The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on AMC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with what appears to be a normal day at Hershel's farm. Carl, finally on the mend from the gunshot wound, feeds the chickens andLoriwatches. Carl wonders where the chickens' mother is at and Lori just thinks she is somewhere around. Carl believes that the mother chicken was eaten and acknowledges that with the walkers, everyone is food to some other species.Meanwhile, Patricia steals away a few chickens, breaks their legs, and feeds them to the walkers in the barn. Glenn keeps his binoculars trained on the barn, but Maggie warns him off, trying to ask him to not be more obvious about what's housed in the building. Maggie gives Glenn peaches to distribute to the rest of the group and he worries about giving the secret away, admitting that he's a very bad liar.

Andrea offers a recovering Daryl a book called The Case of the Missing Man, and she apologizes for what she did. Daryl waves off her concerns, knowing that Andrea only wanted to protect everyone. He jokingly states that if Andrea shoots him again, she better makesure it kills him.Glenn confronts Lori about not telling Rick about the baby.

Rick suggests that the group could stand some firearms training, and some of the Greenes also want to learn how to shoot. Carl tells Shane that he wants to go practicing as well, but Shane notices that Carl's already carrying his mother's gun. Lori is angry that Carl went behind her back, and she doesn't want him to handle a weapon just yet. He's just a child. Rick says that things are different now and Carl should learn how to defend himself. Carl admits to stealing the gun because he wanted to help look for Sophia. Lori reluctantly agrees to allow Carl into gun training.

Dale notices Glenn's unease and asks him if anything is bothering him. Glenn spills the beans about Lori's pregnancy and about the walkers in the barn. Shane tells Andrea to stay after class for some special advanced lessons after she shows some promise with a different pistol than the one her father gave her.

Back at the farm, Hershel is tending to the horse Daryl rode into the woods, which has finally returned to its stable. Dale speaks to him, saying that he heard moans coming from inside the barn and he knows what they're keeping inside. Hershel says that the people in the barn are only sick and that a cure will be found sooner or later. Dale acknowledges that he saw the news broadcasting during the beginning and saw the walkers killing and eating people.Dale says that whatever those things are, they're no longer human, but Hershel disagrees,admitting that his wife and stepson are still inside.

Dale wants to warn Rick about this so that the group can take precautions, but Hershel tries to get Dale to keep the walkers a secret for now. Lori talks to Hershel to thank him for allowing them to stay at the farm, and Hershel makes it clear that their stay isn't permanent. He's expecting them to move on to Fort Benning sooner or later. Lori is shocked by this news, thinking that she had found a permanent home for her family.

Shane is playing drill sergeant and forcing Andrea to try firing her weapon under pressure while shooting at a moving target. But when he brings up Amy, Andrea gets very upset andstorms off. Shane follows Andrea by car, wanting her to get in with him so that they can head back to the farm. There's a lead on Sophia, he says. A housing development is close-by and she might have taken shelter in it. Andrea agrees to help Shane investigate the houses.

Dale is frying up canned meat on a campfire stove and the smell nauseates Lori. Dale talks to Lori, saying that he recalls when his wife was pregnant, the smell of cooking meat would make her nauseous. Dale wants her to tell Rick, even if the baby could be Shane's. Lori admits that she thought Rick was dead and she wanted to be with someone so she became intimate with Shane. Lori worries about her baby living as old as Dale and having a happy life. What sort of life does a baby have now?

Lori tells Glenn that she needs something else from the town pharmacy. Glenn offers to do the supply run, but Maggie insists on accompanying him. Maggie is still angry that Glenn told Dale about the barn. Those are people in there, her family and her friends, and she knows that someday they'll be back to normal. When Maggie finds out what Glenn needs to go into town for, she becomes livid. She rushes into the back of the pharmacy, looking for morning after pills. A Walker attacks her, but Glenn fights him off, repeatedly bashing the Walker's skull in until it stops moving.

Shane and Andrea reach the housing development and begin to look for Sophia. All they find, however, are hordes of walkers. They try to fight them off, and Andrea is reluctant to shoot them until one is nearly on top of her. She manages to get a headshot in, and after she takes one down, she's willing to take others. Even when a path to their car is clear, Andrea still wants to shoot walkers.

Maggie and Glenn return to the farm and Maggie is furious at Lori. They risked their lives for conditioner and abortion pills, which Maggie angrily throws at Lori. Later, Maggie tells Glenn that he's too smart to just be the group's errand boy. He's supposed to be a leader and all Maggie wants to do now is to make out with Glenn. And Shane and Andrea get intimate in the car after their collective brush with death.

Lori takes all of the morning-after pills but gets second thoughts and throws them all back up. Once Shane and Andrea return to the farm, Dale confronts Shane about what happened between he and Lori. Dale tells Shane that he knows the type of man Shane is, a man who in the past, aimed a gun straight at Rick and was nearly ready to kill him. Shane should go through with his plan to leave the group. Shane counters that if he is able to do such a thing to a man he loves like a brother, then what might happen to a man he barely even likes?

Rick finds empty packets of morning after pills in his tent and confronts Lori. Lori is panicking and saying that she took all the pills but she threw them back up again. Rick is furious. How could Glenn hear about Lori's pregnancy before her own husband did? Lori doesn't think she wants to have a baby in such a dangerous environment. She also admits to having an affair with Shane. And Rick admits that he suspected it from the beginning. He understands that she thought he was dead and Shane was such a good friend. It made sense for them to get together. But does Rick really believe that, and now that the secret is out in the open, what's next?