALLY IS THAT SOMETIMES THAT IS LIKELY SOME DIE ELSE IT WOULD BE UNREALISTIC. GROW UP GUYS AND GALS. ITS TWD NOT SPONGE BOB.
  • failing to fulfil hopes or expectations.

    I was real big fan of the TWD the last show season 8 was so disappointing the writers of TWD failed big time to fulfil the fans hopes or expectations of negan v rick

    I did use to look forward to the next season TWD but now i may not bother it hurts me to say this as i did love the show ONCE

    shame on the writers they should hand back there fees for this episode VERY BAD END TO A WAS ONCE GREAT SHOW

  • Ridiculous events to lead to their wanted conclusion

    I think the latest series has gone too wrong, the introduced 'bad guys' were who I wanted to win, Negan is always one step ahead, intelegent and has mercy while the protagonists kill everyone they see and trick and manipulate to win fights that they can't. They couldn't find a way to write the protagonists outthinking thr 'bad Guys' so they just had the 'bad guys' get in a winnable situation and the weapons manufacturer betray them for a side that kidnapped him, treated him like dirt and threatened to starve and kill him. It seems unrealistic and just makes me feel dirty, the ending of the protagonist acting like he won the fight and had mercy is pathetic, he used his sons words to beat a stronger, more intelegent and more empathetic man.
  • a waist of potential

    This show had so much potential for interesting relationships and plot lines, I kept waiting for it to get better and it never did. I almost stopped watching a few times, but I really stopped after Glenn was killed. It is completely disturbing to me that so many people are watching this sadistic shit and think it's entertaining. I feel traumatized and wish I could unwatch the whole stupid thing.
  • I must have been bitten

    I don,t know why bit I don,t really care whats going on anymore I find myself much like Carl slowly Dying and I can,t stop it from happening Even the Talking Dead is no longer interesting I know its just a show but

    it was a part of my life I made sure it had a hour of my time every Sunday night. I hope you can save the show but I don,t know how its possible . I also want to know If these walking dead are really dead why aren,t they falling apart and rotting once you die you start to decay it takes time but you eventually turn to dust Why aren,t they doing this The dead should be almost completely gone by now with only the recently deceased walking around
  • End this show

    I used to be such a fan of this show but they just drag story lines out and give full episodes to characters no one cares about. I actually hate this show now
  • I'm done...

    My husband makes fun of me because of how much I love TWD. I am a huge fan of the show. I can't even watch it anymore. Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit. I never thought I would say it but, that's it, I'm done... I am breaking up with my favorite TV show.
  • So stupid


    Carl was the future of this show and killing him was inexcusable. His death was meaningless and pointless, and I say this after reading all the reasons he was written out of the show.

    When the sound of him shooting himself happened I changed the channel.

    I'm done with this show.
  • Dammit

    Kill carl ir make bim bit... And see what rick does bext or make rick a bitten and see what happens with carl... Or what i font get is how morgan can stab with a mob stick lmao
  • Change to be "A Dead End"

    It is a telenovela, much of the duration of a moment and the conversation that is not important. The duration is the episode, epsiode is money. The duration is rubbish from a dead end.
  • Killing Carl killed the show

    So TWD is losing ratings. I witnessed my friends lose interest and stop watching. But despite the current poor writing and ridiculous plot lines I remained dedicated to the show. So what do the writers/producers do to increase ratings: throw in a shocker to get everyone talking. Well everyone's talking alright, about quitting the show for good!!! TWD needs to get back to the root of what made this show great. And that was the character development. We cared about these people and wanted them to survive, especially the core group. No matter what some people may say anyone with an ounce of heart watches the show because it's about the liiving and survival and the good guys NEED to survive. So to kill a character we cared about the most is just killing the show period. The reason I stopped watching Fear TWD is because I never liked the characters. Well there's not much to like or care about anymore on TWD!!!
  • The Bull*** Dead

    Seriously? The person that was supposedly the one who claimed it was "HIS" show? Wow. then go kill him off nice. I'm sure every FAN agree's that death will make ratings drop. Why not recast him on a time jump? Better have a good death for carl however he's put down, great job gimple by firing chandler Riggs nimwad.
  • Carls been biten

    I have always been a huge fan of the show, I always watch every marathon of the show they have from season one to now everytime, but I was reading that the show has lost fans and now they've just lost another one. I don't know how the writers or producers think that people are just going to continue watching no matter who they kill off. I have never watched the show for the zombies, my interest in the show was the survivors. I mean I was upset with killing off some of the characters, but I'm sorry they have just ruined the whole show for me.
  • Let's move this along

    I was a huge fan of this show and have read all the comics but the last season is just about all I can take. The plot is moving at a snail's pace with plot advancement slower than a daytime soap. Could probably only watch the season premiere, fall finale and season finale and not miss anything substantial. Seriously considering saying goodbye to the show.
  • S8 so poorly written.

    Since season 2, every season of The Walking Dead has had episodes that have annoyed me. Season 8 is the first time where EVERY episode (so far) has left me pissed off.

    This is supposed to be a war. The type of warfare that we as a nation are all too familiar with. Depending on how in-tune the writers were with this fact would determine if season 8 would be epic or a shit pile.

    Sadly, the production choose to pattern its scripts and action from 1940's serials and the A Team.

    So shit pile it is.

    Just some of the problems include:

    1. No grasp of warfare, weapons, logistics or limitations. True, Hollywood has always overplayed these things for dramatic effect. The Walking Dead takes to the level of SNL films or National Lampoon.

    2. Characters asked to do stupid things to such a point that you would hope the actors would at least complain about it before shooting the scene. Carol not being allowed to shoot the saviors underneath the truck and Rick's idiotic Indiana Jones stunt from his jeep to the truck just to name a couple. Not to mention Rick's jeep should have been shredded car parts after facing a 50 caliber.

    3. Lame ass speeches. "No matter what happens, we have already won!" REALLY? That's what the T-Ball coach said after handing out participation trophies.

    4. Killed the tiger but left Ezekiel alive. This dude is the Jar Jar Binks of the Walking Dead!!

    5. Moral dilemmas and taking prisoners. Are you kidding me? Have you forgotten you are limping into this battle as the underdog? Somebody shoot Jesus and let Morgan do his job!

    6. The only time zombies are effective is when the characters are instructed to forget how they work.

    7. Ammunition for EVERYBODY! YOU GET AMMO! and YOU GET AMMO! We ALL GET AMMO!!! Good thing there is nothing drastic going on like the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Now I am reading that Morgan (Lennie James) is being released and sent down to the minor league. Sure! Why not? It's not like you have killed off all of your great characters or anything like that.

    Z-Nation might be a bit stupid but you have to give it props for being far more creative and true to the genre.
  • They are really milking Season 8

    I agree with OBXconsumer. They really nailed the reasons the show is failing. The brutal killing of Glenn was just too much. They killed the tiger, why? I loved this show before season 7, now it is getting boring. Takes to long for something to happen.

    I bet they don't let Rick kill Negan in the mid season final episode, they will make us wait. Just to make sure the rest of the season gets watched.

    This show was real good before now i watch it forwarding the scenes because conversations are EMPTY and PREDICTABLE... Long story short, I watched the last episode, took 15 mins and Im sure I didnt miss anything...
  • Finally...

    delusional idiot (the king) wakes up!! (But) Only after he gets his group annihilated by the 50 cal. machine gun!! His group was too small to be on their own anyway trying to fight. Cocky mutha@#$%
  • 5 reasons why show is failing

    1. Went to following the comic book too closely - and comic books are irritating.

    2. They killed Glenn and the scene was overly graphic, disturbing, and totally not necessary.

    3. They killed the Tiger - really?? A-holes.

    4. There are many smart people in the world, even geniuses, but none seem to have survived the apocalypse.

    5. Rick should have shot Negan in the head instead of chit-chatting - too much chit-chat.
  • WTF ???

    I used to love this show. Now there isn't 15 minutes that goes by without a huge speech from one of the cast. its like watching the speech scene on Braveheart. BORING. The slow-motion close-ups are also killing the show. I thought season 7 was bad but if this is where the show is going then maybe its time to say god buy to the walking dead and pull it from the air. This season reminds me of a bad film school student's first film with all the speeches and close-ups and no apparent direction to the show.
  • nonee

    why kill the tiger? did it had to/2 die? plus the gun play is kool
  • Season 8 - Decline

    I WAS a huge fan of this show. Season 7 was insanely boring and Season 8 has been a huge disappointment. The story has great potential, but it reminds me of something shot by a film student with no budget. The story shows us who's dead, then flash back to the battle, then back to the beginning and heroic speeches, then back to the end. There's little suspense and the action is ruined by the knowledge of what they've already shown us. It reminds me of a poorly shot trailer. Seriously, what are they doing to this show? Did they spend all their money on the Tiger scene. I'd prefer if they took a break for six months and re-edited the entire season. Do Over.