The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on AMC

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  • A Lesson in Guile (Spoilers Ahead)


    The fittingly titled episode this week "Secrets" saw some very good, character driven activity before the Walking Dead tunes out for the holidays and starts back up in February (a smart move for AMC I might add) Glenn struggles to contain the secret of the walkers in the barn as well as Laurie's pregnancy but he accidentally confides in Dale about both and Dale approaches Herschel about it. Herschel's viewpoint on medicine and sick people is well founded in his character as he's said before when he and Rick discussed the outbreak in the second episode where Carl got shot. Shane and Andrea go on an excursion after he teaches Carl, and the others to shoot and thanks to her natural prowess he pushes her a little too hard by bringing up Amy. Then they go to a housing area to look for Sophia and Andrea effectively got into the area of silencing her mind like Shane was telling her about. In a close call, and a disgustingly laid out house might I add (I'm never eating dinner while watching this show ever again). The most interesting part about this was their freaky time in the car, which was adrenaline fueled and believable and is more in line with the comics. Glenn and Maggie make a run into town for pregnant stuff for Laurie and almost get got by a walker. Laurie tries to take some morning after pills to try to kill the baby but throws them up and Rick finds the case and confronts her about it. Their scene was very heartfelt and reasonable and Laurie brought up an excellent point about all the crying drawing walkers to them once it's born. Rick's easily understanding was lukewarm since I knew he expected it, but got too quickly to rationalize without the digestion of his wife sleeping with his best friend. Herschel seems fit to get them all out of there now that he knows that they know about the walkers and I don't know how they can expect to stay for much longer. Daryl forgiving Andrea for shooting him was cool and the reminder at the end was even better. Now Glenn and Daryl both think they're leadership material in development now, maybe some conflict will come of that after all. And why do they always throw Glenn to be the meat on a rope for walkers? But the best scene of the episode by far was Dale's confrontation to Shane (two characters who don't really interact much) which is seemingly driven by jealousy on Dale's part but evolved into something more. Dale's suspicion is well founded but there was no previous indication that he or anyone found Shane's story lacking in specifics. The bringing up of his seeing him point a gun at Rick was a great continuity trick the writers pulled as well, and him "knowing what kind of man he is" really stuck it to him. Shane (Jon Bernthal) is a total badass, but he's a loose cannon for sure, and his threat to Dale was clear enough to make me worried about his mental stability later down the road. Next week we'll see things at the farm hit the fan, and then it's off to wherever's next I guess (don't spoil it for anyone fellow comic readers).

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