The Walking Dead

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on AMC

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  • its such

    Its so well written in the comics, but after the build up to last season finale, all of a sudden its a slow start and ofcourse no main charactewr deaths here either.
  • hmmmmm

  • Uhhhhhhhh

    Didn't watch it yet
  • A Very Good Start

    Great Episode so far. A lot of unknown questions but I'm sure we'll find the answers. It's not predicable like most of season 2 was so this is good, we don't need to know all the answers this is was going keep me watching to find those answers. Finally, their focus on building a foundation instead of bickering at one another like most of season 2. I like this new scent of fresh air like season 1. Great job writers and great acting.
  • Or Not

    Well, so much for Hershal. There was so much potential there, but then they had to go and do a time jump and of course with Lori due soon, we can't have the doctor around. For a season opener, this was too far ahead and didn't explain anything that's happened in the lost time. Why does Rick suddenly have the power over Lori when last we saw, she wanted nothing to do with him? What caused Carol to recover as she has? What's going on with Beth and Carl (and how old is she, anyway)? Just not a fun place to be after an absence of the show.
  • Love it!!!

    Love it!!!
  • Cant do it

    I dont know how to watch it
  • Dead Fun

    You don't want to drop the soap in this prison.
  • HELP!!

    This show is awesome but i have missed the last 4 episodes of season 3 is there any way i can watch them for free online.. i dont want to miss any more
  • Heck Yeah!

    For seven months I have been waiting for the masterpiece that is The Walking Dead to return to my screen and seven months later I was not surprised that the first episode of season three blew my mind. I can not wait to watch the rest of season three.
  • Michonnes Walkers

    Neksmater, i think the jawless, armless walkers with Michonne are there as 'packhorses' see at teh end when they are walking out the barn or whatever, she has them on leashes with all the bags on them.

    No Jaws = No bites

    No Arms = No attacking

    Why carry your own stuff?
  • An OK start to the season

    Not the greatest premiere, didn't really get going until the last 5 minutes. The second episode of season 3 was much better.
  • its very bad!

    it was absolutely terrible, t-dog is the only half decent charcater with some revelance to his role in the series, and the whole series should be cancelled!

    i know why its called seed, because it is SEEDY.
  • going

    wow goo

  • Cougar town, zombie edition

    Unlike Rick's marriage, the group functions like a well-oiled machine, a well-oiled machine about to have a baby. Finding refuge for that baby becomes the main priority, the goal that frames the current episode that takes place on THE prison. Uncomfortable silence between husband and wife serve to contrast the easy going nature of Carl & Beth's crush, as well as the sisterhood between Michonne & Andrea and those little moments between Glenn & Maggie.

    Daryl's first instinct continues to be Carol's welfare, the second to realize how much he enjoys it. For someone whose only fear is emotional contact, he finds within himself to enjoy her teasing and the emotional contact it provides, much like T- Dog enjoys the warmth by the fire, but because this is a zombie apocalypse, to see the reasons they survive only points out towards their next causalty. The only medic among them, Hershel.
  • This one is so good it can be for theatrical release!

    This episode is a blast to start the season. It wont get any better than this one, guys.. for the other critics' low reviews; what the heck are you looking for? All the elements you want in a zombie show are there- lots of zombies, lots of hacking and shooting, a little drama here and there, and some heart spiking moments!

    I have high hopes that this third season will be a joy to watch!
  • let's be stupid

    Hershel was so stupid to step right in front of the zombies head area. Even if it looks dead it probably isn't dead. Hershel was awesome.
  • George Romero touch....

    For two seasons I've always felt that The Walking Dead, apart from the dead man walking, has got nothing in similar with George Romero's Zombie movies... It was different... until now. Pregnant woman and the conflict of giving birth, an unexpected set (Dawn of the Dead had the mall thing, and this a prison) with bucket loads of zombies nesting. And more gorish way of killing the walking deads. The thing is though, If there's one thing they could've picked up from George Romero is, that the big black guy is beyond useful. In this shows case, that big black guy who can't remember the name and thought had died in the mountains is still alive and pathetically useless... Are they not killing him so they wouldn't be accused of the black-guy-dying-first-on-horror-movies stereotype? Heck he could be played by Brad Pitt and I'd still want that guy dead. For some reason he's always nowhere to be found. Maybe hiding somewhere when most of the guys are on the field. This pawn should go. Give him a dramatic exit though, so he'd at least have on great moment. (or at the very least, bring back Darryl's brother, now that would give that guy a story)
  • Let's Go to Prison

    Season 3 wasted no time getting into its groove. After an oddly paced Season 2 with problems happening behind the camera it was good to see the characters back again and even more desperate than when we last saw them. One of the best things about this premiere is that now more than ever before I know every character's name when I watch them. I never once thought, "Who's that?" Or "Oh gosh, who is that and where did that come from?" The writers have gotten the surviving group down to a workable amount of people who can now get equal amounts of screen time. The premiere also excelled because aside from rarely stopping to let you catch your breath it was always on the move trying to secure and find a location to be safe from walkers. As a reader of the books I am pleased to see Michonne appear much earlier than he literary self and have an active part in helping save Andrea, and she's badass too. Still can't completely wrap my head around why she keeps two no-jawed armless walkers with her. Are we to believe that they warn her of incoming hordes? The opening bit was really suspenseful as we see a zombie kill within the first 30 seconds of the program. The bit of exposition indicating that it has been some time that they've been roaming around avoiding hordes for a while especially since Laurie is beginning to show. The only complaint is that them not finding the prison sooner is unbelievable and even if it isn't on a map they still should see it I mean they didn't show it surrounded by trees or as hard to spot it's just there in plain sight. It's even shown in the skyscape of the Season 2 finale for crying out loud. Nevertheless seeing them have to do close-up kills was nice as well as Rick's on edgeness and the exhaustion of the group collectively. Knowing Carl has the hots for Beth creates something extra for him to do which is always good. The real cake-taker of the episode however was after they get into the cellblock and then begin to clear out the rest of the halls of the prison and gets surrounded that was a very suspenseful scene. And Rick's ambivalence toward Laurie and being the King of the group is still taking its toll on him. Them comparing him to Shane is a good callback to days past even though I was Team Shane so I was a little biased even though his death was well deserved for what he did. A lot of the problems with last season was that there were so many threads never resolved: for instance the group that the guy who's group abandons him and they lock up in the shed thinking he'll lead his former group back to the farm was never found. Are we supposed to just be introduced to potential human antagonists and them just let them leave it at that? I get that they needed a threat for the group's location but at the very least mention it or show them. Or maybe they'll show up now. Never addressing something that you bring up like a potential threat is lazy at best. And while it was sad to see Herschel get bit he is the weakest link now that Beth is a potential love interest for Carl. Rick is the lead, Laurie's pregnant, Daryl is a fan-favorite, Carol is a love interest for Daryl, Glen is a favorite as is Maggie, T-Dawg has made it through cutting his arm almost off on a car door so he'll probably survive, so with Andrea dying of sickness that leaves Herschel as the most likely to get gone even though he is the only one with medical experience which is bad for the group. But seeing the ending where they barely get away and then seeing the inmates behind the barred glass, even from the books, was a great sendoff for a premiere episode and will make me come back for more. But this episode may be one of the best TWD has ever had seeing it as proves that they know definitively what they are doing and more importantly where they are headed and know where their characters are without the minor inconsistencies that make fans like me scratch their heads. I hope this episode is a sign that the show is maturing like a fine wine and will continue to blossom into a courageous innovative TV show like it has wanted to be, it just took a bit to get itself on its feet is all.
  • Going Down Hill Fast

    The Walking Dead season one was really entertaining, scary and dramatic. Season two was a little boring but really made you care about certain characters (I think that was the point). Now that they totally eliminated every element of Darabont (biggest mistake) This show is now just a hack and slash show with a lot of blood and gory. Total waste of time. This will get old fast for the people that find building characters and relationships, then suddenly turn it on its head, scary. I will watch the first seven episodes and may not be back after the mini break during the holidays.
  • Best Premiere yet

    Season 1 of TWD was great but season 2 kind of sucked. I watched this episode because I still had hope for the show, and ALL FAITH RENEWED! I hope the show keeps up like this it was great and (hopefully) only gets better!
  • Not Very Impressive

    A lot of killing here, and a lot of action, not too many of the boring side storylines, but was there anything that shocking either? Was there anything that surprising about them running into other survivors when we knew that was probably coming?

    Give me something, give me something unique, not just more and more bad attempts trying to be Lost. Dismal season premiere.
  • The Walking Dead: Bigger and Better

    I was eagerly anticipating this episode since the middle of the summer, and boy did it deliver! With things at the worst, Rick and crew have survived the winter, pulling together and doing what is necessary. Rick himself has become more hardened, asking his group to continue pushing and fighting just a little bit harder. When the find an overrun prison, Rick puts everyone to the test, battling walkers left, right and center in order to make an attempt at building a home for the group.

    The last season of Walking Dead ended on such a dramatic note, over flowing with sadness as the Farm was left in ruins and the future of the group was unstable. Now they are all back, battle weary from the winter but still willing to fight. The premiere of Season Three had it all, from struggling romance, to budding romance, to a more light hearted crush. The actors were better than ever, notably missing were Jon Bernthal and Jeffery Demunn, but even still the episode never missed a beat.

    Everything about the episode seemed bigger and better, setting up for a fantastic season of things to come. With Ricks group it will be a struggle of learning to survive in this new society they have built for themselves, and for Andrea and Michonne it will be about leaning on one another to help out when the need arises. The Walking Dead has always been about the characters, and the premiere of Season Three improved that. Glenn and Maggie were awesome together, Daryl and Carol had a particular light moment together that developed their characters even further.

    At this point, Rick seems to be the odd man out, doing what is necessary while his relationships with those he loves most crack and suffer the most. Andrew Lincoln was fantastic at portraying a more hardened and down and out Rick.

    This season is going to be amazing if the pacing and feel of this episode is the indication of things to come.
  • One of the Best Tv show i've ever seen !!

    "The Best"
  • The Seed is planted for the prison storyline

    This episode marks the long awaited return of The Walking Dead, a show that at this time last year would make comic book fans and even show watchers do a collective eye-roll. It seems that the switch of powers at the top has been in favor for this show, because this new guy knows exactly what he's doing.

    Season 3 will have 16 episodes, and the first of these is spent pretty much doing one thing: exploration. They find a seemingly abandoned prison in their travels and move in to kill the Walkers on the inside and secure it as a safe place to live for a long period of time.

    While any comic readers would know that there were in fact survivors there, we didn't actually find that out until the very end of the episode. The entire episode was just an hour long zombie-slashing madness. While ordinarily I would complain about the little movement in plot, there were a few nice bits of dialogue here and there and the action more than makes up for it.

    This episode did something great by making something you would think would take just a couple of minutes, like exploring an abandoned structure, take a full hour. That is definitely working in this show's favor, and I think if it continues to up the pace for the season we are in for one hell of a ride.

    People thought this show was dead, and it appears it has come back from the dead and taken on a new life. I look forward to seeing how things play out.

    +Great action scenes

    +Opening sequence

    +Carl & Lori less annoying

    +Prison looks awesome (they built this from the ground up)

    -Lack of dialogue

    -Little advance in plot

  • Great start

    What a great start. Lots of action which I felt was a bit lackluster last season. The ending was rather abrupt but apropos for the situation.
  • A solid start

    While the second season had its flaws of too much unnecessary dialogue and not enough action, this episode starts off the third season doing the exact opposite. From the start of the episode till the end, it is a hack-and-slash zombie fest with a few moments of breathing room. It is a nice change from the long and boring second season. Hopefully, the next episodes will have more of a balance between action and plot development because episodes solely devoted to killing zombies throughout with no point behind it can get boring very quickly. A solid start but now lets get the plot moving along (zombie slayings along the way are very much approved).
  • Seed was Spectacular!

    Seed was a superbly entertaining season three premiere and I really enjoyed watching. The character development was awesome and the plot progression was pretty great too. It seemed to be some time since the last season finale and the group finally finds a place that could be a sanctuary but has many dangers that must be addressed first. I liked the character helping Andrea and I wonder what the purpose of her pets could be?. Someone in the group is critically wounded and I guessed int the poll who it would be. The ending was awesome! I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Awesome!

    How can you guys rate this episode below 10? I can't understand. This is the best episode of TWD so far. It had everything we've been begging since the beggining of season 2. Controled group acting like a SWAT team and lots, I mean LOTS of zombies deaths!
  • wowowow