The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on AMC

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  • Sophia....Sophia who?


    The most earthshattering thing about this episode is how they pretty much abandoned the Sophia arc.

    Carol let Lori sleep, a woman who as far as Carol knows is perfectly healthy enough to go searching for Sophia. After all, Lori and company went searching once for her.

    The whole cast and crew are off practicing with their weapons. Ok, that makes some sense but does everyone have to be doing it at the same time? Couldn't they send out two or three to go looking a bit?

    Lori sends two of the most adaptive characters, which includes Maggie that was actually raised in the area to go after...not Sophia...but pills to abort her pregnancy.

    Touching on Glenn and Maggie....thank goodness they didn't decide to get it on this time. I hope though that the experience might shake Maggie enough to realize just how dangerous Walkers are.

    Shane and makes sense in a way. Andrea seems to like the dangerous side of things right now and Shane is def the way to go. I liked Dale talking to Shane, but Shane is near nuts Dale. If he is willing to point a gun at Rick...he def won't have a problem pointing it at you.

    The biggest lead balloon revelation came from Lori. In that Rick already knew she and Shane has gotten together.

    Overall, I liked the episode but I agree with others that they just don't seem all focused on staying alive or finding Sophia effectively. Carl was a highpoint in that you can see some major developing in his future.

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