The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 3

Save the Last One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on AMC



  • Trivia

    • If you look at the banners behind Shane and Otis in the gym, you will see that the school they are at has the initials C.H.S. and has a Cougar as a mascot. In reality, the school used for these scenes is Newnan High School (NHS) that does have the Cougar as their mascot.

    • Goof (though possible explanation): The suicide that ended up as a Walker had its legs eaten at by other zombies. It's made clear in the series that the zombies only eat the living and not the dead. He had time to produce a noose, get up a tree and jump so there shouldn't have been any Walkers nearby while he died.
      It's possible the camper was chased up the tree by walkers or walkers caught up to him by the time he was ready to hang himself, so once he jumped the walkers would've started eating away at him, and likely stopped when the body lost the scent that attracts walkers - body heat/etc - likely why he wasn't pulled down - by the time his legs where eaten the body finally read/smelled dead to the walkers and they abandoned it.

  • Quotes

    • Patricia: (to T-Dog as she is sewing up his arm and referring to the medicine he took) Merle Dixon's clap is the best thing that ever happened to you.

    • Rick: (trying to justify why they should go on to Lori) There is still a life for us, a place maybe like this. It isn't all death, out there; it can't be. We just have to be strong enough, after all we've seen, to still believe that. Why is it better for Carl to live, even in this world? He talked about the deer.

    • Daryl: Look at him. Hanging up there like a big piñata. The other geeks came and ate all the flesh off his legs.
      Andrea: I thought we were changing the subject.
      Daryl: Call that payback for laughing about my itchy a**.

    • Daryl: (finds a walker hanging by a rope, reads off a note on the tree) "Got bit. Fever hit. World gone to sh**. Might as well quit." Dumb*** didn't know enough to shoot himself in the head. Turns himself in a swinging piece of bait. And a mess.

  • Notes

    • This episode was nominated for a Golden Reel Award in the category of Best Sound Editing: Short Form Dialogue and ARD in Television.

    • Viewership: 6.09 million (top cable show for the weekend of Oct. 28-30)

    • Locations: Along Rt. 85, Senoia, GA. and Newnan High School in Newnan, GA.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: November 1, 2011 on FOX
      United Kingdom: November 4, 2011 on FX/FX HD
      Sweden: November 20, 2011 on TV11
      Finland: June 17, 2012 on Fox
      Slovakia: July 11, 2012 on JOJ Plus
      Czech Republic: October 8, 2012 on Prima COOL
      Turkey: October 21, 2012 on CNBC-e

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