The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on AMC
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Revelations begin to come out among the members of the group. Shane teaches Andrea how to fire a weapon but the desire to put the past behind him and focus on survival eats at him. Glenn wrestles with keeping his secret about the barn Walkers from the group. Lori confides in Dale about her pregnancy.


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  • so we need

    And so they though after killing 2 zombies they decided that it was te to tell stupid rick what he still hadnt figured out that Shane and his wife had an affair. We all knew that, including the rest of the characters. Its so funny its ridicilous.
  • Morning After

    Just leave her already. Lory's getting off so, so, so easy. I'm worried that Dale's time is coming, that he'll either be Shane's next victim or the walkers will get him. I'm getting the feeling either Maggie will join the group or Glenn will stay behind. Slow episode overall.
  • This time better than last two episodes

    In this episode there was a lot of interaction between characters and it was not about banalities. Some secrets from recent past were revealed. First Rick found out about affair between Shane and his wife, Dale confronted Shane that he saw him pointing a gun at Rick and he knew what happened with Otis, even though I do not know how he can be sure about this matter.

    Herschel feeds the walkers in the barn with chicken and I considered if walkers have to eat, because they cannot die, they are already dead. Maybe Hershel and his family think they will feel better eating some live meat. The crisis with walkers could be contained better if it was possible to starve the walkers out.

    Searching for Sofia seems to be not the highest priority, because there was time for Glenn to go twice to the town to get condoms and other stuff. They do not use all forces to it, but the more time it lasts, the lesser the probability that she is alive.

    I do not understand why Glenn and Dale should know about Loris pregnancy and she does not tell her husband. He has the right to decide and also take responsibility for potential abortion. It is strange that he knew about her affair with Shane but there was not any signal when he realised it.

    Shane and Andrea got intimate as could be expected. And Dale confronted Shane with his recent bad acts. What does he want to gain from this discussion, it is apparant that Shane becomes his dangerous enemy.

    When I compare this episode with the best episodes in season 1, which would get the 10/10, this episode is by two points worse.

  • 2x08 - Secrets

    OMG, this episode was so boring. The only thing which rescued it from a lower rating from me was the ending.
  • In a fictional world of endless possible story lines and plot twists, predictable and political instead. If you missed this one you didn't miss anything zombie related.

    With the wealth of potential story lines available this was disappointing to see so early on ... in the vernacular I believe this is what is known as "jumping the shark."

    Another episode on the farm listening to them whine and snivel about the unfairness and injustice of it all *yawn,* Rick Grimes shows he's a proud cuckold in a fancy new skirt and not one but two Hollywood kook left talking points made.

    First the absurdity of anyone in a situation like this objecting to guns or learning how to defend themselves with one should be apparent to anyone and the over the top hyper-sexual response from Andrea's after her first zombie shoot is about as cliche as it gets. Now the idea of the original farm members never having had to put down a walker jut looks dumb.

    Not content with getting in the - psycho sexual cliche about gun owners the writers feel to pile on with the pro-abortion it's her choice commentary. Guess the pro-gay, pro-union and anti-conservative/Republican episodes won't be far behind in this now meandering mess - can't wait to see how they get in a dig at Sarah Palin...

    Oh wait, yes I can. Get ready to stick a fork in this series it's almost done as the writers have already clearly lost their way and probably deviated to far from the essentials to recover.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During the scene where Maggie is being attacked by the Walker and Glenn comes to the rescue, keep an eye outside. You will see a man handling the horses outside the store.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Dale: I know what kind of man you are.
      Shane: You think I'd shoot Rick? That is my best friend. That's a man I love. I love him like he's my brother. You think that's the kind of man I am?
      Dale: That's right.
      Shane: Well, maybe we ought to just think that through. So I'm the kind of man who would gun down his own best friend? What do you think I'd do to some guy I don't even like. When he starts throwing accusations around my way. What do you think?

    • Maggie: I've already lost three of the people I care about the most in this world.
      Glenn: Maggie...
      Maggie: Shut up.You're smart, you're brave, you're a leader. But you don't know it, and your friends don't want to know it. They'd rather have you fetching peaches. There's a dead guy in a well, send Glenn down. You're walker bait. I can't take you becoming one of them.

    • Glenn: So, your dad thinks they're sick. Do you agree with that? Even after what you saw at the well.
      Maggie: I'm not sure what I saw at the well.
      Glenn: Yes, you are. Look, if you had seen Atlanta, you would not have a barn full of walkers.
      Maggie: I wish you'd stop calling them that.
      Glenn: What do you call them?
      Maggie: Mom, Shawn, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, Lacey, Duncan.

    • Hershel: I saw the broadcast before they stopped. Saw the irrational fear, the atrocities. Like the incident at my well.
      Dale: We put down a walker.
      Hershel: You killed a person.
      Dale: Well, if you watched the same broadcasts I did, you saw walkers attack. Kill. They're dangerous.
      Hershel: Paranoid schizophrenic is dangerous too. We don't shoot sick people.
      Dale: With all due respect, you are cut off from the outside world here. I've seen people I cared about die and come back. They are not people.
      Hershel: My wife and stepson are in that barn. They are people.

    • Daryl: (to Andrea) You shoot me again, you best pray I'm dead.

    • Carl: (looking at baby chickens)They don't have a mother.
      Lori: Well, she might be somewhere else
      Carl: Maybe she got eaten. Everything's food for something else.

    • T-Dog: (noticing Jimmy has his gun held sideways) Come on, man. Don't give me that gangsta s***.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Locations: The housing development that Shane and Andrea look for Sophia in is north of Senoia, GA. It is off of Rockaway Road and at the end of Eagle Run.

    • Viewership: 6.07 million (top cable show for November 20th)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: November 25, 2011 on FX/FX HD
      Sweden: December 11, 2011 on TV11
      Finland: July 8, 2012 on Fox
      Slovakia: August 1, 2012 on JOJ Plus
      Czech Republic: October 29, 2012 on Prima COOL
      Turkey: November 11, 2012 on CNBC-e