The Walking Dead

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on AMC

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  • This time better than last two episodes

    In this episode there was a lot of interaction between characters and it was not about banalities. Some secrets from recent past were revealed. First Rick found out about affair between Shane and his wife, Dale confronted Shane that he saw him pointing a gun at Rick and he knew what happened with Otis, even though I do not know how he can be sure about this matter.

    Herschel feeds the walkers in the barn with chicken and I considered if walkers have to eat, because they cannot die, they are already dead. Maybe Hershel and his family think they will feel better eating some live meat. The crisis with walkers could be contained better if it was possible to starve the walkers out.

    Searching for Sofia seems to be not the highest priority, because there was time for Glenn to go twice to the town to get condoms and other stuff. They do not use all forces to it, but the more time it lasts, the lesser the probability that she is alive.

    I do not understand why Glenn and Dale should know about Loris pregnancy and she does not tell her husband. He has the right to decide and also take responsibility for potential abortion. It is strange that he knew about her affair with Shane but there was not any signal when he realised it.

    Shane and Andrea got intimate as could be expected. And Dale confronted Shane with his recent bad acts. What does he want to gain from this discussion, it is apparant that Shane becomes his dangerous enemy.

    When I compare this episode with the best episodes in season 1, which would get the 10/10, this episode is by two points worse.