The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 5

Say the Word

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2012 on AMC

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  • Another slow

    Its anotherr episode of the crawling dead. Bad story, bad writing and bad acting. Its quite ridicilous.
  • Sad and needing help

    Can't watch any episode because I have to buy or subscribe to something to be able to play it. I've already created an account and now I wish I hadn't if I had known this wouldn't work :/ Am I doing something wrong? I really love this show and the only way I can watch it is online.
  • Catatonic

    This was definitely one of my favorite episodes so far. It wasn't perfect and much of it dragged considerably, but the content and the emotions were good. The fight in the ring of walkers was perfect - it captured and exuded exactly what Andrea was feeling and pushed that on the audience. The only thing I really wanted to see here were ankle-biters in the school. But I guess baby walkers is pushing it a bit too far.
  • Dead...

    Good episode. I wonder what really happened to Carol.

    I loved Darryl feeding the baby. He looked so proud.

    Darryl and Maggie go look for stuff for the baby. I really expected finally to see a kid zombie.

    If there is one thing very few shows can do is to deliver more than acceptable episode to precede a really great one. And I can't believe am seeing this, this is just above average and verging on greatness, (it's very hard to say great after the previous episode nearly gave me a heart attack). Darryl and Maggie's trip to scavenge stuff for the baby was extremely courageous. And this is merely minutes after all the running and the great loss. Maggie was there with Lorie at the boiler room, and Darryl is still dealing with Carol (thinking she's dead, but we all know she isn't). It's so hard not to love a admire this characters...
  • Spoilers

    Okay, so T is dead which is fine. Even so he was a big asset to the group survival. His ability will be replaced by the two inmates. And to help round things off, Lori is dead with no chance of returning as a walker. I enjoy that idea as i didn't enjoy her character. But here's the deal. Now they got a baby which as far as I'm concerned is nothing more then a snack with a random crying alarm.

  • Grief-stricken Rick

    As his newborn fights to survive and Daryl visits an empty grave with a single Cherokee Rose to remember Carol by. Rick slaughters every single walker in his path, in a scene that's as powerful as its emotional. Also powerful? Michonne re-claiming her place as well as the right to carry bladed weapons, wherever she sees fit. A Mysterious phone-call & an impromptu eulogy mark T-Dog's final goodbye, the last of a series of deaths that have become part of these people's lives.

    Special mention goes to the wall of hands with names of children in it, R.I.P. little children: you existed, no matter for how long you were in this world with us.
  • The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5 - Say The Word

    Mere words can not adequately describe the festivities ahead," says a resident of Woodbury in the opening scene of Sunday's episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead" and there's probably no better description of what's to follow on for the next hour.
  • Chaos

    This episode was probably the most shocking, disturbing episode yet. We see the aftermath of the birthing. Rick totally losing his mind and the realization that the survivors are really no more barbaric and monstrous as the walkers.
  • Say the Word

    So slow moving. So slow, and the killing of the zombies is not even interesting at this point. The Walking Dead is a show you either love right now (and I don't fault people for enjoying it) or it just bothers you because there are programs firing right now, especially on Sundays, that don't get a fraction of the ratings this does.

    I want the show to really shock me, nothing shocked me tonight.
  • Stage One

    Rick sinks into grief. Daryl and Maggie go for baby formula, T-Dog gets the Otis treatment. Axe and Oscar dig a grave. Rick kills some walkers and answers a phone at the end. Michonne leaves Woodbury without Andrea, Andrea sees that the Governor is using walkers as tools in gladiator fights. Good episode.
  • Say the Word

    Say the Word was an awesome episode of The Walking Dead. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and well written, there was a lot of character development, plot progression and some surprises. It was interesting to see the main event in Woodberry. It was sad to see what Rick was going though. Andrea discovers a different side of the Governor after Michonne leaves. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • The Aftermath


    The episode starts with a small peek into the mind of the Governor. It's revealed that the Governor has lost his daughter to the zombie apocalypse but it hasn't stopped him from... Ummm... showin that he cares for her daughter... Even the zombified version of her. Michonne steals back her sword and finds a storage of 'living' zombies and decides to kill them. After this she decides to try persuade Andrea into leaving Woodbury but Andrea decides to stay in Woodbury while Michonne leaves. This is probably a good way to get more depth in Michonne's character as we really don't know why she is who she is.

    Meanwhile in the prison Rick goes to blow off some steam by going on a zombie killing rampage which gives us the mandatory zombie kills of the episode and some insight of Rick's state of mind. Daryl and Maggie leave the prison to find some supplies for the baby. During this supply run we see a small reference to second season when Daryl and Maggie loot a daycare center and Daryl notices a handpainting with the name Sofia written on it.

    Rick finds the location where Lori had died and we see a big zombie belly and I really thought that we are going to see Lori as a zombie and that Carl really didn't shoot her, but it's revealed to just be an extremely well fed zombie... A zombie who has been eating so much lately that he can't even get on his feet. After Rick realizes what this zombie has done we get one of the darkest moments in the series as Rick shoots the walker and starts to repeatedly stab the zombie's stomach. I don't know why Rick did this but it seemed really dark and fucked up. And after that we start to follow the comics when Rick gets a phone call.

    The Governor sets up a public event in Woodbury which startles Andrea and we see that she is actually worried for the first time that she's in Woodbury. The event of course is a small staged fight that involves zombies without teeth, Merle and another survivor of the Governor's group.

    The best part though was the part where Daryl holds the unnamed baby and call her 'little ass-kicker'. I felt like it brought some joy to the otherwise hopeless world of the prison. It was extremely cool to see how Daryl is so obviously the second in command in the group. When Rick 'wasn't feeling well' it was Daryl who stepped up and took command and voluteered himself to go look for supplies for the baby.

    It also seems like Maggie was really affected by the whole deal with Lori as she volunteered almost immediately to accompany Daryl.

    I enjoyed this episode very much. It wasn't as fast paced as the previous one but had action in it anyway and if they would have kept on going with the same pace they wouldn't have anything offer during the final episodes. Now it would be good if we were introduced to a few new people. I think that the Governor is going to chase after Michonne because she knows where Woodbury is located and because Governor might think of her as a danger to Woodbury.
  • Great episode!

    I was so happy they actually put the arena in the show like in the books. Also the governor's zombie daughter too! I know TV has to limit a lot of what they can say or show so I was extremely worried they wouldn't add certain things in the show but so far they've done a great job. The story is so much different from the graphic novels, but so similar at the same time, and I am actually pretty happy with that as well, because knowing the GN story doesn't ruin the TV show at all! Keep up the good work!

    Also two thumbs up for zombie heads in a fish tank!! :)
  • the walking dead

    it was Good..
  • Walking Dead

    Greg Nicotero should begin producing & directing more often. The man knows the whole science of Horror fest. He can be a Master of Horror in the future.


    I found it amazing T dog was the bronze for a while now they have a taller black and stronger dude from prison... Is it because they cannot have two black dudes and only one black girl as an assassin. Strange.