The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on AMC

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  • Secrets revealed... (spoilers)


    This is the kind of episode that I have been waiting for. Unlike some people, I don't mind that there aren't as many walkers, as long as story keeps progressing. This was an episode with some action, but SO much story.

    Glenn, unable to keep all the secrets that he has discovered, finally spills the beans to Dale (who has been criminally underused this season). WIthout judgement, Dale speaks to Hershel, warning him that despite the fact that they once were, walkers are no longer people, they are corpses. I thought that scene was beautifully played, as Hershel still believes there is a part of the person in there, and is looking for a cure. He just doesn't realize that the body is dead and rotting, which I find a little difficult to understand, but okay.

    Then Dale goes to Lori. This was one of my favorites. He looked on her with the love of a father figure, or as another reviewer mentioned, a pastor, and just gave her some advice, without any judgement.

    Glenn and Maggie's trip to the pharmacy again was perfect. As they argued about the "life" of a walker, with Maggie insisting that they aren't called that (she clearly held out hope that her father was right), while looking for Lori's "morning after" pills, she is attacked by a walker. Glenn saves her, (which was an excellent scene) but when it is clear that the walker, if they were a living person once, are no longer when it got back up. Maggie's use of walker later in the episode signifies that she no longer believes they are people.

    Lori, struggling for weeks with the secret of her and Shane, and now this pregnancy, finally hit her limit and takes morning after pills. When she realizes the magnitude of this decision, made without telling her husband, she runs and throws up the pills. Rick, finding the packaging of the pills, finds her and confronts her. What I didn't expect was the beautiful scene that followed. Lori told her husband she took it back, and she is sorry that she didn't tell him, but that she had to tell him another thing, about her and Shane. He already knew. This scene is why I love the character of Rick. He wasn't a character with no depth or intelligence, he has the intelligence that a leader in his position should have. He knew, but also, understood. He portrayed it not as a betrayal, but as a mistake. (Andrew Lincoln was brilliant)

    My only problem is that "Morning after" pills are just that. For the morning after. Now, if you took a huge overdose, could you have a miscarriage? Sure. But they aren't for when you are already pregnant.

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