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  • "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

    SEASON 8: OCTOBER 22, 2017

    Okay, so people seem to be hating a lot on this show. TBH it's my favourite show ever, I've got posters & shirts that are twd. It's also based off the comic books, so you can't say "there's no story to it" cause the things that happen are happening for a reason.

    I never get emotional with television shows, for some reason the walking dead always has me in tears of happiness or sadness, or there are scenes that have memories that make me cry. I like the emotion that the show gives out, cause you get more hooked to the show. Now although there are a lot of deaths, they're all emotional. I have never seen any show with such emotional deaths. Even though it sucks when people die, it just makes you more drawn to a show. You also always think and worry about someone dying, which also captures your attention. People need to stop hating on the show, I love it so much. Shoutout to my baby Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) love you Also stop hating on his hair, he likes it and that's all that matters, how would you like it if people hated on your hair.

    Also, you can really see the big difference in the characters and the show itself from season 1 to season 7. People need to stop dissing the show who haven't watched it all yet because honestly I thought it got better every season. Season 7 is a very emotionally filled season especially because ***SPOILER***

    We do lose some main characters. I was a big Glenn fan and insta totally spoiled what happens to him before I got to that part. How can you diss a show with such great acting and emotion like in that episode (s 7 ep 1)? Keep your negativity to yourself, cause it honestly makes us fans sad when you diss the show. Thank you :))